They do claim I blamed others for my failing but there are no failings. I went to university and did not complete it because of the sort of narcissism where the Prime Minister (Gordon Brown) turns up to encourage people to take advantage of my career, simply because I defended myself from tribalism raid gits running off men’s sales job on me while I studied, to churn my tummy and they wanted to be on either side. I planned to build the writing career immediately after and did write my first book a year after dropping out and had it self-published – the rest of the mess has been a matter of picking up private security Industry and the Media deciding they along with their Celebrities were so privileged, they had to wreck my career by plugging their gimmicks into my social life to sell products, and then picking up my PR and Client interests to run off more of a mess that will ensure they peddled themselves as more important people. My problem has been a matter of a handful of gits playing with my career – the gits in suits will not stop making statements in the company of their colleagues about me picking up a career that should have been their own because it is too big for me, only stopping when Client interests were wrecked – the neighbourhood privilege goons never stopped a narcissism where every issues I resolved improved their lives and they demanded more – the Politicians never stopped supporting idiots who built communities that got imagination up my bum, to claim I had no chance against Celebrities, while spending out hoodlums to run me down and allow Celebrities decide I am meant to get into a fight with those, then complain like I have responded here, that I blamed others for my problems – the Media were the gods of gas lighting and narcissism and this applies in terms of virtually all of what the other three got up to. We have now seen ample evidence based on a daily complain, that they were able to run off these abuses and practical jokes separately from my Bookshop and did not need any more fantasies about physically handling me, if the consequences were smell issues that the Germans will make the most of – it was never a big problem, just their need to play with my career, so far which I am now 4 years behind schedule while their jobs and work places took the bottom chasing to a whole new stage all together, the abusive process of trying to handle my personality to make money which is the cause of the tummy illness never diminishing, while I picked up a neighbourhood where they did it all the time and all day long, only for idiots with media jobs to build them places they can go to pass off my career as their own, and culture twats picked up my social media and websites to run off publicity for my service processes, as will help them create a version of me that did not think I was more important than their stupidities were and the black idiots make the most of the racism gimmicks on my earnings, all of which were completely unnecessary, looking for trouble while complaining all day. So far I have built it up as publicity for my Books but I need to take it up a stage where I made a list for point of hatred that decided that I was able to respond to each case. They do say that that it was patriarchy, which is an example of the point made here, where we get to the part in which the patriarchy wrecks my career and gets an appropriate response.

In any case, it is never really this easy with patriarchy, never really just a government office idiot picking on younger people. First the society will be full of well meaning people, so you cannot say the fact that people who tackled you were to numerous, it was okay to hate it; then there is the part where a business competition does not want a main player in the market to say that he failed to pick up his thing and do it like he boasted, that he took steps to build a support group that ended up taking a business and a job away from a market main player, which is not fair but life is not – then there is the question itself around the matter of taking this business of people talking sarcasm and irony to such an extent and I will not even had begun to scratch the surface of it. The other problem that works alongside their need to play with my career, being the part where others fought my wars but this was largely a matter of people handling diplomacy from Countries whose relations with the UK only involved popularity, they got rid of those and nobody did a thing wrong to deserve it, while I had to take the flak all day alongside their abuses, which was therefore the last straw to tolerate. We now hear them claim the problem to be that I failed to co-operate with them on Russia while the main issue is that their perverted attention was channelled here because I was working with others who did a good job on the matter, hence I withdrew and although I know the bottom chasing issues will get out of hand when something big is damaged, my 18 year career mess orchestrated by these idiots will be well paid for through the fact they will never get a compromise from me. in hindsight, they have never really been able to show or tell how the bottom chasing idiots who funded communist investments and turned up to ask the US government to go to war with Russia, which US Government then informed their British gits that they wanted to be the centre of attention, resulting in me being told which wars I am to fight, came to be. Ultimately, it is their need to gaslight me practice narcissism, and develop my social life from something which exists in a world where there are no rules on how people handled me, into something about which racists can no longer murder them and they were in a position to do with me as they please, especially in terms of picking up how I responded to violent situations, to spend on their lose image and sell products by, that will work my list on point of hatred. We know that Washington had to do the Crude Oil Politics at any cost, we know that they usually chased those resources in the Middle East and Africa, we know they had a game with Russia whereby they chased it and Russia chased land ownership in Europe and the Middle East, they played it and played us as per we were not toeing the line and have not done anything meaningful about the security of any allies, countries being invaded, Countries being annexed and now the threat of a world war.

Eventually they say my Office and position is not part of my culture of Origin and when their insults which are not better peddled away from my finances and my career like they should be, got on my nerves as well, will I let them have all the facts on that at parliament too, the same as I will apply towards civil rights idiots getting others to exist according to their view of the world, ripping up my career for the fun of it i.e. 19 years they have enjoyed this rubbish, to work their stupid practical jokes up to my career prospects and personal finances, now time for me to move on and this is not where they live. Same as the bottom chasing gits who had since decided that I am coping out while American fools were entitled to handle my career disobediently all over the world – a well crafted abuse that replaced a sense of respect, that the City underbelly trouble makers who had strange relationships with money, were good people buying show business, the destruction of my career because the abuses had begun and the idiots were so entitled that having secured support from my writing, decided to ensure all over areas of my concerns were burned away – as pointed out earlier, their stupid narcissism will set the stage for me to devise a list on point of hatred over their interest in my earnings.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland