Itís like when they make a case of my Family building things and we have a knack for building and building and building until sometimes it becomes a threat to us that we are always spending time building something, which threat sometimes is mortal. I donít know why people think it works like that anyway; the way it works is the uncanny way in which Politicians explain the stupidities of their population at my expense Ė the whole thing about being a coward who lives in a condition that means the stupidities of foolish insane and selfish women who need their attention constantly relies on me is based on a lack of self-respect and confidence built wholly from deploying apparatus of Government for the single purpose of coveting my public image and ripping up my academic work and finances, then there is the part where they pick up my essays at University and spend years and years using its contents to explain away the stupidities of their culture and society idiots which sets out a stage where those abusive behaviour can permeate mainstream living and nobody has an alternative reasoning behind why it should not be happening, then there is the part where they have told a crowd that I say and do what I say and do because I am bullied into doing so, then set about stealing bits of my market fooling around with Industry idiots who have money for the purpose of looking for a lot of trouble, meaning another group of insane women who want the attention of their money all the time can rely on me and it adds up and adds up, there is the same behaviour channelled towards my Books, a five year history of insults that will allow them play up those gimmicks, there are the corrupt conservatives talking nonsense about me being a coward who will never sell the Books until I did something unusual to raise capital for it, all the way to the USA Ė then there are others like the gits we see in Europe who might be narcissists and have this uncontrollable desire to practice some of it on me but the problem is that I am not one and they have seen me walk into a Church, so the world comes to a stop and everything is a mess until they get those narcissism feelings from me, at least just a little bit, then there are the Media ones who build their own in terms of getting the imagination up my bum, which is guaranteed to stop me on my tracks and then get me deploying my Public image on a response to their stupidities which they will find exhilarating, which I have also warned will eventually produce a response they will fall deeply in love with as well, then there are the society idiots that have been hounding me up to the stage where they have an accusation on hand and with it set about building me a reputation for responding to their problems whenever I am insulted, while they set out some small and medium sized businesses to get rich by and then there are the other idiots who never seem to run out of problems, having an insulting need to control my finances, claiming I want to do the same as they are doing but do not have the opportunity which makes them superior and I am sore all over all day because their cracked up out of my league stupidities cannot keep their imagination off my body parts for a single moment or indeed their big mouth bread winner insults to themselves. So I might say for those who think they want to make contact with me, each time I make sense of the stupidities that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, there will be another global stage complain about me for it but so will it get a response from those who listen in the sense that my response to it was exhilarating and because they need more, that has to belong to somebody else while they got their imagination up my bum to ensure I brought about more etc. Itís not just a case of building something until it becomes a threat to me and for some Family Members it has been mortal; we can see these incredibly stupid people have no respect for those whose lives they want to improve their income prospects by and have built their stupid selves a society where every problem they have relies on others to hang up somewhere and find itís impossible to keep their mouth shut because they believe there is no human being that can wade it Ė while all I need to do is pay more attention to the fact the stupid men want my privacy at all times while we are not relatives or friends likewise the women think they deserved my public image in the same situation too; then there are the crass idiots with a need to take advantage of distant violence at all times. Should not be forgotten that it begins with Politicians explaining away the stupidities of their population to the world as a matter of my career in the first place and consequently, now they have got some really silly Royal friends behind it as well, I am having even the way that I walk and talk stolen too.

The truth of it is their sense of insolence and superiority clashing with occasions whereby they have handled my work, person and property and have reached a point where they cannot do without it - so itís a disobedience, abuse and misogyny like no other - I do enjoy seeing them labour as well and do enjoy making sure they are cut off but itís important to note that whilst that was the case, the reality is that this is a replacement engagement with my Bookshop which substitutes the business of reading the Books and instead gets around patenting bits of my life to its name, to show up in Public places and get me bumping into unexpected nasty social problems on grounds that it wants to ensure it was able to keep my sweet Operational Assets, that it has developed a relationship with which is akin to insanity and addiction. They say I act and talk like I can actually back up what I say but itís an old tale of how it started being that of young people telling me to spend time with women my age while they got on popular culture to work with their Politicians on getting me trapped with croons for sex; the entire time their Daddy characters were then able to work the business of running the background stupidities that causes the riots in the neighbourhoods on it, expressing their stupidities on my property to foster their own sense of social equality and spicing their sex lives with my Public image, act to tell them off on my part I did, so they responded to that by getting their children to do it too and thereby build themselves the kind of neighbourhoods that cannot fail exams in school, then show up at University to pillage my academic work and build their futures Ė once done, we know that they had since gotten the jobs and built up the savings but they simply cannot get famous with my personal life and Public image, need to tell lies and excuses to handle it for such purposes, while the fact it bottoms out my finances for them to do so becomes the power attached to their civil disobedience which has now also become a threat and it is the need to develop this disposition further into something of getting society idiots all over me while putting labels on me that suggest I am a bum who deserves the stick and to smell all day long and at the same time build themselves careers fostered on Media salvation that will help them work the sense that they still need to feel as if they were superior to me and this is what is going to ensure the whole thing blows up as well. They do say this matter can be resolved easily and yes it can - all publicity I have not approved on sanctioned needs to end, as its whole purpose is to take out relevance of what I do and ascribe it to other idiots who deserve to be important with a Media salvation to play with, it bottoms out my finances every day and needs to end - threats will always open up a whole new can of worms for those who issue them. I cannot believe they got accustomed to this using my activities even when it about flattering me, such that my social media and public image or Books do not matter while they do, continues as something has become their new civil rights - in like manner of which this is not exit, it is a stoppage.

Itís an old story of how it all relies on me like the fact we have talked about were formed originally, with the younger people expressing something that follows the insults of their ageists, to do with getting the imagination up my bum which is guaranteed to stop me in my tracks and secure them a response they will find exhilarating while they try to distract their stupid selves from the adage that besets them and the middle age ones spending their time on the business of wanting to own and sell my personal life, blabbing of the prerogatives that rich people deserve while doing so Ė all developed around Politicians wrecking the academic work and finances until I can make sense of the stupidities that passes on their left and right hand side, leaving me vulnerable to media gimmicks that gets me losing something important on either side every day. The present state of affairs is that they have turned up here to wreck my career and built me some form of homosexual permission that I will obtain to access my own Public image and have pointed out the reasons as the fact I am unable to talk obscurity and play with such things which makes me weak and incapable of violence and hence a fool and a toy for them to mess about with and so I reckon if I spent some time on their stupidities in the most rudimentary form and set about building publicity for it in an academic fashion, I will achieve the same effect - of course I already have so itís a race against time to find out if I or the Celebrities will be gay first and the Politicians have had to save and bail them out for it too so far, trouble being that this was not enough.

I. Uno I

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