I am often told that most of my activities amount to fallacies which are a threat to the operation of freedom like we see expressed by the Democratic Camp in the US that lost the 2016 General Elections and the President that was incumbent at the time but usually it is easy to understand on one hand why authorities are concerned about busy body Individuals who go about bothering dangerous people and then fail to do anything about them, if that is I am accused of acting in such ways all together presumably but that is not the subject matter in its right all together. The subject matter is more of a case where this threat to freedom is usually applicable when people wish to gain an access to National and International Media at my expense, which is worked by means of a need to get me sharing what I know, while the increasing difficulty I will have with them as a people is that they have a problem with the idea of paying for it. This adds up to a pyramid scam in which they organise themselves into families and show up on Media, whereby the entire purpose of their public appearances adds up to outcomes in which all who associate with me must contend with their desire to make good an original provocation that works out a privilege of injustice process, while I am left on an end caring about them as they care about their friends and families. My point being that the reasons for hatred exhibited towards me by Politicians and Journalists and Civil Rights Moguls is entirely justified, it is concerned with a process where they lose every Culture that adds up to a process of bullying me over money and provoking me will therefore continue end in an outcome where I decide what they get to do what their time and then stop their fame for them as well.

I am regularly informed that it is largely a matter of the extent of power I exhibit towards others, while the truth is rather that they enjoy building their own version of the issues I have resolved around my work, then set about blaming me for a lack of solutions for it and in the end when all had been considered especially those who would think they are famous but are not in my view, it becomes a matter of their desperate need for psychiatric help and I am left sore all over due to the fact their primary involvement with me is still based on the prognosis of evil that works distant violence when they are not getting what they want. All because they are a bit miffed about buying and reading a 26.00 Book.

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