That the cause of it all was a process whereby having had my Books Published, all I had worked for my entire life took up an existence whereby the biggest problem I faced, was that I needed to be seen and had to produce relevant attitude.

It could stop opening its body to the world, running off a public life that involved excesses and bottom chasing issues and it could stop ripping up the lives of those that have tried to help for it, if it was an emissary of evil.

What I am certain of is that the need to wreck my finances, label my coward and fight my wars against American enemies to get back up from a greater power while it clings to my earnings is set to end badly - particularly on the business where it keeps its hands off my Bum and shoots off the insolence somewhere else.

It lip flaps all the time, that I had no control of what happens to me and existed only when others wanted me to. I could never tell anyway if people who made such claims were the same complaining the most about consequences associated with building publicity for their concerns in a way that drew criminal interests towards mine, which none except themselves can explain. So as mentioned in a separate occasion, they seem to be the people that cannot deal with it if all we did about their gimmicks involved eliminating the physical processes involved in handling the person and property of victims for the practical jokes which is also criminal, so that we spent most of the time and most of their interest in other people’s concerns, talking about something else. What I am rather accustomed to is the usual libra person issues where they established an alliance with society gits that maintained businesses that were not making much success, to keep an eye over peoples shoulders because of the fear that their need to handle me and my career backed by a crowd, would develop into an outcome where I wanted to run them down too, right up to the point where I built an alliance with the people who supplied their daily produces in order to do it – the rest of the time would be a progression from something of need to express their stupidities concerning a feeling that they needed to attack a Libra from behind into something of need to show up here to experiment with my concerns, when they were not telling tall tales to the Police and the authorities for it as well, so we were better off sticking to it, not getting on my nerves the way people think they are entitled to insult my usual Libra allegiance to peace and love. Some people have suggested that it was not a bad thing to do such things but it is not, just that for the time being I want them to go from following me around to wreck my career and business publicity fooling around with my sweet personality they claim was something they clung to for dear life and cutting them off would easily cause them to lose their lives but were also entitled to shower me with insults in a build to build controversy that facilitated market with a big mouth, whereby I cannot bring myself to do harm to them therefore I existed when others wanted it, I want them to go from following me around to wreck thrift business because it meant I would want to work an alliance with society people to make a living whilst society people were racist until somebody else said otherwise, could not get on with the Celebrities because that was their turf and the Politicians always had to be educated daily about their feelings concerning my person, I want them to go from these to publicly displayed acknowledgement that the cause of the wealth and social inequality motivation behind it are a bunch of idiots who waste everything you gathered to get by with since school, to waste on practical jokes, while the industry idiots who spent money on it and possessed capital that made me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy were set to end up in a situation where that stupid capital was a problem we both had to solve together as it were. Otherwise, it could easily see that I am accustomed to the need to forge alliance with society gits and dream of hitting a libra from behind 24/7, whilst it kept well away from my career and product publicity, made its stupid comments about its own. When I do take control of this situation to work it for my own interests alone, it will end so badly that I will have established a perverted relationship with the broadcasting community and an alliance with the companies that supplied their daily produces by which they ran their lives, so that the wealth and social inequality issues would leave my anus and be solved permanently.

I am said to have had so little control of my life which is not the case, this is a matter of security industry twats who send out their two bit low lives as access to peoples lives through CCTV, the idiots who then hang about behind the CCTV to decide which should be seen as a big poof but I ought to spend all my time and energy on that lest the fame whore Celebrities and Politicians were the problem I needed to tackle. It does seem as though it was impossible for a person to be completely innocent in this but that is exactly what it is, as the cause of all the problem were to do with me pursuing some social problems over my writing career, which I ended up finding a solution to, the Fame whores then decided they were entitled to stifle my career until I got into a fight with people to serve them whilst they spent it, so the abuses, attacks, vandalism, illness and misery was all completely unnecessary. If push comes to shove, it will be a clash between me, the Scorpio -Virgo duo would loved to attack peoples virtues for the highest bidder, while the rest of the star signs will have to do something stupid with other peoples lives and careers else where, it will end the way I want and they will do much about it. They speak of whether I had a price and we know that there were people more famous and successful for being famous, than a bunch of idiots who interest in my career was to damage the finances and ensure what happened to them happened to me, so I may be forced to respond to it without payment or financial support. They do claim it to be something doing with the way the Americans fight for everybody else’s freedom which is utter nonsense as to me it is more a matter of the way that it was clear an act damages a persons career and finances, to such an extent there were questions about the person supporting themselves financially, the act was not due to a business relationship or a feud and similar matters, just practical jokes set aside to be performed by the entitled. It was always easier to stop such an act, than it was to deal with a victim who had made a list of such activities and developed enough consequences to ensure that he obtained results – it would be a rude wake up to the fact they were not important people and needed to stay away from another person’s Bookshop when they were not there to buy and read Books.

I. Uno I

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