They do claim I am now caught up in the feminist trap but I am not, on one hand it suggests that it needs a man whose finances its stupidities got to handle and can therefore make such a man pay the price for the trouble men have made for women since the dawn of time, with a big mouth, at the same time it shoots off talk of the town insults at me, to suggest I am meant to be homosexual in order to facilitate its stupid sense of power and if I took it to Court the idiots will sell their bodies for funds that will pay me to stay at home and then will it stop the way they want it to. I am not unable to continue with the pursuit of female society issues as such; its just reality that they would play this silly game as much as the men have learned not to use my career as the platform to get somebody making sense of what they claim is the bad things that women do when it does go beyond the part where I was keen to improve their standards as it were, especially over their behaviour towards my career and finances, they would suggest I never issued the warnings.

It has always been a matter of women running communities by which they handled the public narcissism on the right while maintaining their sense of frontier for opportunities on the left, the men were likely to start a career from the civil services and end up working in the highest paid companies. These idiots simply put themselves in charge of matters they know nothing about and have not stopped using it to run me down for secrets about how I do what I do and whenever I do a thing they provided their own public interpretation for it which will modify me into something they wanted while they built a crowd that will get me serving their stupid needs and I am fed up with this nonsense, especially the part where they picked up my Public work to sell products in defiance, suggesting I had more to spend and that state provided security had provoked them. At this stage what began as a process of having dealt with companies that are located near them and giving them roles at popularity for it, had turned into hell for me and having cleared it up really hate to see the famous idiots show up near the job and take pictures of themselves being entitled to it when I refused to comply. Long before they started complaining about me, we could all see as displayed on public media, that they could never use their freedoms of expression without running me down it has since developed into a sense that they got involved with people who were more powerful and got to make a mess of my career over a period of time which allowed them to get bold enough to make the mess by themselves. They do claim they had the upper hand but are simply a handful of gits plugging their stupidities into my Public image to get paid for being popular, now using the money to do the usual damage or trashing National income due to unusual interests in matters that are set out for the general public while they only cared about themselves, such that even when they harmed themselves as well, progress will have been made never the less, as long as they were better off and it needs to stop handling me, especially when suggesting my person was addictive, as it seems to have turned out that we were not mates after all.

It cannot be that difficult for people to stop picking up my PR, especially when they are not Royalty, I will give them until the end of March 2022, beyond which any more instances of my finances being trashed because somebody else picked up public interest in me for whatever reason and or picked up my Public Office work for their media and money madness gimmicks, will begin the war of hatred for Celebrities as well. I mean I do get asked if I knew of their motivation but it is the same business of being able to say it handled your career to make money and needed to do a series of things that got you to make sense of the idea it had power over you only understands an instance where you street corner it, blind fold and beat it up so it could never tell the Police sort of thing. The idea at this stage is that I respond to these matters which bring them into public light, but it was always clear where I had taken up residence for my career work was a bad neighbourhood, what people do not see for instance is that from the first day I turned up in it, people have engaged in nothing but an attempt to ensure it was easier for me to get robbed. The rest of the story is that I engaged with intellectual property administration, and these were factors that a client might want as part of a product service, if so, provided the Client states that money is not an object, the product should be built.

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