They do claim I am still in a very difficult situation. I am really not – the problem here is that Celebrities who lived in a world where girls cannot lay off your earnings unless you were a bottom chasing idiot who beats them down until they exposed their panties in public, while you on the other hand had no respect for other peoples thinking space because you were running off a men’s sales job, loved getting involved with my concerns and the part where they both got together to tackle me was a sort of situation in which they expected my parents would show up to say something about their immorality in order for me to take it seriously, otherwise like we see, it clings to my earnings and showers me with abuses on Media everyday. The cause of this was that I was seen doing a private security guard job sometime and they decided they were so important I had to serve them with it, got about a behaviour of going to meet with my publishers to do their stuff until they ended up with current results, ripping up the career to encourage me to serve them at private security – the backdrop was that they ran me down until I took up that job in a place where I sorted out the German influence gimmicks that they like to handle as a tool for blackmail, so they needed to ensure the new thing only existed in a condition where moving right or moving left, their sense of entitlement will not have changed and the Country belonged to them – 5 years of my time gone by and I am behind on career schedule by 4 years, cannot stand them anymore and have decided I want to run the men down and get them tied off in a life of work, shopping and family concerns, while I interfered with the relationships the women established, to such an extent that the Celebrity money was no longer a factor by which people tried to be more important than I am and continued a life of rascals at my expense with my financial well being in the middle of their narcissistic fun, as disobediently as possible. They would say I am not making progress either way but so have I decided what I want to do as mentioned above, same as they decided on the results they have created in my career over 19 years since 2003; it is a matter of celebrities getting involved with my concerns, not just to pick up the service processes and say that it is Royalty trying to serve people and they were most entitled but also say that the current version of me is a twerp who claims to be what he is not, building publicity for a version of me that they were more comfortable with and setting out a difference between the way they got involved with my concerns and the way other people did, in terms of collecting my earnings, income margins, patent margins and market, never mind spending my PR on themselves like civil rights stupidities gods of a behaviour they described as ‘gaslighting’. So far they believed that what I have done with it was a vulnerability or a process of picking a fight I cannot win, while it is really a process of building publicity for it as a tool for running a Bookshop and about to allow me make decisions on behaviour they exhibit to get people rioting in the neighbourhoods – the social media fools who playing up a gimmick where I tried to get involved with companies I brokered with and meeting on social media was the first meet ever, so my career over the years could go to a tribalism raid fool who never stopped drowning me in insults and ethics while it looked out for fast market success and luxury gimmicks, talking nonsense about suspending my social media account of which it is never clear anymore what the social media did and bits of my history are building up in their possession to such an extent, I will have to show which accounts they could suspend without consequences. This is just a matter of my career getting tangled up with the media and celebrity one, we can always imagine what it would be if I were emotionally attached as well; there is no tone of discrimination to what I do like they claim, much as we know they do not think of the Police as educated people whose anti crime activities did not churn their tummy like everybody else because they were educated enough to do it, so show up here digging me for privileges by ripping up my career to shoot off the big mouth about civil rights which I did not support (there is even instances where those who worked in the NHS used their Ambulances to mock the Police and I guess it indicated which ones involved a process where some woman who had Children that were all involved in drugs and gangs, got imagination up my bum and when I twisted her into a difficult position as well, she called 911 because she was having fun – never mind those instances where it appears that we had arrived at a stage where Police Officers were working on things that were happening badly at present but we had arrived at a state of affairs where it would make sense should the government make legislation to control the activities of ethnic minorities, of which if they got off fighting for my civil rights in such conditions, I would make them regret it too).

We are now caught up on gimmicks associated with tiny men like me talking a lot whilst it usually ended badly. I could never tell anyway but I guess this refers to the stupid narcissism that they practiced on others when it had not yet developed into a question of whether their insidious boldness and its violent orthodoxy is going to stop handling me or not. Overall however this is largely a matter of Celebrities being so important, they saw me do private security and tore up my career over a dream of getting me to serve them that way and we are now living in a world where moving them on saw them spend money to get involved with my concerns and make a better one where I could not move them on a second time, while issuing threats – essentially a bunch of rascals who after making a mess of my career i.e. planned to finish University by 2008, dropped out instead, planned to start writing after University and my first Book was finished in 2009, with the Bookshop website established in 2010, by 2017, I started working the Bookshop for trading purposes, their needs and insults have ensured that everything that the Client and audiences want to be part of was wasted by 2022, have been having this fun at my expense and it will not stop the way they saw fit to stop it, so I am getting ready to stop it the way I saw fit.

They do say it is not just celebrities by themselves but it is not – the reasons I am cash strapped because the part of my work which engages audiences and Clients were picked up and spent by others, occurred because of a group of really stupid people who were referred to as feeders, always in need of seeing me solve problems while they told tales about sacrifices they made to deserve it being spent on them, either mostly Americans or led by Americans – they tend to respond every time I found problems to solve and the ageists tend to respond to my gimmicks every time I bandy social status before them, the interest in my finances needed to develop into a list I made and enforced on points of hatred but it is the Celebrities and media building places where people can go to claim my career for themselves and therefore the group that are most deserving of physical harm.

I. Uno I

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