The story concerning my cowardice continues naturally and the claim is that women are fighting my battles and I got them to Ė however I have not once seen them produce evidence of victims that have fallen to fights that women have conducted, what we have seen instead is unprecedented Political consequences of their need to pick up the National service conducted by Public servants to make sense of State service careers such as mine and then set about completing them right through to Military activities Ė the reasons for this being that they had no idea what to do when faced with dangerous situations and were idiots out there seeking it all the time, never mind their need to ensure others were paying the price for the consequences of their personal decisions. We know that this nonsense is usually personified as people who are ready to deprive others of food, water, clothes and a home over the heads if people didnít take part in National service, we know that the idiots will be the first to label others as puffs in order to make sense of the finer points of homosexuality, we know the idiots usually end up with insidious boldness that they claim added up to courage and this story about my cowardice generally means I am going to do their own again as it were. The question then becomes the wise person such as myself, offering them ideas on which National service to carry through if they wanted to make sense of the idea their stupidities were important people, who I had no idea since they were in charge and ought to know by themselves, which national service was required. We are not talking about their dangerous lifestyles either, the gangs and crime, we know that if they changed these lifestyles into legitimate jobs, the Police will be at their place often to collect an inventory to say the least. In the end, itís the business of ending up somewhere with a wrecked career and finances, having to deal with another layer of their wicked stupidities that have already developed a process where I am always trying to get back to the peace and tranquillity that came with the original epiphany that got me involved in my religious activities, talking into me, building those stupid communities that get imagination up my bum and devising history for me that will take years to clear out, while the consequences of doing so are known to grow into a National and global stage complain.

They do suggest they wanted to speak of the disgraceful way I lived which does not apply Ė just the best of white big brother working his finer points of homosexuality, being as annoying as possible where people were paying the Bills, as the Celebrities drew the attention of women who are released from mental institutions to me, garnished with narcissistic German popularity influence and an interest in owning my public image. Itís as they say that I am not really better off for what I do but women when behave as badly as they did, it buzzes away at the background if a person made nothing of it, while they are the idiots trashing my finances because their own got to their heads and is more deserving of Lawful intervention or punishment, my point being that women can do the bad behaviour as well without being questioned but their idiots abusing me and getting their imagination fingers up my bum when I had not responded or their insanity making those comments about my public image to petrify a public that gets involved with my Books, is about to secure a workable response as well. We do know that the Asians, Muslims and black big brothers cannot resist such things before they did more damage to break free from the consequences and I need to build up the issues such that I can ask them to play those practical jokes on me one more time as it were i.e. if the processes of Audience grooming fails for another couple of weeks this matter will progress from a case of people facing the consequences of paying others to be popular on my public image because they would do anything to avoid being cruel to the female community, whereby ending up spending their money to facilitate a public image for ex-convicts and wailing about the way their money goes to prevent people doing bad things because theirs was the only ego around was a bonus, I will begin a process of burning their money for every occasion too, especially to help me make sense of the way my response to being distressed by their activities becomes a Maida's touch trend upon which a product never fails to appeal to those who are parting with money for their livelihoods.

We are still faced with this problem where people got into my personal life incorrectly, their stupid world being one where their lovers show they can fight for them and they trashed peoples finances to pick up the civil living and public image of victims as their popularity and fame, where they donít make appointments to handle me and my concerns as such, so they barged in at any time and will be the same to issue threats over smells while I am in pain, the involvement being the power of their stupid disobedience in the first place. The fact of the social situation being that these were not meant to be personal relationships, they were to be business relationships but are so disrespectful that the public view is that it is a personal involvement with me and this in turn cripples my finances. So, I intend to rip up their careers and finances to such an extent they viewed me as a threat to their popularity and Media money and on such a platform I would ask them to keep the lasciviousness, rip up my career to pick up bits they can share with rich people for connections and make comments on my social life and public image again. They do explain themselves in a way that expresses the full opinions they had about the workings of their irresponsibility, that I dared, hence the usage of which I think I can prevent or act on, but they claimed they were famous and important people.

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