They claim Celebrities are now a massive threat to me and its utter nonsense as far as I am concerned as well I am sure they understand that a couple of people in a studio with Camera to play with, leaving me to deal with financial complications for 11 years running while they had fun at my expense and no question is asked of how I pay the bills, consistently getting involved with my Bookshop in such ways, will damage the Bookshop and make me very unhappy in the process. They are not a threat to me either should I feel as though I faced such a threat, I would start with the Media where the idea I am supposed to hang around somewhere to complain about the evils of the world while I lived in obscurity as people deployed everything I had to make sense of their lives after years of rounding me up like sheep and if not so, no other form of existence is worth living and by the time I am done with the Celebrity bits the Government will likely ban Celebrity culture and hang around somewhere wondering why I had the right to own a hermitage as well.

I dont know what their problem is, I just know I have ignored the insults long enough for them to get their imagination up my anus and cling to my income margins all day and this is the source of confidence for what is really people with such bad behaviour and attitude that they really deserve to be violently attacked, however which we have decided to build a society where we hang around building a lifestyle that deals with tummy issues associated with their need to make money and be famous all the time being such an all-consuming thing, rather than become the reasons they ended up in hospital ever so regularly. The others who love to blow off their big mouth with media tend to forget all the time, that their parents and grandparents are the reasons I smell when I attend job interviews and that such behaviour are developed to protect their interests, yet when they see this unfortunate situation in the Public transportation I get threatened so often that there is no recovery from it and they have not once lived up to these threats so I believe it is time for me to move on for my part as well.

They do claim they had reasons to hate me and yes they do; the younger ones now live in a world where they can never be famous due to the need they have to follow me around over what my public image can be used for if they had need to be rich and famous, right up to the stage where a lack of co-operation on my part meant I ended up with such reputation that each time I attended shops to buy my supplies, they followed me there to steal. The older ones enjoy getting imagination up my bum and expressing the stupidities of modernist fools with ideas about whom they were superior to at my expense all the time but what we are dealing with here are the same dreams I had before I attended University when they wrecked it and they have not gotten it done even when there is such huge demand from the Public because they deserved to get their fingers up my anus and blow off their big mouth all over the place. So eventually we find that the Media presence was meant to make me into a character that existed in obscurity and spent time complaining about the evils of the world having taken all I had from me but it is talking too long for them to achieve it on account their stupidities are incredibly clever I will not tolerate the threats especially from their famous idiots any further.

It has been the one single problem in this place, that they are more important than I am and this is shown through a process of making a total mess of my public image to screw around with the earning margins of my Bookshop so we find these insults are financially profitable because I am important enough for it to be and yet the reasons they tackle me all the time is that I am no one; it does not get beaten up for this sort of upbringing, what it expects is people who tolerate its stupidities all the time, so the threats it issues at me naturally sets to show that they believe nothing much will happen if I showed the one I wanted to get accustomed to as well. They do this all the time but do not scare any person in this place; it does need to look into its fame, Celebrities, insults and sales Middle Class lifestyle and pay attention to the fact that we do not seem to get along and their involvement with my concerns should either be limited or eliminated entirely, should I hang around somewhere signing my Books to a paying crowd to deal with any fool telling me I am not an Arch Prince, I will teach them lessons they will never forget as a community and really make sense of that big mouth that tackling me all the time is due to a process where I am instrumental to the Crown wanting them to get involved with one form of conflict after another. As we speak it does not make sense to them with respect to the fact I am expected to serve the Crown while they are expected to look after their middle class interests and into any National interest concerns that arise from it, such that if it is good enough to get a complement from the Crown, they ended up getting one. What we know is that the condition continues where women are the hope factor and there was more hope for a fool that characters like these who are wise in their own eyes, blabbing stupidities all over my Books about a hopeless situation concerning the fact they are wise arses which showed they were superior to me and their need to make money was an all-consuming concern at my expense.

So far the result of their madness is that some white guys who are Children of some Royal Women have beaten up some ethnic minority gits who now believe I must be made to pay a price for their suffering, I am trying my best not to exploit and explore this new history that has emerged from being rounded up like sheep over my money problems, followed around and my academic work and career completely destroyed to make their practical jokes more financially profitable, about which I too set out to peddle their culture and society which got them going off to the Monarchy to fight my battles, but the insults and these attitude at my expense are making it very difficult, the reason for it being that they are important and my behaviour was disrespectful. So they are now split into three separate groups; one bangs away at the body all day and is the main reason I feel sore all over, the other gets imagination up my bum during the same duration and the third, loves to play a very violent and abusive game of loss at my expense and both will hang around here long enough for their lives to become part of the blog and Books that I write in this place. This is an example of a point where it is said that my motives for tackling Celebrities makes sense, generally however looking after public concerns while getting along with Celebrities never works, it simply never adds up.

I am told I am never satisfied by anything and very difficult to please but we are talking for instance about people in a studio with a Camera deciding that goons who go off to get hurt by gangs and criminals, then show up to prevent others from having a Public life are doing what the Police does and that we are discriminative when we do not get along with them, save after years of vandalism, they are now being given fame so that what they do to others might be done to them and those who have made such decision have not forgone their monthly salary for it once, yet its just difficult to stop doing it in a way that stifles my Book sales. Another is the fact the claim I have wrecked their career is built wholly on trying to do what they drove me out of University to prevent me from achieving in 2007. I can see that the threats they issue at me is due to the fact daddy has built up his boys and girls to a point where they had adopted crowd mentality as hooligans but I am not interested, they need stop issuing foolish threats at me, so its another example of me being difficult. What this does it make public matters clear like when they say people are supportive of bad things women do for instance, the one that attacks them will have committed a crime, the one that does nothing will have done the right thing but I am fed up with it for my part in the matter as well and we can see this is all a case of these guys spending their youth being tough and then all these emanate from a process of handling women to sort out the financial matters we find out what they are doing with these abuses when the sales acumen they can trade in with big companies to get rich had developed from it, then they have another group of goons working for them to get rich by being stupid at other peoples expense while they did and that the reasons they do business in such ways is that the smell issues do not suit them as such as it suits me for example we hear there is nothing I can do blabbing like that all the time and I am just fed up with the gimmicks concerning my Books. Here it will be said I could do more for the women naturally but its an old story that when people have nothing left to sell they usually sell their bodies and that is supposed to be something you did at Government Office to help them with a civility, the same way you did for the gits that are buying it off them, hence I am never likely to make it a huge mess for these goons and hang around somewhere looking like I am on top of the world for the results. They do claim I am an example of what happens when people are too concerned about what does not concern them and its utter rubbish; what happens is that these people mostly find money, look after themselves and serve an Arch Prince - it is my duty to ensure they are provided for and I am quite fed up with Daddies who have boys and girls making a simple life very difficult in this place as they are impossible to reason with. Hence I run this place like a civil service department and the daddies along with their boys and girls are convinced the way they pillage peoples personal and family finances indicated that integration had been achieved - some have said I should get along with Celebrities doing this and I probably should but Celebrities are more interested in pillaging peoples personal and family finances, to claim they had the right because they are very important and cannot stop doing this to my Bookshop or issuing threats at me once they had.

They do claim that nothing I say it true or real and they dont understand how I do anything but we know their insults are fitting well into a condition where some people had taken up public security jobs around my Office, which means when they and their Celebrities had decided to get involved with one more tool of power, they would be subordinates and so there are many way such as these in which people spend their time finding money, looking after the body and serving my interests, concerning which I must secure the arrangements by which they can find the money and its impossible as it stands, save if I too spent my time finding money, looking after the body and beating down Celebrities who spend their time finding money, looking after the body and ripping up my Bookshop; it has come to a stage where they cannot be told off and none currently possesses the ability to do so. The part where my control is thin on the ground is not actually reality I am never going to develop my Court with what is not following my social media ever again, so that if I built a part about city centre workers, it would be clear it was about Law and when people made entertainment then the entertainment would make sense. At this stage it is important that the Daddies with their boys and girls went their way and I was allowed a measure of routine and structure.

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