I am now said to be completely unaware of what is going on around me and it beggars believe every time – I mean people feel like educating others about what is going on while their whole lives are developed on wrecking other people’s careers to make sense of themselves, once they left vacuums the outcome becomes a case of wealthy people being unable to tell the difference between privilege and stealing and then they feel it is some right they have to educate others on account the wealthy people had built sky scrapers.

We see this all the time, where I make some time to support women over a period, once done the plans I had set aside to sort out my own pensions becomes something they must make money from too. Then we hear that it’s not really clear why people hurt themselves with things like supporting women over a period of time, while we know not only that they are the ones who start it by claiming women do wicked things and weak men like myself are in support of it but when asked for a check list, they start a fight but also that whilst going to Church makes me flesh man that will be taught a lesson very soon by tough people, the next thing I will see if I did nothing about these gimmicks is a female school teacher who is homeless.

Then there are the blacks who claim that it is not my choice to decide whom I got involved with and who got to spend most of their time on my concerns, which is clearly one of those issues that ends very well indeed as it were. So, it is the environment that we must survive in; they are planning to join the rich people but clearly cannot do that without asking me, which is also incredibly annoying. In the end it is tough for the rich people as well and it is equally tough for the Government; we are trying to ensure rich people concentrate on their jobs, especially the lazy ones that cannot keep their nose off other people’s concerns, more so bearing in mind they are in a position where jobs rely on them to do their part. The rich people also have businesses that they will want to expand and somebody will hang around in Africa saying they must come up with some form of pacification before they may expand it and somebody wants to get into a position where they can say that it never did have any money or success before it started to decide how others ought to exist and this takes time, lots of death measuring work, lots of money, yet when they are successful taxes will be paid and people will have jobs, so it was important they were allowed to get on with it too.

They say my case is what people are talking about and yes it is since gimmicks on my Bookshop will likely only produce an outcome in which those who played them ended up in a situation where somebody bought Books they were supposed to buy and if they showed up here with custom I would have assumed that another had already made the purchase and hence refuse to sell it to them; such that it will get serious when it developed into a practical joke that affects their careers as well.

They continue to insist the issue here is that I count myself among successful people while I have no success and its entirely laughable as we all can see that this matter of getting around with rich people is easy for them and does not require them to seek my opinion but when they claim I am failure Arch Prince; they then must live up to their story too. In my view, it will lead to such an outcome where I am going to get their Celebrities, Media gits and Industry trouble makers off a public image attached to a Royal Bookshop, that Europeans are aware of, Americans are aware of and Asia is aware of, which is linked to a Royal Hermitage and means I don’t have an emporium and there is no Literary and Equity empire in it by burning all of what matters to them to ensure they stopped showing up near my public image to make a mess all together.

Some have claimed the Celebrities had already lost but I don’t know when to stop fighting and it’s not really how it works – the Celebrities that have lost, are the ones who played into my game with a big ego i.e. since they complain more about my financial condition that do, once they were done pillaging it and I cannot do anything here as a result, without doing it according to their schedule, which leaves me looking like I don’t get paid when I work, there have been those circumstances in which I talked about handling them as well and they had responded to by buying shares with Companies that are involved with me in order to ensure I worked for them such that their culture and society gits may get imagination up my bum for it, this has meant that the money stays in the economy and when the Industry leadership comes through with some visionary leadership it will be obvious how much they lost to me. That said, the others who do not think they have lost really are a product of organised crime; they are manufactured Celebrities, and it is a job I was meant to do going back to the time I developed Equities to allow young people get involved with Industry property owners.

In the end I got a Hermitage when I was about 21, when I was younger it was more a matter of the energy and vitality which allowed me to catch them every which direction they turned, now I have grown older, I have the same thing, but it is mostly a matter of experience. My point is that eventually we find that apart from this gimmick involving Celebrities, they always must invent something very silly and insert it into mainstream living, through which they may decide whether others are entitled to have money. So, considering the tendency to pick up my work and place it in the hands of Celebrities, get on Media and build communities that get imagination up my bum, to ensure when they tell me my life is over for messing with them and their needs it will be over indeed, I had written a Book – they hate my Books but have not stopped chasing me, which is completely ridiculous. I now simply want to get around a schedule, make sense of my resources of which ones I am deploying, make sense of the people who have gotten involved with the Bookshop and improve anything I need to change in order to ensure I followed up services an got more people involved; it is an impossible task at this stage because they must extract money from it as well, never stop handling my Books and making stupid statements on my public image – so the question now is that since it is clear each time I sit down to the accounts Books I am doing accounts on their practical jokes, which means it is no longer in my hands, when in their opinion, do they believe I should start, before I got an education from them on what is going on when rich people steal it and build sky scrapers. Like they say I offer people false hope of being able to tackle Celebrities and rich people, while the hope the end up with is the one they make - they will have a future as well, when they stopped abusing my Bookshop, my person, and my finances.

They always say I can handle their own but unable to handle the rich people and we can clearly see the counterproductive outcome of handling Celebrity issues and rich people issues at the same time while people abuse my financial wellbeing. They have this view of me, that I am supposed to be a Celebrity character which is incredibly unsettling, while The Queen expects public image for the State and security for the interests of those who do National service. They expect me to play their game while I will run out of a lease for survival if those who find money around my concerns to look after the body and serve my interests could no longer secure profit and this gimmick involving co-operation with Celebrity gits associated with progress from hanging around somewhere making something of themselves and or their products with a patented publicity I had built for my products, developing into s systematic abuses and insults that eventually allow them to draw public interest from one product to another that they target me with all the time does not give regard to this at all. So people have said that I have a very small lease of survival then at the end of the day which is utter rubbish as the Men are always playing games on where power lies, so if they had their way with it people will have nothing to sell but sex, through which once we are done supporting them for a social life and personal finances at Government Office they will sell it to the men by offering sex in the process. Hence an explanation for the sense that I fool around all the time disregarding the fact others tended to put my safety before their own. In the end they do love the nepotism and if I am not disturbed despite white boys fighting my battles and coming up with ideas on how I should shut up which is creating a tummy churning issue that had become a National phenomenon, it would mean that I am important while I am nobody and if they attack me for the smell it will be their own bits as well for my part - all together, I know I can take advantage of their culture and society and wait somewhere for the personal life of the last Celebrity that will show up here to tell me I must fight racism but as far as the story of getting me to fight my corner and stop being such a coward was concerned, they need to figure it out, as I have had enough of the insults too.

The rest are a handful of sociopaths talking about squashing me all the time and we all know they are a handful of goons who spend all their time on gimmicks associated with having the body that can chase money without being tired early like the small people or being a menace that others avoid like the bigger people, so they love this mid-range position of being able to do violent things and enjoy getting involved with people, befriending them and hurting them later on - it’s not going to squash anything here, the men complain about me all the time but never stop telling their women strange stories at my expense. In the end I have seen others like them - beyond the menacing exterior, which is just a passe, they care about those they care about and are normal people but one would be stupid to trust them - hence if I end up in that situation where I started to tell them how they must exist, it may not look like much but what they are really thinking is that war is coming hence I do not.

Now they say I don’t care if white boys got involved but I do, those who get involved do and those who make a mess of it do – what people are really unhappy about is that they think I am in league with Media Goons and Celebrities while I am not; what really happens is that when I write Books to resolve the culture and society trouble makers bugging everybody, I get tortured by Celebrities and City centre mean people, so this means that my own tendency to be a psychopath comes into play as well and I look like I want to have sex with them because I don’t care if the marriages fall apart since this had become the primary stage for conspiracy. They have suggested that doing so causes a lot of harm that I will complain about, but I do not see myself doing so anyway – we all know I have not been spending time seeking out what they do to carry on their daily concerns in relative safety, so I might unpick it and allow culture and society troublemakers to access them, the way that they do mine. I have said my piece on the issue when I pointed out they now need keep off my Books and stop peppering my public image with abusive comments – their Industry trouble makers who see everything I do ascribed to Celebrities, who ensure my social media is always toxic are usually likely to tell me it’s something about which we will find out what the outcome was, so I have been working on the business of their own contingencies as well – how to ensure they understood how small and insignificant they and their show business product operations were as compared to what they make the public think, one of the reasons I shouldn’t have to tolerate such nonsense if I can challenge its position in society and at the market everyday – how to ensure I got myself working on the product distribution contingencies for their show business in order to manage the way their culture and society goons tackle me to show that putting them in order does not necessarily make Celebrities and City centre goons happy even though my whole life is flushed down the loo by the same people complaining about it, never mind the hoodlums getting imagination up my bum and building whole communities that do so – and of course they may take these into account and hang around somewhere kicking it off or the option of the main reason Celebrities are such a problem keeping off my Books, social media and not peppering my public image with stupid paparazzi inspired comments would help everybody in the matter. They do get off this stage to say that I am in league with very bad people and its utter nonsense as well; I mean people deployed my equities to make video games and soon I had learned from it that the psychopaths we talk about all the time are really the same as people with learning difficulties who just need a bit of time to process things in order to catch up with everybody else and not all of them spend their time thinking about pinching, poking and hurting others either, it’s not really true I am afraid of these goons the way they make it out. What really happens is that they set about wrecking everything I do here to make Celebrities who are not interested in equities I had developed to help younger people avoid the ills of society more comfortable; the method is such that the work  do is used to oblige the Celebrities and I will do everything possible to put them off and deter them but once they see a Celebrity and have access to some media presence and they start all over again, they start with what I had stopped them from doing in the first place like I never even tried; I am certain they understand what I am saying blabbing of ‘seeing about that’ endlessly. In the end I do get asked why I think my methods are the best, but I do not necessarily, the issues however are dire; younger people being caught up in gangs and crime, knew nothing about society, culture and Politics but now have to make difficult decisions on what becomes of being stabbed and shot at on the streets etc – they never stood a chance apparently when sometimes its gangs and racism other times its Islamic terrorism. At this stage I am completely drained, angry and tired – all came about when above mentioned group with their Celebrities ran off a campaign claiming those who do such things are nice people buying show business products while everybody else is discriminating, the mini wars break out when I am trying to clear out the effects on account they considered themselves to be more important and of course the problem with the other Celebrities that got along with me was not just that doing so had to be attacked but also that type casting which they usually used as tools to beat down famous people was now the main problem they thought stood between them and power (I am completely done with them).

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