Now I am told that people had a problem with my habits, and it is utterly a none-issue – I too really wish they would stop telling lies as per whether their culture and society gits were criminals or the nice people they claim. What we are looking at is a bunch of idiots who pervert culture and society into something that helps them build a community that gets imagination up peoples bum to force people into doing what they wanted, so stupid that they wanted others to comply with opinions they had on careers that did not belong to them that they built a crowd for it while what they were saying made no sense whatsoever, then they progress to a civil rights that allows them follow some people around and make a mess of the career like they do me and like their Politicians hold me down for it – their activities finding its way into National Media because another bunch of gits enjoyed clinging to my work and income to make stupid statements that allowed them work the nonsense associated with the way they got it done into methods of civil living and public communication processes, then they finished off with a Media presence that not only took the violent lasciviousness being channelled at me, which I bumped into each time I stepped outside of my door which it churned my tummy, into something of a Public notoriety, the outcome being that I could really do without the part where the gits paid their attention to my concerns, I could really do without the part where people built a crowd for the purpose of performing career and social life ambush on me as will get me doing their bidding and I could really do without these idiots telling lies about what is really happening. I do not think that the matter is a crisis, they do ask about how we got to move on especially when Politicians waded in but there is nothing to move on from, just a handful of barely criminal twats doing what they do best, save there are people at the Monarchy who make use of them when their gimmicks were kicking off on other people’s lives, chiefly which is the Prince of Wales, when it is built up to a stage we find these stupidities take another turn where we are told the goons responsible for such nonsense permeating other people’s concerns thought they were men whose needs should not be denied, none of which interests me as much as a process where there was enough professional curtesy from their stupidities to ensure they read Books when they turned up near my Bookshop and the business of it. I understand what they mean as such, I do not think the matter is a crisis, especially when the big mouth goes on to say that explaining the habits in this way while they worked it did not mean a thing, that if I were tired of my position I needed to give it up – none asked them to build it up even though they are now complaining as though other people’s lives will rely on what was done with it. It is a very simple problem that usually produces those results where they claim the Monarchy hated good looking people i.e., the crowd deciding what they were able to do with people’s lives and careers, like in my case working for them every day for 15 years, hence we are listening to the complaints because they are about to make another set of decisions on where it stops. They do believe what I said and did was applicable to my Books, hence they claim the Books made people at the Monarchy uncomfortable and if I wanted the problems to end, I might want to take it off the market – it actually isn’t, I simply want to see what exactly they can do about me since it is not enough that having it for a decade and a half resulted in a global stage complain about me – a little professional curtesy from their ageist stupidities solves all problems, when it shows up here needs to get a Book, stop talking rubbish at me. It does not mean I am comfortable with bad habits as such, we are looking at a process where this nonsense meant that these goons were complaining over their culture and society on my account, so what the other gits who want to bully me over my habits at the Monarchy do about it, is to show up and tackle me with Office space insults over a 5 year period, so the idiots may be able to hit me twice each time I hit them once, thereafter show up on my Public image to complain about the problem and offer prerogatives to skiving fame idiots – so I encourage the self-harming bastards to keep at it, as there is prospect of me getting into a fight with their street low lives, thereby preventing myself from finding out how big the problem was, how deep the rabbit role was dug, I mean they do already confess that it is all some sort of German influence gimmick, I had to take it up from the point that I had Habit issues about which they wanted to handle me, which shows I am on the right track.

The matter extends to the story told frequently, that I was in so much trouble at their hand, others were wading in to save me. I could never tell what convinces them of such things; we know the reality is more a matter of their money needs showing up here to provocatively pick up my concerns to build up to a Publicity as will create a version of me that their stupidities were more comfortable with and this means a complete destruction of instances where I had groomed people over a period of time, so it was possible to find a wife among them, give their violent self-seeking interest stupidities access to my work bedchamber for the foolish abuses it was worth and I could never come across any women that wanted to get into a relationship by accepting and respecting whom I am and the duties I had at the Monarchy, instead of building up to the idea I had to choose between them and the Monarchy while their stupidities got up claiming the Queen wanted me to be gay, during which time they get off on a rampage to find any women that might, get into a relationship with those, have children and get a divorce, so it showed up like a responsibility on Social Media. Another part of the issues we have here is that the silly doing my stuff office space insults began to show up around my concerns around the late part of 2003, so I can still track it beginning and I know how far it can go, hence worth noting that each time they complained about me, they should have showed up here to buy and read a Book and such nonsense as Office space insults that decided which career and property I parted with, talking nonsense about the way I set myself out as a character that takes back careers that were taken from me, of which none knows how I take back the careers if their stupidities had taken it in the first place, should never have happened. It is coming through to a three part response from me which they are claiming they can cope very well with – one being to dry up the stupid money making schemes that have abusively developed around my Books to handle my concerns with clients, claiming I had set out freebies by which those who had some money could compete with the rich on the gimmicks that make people rich, finished off with publicity which suggested that for every person that bought their product I had lost something important and their stupidities had leveraged it, which had to be done. The other is the Celebrities I need to ensure all involvement with my concerns which detract from them reading my Books led to enough complains from them and tribalism idiots that take advantage of what I did about them, as will make me popular. The third being to live up to the lip flapping and begin a process of getting out of bed to put labels on the stupid people to such an extent I kept them off my personal space and their community imagination off my bum. What we have heard suggests that they alongside their abusively opportunistic ethnic minorities who were backed up by higher powers, were set to love it when I did, to such an extent they will fancy somebody else got involved and engaged in an activity that added up to a process of saving me from them and I am set to put it to the test as well.

I. Uno I

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