I have been told that the main problem with me is that of people putting me through conditions that will cause the Monarchy to feel what they are feeling due to a process of me being given privileged positions when there are better people in the land. It is incredibly annoying as the main problem I have here is still the behaviour of the Media and Celebrities towards my concerns – it is always nasty and then they pick up everything around my Office and Public work, set about completing it for the general public very loutishly, wreck my Bookshop in the process, then hang around with the results on some publicity available to them, to beat me down while I chase my own concerns all day long. I am not on HM payroll and have never been, so have I set out that if they understood the importance of keeping their salaries which I am not interfering with, this nonsense has to stop, starting from that need they have to make public appearances where they got to suggest that they were more important. I mean I could then set about explaining scenarios – if I am minister responsible for how bins are collected, I am meant to set out Policy for it and some Celebrities and Media are preventing me from doing so, some Child trips on some rubbish and injures himself, ends up in hospital with an infection and dies, the blame will not fall anywhere else but on my head – it’s really difficult to make sense of where they got this opinion of themselves anyway but it gets worse because they have now become the representatives of Industry trouble makers, fat cats, Celebrities and the culture and society goons that these three groups of people get along with quite unnecessarily, the premise of their position being one where they got to control me for the others and so I am given no other choice but to ensure that they understood the choices very clearly i.e. either they keep away from this place as I do not write their Books here and stopped making comments all over my work and public life or the outcome will be a case where they got to see what I am made of as well and I will be gathering money for my own comforts in the process too. They do claim the problem to be that I really am nobody but the Monarchy set me in a high position which I am not even able to live up to – the reality is that they can search my background all they want – there is nothing there, no culture, no society, no media, no politics, I am just a Hermit and they are making me into this enemy who is a fan of their existence, it therefore goes without saying there is no prospect of following it up the way I am given becoming a full time job. They have said there is no prospect of getting me to stop their nasty involvement with all my concerns naturally and I believe what I have said is clear as well i.e. if they think it will be too much for their ego, they may make their move and find out what I will do with it. It does feed into the other case where they say I have a tendency to be a bad person and its utter nonsense as what happens is my concerns at the Office i.e. there is the Civil service Operatives as a collection and these guys like they make a mess of all my concerns spend their time on nothing else save making a mess of peoples jobs and then one will get off on some incredible daring do associated with a royal high Office and the bottom chasing issues will become a global phenomenon thereafter, that said which they do while forgetting I am the architect of the processes that gets them to because they are very fond of making a mess of Crown facilitated diversity especially the recruitment processes in the armed forces associated with it. The point I am making is that there is no tendency to be a bad person; on their part, they are the same as their culture and society trouble makers who spend all day playing with and making a mess of peoples jobs, for my part this means that making a mess of civil service operations means I am predisposed to play with them the way they wreck my academic work and career on seeing that there is a prospect I can be a threat to them and the Monarchy does expect me to respond to it – what I keep an eye on involves a process where a Police Office for instance will provide a service somewhere and the events of that service will produce an outcome in which some of those who benefited got involved win the sex industry because of their experience, this opens up an avenue and it is flooded by activities from other parts of the world where people are experiencing terrible political conditions, for instance in Spain right next door, where the government has progressed from a racist Government to an administration which knows best what people in Spain need, which effects also feeds into the sex industry, we soon find that some Spanish people are picking up what the British could have done for them and doing it on-behalf of the British, expressing a desperate situation, so its unbearable when these people are so important they are now telling me that they cannot stop fooling around with my concerns, not a matter of me having a tendency to be a bad person. I do get told that there are usually blow back from this and yes there are because I am always getting the feedback from service operatives whereby I had the one job of keeping an eye of the penis sizes while they tackled the criminals and bad people, so the blow back comes in from two directions; one of those is the criminals making a case for the dens and their prized penises, while the other is ordinary people getting involved with the services just to ensure if Celebrities joined in later the celebrities would be in a subordinate position, so this all feeds into the pool of talent and recruitment processes and if I dropped the ball on looking out for penis sizes thing the results would be disastrous. All I want is for this place to be quiet enough for people to just read Books and there is nothing wrong with my Books, no further work to do, only Media and Celebrities damaging it every day and I have no reached a stage where there is nothing left to do on my part which will improve the situation, so I need them to understand I am preparing to tear up their career should it fail to have come to a dead stop.

The other case raised is that of international matters but there is little of that; I mean are we to tackle Russians whilst there are insane Americans chasing British royalty because they want to the world – it would rather do this than seek medical help? The rest of it is just German influence goons doing what they do best about which I have made my position clear that I wish to replace the German involvement with Chinese involvement because their involvement with my concerns is always nasty and destructive and then they hang around somewhere showing that they really love to underestimate what I am capable of as well. People have suggested that doing so interferes with German authorities and interests but it doesn’t, we have no way of processes a Manufacturing Industry if we had or acquired one – the general sensibility here in the UK is that we think it’s the Germans that sell manufactured items by asking prospectors what they want, what size they want and how much of it they want, while the truth is that we do it while the Germans would only do it if they had spent about three years prior saturating the Global market with Parts – we do it, our Clients buy the products, when it is broken bring it back and we fix it hand it back a something the older men understand pretty well. We do the financial one better i.e. how much money do you need, for how long, how much interest are you prepared to pay and who is the terrorist in this place?

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland