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It appear all goons do say that the biggest problem is that I am a disgrace and it is quite the biggest issue in the whole world but so have I explained that I run the financial matters at this Hermitage on a case by case basis Ė the reasons I have ended up on benefits being that they had constantly pushed me into it and had to show up somewhere they were asked to do their jobs, claiming that I am a parasite, to make sense of the problems they create for others using Politics that does not make sense over their need for pleasurable practical jokes. The rest is largely a matter of these issues kicking off at the precise time I had decided to work on paying the Bills more proficiently, so to add to the damage done to my academic work years before, their activities have handled a Bookshopís services processes to lay waste the work I had done on it over a three year period, adding up to two histories that make me a character which is less tolerant of them all together. So it needed to be clear besides that the Government invented money to make bug businesses comfortable any time they want to behave as if people know who the hell they are, they may show up here and ask me for access to National economic good and services exchange index. The rest of the time they say Celebrities have lots of it and yes they do because Industry goons give it to them to facilitate a lifestyle which is set to make them more of it if they co-operated and they are supposed to co-operate, get around buying lots of good and services to keep up the lifestyle instead of bugging me. Apart from which Liberal America daddy has to do it apparently Ė he has to lay waste a certain number of years in my professional life and hang around on media with civil and criminal disobedient bigotry wrecking my health with majority population gimmicks in terms of how it affects the prospects of being successful at the Market, showing itís foolish displeasure for the fact I had written a Book, looking for more of what its stupidities are complaining about. Besides which the other question relates to the fact I use foul language because I am picking up colloquialisms people deploy on the street to ensure when I broker equity with Clients it was safe.

We have to contend with the consequences of seeing and hearing them make those stupid statements on Media endlessly; statements where they claimed people compared me to rich people, they found it offensive and if I had anything to say about it, they would get off picking up on wars and dumping me in a whole heap of trouble again with a big mouth. We all know however that I am a Hermit and they when comparing me to rich people are not comparing the same things, which is an example of the sort of scenarios where I want them to understand I have had enough of their insults but it is not to say that a Royal Hermit is a poor person either. Comparing me to rich people is offensive to a handful of gits who wreck peoples social lives in order to preserve their access to connections with wealthy people and Celebrity opportunities which I suppose does not do damage to the victims. It does go beyond that question of whether I love them to fester at me all the time, how I will not go anywhere from where I am until I get into a fight with them according to the big mouths that blab it; a matter of what happens when I had done nothing for years after Celebrities had started claiming any arrangement between me and my Publishers is where their fame is located and their hoodlums claimed I had written a Book which caused nostalgia and should not have been written, it goes beyond me taking up a position as a result of the damage to academic work and now the wrecking of my Bookshop which challenges the market position of their show business producers and allows me to tackle them every time I see the show business products at the Market, into something about an appropriate response to social evils where people tell me I had set free those they usually abused and attacked to get on with what bothers them, which means I will become the next victim, getting imagination up my bum and blowing off the big mouth about violence, into something of the support they get from Politicians being a matter of abuse channelled at other leaders until they had to do revolution with the money they had earned from it, into something of the fact that there is no way to draw up a direction for getting on with living if a person pays too much attention to how low their position in society actually is.

So Itís impossible to support The Queen at running the Country if one has not been where rich people have been and itís impossible to carry on with Royal work if one had not given it up to hang around doing things on a case by case basis. So if people look at it that way, it will be possible to see that there is no such situation here where The Queen had given somebody something to do and then not provided them the means to do it Ė it has simply been impossible to sell Books I have written on the Royal Alliances which were built for me to work with on a global stage and the work I have done since, to a crowd that wants to get involved with my concerns every day because the is an existence for Media, Celebrities and Middle Management idiots with business just business civil and criminal disobedience to play with and so it becomes a concern for them when I think that if they carried on with their daily concerns in a condition where they had no money, irrespective of how important they got, that would not have been a problem Ė such that the question of the sudden progress I have made on the matter becomes one of considering over the last three weeks that there is nothing else getting in the way of what I have done, save these fools getting their imagination up my bum and which is something they do because they are stupid and are set to find out something they need to know in order to stop being such a handful of idiots. So we can see that when rich people who work with them most of the time, had become rich, they tended not to ask for help because itís a whole new scenario all together, has nothing to do with me and comparing rich people with me offending people is just difficult for any mind to understand, is just incredibly stupid and need to keep off my concerns, take stock of when I say that if they didnít have money they would not have become a problem regardless of how important or famous, keep away from my Books and stop peppering my public image with stupid comments. They speak of this other case where people have been fighting my battles as such while we know what it does is show up here to pick up my wars because it wants to ensure I got to serve American entrepreneurs and Celebrities Ė since it appears to be getting The Queen fighting to defend somebody which was me, it needs to move out and the Celebrities needed to do so as well. Talk of my arrangement with American republicans not being a good one is very well understood but I am not interested in their life itself is confusing stupidities making a mess of this place every day, I am interested in the relationship I have with my producers and distributors and how I am to get my Books shipped Ė in any case of which they donít know anything about Republicans and Conservatives and how people in those areas operate, I donít know why it is exactly that I am stuck with their stupidities all together, whereby every day is a day wasted.

Itís the same case as usual - being stuck with American Liberal corruption, civil rights gits hanging around South America to whack my head, German fools hanging around their international interests to bang me, each finding out what the results could be and the grand old processes of being stuck with evil civil mistress squandering everything I have while violent squatters took over my apartment. Whenever this business of how appealing not working for money catches up with them we end up with secret things they are doing to produce plans that will make them rich and put them in charge, talking nonsense in public places as though the stupidities their culture and society invents is what the Law of the Land is and then people find out what it really is when Family members have been hospitalised or worse. So, it is said that I am influenced by these people and have to pull myself up from it all the time and I am influenced by them because they had money while I do not. This nonsense comes up every day, but it is not what really happens. What really happens is that I work everything here the same way people have seen me handle the Celebrities i.e. it will claim that anything that adds up to an arrangement with my publishers is where its fame is located and I will twist its nose to such an extent it will get off buying shares with the Publishers in order to employ and handle me, this will provide funding for the Publishers while my only problem will be how they get to handle me and the arrangements we can reach to ensure everybody gets what they want. Itís the only way to ensure that it does not set about working a process to take money out of the system and then when you start talking to them about employing local people, it runs off to Asia with it Ė I mean talking to people about employing local is not the thing since it is clear that if somebody requires £20 to transport meat to the butchery and another requires £5 due to location, the £20 person is not really the entrepreneurs main thing as such. I do get told that my work goes beyond this but it does, I am talking about the idea I am influenced by these goons: the work I do is mainly concerned with the part where the Butchery had to exist in the first place i.e. meat can come from Europe, Africa, the Middle East or the USA and I clearly donít get spared facts on which businesses inferior people should own and which ones superior people should own every time I go off to buy my supplies, like a story. The Germans are only interested in how the British will be stopped to make way for them but I suppose that whilst there is a lot of acumen in the UK financial system to be accounted for, the Germans will always be a lot busier getting utter low lives to check where people kept the anus in order to look after all the knots and bolts that the German Industry manufactured into the Global Market, until that is, they get a response for it; I personally have been clear they get their imagination up my bum because they are stupid and wish to find out something that will make them clever enough to stop doing it. Hence some have said the Media is the main problem and yes they are Ė they will always say that their destructive activities are linked to their jobs and you will find out the way you walked into the stupid studio that it is not and you never planned to walk in there and then walk out later peacefully either; its Office is Godís gift to the world, you one Chair, one Table, one Cabinet arrangement is a dung heap and it goes on like that every day while its hoodlums and streets gits are the only ones issuing threats for the way you smell. They say the smell issues on the other hand are a sign of incompetence which it might be but they do not get to tell me how to exist either, should I tackle it, we are talking about their stupidities which feed into a certain kind of civil and criminal business just business disobedience associated with inviting themselves into my court to grab job roles after years of being beaten down by twats from India who are working their stupidities all the day to New York and I must wake up to being beaten down like that all day, while my personality was a product of sleeping with peoples wives and I am left wondering where the bloody idiots get the energy from if I eliminated the fact they were using my own wellbeing to make a mess of me. Hence it would have been an answer to when people tell me that pointing out these matters only makes me more vulnerable to their stupidities and I needed to respond thereof; an old story where the British extend their influence beyond their abilities while there are bigger Countries in the world, while the one I work on all the time is that the British are selfish and stingy and this feeds into their sense of selfishness, wickedness and a need to blame others for their problems, only to come up with stunts like this which ensure every step I take on public and National interest saw them take two at my expense to seek security from Liberal perverted USA.

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