In this case they have claimed I have no way of defending myself from being attacked and battered from all directions especially where I should be earning the means by which I support myself and it is utter nonsense, what really happens is that they know what services my Books provide but prefer the part where they wanted to make use of a religion without having to understand it and my personal life and public image goes under the same forms of assault as well. They do claim by pointing this out each time I did, I was looking for even more trouble from their Liberal stupidities with that big mouth they have but what their Politicians have saved them from so far is this sense I am good looking enough for homosexual advances even when people can see I am not homosexual and I responded to the abuses and insults associated with it by putting myself out there and working hard to turn a process where they were always cooling off after homosexual sex on my personal life and personality into a tool for shutting down homosexual sex – the outcome of their Politicians defending their corner is that they have had time to build whole communities that exist to get imagination up my bum but we can see also that they have picked up from where they stopped and the problem has not gone away, so I will need to perform a second round and this time make it the finale.

It’s never really been an issue when people want to understand the reasons for this behaviour, it’s like a hierarchy where the really hardened ones clash with law enforcement with Officers never want to talk about, after this it’s the Daddy bullies whom people assume they can understand but do not have the ability to understand the half of it setting up conditions for statement after a statement that interfere with Police work whenever a very bad thing has happened, while young people howl and squirm over treatment they endure from ageists – then we have these idiots whose insults and abuse of other people’s livelihood is ever placed under control when the victims hatred for it is expressed through the destruction of the careers of their Celebrities to put some form of control on the fact when such persons appear on Television they flush people’s lives down the loo and when they are paid to perform during private occasions they must have completely destroyed what was left of the lives of the victims they abuse to facilitate their foolish fame, once done, find a place below them for such idiots – I mean I am aware the only time I have been able to just get on whatever they got up to, was a condition whereby I did so.

Eventually we find that the German influence ones really have no reason to exist in a modern life that is so abusive of those they handle to boost their incomes, that it is possible to say that there are three characters in a relationship they had created through public abuses – their victims, themselves and their victims’ bodies about which they get imagination up the anus all day, all the time but we can see it develops into a state of affairs concerning a certain view of those stupid well off neighbourhoods that have emerged from taking advantage of others in such ways and the life they want for their children – they always have to get involved with my concerns and every involvement is nasty, it needs to keep off my Books and cease all comments about what I am doing.

The Americans are the main reason I end up having to deal with television personalities developing some endless habit for making statements that add up to incitement that people would wreck my career and finances every time they burst into the scene, talking nonsense about having money and teaching a boy lessons, which is obviously a process of grabbing my career but is assumed I do not point it out that way because it’s too risky for me to. Same as we find the industry fools talking about power all the time while it’s really about every means to wreck my career having failed because I keep an inventory of their stupidities and therefore cannot end up being sued for being me on account they patented it to the names of their stupid Celebrities, such that when I do mention making them vanish would be the real power, I become the person acting and behaving dangerously. For both I am working on a better arrangement compared to the murders and court appearances that characterise the way these stupidities rally the public in such an abusive way that they can divert attention from my concerns somewhere else and extract money from market built through my patent margins using another products, which always happens when people save money to pursue their dreams on account Celebrities existed and the American versions are clingy sociopaths. I do get told their activities do not appear to have a lot of impact on me as such and it does not; these fools think they are famous for the time spent making fame on my public image during which I have become more Arch Prince than I was before and they have become more important I am in their stupid view and they never stop showing up in public places to wear nice clothes and spend time berating me and none knows the exact point at which such an image will end up on a product to help people feel good for buying them, so I have always held the opinion that Celebrities are absolute scum every single one of them, however the persistent process of targeting me and the civil disobedience with respect to my Bookshop is about to secure a response from me as well. The Americans have a behaviour that cannot be explained if people eliminated facts about these activities being a matter of some evil power they have to make themselves rich and ruin the lives of their victims and they always say that I select the diplomatic route to handling all issues because I am a coward, whilst that applies to the British in terms of killing off everything that makes me look like a character that will lose public image to them if stabbed, shot and beaten up so their Politicians might claim I had made myself the threat all together blabbing about cowardice, the Americans are more a matter of scum who do not like their parents that appear to punish them all the time without question, with respect to which the only time their stupidities will be a handful of realists would be an occasion in which I joined in.

In the end it’s all plain wickedness all round with respect to the reasons people handle my Bookshop in such a manner as to know its packaged equity then set about building me publicity that says I should be getting into a fight while they built products without buying the Books and ran off the sales of those products on my Public image. These fools blabbing all the time have now gone from gits that will not put out their own bottoms to make sales acumen happen, blabbing nonsense about conditions in which neither God nor the devil exists while wrecking other people’s lives, to a handful of fools that are no longer blabbing satanic threats in my direction about consequences associated with that time I prayed in my private time, since their Politicians had helped them to a process of blabbing their stupidities all over my income margins at the Bookshop. It is the stage at which it becomes a tit for tart affair with respect to the Hermit and some well-dressed idiots berating and abusing him all the time which got completely out of hand when they saw him do something with private security industry in 2015 and then decided they were entitled to it which is what this is all about – it came on the back of me dropping out of University in 2007 because they never stopped getting imagination up my bum to facilitate sales and never stopped chasing sales on my academic work to churn my tummy, this was the same year in which the recession took hold and the idiots have not once taken seriously an economic condition that works the way renovating a House works i.e. you think you will do it better this time, insert that loft you always wanted, that pool you always liked and you expected the cost and were certain whatever that was will be worth it but when the bill came in your mind was blown away, they have rather thought about handling me to make money, especially the Muslims and it feeds into this case where people do not want the destitution that awaits them on the other side of me keeping them away from my concerns permanently but the Celebrities are not making it easy, since that destitution is the easiest way to ensure the Economy stopped experimenting on itself – what I am certain of however on the other hand is that should I find them contesting elections to get into Government buildings and control me, I would like the money they have thrown into the Political system according to the need of those in Office to ensure that market was available to them to trade and buy whatsoever they wanted even though I wanted them to keep off my Books and keep their mouths shut with respect to my concerns having been the had no regard for the service processes of the Bookshop, it would still mean never the less that they had crossed another line as it were. It has never really had an effect on me as such and some have said when I make such claims I am putting on a brave face but we know people build up aspects of my career and hand it over to Celebrities so when they tell me my life is over for pushing them back, it will be over indeed, because they abuse me, get imagination up my bum and make sense of it on my public image to wreck my social life and it’s the consequences which get them doing so, the question is the role that another group of fools whose Politicians claimed I wanted to control their low lives when I had decided to take charge of what happens with this Bookshop account systems at the market place after the effects of years being followed around by them over what I know and then when I wrote Book they started a mini war on what they claimed their stupidities were entitled to. They expect me to keep the secrets of criminals activities associated with breaching my patents all day so that once done building themselves a history of criminal activity at my expense, it will be possible for them to get famous thereafter, while the Politicians are happy to jeopardise public normalcy to ensure that I am affected by these activities and I have no idea why Public normalcy is such a low priority for them anyway; I have too many problems not least involving them to comply with both and we all know making a mess of public normalcy always plays into the hands of the Media, where people said the money was enough to make them kill people and had great ideas about the bad things which happen when they didn't have money, so their case is still difficult to understand just as much. They do speak of selfishness on my part which is meant to be an insult but should we assume that it isn't, what happens is that I have written a Book and since generally apart from their stupidities pumping out autobiographies that can be picked up by random crowd lovers which consequences they blame on those who have a better personal life, knowledge is usually meant to be free or as cheap as possible, so writing is always a bad business but a piece of work that takes up all your time can earn some Royalty which is a small amount and this Royalty then means the Books are cheap items you can pile high and sell quickly to the Public making it profitable arrangement - now they are the ones being tested.

I. Uno I

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