They have come to love these tales they cannot stop telling on Media about how the UK cannot handle being rejected by the US which has no basis on reality; reality of which is that the US is a Federal Government and so it might be surprising to some people who see how close the two Nations are, that US Citizens may want to read more News from Iraq which is also a Federal Government, than they would want to read from the UK which is a Cabinet Government but having said so, there are the Cultural and Economic and Political and Diplomatic Ties that go way back. The point is that these insanity is usually run by a collection of fools who take up between 6 to 13 years of peoples time creating their victims financial complications, at the end of which they then show up in public places to complain about how the victim reacted when he was told by the same people who did it that he or she is nobody because of a lack of funds. So it plays out as this Fat Headed Chamber Pot that spends most of his time doing things with my property which lets his stupid girls support his livelihood by having endless unaffordable demands at my expense, which I can do nothing about because his Country has the biggest Military in the world and continues to deny that it is about the latter they preoccupy themselves with and not the idea there is nothing I can do about them. It’s just another type of stupidities exhibited by goons who need the leadership all the time and does not surprise me in anyway, just the questions and answers being taken up, since it is clear that if every communist fool wants to control the part of my life that gets people to leave what they are doing and listen to what I am saying or offering temporarily, especially when they are trying to be famous, then the other question becomes that of why the fucking Yanks cannot allow the Bills to get paid. Terribly, terribly insulting every single moment of its time in Public places and they do like to say I push them into a corner where they are past their dreams as well which is not one of the things I worry about anyway; I want them off my Books and off my public image, we all know the reasons they make use of it with no plans for buying a copy is because they are twisting me into a difficult situation where they can have needs met at my expense while I am at their mercy and it would not be the first time I have had to tolerate that nonsense where they rip up my finances and go off to buy shares in companies that are involved with me so they might gain access to and make use of me anyway, they are complaining however because I have had enough of them and their stupidities as well. Its whole life is developed around the platform of getting me to respect its money and I have put up with that shit for over a decade including stupid interests it has where it does not want me to have money lest I escape and I am always left wondering what makes them so insulting all of the time of their foolish lives all together anyway. They do have their own excuses for their behaviour chief of which is that my Books provoke them but the Books are an example of the fact that the world has been in this situation before i.e. it always has to be a case where women need to build themselves a platform where they can say if people damage the finances this is what will happen; so this time what we are seeing is Hollywood sexual abuse stories and Me Too Movement which is now being countered on Media as well – my case would be the one where we have history and I am the guy that takes from them the little things at their finger tips that they can discipline their wives and women with, so we are here because the fact I take those things from them means I am not entitled to a livelihood and its all progressing to the stage where there will be an end to talk of career and big picture because talking about self and damage must have replaced the dialogue. I get told that I drag them into a corner where they are past it as well considering they do like to say I am in a difficult situation which I am not i.e. they are only in a place where there happens to exist another group of fools that buy into their gimmicks then show up here to tell me the money thus spent was not to be lost forever and therefore meant to multiply at my expense with that big mouth – so yes I am the guy who slows down everything that is done about them so the time they spend on this shows on their bank balance as well, of course they are past it and the way to their freedom too lies in a simple process of not being seen showing up around my Books and Public image as my whole life is not about their stupid problems. This however to speak of it in a wider sense is the reason it annoys me so much because this is where it has gone beyond the need to have a car and drive it around ganging up on people as motorists, having stupid interests that suggest somebody else having an income is a threat to their conveniences, it goes beyond that stupid need to rip up my finances and buy shares in companies that have gotten involved with me in order to make use of me whether I liked it or not and becomes a case where the one that goes along with their stupidities can do whatever it likes when the one that wants to get a job, usually female, considering the Ugly ones are usually most willing to play along and they do not want to have sex with or marry those, is put through a process of being beaten down and held back, while they pay taxes that are not enough for the government to sort out all of the problems they have created, so every time they have handled anything that belongs to me, there is an overwhelming indignation that they have done a new one to add to their stupid platform. I took from them what things they do to beat up women and must not have an income with that big mouth; yet we got to such a stage in the first place because all these stupidities are said to have had the better of me while reality is that I can give them another five years, before I set about dragging them back to square one to teach them about what is to happen when they see property that is not legally their own, to find out what it is they can do about it, we got to such a stage since all that damage is a function of making me weak against their matrimonial cruelties, so they can take from me anything they want and I cannot stress enough especially to the stupid Americans talking nonsense about the size of their military, how important it is that people do not pretend to be the Arch Prince, if they are complaining about him grabbing their whole communities and dragging it into a corner where he can groom it to be weak against his matrimonial cruelty as well. I do not wish to tolerate seeing them around my Books and Public image and I am certain I am not speaking gibberish where they are concerned – it is not important what they reject. The story about beating everybody and anybody was nothing but the tale of considering each of them according to the stupidities exhibited at me and then acting accordingly; some do each time I get into the Office and so I set them out as people whose lives I deploy to play stupid games as well and it means I find a female journalist to mess around with and they always add to that with the violent gossips that will help them build a crowd to ambush bully victims that push back – same as the idiots who have access to my bedroom all together because I take from them things that help them discipline women, it means cracked up and out of my league or queer society, in case I want to sell it and become famous as well etc. but when I handle the Media it is usually because I am making them pay for any money they have made at my expense.

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