The claim is that I ought to be aware the sheer number of media led crowds which despise me and yes, I am aware they despise me, but it was after and not before they turned up here to ensure my career did not mean anything to anybody and that their narcissism sold goods and services as per the way they decided they wanted to use my temperament. If the process of showing up to wreck my finances like so and spend time getting involved with my personal life to collect what was left over claims I used it as a tool to be superior to celebrities, they will not have to despise anything, unless of course they rather fancied it. The last time we checked, when a CEO earn 10 Million pounds and his Marketing Directors earned 5 million pounds each for instance, in that process where we spoke of Consumers getting what they paid for, somebody was oppressing them – hence we can see that the civil rights aims and objectives were achievable and when their stupidities had annoyed me to a point I will do it for them and then force them to achieve it too when finished. It’s the same as they claim Americans do not wish to recognise that I am a threat which I am and it is utter nonsense, as we know the first time round was their daily secret routine being their South American stupidities imagination whacking an Arch Prince over the head which boosts their social profiles and facilitates profitable market narcissism while they complained and it did not end well on their culture and society – it is not as if I am investigating for motivation with respect to Americans getting imagination up my bum either or their British friends inviting themselves into my personal life and Court systems for it as either, we know they use it to trash my studies and set about getting their popularity scum into platforms that will allow a relationship to develop between them and the leaders of any Companies that I got involved with, so I do also think it will end the same way too.

The claim that had emerged to distract me from the objectives here, are that I am lazy. I would not know anyway, what I know is that it is a matter of producing the correct results, like when public authority is used and people commit crimes, the Government spends money to facilitate the authority that is losing it money, so these scumbags getting jobs even though they spend it tackling me it usually the best way to get on their nerves as well. The point that emerges from this of course is the many colours of middle class skiving; while none raises a point against them if they were not providing public security or national security as such on one hand, the alternative to standing up for their interests even though I fight the frontiers for them, is to rip up my Bookshop, wreck my finances and play any stupid games that famous idiots had in mind. Finally they have settled up on claims that I am lazy and it is beginning to add up to something I must respond to in a way which suggests I am caught up with incredibly stupid people, of which one of the benefits of handling it that way would be the idiots who loved to tell me what to do giving way to a social condition whereby I can feel good for a change. The question omitted here naturally was never the fact that we had to deal with the bottom chasing issues because Politicians were not doing their jobs – so hopefully, they did not have their University studies wrecked by Politicians who prevented them from tackling the bottom chasing issues while the same set about trashing their finances at the jobs market on finding out they were unable to do it at Parliament like it had been done me, flapping their lips about laziness. Its like we hear the other ones blabbing of what Universities are meant to do at this stage – we have been through their stupid bullying over money issues and how education was marketed, they have gotten off an angle with the market gimmicks for years now, the Government has systemically washed its hands off the part where the education secretary met with Children at school which gave way to government funded training and apprenticeships at the colleges, meeting with the Unions, which gave way to calculated settlements on how much a persons work on a certain qualification was worth, thereby deciding what people were paid in the work place – now that the Government is no longer doing it for them and the doors have been closed to those who made the most of the previous conditions where the government upon deciding that those who ran the system should not stand in the way of those who needed to acquire educational tools, making the system more open but not nearly open enough, they had since run out of cash and were now off on media seeking somebody’s property to trash for the future of children, talking nonsense. Then there is the issue of me clashing with Celebrities, a story of their need to shoot off the filthy mouth about handling me while what they did was to show up here and pick up my concerns to plug the effects of their teenage stupidities, then they get paid for being popular, which is done by gits that spend money at Industry to make trouble for others and as these gits were likely to make demands of them, that stupid civil rights meant that my academic work and finances were trashed and I was brought back to a stage where the look of their stupid civil rights was that when they got picked on, they could pick on me in turn, the exit for it being the usual process where their stupid lives alongside their American fools were wrecked and the only way to make sense of it was to wreck another person’s life, the options I now have reverting back to the story of claims that I set out social conditions that get people murdered which when stopped, allows the idiots to pick up leveraging these gimmicks to ensure that for every person that paid for their show business products, there was publicity to say I had lost something important, which had to be done, especially now that it had become a self-fulfilling prophesy in their stupid world and we ended up with complications where a collection of idiots will not stop showing up around my concerns to collect whatever made me more unique than their famous stupidities for them, the same idiots who cannot keep the imagination off my Bum, hence one thing that now had to be settled as it were. They do get on the same page as their stupid fans to speak of me being vulnerable to this nonsense while it is a product of the fact they were civil goats who had finally gotten down to it I suppose -  I first started experiencing those foolish doing my stuff statements and gimmicks that suggested I set myself out as a character that can take back careers that were taken from me, around 2003, while it is complaining about me and issuing threats at the same time, it does need to know that it should never have happened in the first place as it were. Then there is the gimmick where I should never have clashed with the Men of which there is nothing it is save the business of accessing my career to use what their stupidities have accessed, which is a good use of my time, as a means by which my career does not mean anything to anybody if I stood up for myself – it had since gotten feedback that some of the things I did were meant to show that I am not a fan of financially well of psychopaths, if having a conversation with others likely produced an outcome where its stupidities showed up to tell me where my powers stopped, such tending only to make sense that people can understand when the scumbags are poor – the other alternative being the part where it steals government funds to build mansions in leafy areas of the Country and only when it builds the fifth that the Government decides it had enough but it can only take away so many of the mansions as it were. At the top of all these nonsense naturally is the Labour Party with MPs that make sense of that part where one of the benefits of handling these goons like the incredibly stupid people they were, especially the Celebrities getting involved with my concerns to sell show business products in a way that suggested I had lost something important, or the stupid men who pick up parts of my career to use as leverage that allows them to attack me whenever others attacked them in the course of getting rich and fulfilling stupid dreams, creating seriously complicated situations for clients and brokers at this Hermitage – the one the MPs engage in being their relationship with German Interest twats, the follow on talk of the town abuses which effect was that those who were married divorced and when they did it got worse, garnished with an insulting need to make the most of relationships I had with my parents, while its community fools could not stop getting imagination up my bum because they had built at atmosphere to suggest that their adopted position of telling me what to do was a legitimate one, showing up here to gauge my feelings and set about distracting me with claims I am lazy, each time I lost my temper over it. They do also claim I am not coping well with Government issues which I understand but we know that it is largely a matter of the idea that what I am doing was meant to be done by them as a matter of how they can improve their frustrated careers, adding up to Government Office idiots who believed they could invent anything they wanted and set about inserting it into my career - making sense of the reasons I do what I do the way that I do it, as the effect is that when the Media, Celebrity and skiving Middle Classes who had an obsession to work with Celebrities and access my income, were done complaining, the Politicians would be found complaining over the claim that sorting the bottom chasing issues was theirs to accomplish and we know that they have not - history being that I dropped out of University and faced a 12 year financial complications that helped their civil goats change my social standing with Office space insults on the matter.

So far I had completed the part concerning the Industry gits, ideas about people who trash other peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods being nice characters, by making sure nothing was done about it because I was using it too and I needed strong leadership for it i.e. they do suggest that if I do want to control the Media and Celebrities, I am going to require some strong leadership and I will require no such thing. We are simply now moving the business of their need to run off their teenage and mid life gimmicks on my social life to get paid for being popular, thereafter pick up my earnings and spend years of my time delaying my financial well being, making a mess to get me making sense of the idea they thought they were more important than I am and reporting me to the DWP as a benefit fraud after running my finances to avail me to the matters I handled went badly wrong on their account, so the DWP spends money investigating to come up with nothing all the time – we are moving onto the part where their need to pick up my income will be resolved on a list of hatred points, while their need to plug their social life gimmicks into my public image to get famous will be factored in. I mean I come up with a list because I have ended up in a position where I can say society gits rip up my finances and a certain action was the best and saw it worked, same as celebrities etc and then I had to consider it was impossible to remember them all by heart. They all work the same way i.e. their father characters wreck my finances and claim I am bum but the insults ensure I cannot get anywhere without the smell issues, so there was no way to fix the problem of being a bum, same as the Media and Celebrities now suggesting they were ridding me of my good temperaments and the hermits reputation, while they were simply dragging me into the limelight, such as the results would be counterproductive, hence it has always been a matter of idiots who were so posh they enjoyed picking up and spending my PR, all their efforts to make even more money was developed around my patent and income margins because they fed well enough to ensure I could not beat them in a fight or were bigger than I am, it will not stop doing this and we have now entered a phase where it thinks I will require strong leadership to move them on. There are the overarching processes on the other hand, where the men never stopped running me down beginning from years ago when they thought that if they had my personality they would be rich and set about a sense that if they wanted to be rich but did not have my personality, they could acquire it, ripping up my University studies to ensure I did not shut them down while the irresponsible academic institution leadership took my fees and got complicit with it, we have now ended up in a place where I worked hard to keep their gimmicks off my financial well being and they worked hard to get it there, results having come in, they think it is a matter of money they had and the way I will never catch up and I am set to make enough trouble for them to ensure their lives were about work, family and shopping, so any who wanted to oppress them properly would be able to do so, which should help its insulting stupidities keep imagination hands off my anus. The Celebrities on the other hand will not stop picking up my earnings and I am set to interfere with all their relationships such as will ensure that I had completely trashed the money too, considering it is the yardstick for all these nonsense. I believe that if this is allowed to run its course, I am set to end up teaching them a lesson they will never forget. I can only say that I did not think it that that difficult for a bunch of idiots to cease handling me, should be noted how easy it is considering no other profession is doing this and each time I got a job they factored my Bookshop in for more gimmicks and ensured my employers could not sell products until I was attacked, people knew they did not like me very much, hence the strong leadership as needed.

I. Uno I

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