It has only become the story that it is meant to be – the Politicians are no longer making claims that the financial corruption religious people complain about is a self-inflicted suffering and the gits who think that introverted people do too much are now fighting battles for others. For my part it’s an old story of how they don’t like the way people fight for their show business when they get close to government concerns enough to find out what stupidities their supporters are doing with the armed services and how if their imagination is not kept off my bum and their insults off the careers and Public image going forward, I will be doing everything that such characters demand of me to the latter. The conversation they enjoy the most being that it’s not clear why people stand up for me while I am big enough to do my own fighting and I could never make sense of it anyway – we all know that this stage where those who claim their need to oppress people with money based corruption, living in other people’s existence for it is no longer something people say religious people complain about as a self-inflicted injury and therefore why they are unable to get on with their own concerns without seeking instances of a response from me as well. That said, there is nothing to fight here, save their stupid need to handle my Bookshop and make a mess of it on grounds they have seen my Books and want to punish me for the way it curbs a financial corruption that has tackled me until I dropped out of University as it stands, by controlling my finances in order to force me to make something of my life from the processes of handling bullying but nobody knows why they have become the famous idiots who are the bullies through it and why they think my world is about them either. The only challenge here is that my Publishers have seen my Books and think that if I finished all the titles they know I have put names to, it would be easier to sell the titles I had published, so a bunch of ethnic minority idiots set out to pass about insults and abuses which delay this, keeping an eye on me with insulting secret service corruption and connections for it all day, in a hope they will grab the career all together; so it was a decision to make as per if I want to hurry up and write some Books, tell them off or move the whole thing to a tit for tart career protection scenario with respect to measured actions taken concerning their behaviour towards it. The rest are a bunch of idiots with a big mouth about being many times my size and nobody knows what their problem with intellectual property administration is, save the sense I must be punished for tackling a financial corruption, process of doing so which has affected them and it’s like we see The Prince of Wales no longer runs his concerns normally but wants to run it on their whim, they have been running publicity for my Books that drags it into such nonsense because they were planning to get rich from it the entire time, instead of work for their own money – the entire time which it can always become a matter of beating each other with sticks in suits if it goes all haywire and their size had never meant a thing, needs show up at this Bookshop when interested in the product only. They do claim I wreck people’s business while reality is like The Prince of Wales never stops tackling me, from times when he claims I am a character that needs to give up his personality to prepare for his a reign to the times when his gits have developed his Royal concerns around my Books and Public image which is the most recent development and we know HM does things with personality associated with being on the throne for over 50 years, we do see The Queen separate it from Public duties all the time naturally but The Prince of Wales who has never been a Monarch wants to develop leadership on it entirely, so usually as with all pricks it leads to an outcome where the Politicians will want to know what he has done to deserve it, so that was not my concern, the one I now have to deal with is that of every idiot who supports it rounding me up like sheep because they have always wanted to get rich with my Books and blabbing of how it’s not clear why people stand up for me while I am big enough, keeping an assumption that absolutely every part of its stupidities being inflicted on me will be tolerated (I am only just standing up for myself here as requested, looking big enough and all) as stupidly as possible. They say I bring it on myself all the time and it forms one part of the story naturally, the other part being more linked to reality i.e. that the chat between Royalists and Parliamentarians is usually the talk that is most appealing to their stupid selves for the way they want to make money and manage careers, not because the idiots are unaware that this Government matter as such, the doing your stuff, doing my stuff, doing stuff insults is usually a bees knees instead as far as they were concerned. Threatening me all the time and inciting nonsense down my way everyday looking for a response over that foolish assumption all its stupidities worked here will be tolerated like a theory for cleaning up the mess they have made as it were.

I am now told that I am one of those characters who works so hard on trying to show what I say and do is right which is utter nonsense – I am sure the prevalent sense around what I say and do is that they never listen to what others are saying to them and never run out of a listing for those they believe should suffer because they were to blame for problems that befell other people and then my personal favourite is those problems associated with this disobedience, meaning that what happens with me most of the time is determined by people whose names I don’t know and shows up where I have done my best work for my career as part of their civil rights. The threats are the bits where it has now reached a point whereby it needs to be quite clear that there is nothing they can do about me, it is likely to secure them a response that they will fall deeply in love with as it were. They continue to make those statements that I set about taking what is the due of those that are actually larger in size which I am starting to see as something I need to respond to because it is incredibly insulting – I mean I am unable to determine why their Celebrities need Celebrity culture beyond the age of 30, when Children need to concentrate and do well with their academic work in school for instance and so when they do it around me, is a matter of wealth equity systems I have built primarily from making Class A drugs cost ineffective at the open market, to save me the bottom hurting associated with the randomly abusive way that people sell such products and then there is also the culture and society trouble makers who have gotten into the act, having built me a Public image which is ready to claim everything I did about it was their achievement, all getting together with a bunch of bottom feeders in the academic system jumping up my bum to make sense of their position to wreck my academic work after I had warned them of dire consequences if that were to occur because of their need to follow me around and handle me abusively again as it were; it is all developing into that type where I would like to crush the culture and society gimmicks and continue with clipping the Celebrities until what was known about me and my Public image was that I was an Arch Prince only and nothing else but I think the culture and society trouble makers serve me better with that Public image they have built, as people I can reason with when it comes to the idea there should be a limit to Celebrity culture, especially in terms of the age at which people have built and engaged with it, when people have careers to pursue and young people have academic work to pay attention to, meaning a better prospect of how people will get to handle their children and how people will set out what the sense of discipline and behaviour at home, fundamentally linked to job, career and business will be. So it should be clear the next time people blab at me about grabbing what should be the due of bigger people, I am going to drive this matter to any extent that tickles my fancy as well, I mean I get away with it endlessly because they are clever as well. For the time being, the case with Celebrities is still a matter of what will become of the world around me when and if I did not get into a fresh fight with them in this lifetime.

I do get asked what the prognosis of this behaviour is and it’s never really clear either but what really happens is the same old need to handle people for the purpose of their pleasurably abusive nepotism they claim adds up to confirmation their stupidities were superior – for the time being, people who like to say that the financial corruption we complain about as religious people is largely a matter of self-inflicted problems, are not saying so anymore but where they are going next with other forms of physical handling is beginning to work the imagination very hard indeed. Just as I do get told that it’s a big matter and nobody knows why I ended up in this situation, and of course it was never up to me to end up in it, they had invited themselves into my concerns and are now very busy spending time these days bragging about the damage that they have not yet gotten a response for and how they are aware these sorts of involvement corruption does come with consequences but those consequences should not have applied in my case because they were very important, with the stupid Media; so it’s still a case of an inability to listen to what others are saying, only to show up with the same issues when I least expected it and get their imagination up my bum, meaning that people get fucking famous with the swear words all over their Public image as well. The first time these issues became a problem, it was a matter of the guys making me serve women with that great talent of mine to any extent they wanted, now it has become a matter of access culture and society trouble makers have to me due to the fact the destruction of my academic work by following me around with practical jokes, provides the access and they were responsible for it, as equally as they are making the most public place fuss on the problems associated with it – it goes without saying it does need to stop threatening me, as there is nothing its stupidities can do about me, looking like it’s going to blow up in their faces as well, considering the first time my academic work was botched, was a matter of the same silly women gaining careers with bottom feeders keeping me off a public image at the academic system the entire time and cannot now keep their filthy mouths off my case, especially when they get media attention for it. Settling the issue conclusively is another case naturally but it is more a matter of the fact that they spend all day arranging music tracks in a way that is associated with the fact somebody else has a working relationship with me and day one it will be a struggle to get them off the products with the radio waves and Television abuses that will build them more decadence on account I got myself a job, by day three, we have entered the stage where they have incited their local gits to order products and then cancel the orders for the fun that will allow them to be manipulate enough to keep handling me – then they show up to say that the entertainment products created by Celebrity idiots who rip up my Bookshop to build a market for it in order to make it look like a real business is something they must present to the Public like it was created and if I had a problem I ought to take it up with the Celebrities that did it but it is clearly not what I am talking about here at all as we can see; so what I have written here is what I did when I got home after a long day spent on this nonsense, to beat them down before bedtime too.

They do say it’s never clear how my fallout with Celebrities became so terribly bad but it’s an old story where I have some sort of Public duty to spend my time on and the way that I shop reflects this too; so because I always buy local, I am never spared the ideas people have on how the strong should shop, compared to how the weak should shop, while I’m caught somewhere making statements on buying what I need and not being interested in those I don’t buy from; bearing in mind what can happen to facilitate people sitting around somewhere to kill people overseas, this feeds into the way that we get to feel safe from Terrorism. What has happened then in the last 6 years is the involvement of Celebrities in the matter, especially the Americans and what the Celebrities have done with these during that time presents to us all the true face of the evil that is Celebrity, blabbing nonsense at me about how its famous stupidities have suffered hurting bottoms as well. They say it’s my inability to get along with the Prince of Wales which causes the most trouble and it isn’t; what happens is that HRH believes it had not come to any persons notice that he does spend most of his time working on what he would want to do with the Crown than on what an Heir to the throne should do as an Heir to the throne, the outcome now is that he has spent his time developing a leadership that he may change at a later date and this is making people very uncomfortable, while I don’t want to have my career wrecked again on grounds that others can play more practical jokes than I can at University. Then of course we also know that he has recently taken up patriarchy which stupid busy body and insulting Celebrities claim they support in order to control me – I would never understand what their foolishness was planning to do about the patriarchy playing into the botched relationship between the USA and Turkey, including the  role Russians are playing with it are present for instance but we know they have mentioned controlling will likely occur if they are incredibly abusive and make it out to be Puppies. It is clearly better not to set out a leadership at all and we could always happily do without having to contend with this sense that there are now two Monarchs in the UK, HRH has instead settled on the business of claiming him Mum resists everything he does and this is what people have come to believe. So there is the real me and the me that the white community have now created for all sorts of gimmicks they want to spend their time on for all the wrong reasons and it is going to secure its own results too – currently the parameters are that the time I picked up a security guard job was me doing something that belonged to them, thereafter the way I live in my home is their property, all publicly displayed and used to make trouble in public places endlessly. The others at Industry claim I make and break at such a regular frequency that it is counterproductive while reality is that the way our culture and society works, allows us to run financial services very well because we are able to find the strength to go the extra mile and to go all the way with Clients from an Industry where we are always involved with the person who decides what the future of a family will be and to resist matters concerning silent millionaires who work patriarchy for trouble makers; so this business of me providing intellectual property administration service but cannot provide one for a Royal Bookshop we are planning to handle for our own personal purposes, about which we have secured a powerful ally in the person of the Heir to the throne calls for the question of what indeed ‘the fuck is wrong with them?’ as it were. For my part I am told that it’s interesting how all I do is open for all to see but people cannot tell what it means most of the time; the reality is a simple case of keeping an Arch Prince’s Office where it’s impossible to if I go against the wishes of the Monarch that facilitates it; right now my prime directive is to ensure those who have taken up handling wealth systems while the Politicians were busy with something else must be made to work in the interest of all and of course it means that their children are now too old to get famous on my Public image and every other trouble maker is being handled via this same form of time based processes of showing them they have not got it and will not get an exit from where I have placed them either, less so getting one at my expense – it does mean that especially when those times come when they realise that they are consigned to the life they currently have, the process of targeting me does intensify to unprecedented levels. They have also said that I never won which is utter nonsense when I do get into an alliance with culture and society trouble makers to beat down Celebrities and ensure it was clear for parents to set out what leadership at home was going to be and that young people ought to understand their whole lives are about school and or planning their careers while the parents were able to provide leadership that went all the way down to the careers as well, it will be obvious by how much I already have. It has become so important now that these people had stopped sharing my Public image and it goes without saying with respect to claiming I am a fantasy Prince that has quite lost his mind while they are at it – people can no longer tell what they are reading from my Books and websites because of it and it harms my finances very badly.

They say I have mentioned an alliance with culture and society trouble makers which is not clear what I mean but it rather is, since they will not let people be and I am never far from being targeted over lies and excuses to chase money every single hour: the result is that people have built themselves an alternative public image that says when the media onslaught gets to me and I got to do something about it, they may deploy the public image to claim what I have done as their own achievement and it is annoying enough to get a response for check it up each time and I will find nothing but the fact that people seeking Celebrity and popular culture beyond the age of 30 was associated with the process of pleasing a specific crowd and that people are complaining they claim its entertainment but none is entertained, they hang around and distract people from the career churning the tummy and people cannot control families and then we hear those abusive jibes I am predisposed to listen to and then become a victim of later on, that people are poor due to laziness. It is now said that most of my activities are unpredictable, hence I face a lot of problems at the Monarchy, which is utter nonsense – what really happens is that we fool around too much with the gimmicks of the modern people whom we think are behaving in a perfectly sound way, if they first start of haggling people because attacking them for being homosexuals breaches everything that is right and robs them of their human rights, while at the other end hang around peoples financial margins and build whole communities who have an imagination that gets up peoples anus to get violent at it in order to secure what they want every day, which means that for victims of such nonsense, the homosexuality is not actually a choice; so we have seen they do not need money or position of leadership to invent their own and set about enforcing it telling lies Politicians want to play with at other people’s expense even for a whole like this but we think that letting them have their way is perfectly alright, which is why I also needed to ensure that those who claimed the financial corruption we religious people complain about all the time was a self-inflicted problem, had stopped doing so by joining us in the complaining action bits. We Christians do not do revenge, otherwise it would have been a whole new game with respect to Journalists and Celebrities hunting down and tearing apart my Bookshop over the last 6 years, just so they might end up trying to convince industry people who think I might be trying to say they are terrible characters and useless people of how important they are, in the sense they can sell products while I am a good for nothing character who is unable to achieve a thing in his life, yet we know if I rip up that nonsense as well, there will be no means of getting rich on Media or proving they are important while others did not matter but the part I am talking about here, contrary to the bit they want to raise about Celebrities making show business products in a way that harms me while I want to take on the Media where it is being displayed, is these sorts of abusive insults used to beat me down at work all day long issuing those stupid threats alongside. They have said its pity that keeps them from attacking me but I wouldn’t know about the made-up pity for my part anyway; this nonsense is all possible because Americans are utter idiots most of the time and like to think the most pleasurable practical jokes are the ones they played on people’s income margins which they are complaining about too by the way – the pity these idiots are talking about on the other hand is a matter of wrecking my Bookshop to later find out people will think they are useless characters and then set about showing they are able to sell products while I don’t deserve a job since I have never accomplished a thing in my life, which means they rip up my Bookshop to facilitate their stupid abilities as sales persons and if I damaged that too, it would have been a fitting ending – hence since it’s not working at this stage unless done every day, need to keep off my Books and shut down those stupid comments they make in my direction, only for them to issue threats, where I usually allow them take some seconds to digest what their stupidities have said, then set out exactly where the fighting will happen, whether the violence will be involved and how as it were. I do get told that as far as I am concerned people will not have the right to show off their success anymore but I don’t know what showing off their success has to do with my Royal Hermitage and those stupid Media and Celebrity insults for my part either – that said, if I should act towards them in a way that is fair, first of all, I am not responsible for getting them stuck with my concerns to such an extent that attending to the Media and Celebrity jobs leaves them wanting to head back home in about 2 hours, concerning which they will get an exit from me like that big mouth suggests endlessly, somewhere in hell, besides which it’s a matter of walking the Dog in the Morning to bump into the Prime Minister going out on his Morning exercise, which means you ought to get back home and dress properly to meet the Prime Minister but it’s gone now and you need to keep walking the Dog – we find the ideas these idiots invent hits both ways i.e. those who do not dress well all the time and those who do in case they met the Prime Minister; so the stage at which I am handling it is a matter of being stuck with a life I don’t want – the Celebrities will feel me and then the culture and society goons will feel me as well; as long as they are prepared to keep getting their imagination onto my private parts, mine will be just business too on that front, which should add up to a way of handling the matters conclusively, much the same as we find white community goons who started this whole messy aspect of this nonsense, claiming what I did during a security guard job was their own property and the way I live in my home since last I rented a space from a white person belongs to them as well, walking down the streets claiming publicly, building obfuscates out of my diet and a community that gets imagination up my bum while another group of Godless idiots claim its a self-inflicted problem associated with an attitude that wants to be nice and therefore commandeer access to good reputation perpetually by being a religious person whenever they are not complaining as well.