The story told now is that I am on my recovery process which is incredibly annoying – no idea what I am recovering from when it is a bunch of criminal hoodlums and the Media making the most of antisocial behaviour that they spent most of their time on, showing up here to create instances where they were men and women who had given much to the community and deserved to take away things from me such as my sleeping pattern and so on, therefore everybody thought I was dishonest about my mental state which outcome is likely to be that when I take out a holiday and return refreshed, people will be left with a campaign that suggested they were managing my mental illness. I am not on a recovery leg, I am late on my schedule, Media and Celebrity responsible will be made to pay for it as they are still running off the same behaviour i.e. tear down my career and build a crowd to help them forcibly make me serve them with security industry knowledge before I am allowed to earn a living, talking nonsense on Media and since I told people I was preparing an environment for enjoyment of my literary work, it has been 4 years, each time looking back to a sense that nothing was ready while I had done the work itself two fold at least.

They claim I am not aware of what people at the Monarchy with the fact Celebrities pick up my wealth equity to build important aspects of their careers but that would be the part where I am separate from the state provided security and they were taking both down – much the same as I am said to play with these matters while I don’t, I started getting involved during the recession and did not build a platform on the luxury of getting rid of them, instead had to find a way to make use of the energy – premise is the business of running off abuses and gimmicks that targeted the fact I chose to be a serious minded person, to prevent me being one and now they were the serious minded persons, threatening to attack me because their bottom hurt, which I would otherwise have responded to in other circumstances. I could have raised funds and finished the University studies years back (dropped out in 2008, writing this in 2022), instead what we find is that being aware of what they are doing, they have also built a crowd that spends all its time working out the best insolence that will push me to the fringes of civil activities, so they could finger my bum.

The statement made, whereby it opens its mouth and I cannot step outside of my door anymore, it gets involved with me and criminals become overly friendly but then gets up on public media to ensure I never had a choice about what it did with my concerns on the finance front.

I. Uno I

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