I am told there is fear that I am in a state of decline, and I am not in any state of decline. The main problem is this fictional threat the Prince of Wales says that I am to him, developing into something more serious – he wants to get rid of me but not before my existence was handed over to somebody that will do his bidding, which has developed into a threat I faced, at the same time which I need to avoid clashing with HRH by dealing with my own concerns independently, hence a proper stage to defend myself and do some real damage which is not a way for central leadership to behave. They do say there need not be that much of an ideological clash but it is not that simple – what we have had built up is a process of people deciding my social status with the aid of criminals, which is a degree of their insult I can no longer tolerate, besides which I have built up publicity for it, so they can never get out of the problems if they wanted to – the real central problems on the ideological front was that a bunch of people who should be providing leadership for the workers in their care, were rather busy building communities of hoodlums that will run imagination up my bum and were guaranteed support from the Prince of Wales Office, added up with the actions of some fame idiots who never stopped picking up my PR and my earnings. So when people wonder why it is that an Arch Prince should not be getting a job but I do it and get away with doing it, this is an example of the reasons i.e. that somebody’s duty of leadership to workers in their care does not involve running me down all day if I did not get on their heads for it as well, and another person’s following of leadership at work did not involve running me down either, if I did not run down their children at school and took more seriously than I should, the stupidities associated with attacking me by means of the same processes their foolishness kept the wife under control at home – the other part about a bunch of fame idiots picking up my PR and claiming they were getting me into a fight, extending time I spent on Universal Credit, was the one looking for a response and is now very close to getting one. So far, I have asked them to stay away from my PR, when I do pick it up by myself without asking them what they thought, it appears that being deaths door stupid, we would have then arrived at a stage where they were willing to make sense of what I am saying and cease shooting off their famous big mouth at me. The Politicians claim they could not make sense of what I thought of Celebrities but it’s a group of people who are so stupid that they claim violence in social activities was their main problem, so they built themselves a social activity career that was developed on avoidance of the problem and got about claiming my career as their own by trashing my finances with insults and abuses and running me down all day – the females add an extra to this behaviour, something about the sense if a violent situation broke out, they would not have had to risk anything, so added to the sense I was harmless, their stupidities could do anything with me and my person. The general sense is that I am now willing to look after myself and leave the Public to the abuses which is not really the case, what happens being that Americans are always the champions of the common people and nothing you did about it would ever have been successful whilst American practical jokes got all over the place. We have seen the need to go from employers who ran me down all day, to idiots who picked up my Royal Order, explore my Civic duties and set about fighting wars to get American money dumping their gimmicks on a Country by the border with Russia, never mind earlier vandalism which was garnished with a gimmick that involved deciding which careers I deserved based on how brave I have been all day long while getting into fights at my expense with US enemies, to secure American money. Another matter around the idea I am in decline is the sense that I wanted Celebrity lifestyle, whereas people want to read my Books and the one thing putting up a question mark on the deal they were getting with respect to buying and reading a Book written by an Arch Prince, was the actions of some fame idiots picking up my PR and my earnings – the background to this is this business where people only knew their problems and whom to blame for it i.e. the qualification of the sense that a Prince who got a job was an evil thing, where a CEO from south America has been playing around with me and gave me a task, if I did not do it, people would only have known the times that a tribalism raid git ran off his stupidities from the neighbourhoods to seek out top paying jobs at people’s companies, his position maintained by parents that develop communities to run people down, trashing peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhood, hence I do a lot of work for my position, where the celebrity get involved being instances where I had a task to complete and came across an activity which is linked to an applicable Industry, so I gave the task to the Celebrity who shared a Court, what then happens with these idiots is that they put me through years of hell, to consolidate their position at bitches and divas, so I had since entered into this phase where I really hate seeing the bastards show up near the job like that all day long, pushing insults at me while being backed by somebody they claim can kick my arse. They do say that some things I did should be saved up for the time that the Prince of Wales ascends the Throne but it does not really matter; if the Prince of Wales was King and decided he would turn people who really should be providing leadership for workers in their care, into gits who ran me down and got imagination up my bum, while he got famous idiots to pick up my earnings and PR for a living, deciding my social status with the help of criminals, we would have to go back to some of the filthiest Georgian Politics ever to begin with and work it up to date.

I have been told many were unaware that I had been getting involved with people from all over the world but it’s a matter of CEOs from poorer Country being the most likely to work in areas where very abusive tribalism gimmicks got everywhere, and their companies could be the local landmark for miles and miles – work finished, and the Celebrities will be off trashing my finances naturally. They do claim it would help if I stopped blaming friends and fought my enemies; what we know is that what I am good at has been complicated while what I am not prepared for had been set in motion while they converted their responsibility for workers in their care, into a means for building communities that get imagination up my bum, set about grabbing my PR and my earnings and use the disposition to teach their stupid children how progress was made when people described me as a bum, we are here apparently because the idiots have not finished a job.

The Politicians do claim there was a sense of madness to all these but the sense of madness was largely a matter of the fact it was impossible to get rid of the Public narcissists, the fame idiots and the hoodlums going on criminals, what the Politicians could do is ensure they were being seen running down people who built communities to manage it or people who had a special skill to do so, at least one life changing test every day. Just as they say it is a matter of hating Celebrities while they had uses whereas it was a case of celebrities picking up my career, to run off these things they said existed if I were a Celebrity which I am not or they were me which they are not, the effect was a part of wealth equity that prevented the criminals, hoodlums and gangs following people around, which has now been completely trashed by a bunch of people who had also become rather convinced that others were responsible for the consequences – that it was somebody else’s problem. The same idiots who completely wrecked the work that was done concerning the fact they created an economic crisis, the communists took advantage of their large populations to help the world recover, we had to find a reward system for the gesture which was accomplished and had to prepare for any communist underhand measures which was also done – I am now filled with feelings about giving away nothing at this stage, so when the Americans would like to stop interfering with the economic progress that would have begun from the completion of these tasks, then will the progress have been done but until then there will be no undeserved results. The talk that their stupidities were more interested in as we can see, is that the society gits worked harder while people like me thought ourselves superior – the reality on the ground is that the idiots cling to my Royal personality for good feelings that will make them feel good about the work they were getting accustomed to until it became a routine for them, in the meantime, the work I am supposed to get accustomed to lay in ruins, a source of practical jokes, of which I was say they were utter scum and nobody really wants to go and find out for instance why they were to corrupt and twisted that they even lost a sense of time, which they need to make me impatient and inflict on me as well, hoping to get out of it by clinging to my Public image. I can always run down to the criminal popularity backyard and shoot myself out on the City centre to ensure my actions affected the bank balances of their fame gits naturally which is the work I needed to do when and if they decided they will not relent their assault on younger people studying etc but if I did, I would look like a tramp.

They do explain some of their actions as a matter of me wrecking my life and then blaming others for it in these circumstances, as per my failure to tackle properly what besets me, as a matter of my cowardice but I can ensure women did not influence me in such ways at any time, what I cannot do at any time, is tackle issues associated with the fact that there isn’t a single interest in me which is something good and positive – so it goes back to the beginning when they trashed my University studies, the outcome now being that the society gits and their superior sons had no future literally, they now need revenge for this response on my part and I am about to take up at the work environment, society and career, find out how far their big mouth goes too – the central problem remains never the less, which is that if they had my personality, they would get rich at popularity and would not require work to make money for the rest of their lives, of which something can valuable can be stolen if they did not have it, the stupidities have since become very abusive and in a violent manner. The point of whether I wreck my life and blame others is that this nonsense has not stopped.

The idea peddled hereafter is that I am engaged in a project of self-destruction which I am not in anyway whatsoever. These characters are practically insane, as in for the purpose of profitable insults and a process of saying they were allied to a power that others were vulnerable to, they set about building me an eventuality where everything I have achieved existed in a world where the main problem was that I was not seen and needed to be seen. Then their stupidities take off from here and it has been a 20 year career mess already, whilst complaining about the responses I have set out to ensure their stupidities stopped handling me, it continues to make those statements about the power of the Prince of Wales and the idea there was nothing I could do about them. I believe that if I had to tolerate statements about the idea there was nothing I could do about them from here, I will take it up in the sense that they were able to work this nonsense because they had means to build a crowd and get that crowd interested in somebody else, for the purpose of saying that the person should be living in a different existence while they took up the persons history, armed with bottom chasing gimmicks to enforce their madness – I should then draw a line on it and wait for them to cross that line again, if they were keen to find out what I could do about them as well, where it would get to make sense of what I meant when I suggested they were incredibly stupid people. The reality here is that they are not in charge and neither is the Prince of Wales; according to the Queen’s leadership, these kinds of nonsense leave people with an inability to do what was meant to be done, at the correct time to do it and those who are affected will then justify a life lived with a mistress under the armpit – the destruction that the Prince of Wales has wrought here, considered in terms of what he is trying to achieve on this matter while the Queens leadership sets out issues with violent orthodoxy and these public narcissism that they enjoyed so much, in terms of the reasons I am always made to pay a price for it – always so abusive and its currently a 50 year problem, we think it improves but it actually gets worse. Then we find that they performed these activities because they were trying to preserve habits they had picked up over the years, the usual outcome being that people think screwing around and not facing consequences like a man because it was better to get a mistress under the armpit instead, does not please HM, when they are shocked into a reality which reminds them that the Queen is leader of the Church. It has been a 20-year career mess for me, featuring these idiots picking a fight with any connection I had with nature, trashing my career and hanging about celebrity culture with verbose questions about all of existence at my expense and I have had enough of it i.e. in terms of the idea there was nothing I could do about them. The leadership part on the other hand was the part where I realised I could assist people on the matter of being able to defer their career to another date: having set out necessary equity for it, so say for instance if what prevents somebody from doing what they needed to do 5 years ago today, is what the public thinks of the person and what the public thinks of the person is what the media controls, we can get back to the beginning of media interest in such a person and burn it up to date – I am still faced with my own challenges as such however, about a bunch of people deciding if they had my property, they would vastly boost their profits and so to ensure they had their backs to the wall and were ready to push, they stopped working on their own companies and developed an unusual interest in me that they can grow from – all maintained by celebrities establishing a link with ageist gits who probably had a criminal history and show up here with patriarchy insults all day, a bid to collect my career for the famous people, while another group of fools exchange the business of being responsible for workers in their career, for a process of building communities that get imagination up my bum – on the other hand we had the industry gits trashing careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, sending out hoodlums to run me down, about which when my bottom does hurt badly enough, so will I fuck the society as applicable to the former and their industry as applicable to the latter as well. They do claim that if I were powerful enough they would not have been able to do these things but have done nothing; only lots of insults to create around my career a sense that I was unable to make progress because I was not seen and somebody was responsible for the business of getting me seen, then about group of gits build them a media bubble to fool around with and a place they can go to claim my career, now complain about them and me in equal measure, none knows why they do it.

I. Uno I

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