I have been informed that the way I speak is partly responsible for the issues I have complained about where necessary to do so but the Truth is that what we have here is the way it should be i.e. after the destruction of my academic pursuit in a chase of fame and convenience lifestyle associated with Celebrity culture by people who have not yet destroyed their own but have completed their academic studies once they realised I had created a world where the best life was possible through it, is a process where I had never stopped operating the way I did, to place my information in the hands of culture and society goons like a burden that I can administrate by making sure they did not deploy it for their own careers. A third factor has now come into play which is that each time parties interested in my Books faced a problem it is likely to have been brought about by the Daddy characters whose women run off all sorts of career and finance abuses that make them a prime stage for wealthy trouble makers to part with money and the next time their disobedience affected my Bookshop from the date of this written piece 8/72020, I will take the matter up concerning bully women who need to get involved with armed services as I will ensure they had to fight to protect everything that saves them from smell issues as long as I continued to find their narcissism show up near my Hermitage, while the Men will find me begin processes of assaulting their interests and their Media people and ensure my actions fed down to local goons with mentally ill Children, who speak of violent lasciviousness being channelled at me, alongside people trying to be more important than I am on my Public image, as a route to their future. Hence we make sense of wealth, possessions and my social status as a fundamental item by which people buy Books and broker property equity at this Hermitage and the claim my Books are ridiculous which is what they have spent years building will serve as the reasons I am rather comfortable with them hanging around somewhere to have anal sex that feeds back to me in the criminal world because I had turned off access, turned off the taps.

I am rather on the contrary conversant with the fact that they are constantly in need to express their inability to be grateful for what they have by presenting themselves as social matters that Businesses cannot be rid of and that Businesses handle it by inviting more ethnic minority to take part and pick up careers but so do the other ethnic minority gits with ideas about whom they were superior to interests only in Tribalism raids that will allow them work Industrial Politic to secure themselves the best and top jobs which they abandon at the slightest sign of trouble, leaving consumers to the wolves.

I have been informed that I have become very notorious for involving myself with other peoples concerns and its utter nonsense we all know the big question is usually a matter of the fact there will be two women and both have been attacked by Men, one will tell you that you needed to stop being judgement about violent men, the other will be the victim of domestic violence everybody is talking about and the reality will be that your mum did tell you to be careful when you left home. So if it is clear that this is where I am, is it possible for every fool who shows up here to threaten me on-behalf of popular fools and famous idiots to explain what their clients are doing with my public image and reputation with the stupid media and fame jobs they have to play with every day?

The truth of it is that I am more aware of the fact it is the kind of society they have created for themselves but if they really cannot stop the threats, I will end up feeling threatened and will begin to count their own sins as well; where the upper class must abuse certain kinds of people to ensure rich people want to buy what they are selling, the middle class must do the same to ensure the upper class want to buy what they are selling and the lower class do the same because they want the middle class to buy what they are selling and bits of issues will emerge such as people attacking dirty playful Children since it was rather clear doing so will ensure rich people moved into the area to buy what they are selling and they were aware that if they did, the Children will become homosexual.

They like to boast that the matter goes right up to the top end of government and yes it does; we see the Queen leadership and that HM had to do this balancing act between positive discrimination in favour of the Men while preventing women becoming victims of violence, we know that the Prince of Wales wants to do the same but the reverse because he is a Man, positive discrimination in favour of the men, while preventing women from wrecking peoples careers. So he will interfere with Crown concerns again and again right up to the stage where he is aware he has created an eventuality in which we have ended up with two Monarchs but continues never the less, wants to be free of all rules and wants everybody to talk about the part where he was King. So it becomes rather very important every git who wants to show up here to threaten me because they were working for some famous twat, put into context the idea of me losing everything I have because it was stolen from me by those who got into a better status position as soon as The Prince of Wales succeeded the Queen and ensure that before they issue their threats at me, they let their brains do the work. We do see them pass off what they do with the sex industry as something done due to their involvement with activities that Public and National security operatives had engaged in but the truth of it is that it is a practice process of creating conditions that allow them bigger others endlessly all day - I have been hounded by this nonsense all my life, dropped out of University in 2007 while I have written this in 2020 and they are now getting on my nerves. Whilst the story is that I contradict myself when I say that peoples careers had to be protected from women but we all know its the State Administrative process which facilitates the search for resources through which talents like mine were located for example and that these activities create unprecedented instability, right down to the nuclear family stage.

I. Uno I

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