I am even told that after all my bad experiences, I was still of the opinion that what other people thought was irrelevant. It is utter nonsense as their opinions are not relevant to recovering the damage done to my academic pursuits and the habit they have since developed for my Bookshop and unless it does, I believe where I stand on their need to decide what I did which had become such a strong fantasy that what I got up to was provided a profile that suggested I was doing it to serve their stupidities and had since arrived at a point of social combustion – it needs to take the warning about not interfering with my Public image and my Bookshop especially during working Hours. The question people have raised is one of whether I did not think that their agitations came with some merit; there is no merit to something so stupid that they were now fighting me to ensure I did not limit excessive exposure of myself to it as such but then again, I believe the way I had put up above is the better way to make sense of the situation – usually when it gets to the part where the men did not like the women and the women did not like the men because they spent so much time practicing sexual narcissism on themselves that they did not actually fancy, the fact they are not in charge becomes more obvious.

I am already a danger to myself as a Hermit should not spend that much time with women and really do not need an onslaught of their immorality as well but they have never really taken the hint yet. It is the blabbing about some power they had over me and I could never make sense of what they wanted since it was a statement to highlight a punishment due to those who deny them their wants because they were so entitled, in this case, the want being a matter of access to me. I could never make out what those wants were when it does have access to me all together – first it picks up my public image to get rich at entertainment industry because it saw me get along with some Celebrities, then it decided criminals were nice people while I spent time trying to rub shoulders with its famous stupidities and got off trashing my Bookshop earnings due to the fact there were consequences attached to the behaviour and we are back where we started in terms of its need to be a fair minded famous idiot making decisions about the way I did not like criminals but fancied their power and the way criminals did not like me but fancied the fact I am a decent person, to get rich famous again, the consequences have resulted in a two part story where on an Official capacity, the main problem was that they ran my life with the social activities of criminals and set me out as a character people bullied to get rich fast and befriend the wealthy, on the other side the one that ticks me off to their detriment all the time and gets them complaining about my Official position being a danger to them all together, being that each time I prevent people making a mess of my career, should those people have feelings about it, they will bring it into my bedroom and put themselves in charge of the situation violently, then spend time picking up my earnings and building themselves a profile in terms of where my Books were located and my Publishers business was. This is clearly not Celebrities looking for trouble, it is famous idiots being famous and caring about the public before somebody from the Government thought about doing something unusual to their stupidities naturally.

On the matter of my Official position being a danger to them, I would be within my rights to decide what it got to say with respect to my person but it would be a messy civil right engagement, so I am certain they found it as easy to cease interfering with my public image and Bookshop, just as much as the habit developed for my Books were easy to end, especially the part where I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy. It does not have any power of me, I have been pushed into a recent process of getting American trading fools and Media gits to stop grinding their industry at me and to get involved with my concerns professionally, so I think that they had a chance with an abusive community of money mad twats who have not yet stopped the stupidities that provides them such an difficult existence in the first place – making money is still war and they wage that war over some character that people attacked to make investments work led by pyramid scheme how to get rich secrets twats and they will beat me down all day and endlessly to ensure their gambles paid off at the market for it – they break when they break, withdraw when they withdraw and stop for a while when they have mouthed something sweet, shooting off the big mouth on media about capitalism, free market and claiming I am in league with communists. My Official position which was contrary to claims I am self-appointed, the way the Queen liked how I got about controlling their violent orthodoxy and its relentless lasciviousness – so I had to do it especially in terms of the female side of their society, have to do another in terms of their male side who had a need to organise whole communities into a place where people were either famous or bums, so that they could get younger people to do violent things and attack those they set out as a bums, to befriend the wealthy. It seems that Celebrities want me to turn it into something which links up to their finances, where I got to decide any money in their bank accounts that they cannot account for had to be lost, if provoked further, take it to the next stage as well.

The main problem is still the need to distract me from handling a bunch of really stupid low lives that loved to make a mess of my concerns, and appearances by banging walls and doors at me and fancying themselves a bunch of illiterate bullies, showing up here to announce their station all the time, they do this by running my life with the social activities of criminals and setting me out a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy on an Official capacity, but personally, bring into my bedroom to ensure I cannot have a moments rest with access to CCTV and a need that stupid men had to play with others. It can shut it down if it thought that its stupidities could not cease to complain about me on public media because of the consequences or carry on and then their insolence along with the abuses of their famous idiots will be the next big project I engaged in, to get them shooting off the big mouth on an international stage again. We had to listen to that nonsense that I was rectifying the damage I had done, usually sits well with the German influence gimmicks but is also now developing into a matter of Me, the men and the Celebrities. These lies are told like so endlessly and they tell it about wealth and social inequality matters, they tell it about racism so we ended up with the wrong narrative on the problem, they set out ways I am meant to do what they want and build it into a state of affairs, knowing that they had the racism going on in their society, then show up on Media to tell me how I am to describe them as well, as they clearly were not a bunch of idiots. Eventually I am informed that there was a lot of disappointment coming from my Office compared to my reputation and yes there is – a multinational company works a trust system with me but what we are now doing with my service process is ageism and race, taken out of a process where I kept it outside of my career and finances to make sense of a culmination of a decade and a half of abusive civil rights insults, a culmination of Politicians claiming I am discriminating towards their right to get involved with me, especially the blacks, most of the time due to the fact the Company had awarded them some work to do and paid for it handsomely. Hence this is what we are doing instead while it got to behave like it was in need of assistance from an exorcist over my Bookshop (so my two profiles where one owns a Royal Hermitage Bookshop and conducts oneself in a way which ensured m professional history did not affect other people and the other history where I had simply stopped doing what I am supposed to, especially when Politicians claim I am the one acting dangerously when an idiot stalls my career with relentless gossips to get me into a fight on the streets, about which it seems they do not want me to stop anymore these days because it got serious for them as well, is really the issue being looked at here - they say it does not do me any favours but it does, my career having need been fully recovered, I need make some things Official by spending another 3 to 4 years in a University, yap yapping I need to do university first before my finances will get on my nerves as both need happen at the same time unless the stupidities, they thought that this was their life.).