The claim is much loved, that I am making powerful enemies, which I am not in anyway whatsoever as they are not strong enough to match me in enmity as such – they always have to be seen doing this behaviour where each time they were in meeting or company of other business managers and CEOs, they were seen making stupid statements about the way I picked up a career that is too big for me, with men’s sales job idiots building communities that ran me down all day, like characters who only allow others live in a neighbourhood when somebody caused them immense suffering. It goes back to the University where they never spoke to people, never took ‘no’ for an answer and could not keep the imagination off peoples anuses while observing closely which diet people had that their stupidities and industry fools considered to have been disrespectful for somebody else to eat, then interfere with the fact the Queen herself wanted to know what my diet was like and the stupid complicit academic institution leadership that are aware they were carrying out this level of destruction on my studies, upon being complicit with it, never ceased to collect the fees once out of their own extensive goodness. We have now arrived at the part where they conducted their tribalism raids to reach top industry offices and failed to do the job properly, the party is finished, there is no threat their stupidities can pose in my direction, showing up here alongside fame idiots to rile me by severing link between services and Book sales to have about a stupid media bubble goading me into a fight with all of the worlds insolence.

They do claim I am terribly undisciplined. It will never actually make any sense, we know that they had nothing to change about the way that the military operated, simply because their case was largely a matter of seeking to breach the gap between Government and Industry, where the point that I got involved fundamentally prevented them from doing so. I have been aware of people picking up areas of my Public work as part of a personal statement with respect to getting enlisted in the National services, it had stopped years ago, not because it had but because somebody is always picking up every aspect of it to go off and win his personal wars and when people meet the enemy, the enemy will be seen doing things and thinking in a manner that only I could have, which feeds back while I feel sore all over because they ensured that the enemy could make sense of the fact I kept up with them by adapting, which is yet another indication of how disciplined they are. I just want my bits looking as was found since I am being so bothered on account that viable alternatives have not been found, besides which it is difficult to make sense of the idea that somebody who is set out to work with Top Military that perform both combat and ceremonial roles was undisciplined. The mystery here is that if a particular group were sent out to do a job and they could not finish that job, so another group was set out, a Government needs to know that the second company was the correct follow up for the first, in any case which the regiments always have their separate names and behave according to that name which is usually different from all the rest, thus it is still a mystery where these characters get their ideas about everybody being undisciplined. That said, they raise the point about the smell issues caused by their daily insolence from fools who want to commercialise military work, churning my tummy and hoping the smell will get somebody to punch me and allow them feel as though they were my successful fathers while I am a low life with a big mouth but these insults are responsible for them finding their way into my mainstream public life in the first place, never mind the fact if I did not have to worry about the liaising with criminals in the course of national service while people knowing that criminals always chase other peoples private parts, get off telling lies that it was actually happening – besides which I am in Arch Prince and everything they did makes me feel like vomiting, highlighting my social status all the time, which is another question mark set out on their sense of discipline. The point of this is that of the stage where the clash with me actually happened i.e. there were people handling matters associated with Countries which only form of diplomacy with the UK involved popularity and they were doing a great job before they were removed from the picture – we do not now know what to do with the problem, we had removed a system that worked and we clearly show signs to indicate we did not want it reinstated, so I want my own looking as was found with these people doing their work, German influence getting around the Queens Interests at Buckingham Palace and people being free to be the best of what they could be, seeing also that I was relevant to the process not changes, changes, silly changes, to such an extent that even the Celebrities can no longer carry on with the show business anymore and now lots of insults about discipline.

I am told there is a huge amount of controversy surrounding me. The truth of it is that there is little or none, just famous people who have decided that passing insults at me where I am meant to get into a fight with others on their behalf on account they were incredibly important and have therefore followed up the activity by making the announcement that the insults were never going to stop, wrecking the finances here and then complaining about making new friends who were born under birth dates that were considered dangerous, since local authorities had lost control because of their abuses, even going on to a stage where they threaten me because they felt that they could throw their weight around to get rid of the problem and it was a preferable option to one in which they stopped pushing insults at me. I mean none could actually explain what it meant that I needed to prove I am not a coward by getting into trouble with the Police so that I may show that I deserved to own what I already have but a Bookshop will not be allowed to engage with the public over it, over time we find that there was a way that the damage was all my fault. Hence we are now at that point where Politicians were asked to help out on a problem whereby I had very little respect for the famous because they considered themselves to be most deserving of respect. I mean there are two parts to what bothers them here i.e. a bunch of middle management trouble makers who help them push show business products abusing them and the unsavoury elements of society befriending them because they enjoyed attacking me, both problems which I can get rid of in less than 24 hours but it appears they would prefer I lowered myself to a point where I was stuck with them on it and therefore needed to stop handling me. So here we see that getting along with the famous is not working but generally Celebrities that have been through the process of being famous are not the problem here, just a bunch of gits who have been given money for equipment and venues where they got to entertain the public and I need to get rid of them to such an extent that it was the areas of social activities where they were of assistance to me, which provided most of the ideas on the reasons that I should. This hate builds up over time obviously since we know that the kind of leadership they were supplying was incredibly destructive, where the government works tirelessly to ensure the Public resolved its financial problems by the jobs market and they were providing voluntary leadership in which people felt like vomiting at the mention of jobs markets, such that even when they were employers themselves, they employed and facilitated market to help people keep jobs, by destroying the jobs market. Then there are the personal attacks whereby I could be working with a company that was easily the local landmark in an areas but the reasons I lost all my finances was that producers brokered equity with me and Celebrities deserved the lion share of my earnings because they were the people who played parts in the entertainment projects and appeared on the red carpets to get it sold to the public, ruining everything around here and the singular reasons that this connection had existed between my earnings and their red carpet appearances was not just the abuse where they were always helping me by grabbing my public life and would happily build a 30 meter billboard in the city centre to say that it was okay for them to do so, which is then passed off as advertisement, it happens due to an intense process of repressive and systematic disrespect.

They do claim I was unable to take care of myself which is not the case as society gits are usually of the opinion they were incredibly important with a highway to schizophrenia attitude that gets involved with other peoples careers without consent and pushes its way to sexual harassment, displaying the fact they were lowest of the low – the Celebrities were always disrespectful but could not cover their backsides and needed to stop trashing my finances to pick up my career publicity for survival costs. In the end should I begin to play a game of transferred aggression, hate and blame, these facts will factor in, so it needs to stop pushing me back down to Universal Credit and mind its own business. It is much the same as they say I always tended to omit the fact that most of these difficulties were created by American Politicians which I do, but all can see it is as simple and laying straight the governmental and diplomatic policy with respect to American Celebrities who believed they were entitled to unpick the business of Governmental allies at will, we know people also think that I believed that it was good to make myself a hidden enemy of the communists which was never likely to last but we know they burn my diplomacy assets and cannot get done the security work that was done by the services, showing up here to complain and look for expenses to foot their survival to such an extent that the local authorities lost control – I do not think that the communists do not consider me an adversary or that I have hidden my position well, just reality that there are communists I have always gotten along with and in the eyes of communist authorities, more or less, other peoples lives did not matter but their own, so we have seen that the Western world is moving into an outcome where I treated them the same way for the purpose of protecting my financial well being I.e. just being around to ensure matters went back and forth between power mongers and the authorities, so that we learned to share the world. Then there were other smaller matters like Germans with a need to get the British sharing in Diplomacy in which condition they would take the Lions share and provide such leadership for Europe – they would go to South America where interests there as far as I was concerned, is streamlined and kept simple because of the culture and way of life in those parts of the world, make out some international activity that will make sense of the existence of honour, after which again and again we come across nefarious characters after nefarious characters who wish to attack women and the Germans would do nothing about it.

They do claim what I did with my Office could not be trusted because I lived in fear – what really happens being that a bunch of idiots organised themselves into rogue landlords and corrupt private security with a need to drive market sales by clinging to my public life and income margins, so they send out some low lives that had nothing to lose to share my space and run me down, which has developed to such an extent, the idiots were first handling my personal space to feel good but are now younger than I am seeking to make me keep a quiet environment for them whilst they lived as if they were elderly people on a retirement, which has set the stage for a need to bully me into doing something that got rid of it and statements made to bring to my understanding that the gimmick was linked to people who did not like me at the Monarchy, therefore a real stage for me to prevent this nonsense for the 20 year career mess it has created here from growing big enough to affect them. It is always so much fun and always so abusive on their part at all times, save the instance where the fact the society gits were the lowest of the low, we are talking about something so stupid it goes all the way to a stage where their children where shadows of people who were self-aware showing up with insults that others who had ideas about my personal space encouraged them to peddle endlessly and if it ends up annoying itself enough to handle my scruff, I believe I will be motivated to hurt its stupidities badly – always so much fun and abuse when the fact they are lowest of the low was not the item by which I factorise their stupidities and that of their Celebrities was concerned with the fact the famous were unable to cover their backsides.

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