I have been told that it is becoming an issue that I make very little progress with myself at the Monarchy and its utter nonsense too – what really happens is that my work is up to date in every instance, every case and every matter as such but the problem we have is the way that people want to get involved with it; I have made it simple enough to ensure they understood the Equity they found on the websites did not belong to any but myself, that they can only own the Books that they had purchased but the whole thing still degenerates into a matter of me having to take steps such as ensures that people do not due to their need to ensure that all their problems and concerns in their whole lives relied on somebody else as a population of lazy and very abusive goons with habits their parents can no longer keep up with, they did not deploy either my property or that of the Crown to solve their own problems and due to the fact they play those insulting games on Media that means they handled me violently and rounded me up like sheep, it is set out in such a way that it was quite clear they will be deploying their own stupid lives to get it done on their way out, for every time that they got involved. So we see the matter develop into something of difficulty people have with a business of figuring me out as such while the truth is that they show up here with something of a behaviour which expresses a determination to be successful at discriminating against me, once they were done building up the abuses and lies which also imply such things as the Church practicing the same behaviour, the stupidities will progress to insults and abuses that suggest they are now in a position to tell me what I can do or say and that it was all supported by the fact they had careers and I didn’t because they had destroyed mine, as stupidly as possible. So, the get out of jail free card is always a tale of Royals thinking they were superior to others and yet we started this conversation over the idea they showed up here because they wanted to buy Books from a Bookshop I had opened up.

They claim I interfere with their Operations in the same way, which is not based on fact; the fact is that the Company owners have a habit of behaving towards my Assets like they were gangs with a lot of money at this disposal, makes one a sick person obviously, as they claim when they do my stuff it’s done and that such nonsense was a rich persons amusement, while their employees like to cling to my earning margins and Public image while claiming I interfered with their operations or they may follow my social Media profile to do things on behalf of the Company which they do not have the authority to do and then it only becomes obvious that this was terrible behaviour when their gimmicks starts to lean towards activities that are aimed at making sure that people were serious minded characters. It is an incredible Career outlook that they have got, which involves lies 24/7 and a business of wrecking my career to keep theirs, no idea how this could be sporting or fun for any human being as such. It does not surprise me very much because it’s a behaviour that is commonly exhibited by very stupid people that have gone on to pick up academic pursuit in Countries which have a Federal system of Government – I have checked other systems and the behaviour is not like this; they are always like prostitutes, the Fashion insults are incredible, the Celebrity abuses beat the imagination all the time, its imagination its constantly up my anus and time and again the corruption is such that I end up thinking retirement age was a luxury itself but we do not have an arrangement where the sport was to destroy careers or destroy a career in order to keep mine via a stupid media salvation, does not mean I am unable to engage in one, as their stupidities being pushed around by Politicians so they show up here to count pennies until they magically ended up with Millions of currency in the Bank at my expense is something that has now earned a response from me, leaving their Politics defunct, for instance but we see that it still does not have any way to appear in Public places for its purposes without making foolish statements about being superior to me, despite the consequences meaning that their complains about me is now a global stage phenomenon.

They do claim it’s about USA Power all the time and yes it is, it is saying that it’s the turn of the USA to rule the world as we British had a go at it but we never see the US Government adopt this stance on the Global stage except during Obama, before then it was largely a private enterprise thing, I use the money I spend on my investment to remind you who is in charge of the world etc, which was perfectly legitimate. So, the new Democrat gimmick is one that never talks from its own rights and is always blowing off its big mouth about where I wouldn’t say or do what I say or do lest I got into violent difficulty. It expresses this nonsense everywhere; like when Jaguar revealed new design for the XJ and Hollywood wanted it and they have never given up on the business of taking over the state of mind and the memory of that time since, the entire time of which Auto Customers who make the big decision to buy the Cars know what they are buying when they drive it in the first place and it is similar to the time I started setting out Parameters for chasing up National Currency Liability, which was immediately followed up with the invention of Crypto currency since – it never stops being a federated bastard issuing those threats to take advantage of Diplomatic relations between the two Countries so it might run around making a mess all over the backyard.

I am usually told it’s a matter of me underestimating how much Americans hate the British but I don’t; either way, we know that when you weave together something of a bunch of characters who hate you because of a lack of achievement on their part and the fact you have Royal Office to look after, together with the fact they can never stop telling lies and that stopping them turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan their lives on your wallet making a tone with a crowd, just like stopping them from peddling your faith, personal life and public image, usually means that you were a tyrant trying to run their lives and always because your livelihood was something their stupidities saw, such that it ended up in their foolish minds, the entire time of which they do not live a Country that affords them a welfare state all together – add my own bits where it all happens towards me because I share a skin colour with them, I understand I am allergic to Pollen and must find a career that fits my limitations but they constantly need to threaten me when they have money problems, claiming it’s their civil rights to and everything I have done to ensure I had the career that fit my abilities have been completely wrecked, leaving me to try and make a living as an illiterate person, on account they had civil rights movements and weave it together with all sorts of miscellaneous stupidities that you have seen them exhibit very recently and you have yourself a bunch of characters that are likable. Like I always say, unless the idiots have heard me open up my mouth about my own as well, they do need keep their own firmly shut as there is really nothing that they can do – we all know here in the UK they say mine is a terrible disposition too and yes it is, once they were done with abuses involving their community croons pretending I existed to be insulted and made to feel tired all day and they had built a crowd with ideas on what to do with my bedroom window and their Industry fools had perverted my Bookshop into something of Royalty selling up his Estate on grounds he is desperate for money, while patenting my life to their stupid names in the course of selling what products they have come up with, to build me Publicity that suggest I am supposed to get involved with security matters all day long, they begin to garnish it with a process of idiots with mean cunts between their legs backed by some pricks showing up to tell me I am their bitch. Still the same condition applies that their stupidities need get off my Books and Public image, talk from their own rights and not mine especially when issuing those foolish threats and when they do not see me open up my mouth about my issues as well, need keep their own firmly shut about what they hate. It’s the big story about the reasons they dislike me too; fuck you means fuck father land insults as well and when I get hold of the stupid culture and society it will be the last time that those who fool around with it got to see it too – the insults are not responded to for very good reason and if they handle me over the smell it will be a fight where we looked forward to an ending too.

I have lived with this nonsense all my life; my Dad was a serial monogamist for example and their stupidities do need keep away from my Books and stop following me around, it currently hates me because I fool around with women on a provisional basis, just in case they want to go too far with it and cannot stop issuing those stupid threats with a Media salvation, cannot keep its insults where peoples appreciate it. It has always been something they are good at, cleverness is proven in terms of the mess they make ending up in other people’s lives and a matter of what they do next to express perverted comparisons, while we know that any person who invents something very stupid will not be affected by it but those to whose life he applies it will be living two lifestyles – what it hates comes on all the time and I am the one having a difficult time keeping the insults off my Book sale numbers. They do boast about revenge of the Celebrities and we know those have now progressed from wanting to get famous on my Public image, to acquiring money from Industry trouble makers that finance go lucky boo boys and girls who buy equipment and venues to engage with the Public ripping up my family finance base by, now it wants its stupid community croon for whom every act of respect on my part tends to leave me feeling like I want to vomit everything I ate and can never be free of smelling like what I ate, while their corruption of involvement and small business gimmicks at my expense know no limits, to completely wreck my health well enough for me to get beaten up and then that will be the end of the story technically. I mean I am pretty sure there is a culture in the USA that spends its time making sure these sorts of criminals had such a difficult existence they ended up taking it out on somebody randomly but of course it does and this is what their stupidities are complaining about, so I should suppose that if I joined in as well, there will be a Monarchy in the US that got to supervise how far I went and exactly how I was meant to do it all together. it does need to stay away from my Books and stop following me around, years of threats and vandalism now but we know their Industry troublemakers have now run out of money to spend on it, hence time out.

I am now said to have a very bad reputation with everybody which is adding up on me and there is really no such thing, starting with the idea that making sure there is a deterrence for everybody means I have a bad reputation with them – even now, I have not set out a deterrence for everybody yet as the biggest problem that my Bookshop faces is Women; it’s my mother character who abusively and insulting sets about building a crowd somewhere I have done the best work for my career, which will support the idea it is nagging me in terms of me having followed them would give me access to opportunities while they led me but having not done so tends to mean those opportunities passed to somebody else, knowing very well that their society goons will pick it up and there will be hell for me on earth because they did but it continues to serve the only way their stupidities can be real verbose women at my expense – this is the latest one aside from all the others I already have a bad reputation with. Goes back to the old case of this sense that I run my office in a way that means it’s never actually consummated and this is because of the way my relationship with the Crown works I.e. what I do is decided at the highest level to be too important for general access, so I need to run the Hermitage in that way, denying myself sense of ownership in terms of the bits of the Country under my authority – we have seen that this is what these goons have become obsessed with moving their lives into and that it has gone from being prejudicial and abusive to being violent, at least on Media, all hinges on the addictive way that getting involved with my concerns serves their need for personal convenience with Celebrities at the Helm the entire time and the Celebrities will be the ones to do it at the most unexpected point, preferably for them, the stage at which I had done the best work for my career, my stress levels will be up there, especially when it involved women behaving like they were my mothers in service of a stupid crowd while the main reason I feel like vomiting all the time and smell of what I ate was the chasing them around to conduct damage limitation because it was already gone. So it should be seen that whilst they complain I have a bad reputation with everybody which is adding up on me, given each time they give themselves a respite from this, they spend the time they have on their hands finding it amusing on their stupid Media. So in terms of the question of how they can be stopped, I don’t see how I am expected to defend myself while such nonsense as a bad reputation I have with everybody is fostered for them at Government buildings anyway, that said, I already have a history whereby they hated me for this and that was a start but the main problem is still the need of the Politicians to sanction the idea they are clever people from Government buildings and do so at other people’s expense – whenever they do, I will always take steps to ensure the Popular culture cannot damage absolutely everything that it gets its hands on around here and if I begin to perceive it a threat, I will destroy it; this should be enough to look into the matter of getting them to stop handling me, providing them a sense of direction and making sure it was clear that it was never a crime to be more important than they are. I have been told the way I work with the Crown is akin to a process of seeking war, just as much as it is a matter of be securing endless favours from the highest authority in the land at all times and its utter nonsense, just like the main problem is still the support these goons get from Royals, especially the females, who make out their Royal position does not rely on others while mine does, the entire time of which they ensure that since 70% of my career will be built around friends and Family, Fashion and Celebrity idiots got a daily update on it, while starting these tales associated with me having a bad reputation with people that is adding up, as abusively as possible. In terms of the seeking personal favours from the Crown, we all know from what I have described above is utter rubbish, the part about wanting war on the other hand is largely a matter of statistics i.e. that if in everyday at least 60% of what I do will be decided by the Crown to be something that should be unavailable to the general public, I needed to ensure as much of it was available where the Crown can access it at any time, which left me an opportunity to chase my own personal needs as well – we have seen the financially damaging effects of their addiction to getting involved with me and those stupid lies and threats they issue with a big mouth to keep it going, we have seen the abusive way in which they want to move into the sensibility associated with the way I operate in terms of Crown concerns, claiming it’s a matter of righting issues of justice and equality, we can see that half the time they are not putting energy into this nonsense they found it amusing on Public Media, while those who have jobs on the Public media have now progressed from issuing threats at me because the jobs were dream jobs and important enough to hurt people for, to a business of making it available to these idiots who are said to be clever people at the highest levels of Political authority – so I am lost as per the questions around my bad reputation with some of them should be that I had created an issue. There is exit and sense of direction for them in everything I do - we have seen how I have set out my Bookshop in a way that displays all that abusive and incredible insults, such that whilst I built publicity for that to run a Bookshop by, they did not get to buy my Books. We were always meant to have it this way, since last the fact I stepped outside of my door ended up with Celebrities fooling around to abusively that I failed my Courses at University.

They have broken my Bookshop to bits naturally, spent five years building me a global stage reputation that says I have civil rights problems, the insults showing up where I have done the best work for my career every day because they know where problems are and will get rich off having done so with the stupid lifestyle, there are racists shouting above our heads all over it hence we cannot hear what we are saying to each other at Government buildings, the women have turned my Equity Broker business into something that needs protection because Fashion idiots, Celebrities and Media are grabbing whatever they like from it, so as to get me fighting for bottom feeder women and tends to bring onto the light the reasons that the USA must be considered a menace much the same as the Russians.

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