I am now told that I thwart peoples attempt at seeking their rights and freedoms and it is utter rubbish; what happens is that their insults channelled at me was their civil rights a few years later, displayed somewhere I have done my best work for my career with a Media salvation which a fool who had spent peoples time claiming it was a dream job, has afforded them the opportunity to without reason or purpose, save I explained it in terms of exasperating me because they love their stupid games when I do not look like I am making them homosexual fervently. What they are learning is that I am not a character that will decide to cut them a deal at some stage, I simply find it impossible to live with any part of it and will roll it back to the very beginning my feelings are important as well obviously. They do claim its a matter of games they play to see if I am weak enough to allow them do whatever they like but its an old story especially when they speak of it in terms of my finances those cases where one is bullies and cajoled into a position of thinking I want to fill in the questionnaire with the idea somebody else will help and then events will emerge to suggest I need to cross that out and fill in I will help instead. The gimmick most enjoyed by these goons is the idea that their activities are a response to abusive and unjust or even insulting behaviour from those in positions of authority but we all know that if 100 people attended your investiture last year and only 10 have attended the anniversary because they have spent all their time beating people down, it is not too much to ask when you had started doing the same to them and apparently what we know of it is that getting imagination up peoples bottoms ruins fame and public image but their stupidities love it because they were obsessed with obscurity even though their idiocy could not stand it all together with a big mouth. They always say I have the current temperament because I find it frustrating that I am unable to run my Bookshop properly but what happens to the Bookshop is entirely damage as a whole i.e. these goons are not interested in Books, another group of idiots with a need to get involved and no intention to read a Book are the ones doing the damage, they are the waste of time, money and other resources whereby I speak to the wrong Crowd about a Literary work and a Bookshop and it has not yet stopped because I am not inflicting enough pain to move them on yet, their party piece currently being a development from insulting and abusive Media advertisement, to building me Publicity that says while they set out businesses I sorted out the security issues; this appeals to me very abusively but the silver lining is always that it sets that stage where I need to make it clear especially to the wealthy ones that every one of my activities are relevant to the British Monarchy and they should build publicity for none, not even for flattery and play, if I have not given them the permission to.

They do claim the main problem is largely that people underestimate me which allows me get completely out of hand and its utter nonsense what really happens is that I beat them at their own game every single time that they invent one and it has been that way for the best part of 19 years so far, they have not won once. I am sure it is not a mystery if I said that the wealthiest of them ought to refrain from building me Publicity when I have not sanctioned it, as every part of my activities are relevant to the Monarchy but in the end they are very silly and ignorant people, especially in terms of what they are fooling around with, know nothing about Government, traders should trade and let me be. The idea they can handle me is a story about the insults eventually leading to such outcomes as those prejudicial abuses that develop into foolish ignorant violent activity will be faced with a deadline on how they will put a stop to it and then we will find out what they can handle from then on, beyond which they can always get their imagination up my bum but issue threats for the smell and live up to it when their stupidities were mad enough for it its another example here of these idiots screwing with the parts of my career where I have done my best work with the backing of the Private security Industry as it were, its clearly not a question worth asking but 10 years ago I was hounded out of University for a hate society state of mind while I studied, so the Politicians are the ones who have the most liability here, they have not yet come up with Public Policy on this and it is still waiting for one. So I do get told as such it was all justified because I need them and yes I do, in my view, it will all blow over at some stage and they will become well behaved customers who respect peoples livelihood and or get involved for the products when and if they are not getting involved for personal reasons they do claim my Books make it difficult and yes it does, since they did not write it and are not here to read it either, it does not appeal to them. I mean an Architect picks up a 2 Million pound contract and lays waste my equity Assets and Public image to draw up that building and set it out in the Metropolis for instance, ignoring the fact there are other Multinationals spending money to develop to Equities at this Hermitage Trust and not buying a 20 Book for it, because normal human beings behave that way; the immense work of cutting lose and making statements to securitise it while the bloody idiots increase at making their insulting disobedience more profitable. Hence do I need them? yes, I do, not that they can do anything about the fact that I am in control of a premise where I do.

They claim I will never make progress with myself when I talk like that which is utter nonsense, the progress I am not making around here is equal to the damage being done to my Book shop and I want to stop that damage without resorting to revenge unless I had no other choice. Their incredible Career outlook is one where they damage mine to keep their own and this comes on the back of perverting my Intellectual Property Administration business into a tale of Royalty selling up Home and Family Holdings, quickly finished off with patenting bits of my life to their stupid names in order to build me publicity that suggest I should be doing security work for them. They do claim everything now feels sad in the Country because of me and its utter nonsense; sad is that a decade ago I was hounded out of University because I had an issue with peoples barely criminal living, following me around with some stupid civil rights that shows up abusively where I have done the best work for my career since I dropped out of University those responsible had spent my work on them and the effect is still much the same as a process of giving them any respect, leading to a series of activities that make you feel like vomiting so often that you smell of what you ate everywhere you go and they have not had it figured out - the specific colloquialism was that it is one of those things people like me have a problem with initially and then get around making money with later on, so they had become the ones hounding me alongside these goons as well and I clearly do have feelings too, if I wanted to explore them. So it has become a matter of Politicians screwing with me to such an extent that I have taken matters so seriously, I am now in a position where I can decide what the composition of society should be have not figured it out since I dropped out of University because I wasnt doing the right thing, have not been free of their insults and violent abuses in any 24 hours before or since. I am told I could never handle the storm from such things, but so have I mentioned before that no one likes to be told what to do by those who do not have the authority to.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland