So my financial situation rightly is always a subject for wonderment, but it really should not be, these are the kind of results a person would expect if such a person thought that it was not worth it clinging to a Bookshop profit margins while they wanted to make money without doing work and were prepared to hurt other people for it. Currently however it had since become a matter of how I get from selling creative equity to a situation where they lined up with businesses, they claim I had messed with, to take it whenever they wanted it free of charge, whether any of the abusive, lascivious, insulting experiences that got me and my livelihood into such a position happened to have had a pleasant side to it. The part where they get alongside their stupid Celebrities who are set to claim others were responsible for the publicity, they had developed to match these activities because they believed it made their stupidities important people, to suggest there is nothing I can do about them puts it all into context i.e. the way I have been informed of everything that has been happening with respect to the way that the public is surviving i.e. they set out poorer people as characters that are meant to get into a fight with others to make them special and make money from it so they might have to avoid jobs to get rich and then they apply it to me as well, which does not work, so we have already ended up in a circumstances where I drag them into a corner where they had to face National level enemies. They do explain their case as one that is not comfortable with me being an Arch Prince which is all good, save the part where the decisions will be made at the Monarchy as to which of the various Arch Princes is able to do an Official job for the Monarchy, once finished, they will be off deciding which ones were good at the fighting and needed to take out the trash and I will end up with a reputation. So where we have ended up involved the busy body German influence idiots playing a part in the matter, such that especially when Brexit was in negotiation phase, there was a lot of trouble for small businesses, I had to provide security and leadership and keep it out of the public domain, the idiots then set about bashing me all the way to create new sensations of convenience that they can get rich with, I am now sore all over because the importance of keeping it from the public sphere was to ensure I could place a safety net for people on the marital fidelity aspects, while they had to look after their small business interests, on their part, whereby they made up their own version of what I have been doing, antagonised it and set off attacking my health, still blowing off the big mouth and will not keep off my Bookshop.

Now they say I am a difficult person to understand which I am not at all. What has really happened is a process of my Books and career being set out as something that covers the backsides of Celebrities, considering the consequences of their illicit personal decisions and we are now dealing with insults associated with their stupid Children blabbing of where I had been stopped but we have not yet gotten feedback from them concerning where their stupidities are meant to stop, so far having gone through five years of working at it everyday as they appear on the foolish media that supports their gimmicks to perform it at my expense. The rest of what causes most of the confusion is the idea that I have channelled my Legal studies towards the effect of looking as if I had gone off to university to learn how to bully people and of course they perform these sorts of rubbish with people’s careers, I guess, in the hope that the victims will hang about at market, attacking women to become certified low lives. This does appear to be the end of it but is not really – we have done the first stage where I make them stay if they didn’t want to go away and they have responded to that by blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image and social life to sell magazines, which I really assumed for a while was a bad as it will ever get, but apparently it got worse and it is the part where the purpose of my products are being attacked, to the effect where the Publisher gets off on an angle about what the Book does and hell breaks loose, is the part that will cause them the most trouble, as I am now determined to burn their careers for it, beginning with a process where they got to keep the problems and stupid comments where the career that gets to their heads are located. The silly excuses made to continue infers something about the consequences of racism all the time - yet the white people who supported me when I worked to set out a premise that a certain part of racism was linked to peoples civil rights and in that mixture of civil rights and abuses, what was unacceptable was the business of digging people out of the hole they called home, have been systematically attacked, even my Publisher claimed to be racist, attacked and silenced, now the popularity idiots have fought my wars and I was the easy target whenever their famous and Media stupidities thought about antagonising Law enforcement and its all going to end very badly too. In the same vein of which those who keep paying for this nonsense having shown they were able to pay for just about anything on the planet, really needed to stick to the business of paying for the one that helps them reach their profit targets, unless they were making statements that they paid for it to make trouble for me, it is all being confused as benevolence on my part which it really isn't (Needs stop telling me what to do or cling to my career to seek out ways I can be forced to fight its corner all day long. The University fiasco inflicted on me during an attempt at my First Degree was the cause of all this nonsense and for want of a better word, it is now time they got stuck in.).

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