We hear these tales of recent, that they have reasons to hate my guts for every sunrise and it will never make sense that they are the ones with reasons to hate my guts while I have to deal with stress based migraine associated with getting out of bed to chase some Royal duties and then find I need to hurry up and get it done because I no longer control my livelihood and it is playing out with very destructive media perceptions being built up about me over that for the day and the outcome is even present on social media where I am being followed by tens of people one moment and then the next they have stopped awaiting my response to the idea somebody somewhere does not really understand what I am doing. Then there are the stupid girls too showing up to express the fact they have missed an opportunity to have babies on my public image in order for their children to feel safe Ė soon followed by the Politicians telling me that a Book they are unable to take advantage of adds up to an inability to understand that the time of the British is over and itís the turn of the Americans to rule the world; all stupid as bricks, no idea what it has to do with my Books that they want to rule the world.

Politics and Government aspects did not fare much better anyway; they picked off my Books and downloaded them without permission in 2009 and then they ran off to make money in China, now we know half their economy is dealing with an assault from the Communist bloc, while the other half that was not content with drawing up popularity pipelines from New York to Japan across my Estate to provoke me thinks that the US Government ought to stop a trade war with China because they are trying to make money and yet again it has laid waste to my Books to create this mess and there are throngs of Political idiots just as stupid talking nonsense about how I can fix the mess too. So if these Liberal America idiots who fame is debatable as it were and have not learned anything from these occurrences whereby they spend money on Celebrities and show up to recover it at my expense, only to find me do something that shows them it is gone forever and never to be recovered anywhere, will not live in a world where their stupidities adds up to a fame in a way that does not mean they keep picking up my work and building it on Media to a point where if they deploy it along with their friends it makes a mockery of my patents and makes it impossible for the patents to ring fence my earnings, I am about to teach them their own stupid insulting lessons that they will never forget too, I suppose it is a good enough reason to hate every Sunrise too.

They speak of my inability to do the violence once they are done complaining about the consequences of building up my public image to ascribe to others and finding me get into a stage where I really want to see them do it if they have the fucking guts as well Ė so this was meant to have been the bits where they get off worrying about what happens when an Arch Prince wants to show what he may sacrifice to get into a fight with Liberal America low life scum like themselves, to a stage where they are now set to complain about what will happen if my whole career ends up being factorised on the basis of the violence I have to perform to justify it Ė then they can hate on a Sunrise; but the facts will remain the same to me as ever Ė they are not famous, it is debatable and they are a handful of male benefit fantasist. We see this nonsense all the time add up to a case where I broker equities for a living and they had started to chase my income and ensure they built me a public image in which they explained my position to the world as somebody who has agreed to have his personal life and public image deployed by others who need to make money, such that when it is all over, the equities are so damaged I cannot extract money from it while the scum have got top jobs at Industry they cannot work or justify talking nonsense at me about violence as well and we have seen the same play out over my Books where the Books have become a point of contact, something close to my heart, which they can handle to make me do what they want and it will never listen when its stupidities are being told that the victim is falling ill or facing difficulty because of its behaviour, what it wants I suppose is a war on Liberal America that happens to be the source of its stupid madness first of all.

When we delve into the reasons for these behaviour itís even more annoying than this processes I have engaged in that involves just describing them i.e. that I claim to be Royalty but am not a real one, I write a Book but it is not a real Book and yet Committed Couples do not find my Books as disturbing as even I find it sometimes when I read it unexpectedly - so we see their problem is their deviance and lack of commitment to anything in their stupid lives. Either way of which I have been told I wait too long to say what I have to say on such things but my time frame is perfectly alright; it leaves them in a position where what they now have to do with the celebrity and popular culture will add up to some form of legitimate work and I will likely get worse when another very stupid behaviour exhibited on National and International Media makes this Bookshop too noisy for people to just read Books, especially when it comes from idiots talking nonsense about being very clever, while those who know nothing annoy them and need to be corrected. If a Book is a mockery of the art of writing like they claim, I wonder if they have become far more stupid than I am for trying to stop both its writing and the Publication and circulation thereof; I only implore as mentioned, that they let my Bookshop be a Library where people read Books and get a service for it, lest they find out their big mouth over having a new reason to hate my guts for every Sunrise is leading them down the path where their wish will become a reality. I have never thought it a problem, itís all people steeped in Satanism; I mean they say their case with me is the witchcraft of the black Communities when white for instance but it is my Book which solves such problems that has drawn their attention to me for all the wrong reasons at the same time i.e. what should be hidden away by the rest of society is making a career, while all they should show up here for is to Buy a Book; Itís nothing new in anyway, just the reality the idiots are not out of my league all of the time like we hear them blab so often but I much prefer to manage their very evil nature by taking from them that wickedness they want to play with at the local Communities, so I know they are prepared to come up with one excuse after another by which to punish me for the rest of my life too and I simply have to let that run its course for as long as I live - however it does need to watch its insults such as a new reason to hate my guts at Sunrise (cracked up out of my league: needs to keep its mouth shut). I do get told I am full of surprises as well which I am not; this matter was never a complicated one for me to resolve in any case, I just needed to delay the processes so that when I had freed them to return to the Popular culture and Celebrity culture, people will not be pushing buttons and pulling proverbial levers around me to make fame and fortune, what they would have had to do for that would add up to legitimate employment. The rest of the time, their insults are things they want to do with their time but I am having to deal with nauseating Financial complications because they have the guts to get after my income as well - it does need to stay off my case and keep off my Books lest I build a Public image on it and wish to test how far their big moth goes too.

It has never really been a matter of dangerous people hiding in our midst like what I have said here would give them ammunition for, itís more a matter of the fact if everybody wanted to be a celebrity and the minority wanted to attend School and the outcome was the same behaviour we see, where at school you need to be distracted from everything so that your youth might be made use of by sex freaks, at University, you needed to give up something now that you have academics to chase for a good future until you drop out and then when you do drop out, you have been playing around with personality aesthetics that should belong to those who are as financially successful as Celebrities are - the question would go beyond their reason to complain about me at the moment which is that they have the effrontery to push their insults so far further as to get after my income all together, it would become a matter of how much taxes were paid and how many roads were built and what we would do if the French were having Goods from Industry delivered to homes in 12 hours, while we were delivering our own in 3 days? So I would like the idiots to keep off my case and stay away from my Books, cracked up and out of my league at the same time they are alright but it needs to stop getting itself all over my Public image and career all together - it does not mean I have a problem with Celebrities, I do not have a problem with people who find a way to gain access to areas of National activity and then share the feeling with the Public through entertainment, these idiots are just really clever and their insults are annoying because of the guts to get after and handle my income. The talk of a lack of respect for homosexual on my part being an old story naturally; if I needed them I would have because I was unable to cope with what culture bullies were doing with the raids they conduct from tribalism they do not have money to support and if I do not need them it would be because I can do well managing myself while that is going on but we have that need to show up and discipline me for writing Books that should not have been written making me smell so that each time they have something to say it gets said by handling the source that pays my Bills, leaving me to wonder what sort of upbringing creates idiots like these anyway, especially when that big mouth is blabbing about throwing a punch my way as well due to the bad smell and its need for a coward victory, the cowards victory it thinks will add up to a way of talking about giving me back my personal space which I may then have found acceptable in its stupid view. I do hear the story of how I would run out of what to say or do if what they needed was help and support to stop being homosexuals but that was a simple as a process of avoiding that outcome where people want to practice sadism on them whenever they are seen in public by listening to what other people are saying to them for a change Ė apparently when I do the listening what happens is that they get involved and tell me there is a new reason to hate me for every Sunrise and of course there is always one of those for every day, so they are finding out it is a good use of their stupid time as well.

For my part, I have never actually requested help from homosexuals to deal with anything; I am aware their lifestyle is concerned with making sure I fail exams and making sure my livelihood is delayed and then all sorts of stupidities can be explained on media at expense to make me out to be a coward, which lets them persecute religious people or get Princes into violent situations as in my case - however the way it plays out which is also the reason they complain of underlying Cultural problems that bring about their behaviour is that, I end up sharing my Bedroom with their Culture croons and society goons all together. So we can see what has been happening is very clever Liberal America idiots getting after my earnings to make their point again and it came to the stage where I was losing people on social media as well for perhaps not getting along well enough with the Trump Administration or indeed saying something that disrupts what Liberal America wants to do to get rich with China and it was put to me that they have another reason to hate my guts while they continue to chase my income to secure my attention for these sorts of stupid statements. Rather like those cases we hear that I work with racists which feels as though in a world where bad things sometimes happen to good people, they were fools who deserved everything they got. The Politicians are always rather good at making these decisions where the little means of control that allows them work an idealistic job at government Office with some dignity is spent persecuting those who attend Church while furnishing them with money and statements at Media, only to realise they are not able to make a clear decision about immoral democracy and then show up here with whole communities that want to lean on me - just like we see these fools emulate the same behaviour to ensure I share my bedroom with community croons and then find out they do not wish to be the ones complaining about the fact that I am; the problems persist because I am in charge and they are not and no punishment for the fact I am unwilling to tolerate people pulling levers and pushing buttons to make fame at my expense will change my stands on it; if people wish to spend their days making a mess of themselves by picking on their leaders, it is not my choice to make, needs to stop talking rubbish at me, needs to stop handling my earnings. I do get told I am not in charge but for them I am - I mean I am not complaining about Community croons sharing my Bedroom, they are on my behalf and all problems will end the day I pick a fight with a racist to satisfy their needs too. So every Campaign, every statement, every movement, every civil activity that can lead to outcomes where they do business successfully once a community has been built around it will be deployed before it is ready and that can stop on the day they had started to keep their stupidities off my Books as well, perhaps spend it on their own career and give themselves difficult work that does not pay instead of pretending others are so ignorant.

The cultural problems I am supposed to deal with would have referred to the society goons and something about my Office and the awareness of every twisted evil goon in the land, especially the paedophiles and idiots with ideas that link peoples body fluids with processes of getting rich, because I am an Arch Prince - such fools then always have this need to set me out and start some violent gossip that facilitates the abusive pressures I feel on my chest and tummy and bottom every second but I have no idea which part these other goons played in the matter anyway, does need to answer the question of what it thinks it means when it sees property in public that is not its own legally. For my part, I have been clear that everything to do with the media and politics and civil rights which leads to campaigns and statements that develops into a community and facilitates business will be spent before it is ready for as long as I have to spend my sense of personal tolerance on their stupidities, so they might become healthy and superior. They do say itís all talk and yes it is all talk - all the way down to stupid children being raised to know where the anus of other adults are located to be struck all the time and itís all going very well for them too, thinking they are not as stupid as the racism they complain about is, that they were in charge around here too. They speak of their Industry leverage not being respected but I have gone from huge expense to express the fact I am not building a business under the shadow of Multinationals without paying dues where necessary to having my entire business stagnated because freedom Fools and Liberal America idiots are unable to see which one is their own leverage - I have put up with this nonsense and the violent abuses that prevent me from going back to my academics or securing an alternative source of income for the last 12 years every day and will tolerate no more - want them off the Books and Public image ASAP.

Itís not a complicated matter as it may seem, what has happened is that I developed my Book to be a writer's work and so itís impossible for people to get interested if they are not Book readers, Book readers do not fancy a lack of commitment just like writers do not and Book readers do not fancy noise and distraction like writers have a certain way towards paying their way in the world. These goons are out of their depth at this point all together, apparently the usual reason for the abuses and distraction is that they got a top job at the Company at my expense, never bought a Book here and have not got any Class since, so I guess I shall be getting my hands on that job too all together as long as this nonsense progresses. Itís important they ended the noise and distraction around my concerns, paid attention to the job in hand (Terrible Business obviously - goes way past the career and big picture talk as it wants my Books but does not have the time to read, has no plans to buy its copy and make time, comes up with ideas to build a crowd and execute some bullying to get the stuff and it happens to be the only mainstream media publicity that I am getting, quite impossible to get bills paid as long as I continue to see it as anything but serious damage - they have this excuse that they are trying to show that people stop making trouble when they get what they want, which just sets me up as a tool.).

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