I have been recently informed that Rich people are out to get me and I ought to be careful how I handle matters which affect them which does not make any sense to me at all – the last time that I felt the business of wanting to make money from the way their companies have casted a shadow around the world instead of my Royal Hermitage while I appeared to be owing them a social debt that is unrepayable was in the late part of 2009, which formed the basis of my decision to acquire a Website in the first place – since then, it has taken the many forms that it usually does whereby once done with them, I am stuck with idiots who simply must run a business in a way that harms others because they believe it is how profit is formed and once done with these I am stuck with Fat Cats telling me they must get rich with my work and I need bear in mind that if I started a fight their money will not run out before I was burned out, once finished with the fat cats it’s the Celebrities picking up from what Politicians do to wreck the academic work and give people time to catch on, with a need to get random crowds planning personal finances at my expense while selling showbusiness products, after which they deploy the money to buy shares with any Companies I have associated myself with in order to keep handling me, making a mess of everything around here but then which the Celebrities do not need to all of the time unless they felt your property was that vulnerable while the Media spends its paid time to ensure that it was and hence the problem is still with the lowest of the lives here which is the Media fools. The business of being careful on the other hand is utter rubbish as rich but stupid needs show up here at this Bookshop only when they were interested in reading what I had written – I may stand up on a golf course and make statements about grabbing a kids property permanently for instance which is not the job that it does for a living, claiming it rich but all it needs to do when it shows up here is buy a Book with a small fraction of the riches, not try to see if I can attack its career as well. I do get told it will not be easy for me to wade them but it will be – the business of looking like I want to make money from the way their jobs or companies have casted a shadow around the world, while I owed them a debt is entirely developed around the destruction of my Bookshop and I don’t remember signing a contract to keep their secrets or permit them to handle my Books, we have not seen them share their own with the frugal like that a mad enough for it showing up here to blab nonsense at me alongside its media twerps while still at it and the whole thing is entirely reliant on an outcome in which I didn’t respond to all that vandalism, while the truth of it is that there isn’t a Law which says that I have to wish them well – if I feel as though there is an onus to stop it, I will put a stop to it within an acceptable deadline, I will shut it down in a short period of time. I mean this Morning we were talking about Lewis Hamilton, how I am a nobody and it is important that I be taught a lesson for some of the social problems that Hamilton has to deal with but Hamilton works for Mercedes, he is a special Talent Guy who does a specific thing for Mercedes, I am not part of that job and the Jobs of Journalists are not linked to any Company Trustees, Board of Management or Board of Stakeholders on this planet the last time that we checked, so what was really missing for instance is the fact a bunch of idiots had failed to read the News because I was once again and Punching bag for their stupid selves.

I have been told that despite what I am said, I am still in good shape and yes I am – without pointing out where Company Leadership is located for instance which is entire separate from the gimmicks we see these idiots exhibit to dominate me while the business of being successful at doing do relied on me doing nothing about the destruction of my Bookshop and therefore my finances, we can see what the idiots spend most of their time on is these sorts of amusement and the reasons it becomes an issue is when society gits had planned to use my person for something, only to find I had a plan to move on with more important matters, which leads them to resort to plan B that involves finding out how their kids who hang around the neighbourhoods looking for criminal activity to take part in would do with my public image while they build a community that had an imagination which got up my bum. When this nonsense blows up in the face it’s usually somewhere important as the facts suggests and in my case it’s the precise stage where I got myself tidied up to get the academic work completed since they wrecked it in 2008 – so there has always been a need to ensure that the way I responded to it was never amusing and if I got any inclination to suggest otherwise, I should do my best to ensure the feelings expressed were replaced by complaints. I am currently developing a plan to launch an attack on their careers as well, especially that of Media operatives and I can say when the attack begins there certainly will be a way back from it as it were – we see ideas offered up in the sense that it is such fun to do this and ensure every aspect of everything I do is repeated through their Media jobs and that way used to beat me down in my Bed every morning, which is not easy therefore has to be performed a couple of times until they hurt themselves and once their stupidities had done it, then I may beat myself to the loo and plan from then on what the day will look like. The entire time, I am told that my success relies on other people and that I have financial problems while their money showed who was superior and it’s impossible to tell if they really do believe people run Bookshops on Media all together; what it accomplishes is a process where those who write academic Books thought they might serve their cause by getting onto talk shows, those who have written novels might serve their cause by talking to the local College leadership and we are not talking about supplementary situations, so it’s not actually the case that I am planning to attack their Careers as well because my success relies on the failure of other people, they simply have no wish to shut down this nonsense because they are so attached to it.

Their friends at the Monarchy said this was a matter of getting me off fooling around and to pay attention to serious matters which does not make any sense whatsoever as we know what they have successfully created here is a cluster of problems that are neither connected with their Offices or my duties, then gotten off getting into league with society goons that have been planning to use me for something, who got their Celebrities and hoodlum Children all over my Public image in a bid to blame me for it – now they say their bottom hurts and I am on course to get into a lot of trouble which gets me thinking they are bluffing as well. I do also get told if I say so because I can actually back up my position but I can – what we are looking at here is such incredible mess being made for me because it is construed that I am messing around with important matters at my disposal, while the Celebrities are running a social campaign which says their personal decisions have gotten them to deaths door, so others need to get them out of it or die in their place to give up property in the process – they are such fans of these Celebrated gits but do nothing about the relentlessly abusive behaviour associated with their stupidities, what they can handle is my person instead. Its so ironic because rich people have the money and all they needed to do was to spend an insignificant amount of it to read what I had written, instead of explore controversies around my whole life – we even see them chase my Trust system as well, time and again giving some young women an opportunity to get famous on it because they had some money to spend and it becomes such hard work since if I missed a single week of putting out a publicly displayed audit of what they are doing around my concerns, that one week could be responsible for me being sued and bankrupted in the future simple for being me, on account that some other idiot somewhere got bits of my life patented to their stupid names and the whole system had never stopped working as I had set it out to do i.e. get them spending money on young people in popular culture to lessen the burden of the public problems they create, while the young people did not come to harm in the process and their idiots were not allowed to take part. They behave like gangs all the time - a divine right to produce while others gave them money in order to consume what has been produced and when they need to consume products they want as well, they may take whatever they wanted with a big mouth. I have been told I am now the biggest rebel in the land when I thought none of these would affect me but it has not – all they have done is wait for me to run a Hermitage like a place where I believe money is created by Central Banking to allow big businesses feel more comfortable and then just when I thought I had a lee way to do a little thing that will help boost my income, at that precise stage there was a whole community built on comparing me to Celebrities for the purpose of insults, abuses and a business of getting their imagination up my bum, making me look like a character who does not get paid for his work, while their ethnic minority idiots cannot seem to have enough of the revenge for what I do with Royal work for the mess and the fact they speak of my anus being publicly accessible all the time, knowing their ethnic minority idiots to be more mentally disturbed than they are for it. They claim I have been elevated while I am a complete low life and this is what they grieve for and its utter nonsense as we know the main problem is their need to chase about the low life and when I say I am not homosexual for instance, it was not enough for their stupid selves - the ethnic minorities cannot stop being seen in public places blabbing during public functions of how I got an important role while they were more superior, the complications were are now dealing with being one where I am starting to take more notice for the fact they need mental illness treatment because they finished University before I did in order to get ahead, knowing they have never taken a thing seriously in their stupid lives and always want Politicians doing something to ensure others paid the price for it - when I do say the entire purpose of Dad characters passing their ageist insults at others is to get the imagination up peoples bottoms, much the same as what Celebrities how to accomplish by blowing off their big mouth about their money at absolutely everybody and the assumption is that I lay most of the blame on the door step of these two groups, thus probably pluck it from thin air when I try so hard to convince them they are a bunch of unfathomably stupid people - it does appear that the gimmicks got serious.