The claim is then made that what I say, such as the gap between the prison services and the good jobs in the city really decided what my social status was. I would not know anyway but it is incredibly annoying, not least as none do ask them questions about these matters. It goes beyond contemplation on the way I might enforce some security around my property by exacting the distant violence on areas where they secure comforts and decadence, which will leave me behaving like the middle class and meant I am always changing classes, which might be easy the last time we checked but the hell toll will be unimaginable. What is happening here being a matter of the way I have organised my life and career with respect to the prison service and the jobs that are available being systematically destroyed and replaced with a process of a bunch of idiots clinging to a need to get paid for being popular at my expense while getting criminals and hoodlums involved with my personal space – last time we checked anybody did anything remotely like this, they became racist and gangs and criminals but now that they are none of those things, their interest in me had turned towards it. I don’t think that the matter is a crisis as such, I can account for the way my time has been spent i.e. 2004 to 2007 when I underestimated their gimmicks, I dropped out of University, since then to 2017, it had been hell at the jobs market for which they have my congratulations literally and after 2017, it turned towards a case of picking up my service processes to build me a version of me that their stupidities would like to see exist, as opposed to the real me and I have consistently been asking the scum with a media presence who run off that nonsense for them every day whilst complaining about me, to shut it down since. What we have seen develop instead is a case of some pliable partner in a relationship where I had done one thing and am expected to do another, and another emerge as a matter of their friendship with Americans – never listens as I am not likely to view it as a fabulous idea that I could use myself as it were. The Celebrities leave out the part they play in this nonsense ripping up my finances before they decided some troublemakers at the Monarchy wanted to show them where the war was located, and they needed access to my Books any time that people attacked them on the matter. They do claim that people usually think I am dead and buried but it is hardly the case when we are dealing with a handful of twats deciding that other people’s bodies were good for the purpose of street fighting that will create an atmosphere that facilitated media eccentricity and also build up a sense of community security for those who exhibited themselves in public, along with the way it plays into those stupidities where they want to use my Office as a tool that helped them to ensure the entire Country was made to feel the effects of the fact their stupidities were not yet as wealthy and they would love to be, all of this being a case of what they wanted and when they wanted it they set those wants in stone, which a government Office operative would expect naturally, however the abusiveness is rather meant to endear me to Lesbians and LGBTQ communities who tell lies about the gimmicks they exhibit to get others being subservient to them as it were. I believe the exit that they need keep away from my Books and make their comments about their careers was good enough on the matter, when they make assumptions that I am dead and buried literally, at the same time complaining of people at the Monarchy who want to avoid helping to facilitate civil living, the work that armed services do and various other compulsory activities, having ways by which to get away with it, which their stupidities were finding out about endlessly. They have never stopped making claims of ownership to my Public image while their parents showed up to perform devils wailing, doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff – the same public image attached to a personality they claimed wanted to get involved with them because he saw it as a means to do something that got the police coming to his assistance at some point, which does not make any sense, like I am certain they cannot show me a single problem they complain of, which they had not created for themselves – the process of hanging about on National Media to rain insults on others until their jobs were affected or building communities that got imagination up peoples private parts until they fucked themselves and blamed others. So we are looking at my personality being the way it is because I made sense of their conflict and crime sensibilities when I was a child and had soon realised it caused them to respect my space, therefore it was better to live that way – my Public image developing into something of an interest that emerged due to their interest in me, with respect to areas of their lives where they had developed the decadence which gets to their heads, being abandoned, so they might spend time on me and the whole process had built up into a health drive since, a health drive that operates as property equity which Hollywood producers handled to make entertainment, such that even if people could predict that they will, none could predict how they will. It needs to make its comments about its social life and its career and stop handling mine, I have had quite enough of it, and we are not talking about the intrusive sickening bad habits which were preliminary, looking like things others would want to kill. They always claim that they would like to stop but keep getting the feeling I had done something terribly bad, by that which I guess they mean the ex-convicts and ageist idiots who make the most of their need to blow kisses at criminals on my public image, in return for popularity, making the most of any neighbourhoods from hell that I encountered or making sure all my neighbours were neighbourhoods from hell because they were involved with show business money. Never listens if the whole thing had not developed into a terribly bad result. They will rather claim the main problem to be the way people had fought and died on my account and nothing to do with their big brother characters making out I am still thriving on what their popularity stupidities will never have, thereby setting out to ensure that they had it here, right down to my diet and any applicable recovery medicine, which effects we can already guess with respect to a bunch of such entitled scum but for the time being I suppose there are no complaints from big brothers yet. So far all we have on the matter is that I had a terrible past but it does not come to light unless pricked, so it gets pricked by Industry twats and fame idiots, which plays into Armed Forces work and gimmicks concerning what Celebrities want to be free from, producing such results as extremists being forced to seek financial success when they believed that it will lead them into bad activities while those who needed financial success to make their lives better were denied, as they picked up service processes of my Bookshop to build a version of me they would like to see and my Books were said to be disrespectful, expressed through you, me, employers and bottom chasing gimmicks wrecking peoples careers and social life to maintain their position of superiority.

I am informed that the mystery was a process where people thought I am a clever person, but I am really not. I would not know anyway, I know that it does not make them clever people, if football people never stopped blabbing of how others ought to exist in order to avoid dabbling into matters of football society that was a reserved concerns of theirs by which they faced trouble and make money, only to trash my Empire when they buy expensive cars from Companies that had brokered property and Equity with me – we see the same with respect to the Media as well who say the same things about city centre trouble makers and Industry gits but if they did not trash my academic work and finances, they could never get on with it. The big one now is the Celebrities who have made their lives easier by selling their show business on my Books: they were the original public control crisis which typically none knows the stage at which they built a private army and went off to fight the Russians, to show up here and demand Government operatives suck up to Americans because they were trying to pay off their tenth mortgages but this now takes their stupidities, sexual context abuses and famous idiots insults to a whole new stage. The claim is that I faced trouble at home as well which I don’t, just a handful of gits with strange ideas about my position being the last straw with respect to all the Queen had done to provoke them by getting involved with ethnic minorities – so these fame idiots were meant to get paid for being popular at other people’s expense, funded by idiots who spend money making trouble for others but the Prince of Wales had since shown up around my concerns to give them the initiative about everything that occurred. First assumption being that HRH can tell what they are likely to do if it turned out they would consume and completely wreck everything I had and did first before they got to pay attention to him when they wanted to express the fact what annoyed them above all else was the resources that helped to fund National service operatives, second assumption is that HRH is able to predict what I am capable of as well, so we are starting to hear people speak of a lack of respect on my part while their stupidities have had this nonsense for long enough at my expense as it were. I therefore need to get into a position where handling me did not make any sense if they could at all, so that it might be possible for me to ensure they did not use my work and person to recover from the obscurity they build so fervently, that it might be possible to work my own wealth and social inequality gimmicks by which I believe they will keep away from my finances as well. The rest of it is the part where they claim I think that people are unaware of what I get up to but I don’t think anybody believed I cared who was aware of what I got up to if I thought that Europeans who would put chains on people’s feet to decide how people got along with Americans, needed to deal with the Russians, having been they were leading an abusive diplomacy alongside Africans and real Men muslims to make sense of how important they thought they were and this should be happening in American Cities for them as well. As I mentioned, I believe they have had this nonsense for long enough, need keep away from my finances and make their comments about their own bodies, social lives, careers and try to keep the imagination fingers off my bum. They do suggest that it is wickedness that makes me work the way I did for my part as well, which is not the case at all; what happens is that if we took a particular spectrum for instance Media work, we find that Media jobs are done by people who are socially educated, articulated and qualified for such roles and we know that it is not easy to move from Industry into Media, as much as it easy to move from the Civil Service to Media, so most people who worked on Media were likely to get their first jobs at the Civil service - the reasons this is no longer the case is that the State had little control of Public finances and the neighbourhoods, while the fact I am always being violated a sexual context suggest the fucking idiots were incredibly important, the question of me being sore all over have never been answered save what has recently emerged as big brothers trying to ensure I did not feel superior to Celebrities by making sure Celebrities had all that I had, right down to my diet and this is just the half of it.

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