The Arch Prince Ikpe Uno

Eventually we learn that my views on racism is hated by many and will catch up with me at some stage but nothing of that sort will ever happen – black people love their practical jokes, they are no longer using racism as a control mechanism that allows them talk through to me with their silly society, as if what they were saying is the Law of the Land, it came first and was followed by a racism orientated version of those gimmicks where being a bad person was the right thing to do, so unless I ended the perverted interest in me somewhere in the Hospital, so they might join gangs to tackle me which will really make sense, it never stopped, whereby I spent a lot of time finding out if they were willing to play – where we are currently is a business of setting me out as scapegoat, tackling me which plays a contributory role to reversing the effects of systemic racism and bringing black people up to a stage where they had the same privileges as white people and need restrict the white lie comments they run off alongside their white friends to their own careers or it will secure the worst responses from me as well.

Racism has always been an easy way out of financial and social problems which was exclusively available to white people and the risks associated, of which it is high risk, is always passed on to ethnic minorities. Mostly on the other hand however, the reasons people empathise with racists is that what they say has an element of truth to it i.e. like when they say Jews appropriate peoples culture, they are right – white people are more Political than any other group of people on the planet, always had to be a Politics and then a community developed around building a livelihood, hence they found it easier than all other groups on the modernity and city living front, Jews have so many religious ceremonies that their entire lives are basically a huge party, which is not to say they lazy, as they do need to find the finances to cater for those mandatory religious parties, hence reasons they are so good at City centre small businesses and the partying that fashion and celebrities are drawn to but Jews also have a prolific habit of appropriating other people’s cultures, I have been them appropriate white culture, I have seen them appropriate my personal life alongside its history of being raised in a family setting and having codes for virtually everything, that said, the racist have the wrong ideas about the way that such matters were handled.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland