The question Politicians ask is whether they were taking risks with public interests allying themselves with me, whether it is a poisoned challis. There is really no risk involved, this is just the part where I had lost my temper and needed to ensure Celebrities, Media, society people, hoodlums and every character that has been involved in making a mess of my concerns since University Fiasco that they created into the history of my career, followed by a process of making sure Employers laughed at my CV first before reading it, eventually giving way to the events that have occurred between 2016 and 2020, over a perverted need to get rich by selling my social life and public image, which is what this nonsense was all about in the first place, suffered and hit rock bottom, such as a life where they will never be famous because they were too old for it, their retirement will never be an enjoyable one because it offered prospects for me to sell their personality and pay for the mess they have made here. What has happened since they hit rock bottom as well is that their sense of entitlement kicked in, they had communities that will support them when they wanted to attack me over claims that I had ruined their lives and were busy trying to talk with Politicians about my so-called insulting attitude that needed a lesson to be taught. The process and effect is one of showing up around my career to make a mess of it, then we enter the part where they had created an existence that we shared with me being the clever one that will tidy up the mess and so this world can be split into two with them having the share on the right hand side, while my personality was now open to abusive stupidities that will clear space on the left for celebrity decadence and space on the right for society gimmicks, in my case which they had done one better and applied country ownership to it as well, while I am simply of the view that it should never have happened in the first place. The core of this problem naturally being that they decided their financial well being was to rely on others abusively, then they complained about those whose response they did not take to, once they saw me the interest in me began and developed into some sort of new diplomacy that will decide the existence of the British Monarchy and I was only trying to complete University studies at the time, now just completely fed up with their sense of entitlement. Eventually we have to listen to those gimmicks surrounding the fact my behaviour here is meant to account for the way my time had been spent and now that I have ruined their lives as well, they were entitled to account for the way their own was spent too – which then gives way to claims that this was what I did when I could not fight my corner as those I clashed with were bigger than I am; it is utter nonsense naturally as what they do not wish to point out is that they have been running off abusive civil rights gimmicks that demonise me and works on reducing hatred for quasi criminals at my expense, which purpose is to cling to my income margins along with their famous idiots and improve prospects of somebody at some stage of the quasi criminal communities that are asked to get involved with my personal space over it, being willing to perform some hired killing action, the idiots garnishing it with other claims to suggest I am in league with racists – we know all that talk of what I did when my adversaries were bigger than I am gave way to a process whereby I turned this nonsense on them, many will die again, especially when big enough for such things to follow them around in droves. Scary they say I am apparently, but they were the spirit of ageism and entitlement itself, I am just fed up with their interest in me.

They claim what I say does not absolve me but I wouldn’t know what the idiots have decided tended to absolve me anyway – we are dealing with this for the sole reasons that these fools had built up a publicity to decide that my Books existed to indicate I possessed a career that covered their backsides, so they were not paying for this career because they did not have the time for it but could not live a second of their lives without making comments and gestures which facilitates a process where the means to their fame and their own careers were the ways that I resolved social issues that were inflicted on me. I have as such had to set out a problem that will be resolved to the tune of a solution where those who interfered with the way I handled their celebrity stupidities needed to stop doing so if they were complaining, while the Celebrities needed to stop interfering with public control matters at the Office if they were complaining. The question people have asked if one of the reasons I became vulnerable to it and it’s a story of being run down all the time, such that they were now making use of my humility – if I respected my elder, then my elders did this, if I considered other peoples feelings, they build crowd that got imagination up my bum and chased my earnings, now we can see that the idiots had decided what would absolve me with respect to what I had said. The Americans who love to think they rules this roost, generally like to boast of how little I can do about it but the chances are that I will attack them for it and set about getting famous on the way they dealt with social issues inflicted on them as well at the same time, finishing off with a process of building publicity for it to make sense of the fact I am the younger person of the two parties. I do get told that I never really tackle the Muslims that play a major role in this, but I suppose those never stop when they are not placed in a position where they had to do some Jihad. I am aware that the reasons they are always tackling me is that they were the main people responsible for wrecking my university studies and would never stop making statements at the work and business market about having created and therefore owning me with a big mouth. So we see what leads to the kinds of situations when this obsession had produced a process where the difference between two streets is that somebody had to drive up a 5 degree angle to reach one street from other but that 5 degree angle set the stage for the number of young people who gets stabbed, since the idiots had decided I am the effeminate man and their stupid parents had educated them about a right they had to whip me with a belt or something – whereby we have since ended up with this situation where they would have attacked me sexually but cannot because I am bigger and the women will never provoke them as much as I do. It has not yet resulted in an outlook where they lived in the same size houses in a place where people spent most of their time thinking of moving into my right hand like their stupidities were doing the National service in this Country while the insults of their foolish Children created a response they will never forget. Apparently, they always fall for the trappings of this nonsense because they were the people that criminal backyard Popular culture had been waiting for – so far, they have hit rock bottom on my account and are blabbing nonsense since last their sense of entitlement kicked in but will not keep from the Books and restrict their comments to their careers either. Eventually I am told that I had a history of saying and writing things that supported terrorism and it is utter nonsense but either way, what I have been writing had since produced results whereby they claimed that criminals were nice people buying show business products while I wanted to rub shoulders, how it happened when they continued to suggest they were higher beings when compared to me beat the imagination and how they got round to wrecking my career because the same good criminal characters wanted a share of the wealth is that which decides my temperament in this place like an undercurrent. So we are now clear having I worked on the issue for some time now, that there is me and there are show business companies and there are Celebrities who should only get involved to secure a job, if this does not produce positive results with my finances, the business of the Muslim gits working those stupidities to an extent that the companies I broker with are now seen as people from whom I should be getting intellectual property administration services to manage the way their gimmicks had affected me, will drive me to seek an outcome that recreated the social conditions which got them claiming I am discriminative while criminals and hoodlums were good people buying show business products, as it was the only period in which I was a happy person.

They do all claim they would like to know what I know but there is nothing to know - the Government had a policy where people are meant to prioritise the jobs market over show business, we know this because the civil service is split into three parts, handling dependants, workers and elderly, when Celebrities pay their taxes they pay it there like everybody else. That a bunch of idiots are not yet making sense of my feelings when they have spent 15 years wrecking the plans I made for mine because they had civil rights and social issues excuses to play with beats the imagination but we have reached that stage now where they needed to understand the effects of their stupid children getting ahead of me at University, while they show up here every single day to do something that sought a local government leadership where they could get ahead of the weather at my expense too, never mind the abusive and insulting layers of lies on Media, going through to shoot off the filthy mouth at Politicians about my attitude as well. All avoidable, they only need stay away from a Book they did not write and make their comments about their own careers, be it the one that gets them wrecking peoples lives because it gets to their heads or the one that gets them wrecking peoples lives because they were fed up with it or both, like the scum we find in Hollywood who think their stupidities were famous, It is then suggested than none knew where I stands on the war on terror but I do support the Americans as it is impossible to say that I supported people who were fighting for their freedom if such people had seriously complicated unresolved social structure problems, whereby they would say one size does not fit all but it actually did, they would say one size does not fit all but we did not know whose size we were talking about. The problem is in the way the war was conducted - we were never told that it was about vengeance and deterrence for a war that was conducted in Countries where gangland activities could grow to any extent that it wanted, at the same time, problems emerged which suggested the other fools and their Celebrities who run people down all the way back to first grade because they were selling a product or needed a promotion at the workplace or as applicable, were trying to make a successful disposition out of a philanthropic activity, so we ended up with a situation in which both met, the leaders of the war on terror suggested others disrespected the power it gave them and then their government shut down for the first time ever in history, the Governments in alliance settled for hung parliaments across the board, those conditions in which the same villages that House the biggest companies were run with streets stuffed full of homeless people, which then met with those who ran the terrorist arrangements.

Never shall the story ed that I am a coward naturally – we know they need National Media and Public Parliament to show that I am a coward, doing nothing about the bad people that attack them all the time and never ceasing the exploration of other peoples civil duties which informs their stupidities about a discovered courage and fighting ability, cracked up out of my league which the smell issues do look good on them as such. The cause of it all is generally the Duke of Sussex making a mess, as most people at the Monarchy already know that allowing them to explore ones civic duties not only puts me at risk but my descendants as well, at such a stage none could tell when they will strike. Hence for the time being it’s a gimmick associated with committing crimes at a time in their stupid lives when working for money did not appeal, dreaming of nothing else in their stupid lives save an exit where I got to live my life the way they did because I was trying to get some bills paid and cannot keep the filthy mouth shut. They do claim the main problem is that I am living on Government support and it is utter nonsense – the Government support need not applied, if all I did to clear out media practical jokes whereby idiots on TV and Radio knew when an employer was willing to employ me and when the employer had changed their minds, my ability to get employment thereby which completely stopped, after clearing it out another was built by civil service staff and Industry gits – the former did it to say that they familiarised with wealthy people and their children got to know the children of wealthy people which made them connected individuals, the latter did it to say that they were able to fool around with Industry goons in the City centre because they had jobs close to the HMRC, for my part, if last week’s bills were paid by a Bookshop after 14 years of their stupidities, I next weeks bills will not be paid for by the Government. The other fools who cannot assess the Government support bits when they are paid to do so clearly looking for results where I will manage the HMRC issues for them and place the results on a website to promote the Bookshop further, never mind their stupid children handling my websites to stifle public interest and become dot com millionaires setting me out as a character that builds social interactions which get people into serious harm – all looking as if they would like me to show up on their door step over the matter as it were; we know that none sets out to live on government support the last time we checked and their stupid celebrities are not yet done suckling the relationship I had with my parents last we checked. The claim there is no way I can recover is a measure of the confidence to show up here and play up practical jokes that were far reaching enough to affect my personal finances; we can now see that the intellectual property crimes that Politicians, Media and Celebrities conduct, to claim was completely miniscule had far reaching effects and speak for itself, it will not make the comments about its career instead of mine and stay away from my Books yet, if none were interfering with the salary and jobs that get to their heads as well. All can testate to the fact the matter needed to be tidied up at this stage the gimmicks where their people at the Monarchy perform their duties to say the authority for it was separate from the Queen, such that it seems the Queen can retrieve it when One wishes, the effect being their gits show up especially the brazen insulting twats from Africa and the USA, to perform all sorts of nonsense here, where all I did was put towards helping stupid people make money by selling products.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland