They have spread all over the media a case where I am a soft arse shit who wouldn’t fight for anything in his life and deserves what he gets as a result of it – the reality of course is that everything I do to defend myself is being picked up as property which belongs to middle management idiots and their private security industry fools, because they have CCTV to keep an eye on me with. I have made myself clear about the fact every involvement with my concerns always have to be nasty, loutish and abusive and it adds to the business of building me violent lasciviousness they share as a community thereafter sending out hoodlums to get peace and quiet for beauty sleep from my personality and this is where the story I am a coward, meets with activities that have wrecked my Bookshop to create a sense I ama  character who does not get paid for work he does, on account they were facilitating profitable ageist insults at my expense by grabbing my projects and Books for Celebrities so it might be possible to wreck my career whenever I push back.

Why it is that these fools understand the goons they think I should be getting into a fight with are the lowest of the low among their communities where they spend all their time playing around with peoples jobs as their perpetually nasty Celebrities claim I deserved it for making a mess of their relationship with Armed Forces operatives, then pick up everything I do to defend myself from those as their own property that goes to ensure their safety and security was settled, only to get up on Media and make a public complain that I am a soft arse shit that would not fight for anything while their local low lives threatened me over the smell caused, will always be something that people cannot explain. I have however made myself clear at this point, that there is nothing wrong with my Books now that everything I had to do about it have been done, save the fact they did nothing all day save destroy it as such and it appears this is about to stop because I got off wrecking their careers too. I can only remember myself being able to get on with the fact I don’t like their stupidities very much when I was able to break that foolish Celebrity culture and found a place below them for the women who force it on me but decided not to do so, hence making it clear when I don’t like it I really didn’t like it and it seems that reinstating it is the only way to proceed from here.

They throw around those stupid threats all the time but I wonder if the idea their abuses and insults as mentioned above end up producing an outcome for those stupid well off neighbourhoods which meant that they were on the red corner while I was on the blue, to share whatever I get from getting my hands on it with the Celebrities, so I might make sense of what it is exactly they can do when they wreck my career to collect what I do for a process of repairing it with Celebrities in order to be able to wreck my life when I messed with them on account their stupidities were important. Then again, so have I pointed out that in my view, China should replace Germany as it seems that everything associated with Germans manufacturing what people need gives way to idiots breezing into people’s concerns including their own to hang around building a crowd of trouble makers who are only human when chasing money and showing love for everything glitzy, bringing whole populations of careers to a stop, does indicate that Germany is done with the job, the fact  can see it and begin the process of reliving them showing that these fools are able to calculate and predict everything I am capable of the way their big mouth suggest all the time. The bane of the nastiness which ensures that people are unable to get involved with my concerns within an understanding that they are getting involved with a writer, being worked by their stupid ethnic minorities whose modern religion is the way to be and when their Politicians were done hanging around at Parliament to show religion was the source of all wars, the importance of making criminals out of those who did not want to admit LGBT into their Christian B & B, they then completely failed to control the immoral democracy that comes from the satanism these fools express and practice all the time. In my case they had to stop the Hermit when goons wear frocks and get around looking like they controlled the City to work narcissism based on the idea people were heterosexual because they were conditioned to be while blabbing about their alternative lifestyles being a function of consenting adult behaviour, such that when it reaches big brother characters, prison populations swell and the Politicians could do nothing about it – they had to stop me when I began to respond to a process of seeing them run publicity and social leadership on a link between peoples body fluids and a process of making profit and now they cannot stop the bottom hurting that is used to destroy the social life and the list goes on and on like that.

They do say they will continue with their behaviour until they find out what I am really after which is incredibly stupid as what I am really after is not just their Celebrities making statements about being more important but the fact all their concerns with mine is always nasty, full of vandalism, abusive and destructive and the involvement needs to stop, which it would have since it’s as easy as a process where they did not make any comments about any of my concerns but has not because they have a very big ego, which means that I am about to follow up the damage of this Bookshop with a process of breaking their careers as well. I do get told it is sad I am caught up in it but there is nothing sad about it since I know what it is and can get as caught up as I want without consequences save physical destruction of my property which is criminal – I mean the Celebrity will hang around somewhere claiming these goons are good people and that I am being discriminative, the stage at which they then build a crowd to help them acquire my career while I was made to do something else usually means that I don’t have to sit down somewhere and come up with a plan on how to respond, as pointed out, I have only ever gotten on with it if I had the ability to wreck it and find a place below them for women who keep forcing it on me. I do get told not all Celebrities operate like that and that I have enough power such that my response will tend to create a bad name for Celebrities but I am aware of this – most Celebrities start out with a campaign against bullying during teenage years which is very hard work and by the time we are 25 as a generation it becomes clear who is doing what, their position becomes one where more campaigns on their part is asking for it and sad people are asking for it and a position which means they have to do something alternative which makes people happy is something Industry wants to buy into or they got contracts in the entertainment industry to progress what mattered to them but I should point out only the big stars are known to have started and operated in such ways. The rest are usually a handful of idiots that are very good at finding their way into people’s lives to beat people down using LGBTQ – it’s usually a case of somebody buying them a boombox and a loud speaker and finding them a 200,000 strong crowd, they can sing a song to and such a crowd will pay them £5 each which adds up to their first 1.2 million income, then they spend this wrecking people’s lives to make more songs, especially when their chosen victims had been used in the past – these are manufactured Celebrities and their position sets off a certain insecurity that involves a process where confronting gangs and criminals is careless, not wrecking any condition that causes young people to get involved with them is irresponsible, setting off conditions which cause the market for their products to be cost ineffective which makes them scale back their operations is progress but any goon can now get off and set out a stupid girl with ideas about inferior men like myself and punish me for the rest of the days I walk this earth because I did. The rest are a handful of cheats and abusive low lives who hug the media like their lives depended on it; they never do the campaign against bullying bits, they cheat and make the money and cannot allow others breathe, the main case here obviously, it’s always a nasty experience for me and they always have to get involved, then set off stories about their hate for Government workers, alongside ideas about how I should be getting into a fight with gangs and criminals to make them comfortable, make stories about my state provided security being the reasons they do what they do to ensure somebody paid for the abuses they suffered, while the fact they are always nasty kept them safe from the prying eyes of criminals and hoodlums and what is happening with the state is that the state is making them nastier each time they make themselves a problem, while we can already see what I mean in terms of where and how they have escalated it.


They do say they have heard about the way others work and nothing of the way I work; the way I work therefore is nothing like patenting insults you pass at others to make people feel they are better, so as to sell products to them. It is a process where every writer is fundamentally involved in bad business because Books are really supposed to be free and information or knowledge is meant to be free or as cheap as possible, so we always think that if we could do something else with our lives while we wrote the Books, it would have been free but since it required a certain amount of work that has proven to take up our time, it has to be cheap and the outcome is therefore what was originally bad business becomes a means by which to pile high and sell cheap. The position I have ended up in with the involvement of these fools being a business of picking up activities performed to find out if I want to sell and not give away the Books, then build me a social life with abusive publicity, hoodlums and public transportation scum over it – whilst we have not yet ended up with a history in which I set about to make a mess of their careers for fun, they have won a great victory and the rest of my career, where I have done the best work is where they express the most that I am soft arse shit who would fight for nothing and deserves what he gets.

The industry gits are the main story here since the case of me being a soft arse shit was their invention; the entire time, whenever they wreck my career they say I wouldn’t do anything about it as it would only make them do worse, while all I have done to make them so uncomfortable is to make it quite obvious that setting low lives who play with peoples careers on me, such that when I respond to those what I do gets set out on media as their property, is the very epitome of stupidity, especially as it pushes up my stress levels and causes me to wonder if taking a path that provides me a fun experiment of seeing who will die at 65 first – for their part, they say that I am hurt by the fact others had money and it’s the sort of nonsense I can prevent people showing any further around my Bookshop by tracking it all the way back to 2005 when it started in earnest which is a lot of work and we can see that it is the part where those stupid nastiness that adds up to comments and opinions about my concerns are to be stopped on their part, which they find difficult, whereas it was the best exit they had. What really happens with that stupid middle management nonsense being that each time a case of society trouble makers and Celebrities making a mess of and fooling around with peoples jobs is assessed on my part, I am left with me on one side and their well off neighbourhoods on the other and they will be the first to spy on me and grab my career for Celebrities just on a provisional basis to ensure that their bread winner insults were profitable at my expense. What then happens when I get into a work environment is that there is nothing I can do if the worst of the worst of their world where people fool around with other people’s career all the time make a social life that involved picking on me because they are the ones stirring it up and when I defend myself they make my actions their own the same way the Celebrities cause the history I have here to produce the correct results by being seen blowing off their big mouth about beating what is really their mates all the time i.e. when I end up providing people with amnesty, they have to deal with parties that are interested in them and their blabbing shows they are tough enough, for which they are now determined to punish me for the rest of my life. So it’s a matter about which I am starting to think about a situation where these abusive fools spent time tackling their middle management superiors and those spent time tackling them as well, which would not have happened if I got into a fight on account they spent time abusing me. In the end they do claim it’s not their duty to make the environment safe as they are working very hard to pay a Government that should be doing that but we can see that this adds up to one stupid responsibility after another on their part – we saw the same during the COVID-19 lockdown where they said that it was ridiculous that the Government had selected an option that would cost them money, while they were the ones most likely to travel around and pick up the virus where it was infecting people overseas, then when the Government eases the lockdown, their idea is that the Government needed to be clearer on what people should do and get the job done – in my case I am soft arse shit, the Government just needs to work harder on the other hand, explained by the fact each of these two responses have provided them with sales opportunities. The other blabbing being that they will take their business overseas about which I don’t believe I will chase it up softly like I did when people grabbed my equities and ran away to get rich overseas in 2009 – their German counterparts are starting to show something of what they believe would be a preferred outcome for the most annoying nonsense I have to put up with, where I broker equities with companies and they breeze into it to sell products on my public image and build crowds of money chasers who love shinny things all over it, which outcome I think should be one where they took up what we were doing once they had taken over the companies and get about smashing it as another alternative will be a process of trying to find out what I think of the insults of cracked up out of my league alongside its stupid women who no sense of direction passing life changing insults at me every day too. The British ones simply want to see what I think of the fact that it’s impossible to rely on multinationals for anything – can never tell when they will up and leave, can never rely on them for the taxes, will always expect you to dredge your communities and make them rich in the process, about which they claim they will bring friends overseas to do it – the same friends who clashed with me and my concerns because they never stopped finding cultural power for media idiots to play with despite being warned the media salary money that was shared with them was not really worth it, when informed they followed it up with threats and now believe that showing their hatred for me will solve problems. For these money idiots however, it becomes quite clear that these such goons are privileges they enjoy because they have money and we do not yet know why traders cannot just trade and let me be until a person was made an example of.

They do claim I am weird and its utter nonsense as they cannot point out a single thing, I had done to set me out as a weird person. The reality is usually best expressed by their Fashion gits who build me publicity to say I should be getting into a fight to make them comfortable, then pick up my equities to design products with and hang around selling it on my public image, such that if it does not sell well, I ought to discontinue the Bookshop. This I have responded to on the internet by using the products to show it’s not what I am doing at the Bookshop, while it was rather clear they were not unaware of what I am doing when they picked up equities to invest improperly, such is the extent of perversion and abuse. The internet where they believe what I am doing can be trolled and when it cannot be, build themselves a community that will make sense of it being stolen, then set about creating such sensibility to build their dot com millionaire sales insults, the same way business just business civil and criminal disobedience does a version of everything I have done somewhere to pass insults at me for it, especially in Asia. What happens with social Media being that the owners are making money from what is a collective profile they have ended up with due to people taking part in the platform, the risk that those who do face is that they cannot control all their employees, while these gits are an extreme case who think Government operatives are likely stupid for having social media profiles. If I stopped every insult especially the one that claims other people’s money annoys me, which is such immense work to track and stop, they would claim I had adopted a draconian measure. They point to people at the Monarchy all the time while we know those push and poke to get people involved in the Armed services in order to make a case of their own personal decisions and work corruption of their own but we are also aware that it never shows up where the career and personal finances are as well all together - what does is the same behaviour these gits exhibited which wrecked my University studies so they might pass their own first, now they are completely out of their depth pillaging Crown facilitated Diversity which is incredibly difficult to rebuild to make sense of their position - one big stupid responsibility after another and another.

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