There is the annoying gimmick where they get to claim I have been dragged into a position where I got to make sense of what celebrities had to put up with. It is utter rubbish naturally – what really happens is that they had decisions to make with respect to a choices gap that existed between their jobs and the prison service, they had made not a single decision but have gone on to take up more problems linked to a sense of popularity which then wholly relied on the way that other people lived. It does not end there, as they then run off a raft of really abusive gimmicks which added up to the fact that having the Government paid for security, it was not a case of inadequate security, it was a matter of the fact they simply had to make their own, then show up here making a mess. It has been 2 decades of his nonsense with me living on and off government support while they had their fun, we have reached the end of it and the destruction of my Book sales because I worked private security industry and they had to be served by me is the last straw but on the whole, I do think about the society gits and the violent orthodoxy idiots since I left home, the cracked up out of my league popularity twats and if I chased all those with respect the fact I already had a method of handling each specifically, I would be pursuing matters which led to a career dead end, the problem remains the need of their famous idiots to pick up my PR and my earnings everyday, only to show up and shoot off their big mouth about the way I had learned of what their stupidities had to put up with. It has always been them; get a job and they had to run off popularity madness to mop up all that happened each time I stepped outside of my door, which soon enough followed me indoors as well, while my employer could not sell products thereafter until they had their way with me – attend University and they show up to ensure that not only were idiots who could not stop abusing others to sell products, running off men’s sales job on me while I was there banging everything they come across on my body parts and build up communities of bullies because I smell, they had to ensure I got to complain about people getting famous at my expense – then we eventually ended up with the private security industry bits that for some reason got them to rip up my Book sales in a bid to make me serve them with it, clear out all their enemies and focused their attention on me, foolishly claiming that I was really big for the purpose. It loves the lip flapping where it got to say that it was impossible to tell what indeed exactly I could do about them, looking like civil rights idiots that leave me on benefits because they enjoyed handling my livelihood and if I killed them it would really make sense. Ultimately they were a group of incredibly stupid people who needed to have a way of telling me what to do and pushing me around on account I was involved with Government, the Politicians get in on it as per everybody in Parliament was the Prime Minister, no need to respond considering they were winning elections and punishment of the failure was probably enough.

They do claim it is a matter of me getting involved with them and it is utter nonsense too; what happens is that they invite themselves into my concerns and now I need to get rid of them in such a way that I did not lose Assets and they were giving me all I had. It is unbearably stupid and needs to play with its own career, especially if complaining about me currently. They do claim its not clear when the clash with the Celebrities kicked off and indeed why. There is no clash, just completely fed up living on Government support to tolerate them playing with my career and telling lies for it – initially began to develop into a problem when they saw my Books, decided what narcissism they wanted to work with it and started off a process of getting to know my Publishers which abuses ran off for a two year period, doing their own thing, adds up to the parts I have already listed above which lasted 12 years earlier – normal human beings do not therefore live like this on Government support to tolerate such nonsense. The part I played which I thought would work was beginning a campaign to say that both in terms of the gangs and crime on one hand and he National service on the other, it was other people doing their bits for them, about which they needed to play with their career and stop running off the assumption that I was unlikely to pose a threat but we are still here running around the aspects where it got physical. They have been keeping their incomes the entire time and I assume the scenario in which they are while engaging with all these rubbish does mean something to them and we have not begun to explore the mess they make of Government concerns to hang about with ideas on where I am to repeat the work that I did, especially on crime, so as to facilitate a sense of security that provided for their high risk, high reward marketing stupidities, as I pointed out, the idea that provoking me is never likely to result in consequences.

So I have issued the warnings about a step I am thinking about taking – the part where I took such an interest in their relationships that I was able to achieve a process where the Celebrity money was no longer a factor when I made decisions about the way my person and property was being handled by them. Having the process of building up facts that clears out the myths on the difference between getting involved and picking up my income failed to deter them and only created a new process of doing the same which is worse than the previous, I believe it is a good prelude to a process where they keep the Celebrity money outside of my financial well being or I will back track to the original source of the problem which was their disobedient stupidities plugging it into my social life and career in order to get paid for being popular, which is thus arguably the cause of all these.

I. Uno I

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