So, I understand I am terribly hated. My view of this naturally is that it is progress from a condition where people find out I broker equities to make an income and so they are incompetent enough to avoid reading the Books I have written to do that by and got off on Media building me a whole new public image whereby I have agreed to allow people deploy my Public image and personal life to make money – same as the entertainment Industry where I work Public Office and have certain left over equities to broker with Film makers which educate people about personal security matters and family upbringing according to recent changes in the world we live in and somebody has to run everything down, then get those guys he claims are the ones buying the films that low lives like me are to lazy to make money for and then showed up on my case later to encumber my Book sales and tell me how to exist because his bottom hurts and that thing I do was a contribution. So especially with respect to entertainment obviously anybody with a Camera can make films and anybody with a sound recording instrument can make Music as well and I intend to rip it up for them while I ensure any who deploy any effects of mine had obtained what adds up to Legal permission and in order to make it really difficult, I intend to do it on social Media. It shows in terms of all the nonsense we have heard come forth from Hollywood and the Media in the last five years at least; the sexual harassment and sexual assault designed to set women up as examples on a pedestal which is used as a tool to escape from certain abuses that comes with the Territory of being an entertainer but the last time we checked, it was the risk of these abuses that made the show business itself, it was the actual show business job all together as it were – nobody knows why these idiots are in the Entertainment Industry while they have no wish to make entertainment i.e. hate for me is progress and has not ended in tears just yet, which permission they have obtained to deploy my public image and personal life and literary work, make comments on it and extract good feelings for their foolish existence and damage whatever they like around here especially the blacks, like they can actually afford the Royal Public image, looking for trouble until they find it.

Even now, it seems what I have said here has had an effect where Hollywood Business people get to protect the society and culture abusers, make a Mess of my Assets and my Public image all Murky, do as I have said about which one was the actual show business Job itself, display it all on social Media and the effect is that they are making use of me rather than Buy Books while they deploy my equities to make millions they build up in savings they are not extracting equities they need from. So it throws back to the need to continue to take up their civil rights and do it for them for the purpose of confiscating it as well, while they rely on their money for some new found democratic peoples oppression which allows them seek to do what I can do instead of buy Books I have spent more of the time and resources they waste to write, no matter how famous and 'loaded.' I mean the effect is that people can move into my right hand and violate me in their minds with intent to make a a vagabond if they wanted but anything I have done to ensure they are having a fill of the worst of Show business which appears to get to their heads for the corruption and corruptibility has been supposedly taken down - beggars questions but I find it hard to sit down somewhere and ask when the bloody idiots did turn all together.

I do get told I am absolutely canning myself while I should preserve my health for State duties but I am not, its very well calculated all together – what happens is that the culture and society bullies and abusers are learning that nobody fancies that much Show Business ripping up the finances because others want to build up popular culture on my Public image and get rich quick but what happens every time this message is clear is that Celebrity A listers then show up to set out a statement about the fact they were free people whose purpose was to find a good place to make an investment in and that the good place they have found is my personal life and Public image, so for me, the good place I have found as well is their attitude. It was as simple a matter as the fact I am trying to look after a Business Empire and that they were supposed to show up here if they wanted a Book; it has gone from the destruction of my academic work and finances in order to tell me that my Business empire only exists in my head, clipping my finances while I work on it and other channels of income are closed off because I am distracted by the empire being more important, then make a duty of themselves showing up around my concerns to try and do what I can do rather than buy the Books that should have interested them. We have now reached a point thereof where they intervene each time the culture and society trouble makers complain about hurting bottoms on my account as well and I intend to set out a war between myself and A List Celebrities especially at Hollywood, boys and girls on the fence blabbing nonsense about which Books I will never sell. It progresses in bits obviously but the big one is still the part where it takes itself seriously enough to follow me around when I attend an academic institution again, then mock me whenever I express the fact they are really stupid and create problems for themselves that they blame others for and we can see it has become more important than looking after an Empire and getting the Books sold, creating problems for myself when people damage the finances and academics, so they might show up on my livelihood years later, to do what I can do instead of pay for the products on account they are wealthy and always get what they want; every time it is explained to these fools the effects of their activities, they get worse and violent with that big mouth.

They do love to claim I brought it all upon myself which is utter nonsense – it’s the great old story of feeling how much they need it once again in my life whenever they have things they believe will bring them fame and fortune if handled by them – so we find that on social media for instance, one moment I may be followed by tens of people and the next they have all gone away because an idiot somewhere is cooking my broth rather than buy some Books. Somebody therefore who deserves everything they get; so I have begun my own processes as well which involve making their bottoms hurt to teach them that nobody really needs that much Show Business in their lives, what then happens being the corrupt A list celebrities take jobs from allies and take the criticism on-board, especially the part to do with risk of abuse being the actual show business job, then set about making sure my Books do not get sold as though it appears there isn’t a stage at which such a behaviour towards another person can add up to damage which could be responded to and hence will remain a costly gimmick for eternity – my response then have been to drive them hard at the show business, to such an extent that I am writing Books about what is happening when they are driven at show business to pay the Bills and return to the academic work they would never allow me concentrate on, hence this story of bringing it on myself by turning the show business I hate so much to my advantage not based on fact. We see they think that their ability to chase my bottom and hurt my abdomen has added up to a means that lets me understand what will happen if they do not get what they want and cannot stop blowing off their big mouth about that too, while the back stage media goons claim I will get into trouble with them virtually every day. So, it does apply that these are either very stupid people or that they have become quite convinced that whenever a behaviour is a stupid one, it should be exhibited all over my career just to see how I would react, then set off claiming it is an outcome of what my fans and people do and that they really love me as well, therefore make themselves into these characters that deserve everything they get.

 Then we hear them say I am in a lot of suffering and that there is satisfaction to be gained from that which is not really true; what is true is that I do not do much by the way of food, so what they do with that is ensure I can never decide how much energy I expend and leaves me each time I have to deal with them faced with the prospect where I smell like my loo every time I am pricked by their insults and the probability of those insults becoming a deserved activity therefore magnified. Its like when they say I am losing friends and allies which is utter nonsense; the friends and allies are the main reason for their complaining most of the time i.e. my Mum works on TV and gets involved with an Arch Prince but I do not have a life and cannot concentrate on my studies, so it becomes a question of what will happen when it applies that everything they believe to be incredibly stupid has to be exhibited on my life and career claiming it is an existence that costs them jobs and show business and its not the only one - there is the other where she thinks my Court is free for all and its concerned with some Man that will do violence for her, so I go from somebody that can defend my own case by making sure I am able to dish some heart disease for Racists and Civil rights goons to being vulnerable to some lucky madness based heart disease myself and these are just a handful of examples they are fighting for their lives as well.

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