I am aware of the Comments made endlessly about my existence being something women should have and the fact it had developed into stories we find people who are even old enough to be my grand parents make on Media, claiming that I spend my time studying women. It does not bother me as much as they believe it does but it is worth pointing out that my personal life and sensibility concerning those I got into a personal relationship with is not really as vulnerable as such nonsense which claims I spend my time studying women, grabbing careers from females, being profitable for those who do it but that said, the facts should be tempered with an understanding that these idiots are certainly looking for trouble, since this nonsense substitutes the fact what I do around here is write Books, while their interest in me appears to be greater than what is coming from those who actually want to read what I have written. They like to claim it concerns the fact that I am a danger to them in my position which is utter nonsense as the reality is that their imagination gets up my bum 24/7 on account I have been built a reputation for being likely to tolerate bad behaviour from their stupidities until they found it profitable – the outcome is that the stupid threats are now the main thing but when I do get my hands on the foolish culture and society that facilitates this nonsense, there isn’t going to be another global stage outcry over what I will do with it as were, on the case by case basis which we can see its all good blabbing the insults at me but if I got off on a trajectory to build a public message that pointed out the only thing which interests them to be criminal activities, what is really going to happen contrary to those claims the stupid neighbourhood wouldn’t burn if I did, is that the Men they love to abuse sexually all the time will want to teach them lessons for it and they will need to find the gangs and criminals that will attack those who have a religion to pay attention to as well. The big mouth always blabs before it complains naturally and it knows already that the reasons it tackles me all the time is the consequences of having made out a disposition that facilitated the gangs and bad people who will attack me when women do not get to share what I have. Then we find it can never give it a rest with an imagination they gets up my bum right up to the prostates with a big mouth especially when a fucking yank, claiming my main problem to be that I make myself out to be very big and powerful while what I say and do is a matter of my fear;  in terms of my fear which knowing an idiot never gives it a rest with a cunt between her legs, on account that she understands well the prospects of her never getting involved in the battering and bruising that she will have created, going on and on about it, is meant to be handled and seen with a sense of fear but that said the big mouth does blab all the time when it is not complaining about the gruesome sights in its foolish mind. As far as making out I am a big and fearsome guy when I have no power is concerned, the next time the bloody idiots set out one of those arrangement that involve men who will attack me when women do not share what I have, I am going to teach them a lesson that goes beyond those stupidities getting into trouble with the Police as a community and hanging around somewhere talking nonsense about how it indicates an existence of their foolish civil rights. It’s a story that never improves – bottom feed and get the imagination up peoples bums to blab nonsense about what Celebrities own and how Celebrities behave all the time, making a mess of my whole life and career and yet the idiocy relies on my own State provided security, blabbing about getting whatever it wants, turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan   stupid life on my wallet, therefore my anus hurts and it has had me wrapped around it’s foolish little finger gimmicks abound, to ensure that it does not get into a condition where people wanted to see what its stupid guts looked like.

As for the matter of tolerating bad behaviour, I do tolerate it as per its impossible to tell what anybody could do about it as such but as I said, it needs to refrain from and kill off completely its need to handle or push me. The theory has always been that my position does not help with wealth inequality issues while we know those civil right movements are built on criminal activity and that they believe it is another person’s responsibility to look into it – the same mentality applies i.e. other peoples money, how it affects them, how they want it and how they will take it. These are all matters we should not actually concern ourselves with, when we have more serious business like being orientated with the work force when we are about 16, getting a job when we are 18 and retiring when we are 65, during which time we must have set ourselves a history which allows us to decide which activities we may or may not engage in to help run the Country – the idiots are always seen blabbing about their civil rights and none knows what they believe the civil rights of the majority of people in the Country to be as such. I do get asked what it is exactly I hate about them about which I hate nothing and its never about hate – the reality is one where the Labour Party for instance speaks of the damage I have done and yet my case with them started in 2001 when I felt honoured due to my work ending up in the hands of Tony Blair to help run the Country and he could never stop making statements about people getting me off his back, which was essentially in his position as Prime Minister a death threat, where their stupidities at Parliament has never changed from this since and we are now living in 2019, while the assumption is that those of them with a cunt can put labels on me and bully me claiming I am a low life, garnished with side pleasures such as kicking me when I am down with a big mouth. The rest of them are a bunch of gits whom people have certain feelings about that tends to run along the directions of those who feel threatened by their behaviour and activities wanting them to spend their time being useful members of society, while those who are actually threatened by it want them to face abject poverty and when the two meet, we find that according to history we have only ever had a safe society when their stupidities were stuck in a cycle of work, shop and pay attention to family concerns, then get back to work. It really does need to keep its concerns away from me – what I do here is Book writing and people are not allowed to read, and that it should be the outcome of a practical joke put up by idiots who need to make a case of their love for money to such an extent all I have worked for my entire life is now factorised on the basis of such nonsense as how their size counts while bad things happened when they don’t have money, this nonsense is quite intolerable. What happens with those of them that hate my writing the most presently is that they exhibited this behaviour, supported by their Politicians and ran off a Public campaign which set to allow them abuse and take advantage of others over the problems that have defined their lives, do to their own personal decisions and is meant to be profitable to such an extent that they were as financially comfortable as their age mates were, so when I responded to it, I ended up with an eternal fight with the Men naturally – it is to be compared with my own disposition where they churn my tummy all the time over good things I started which I have not finished, not lest due to the female idiots who show such a perverse interest in my concerns and are clearly not looking for trouble in their view as it were, which consequences I do not talk out on others to stand up in public places improving myself, talking nonsense about a right I have and a hatred for religion like their stupidities are seen doing at my expense everyday – when their Politicians who clearly cannot see the difference and are unable to ascertain how stupid they are had decided they wanted to show up here demanding a new Country as well, it is always a stage that indicated their foolishness had reached a peak.

They always like to claim they thought they got me in a corner as such which is utter nonsense – what happens is the usual case of Industry trouble makers that become silent bully mid-range millionaires who do not understand what Public image, Royal property and Intellectual Property means, employing criminals in the neighbourhoods when they had successfully gotten rid of legitimate workers. Something of how these fools spend money on them to help them get off extracting money from my Public image as soon as they acquired venues and equipment for it, so since I had built a system that allowed them do so without bothering me too much and the money they made from it was not a question that I had to answer, knowing that the prospect of wanting to get closer to politics and government on account that money will never be deployed for investment any other way save the idea that I worked for it and they grabbed it, the idea they will get closer to National Government and National treasury is starting to suggest I need to turn the whole thing into a money making apparatus of my own, so if they got anywhere near National treasury with it, I could go all hay bloody wire for my part too. Its an old story where we hear them claim I have played this game until I had played myself while reality is that I have tolerated people ripping up my property and relying on me to do nothing about it over a hope of being able to oppress me for too long – the fucking idiots have now reached a stage where they may not stop the civil and criminal disobedience, shut down the stupid insulting comments that come from the fact they sleep around all the time, the same way I simulate sleeping around all the time without taking my own out on them to make a statement on that foolish big mouth on Media if I am so badly affected and they were loving their gimmicks and there is no reason now for them to stop at all if every time they do the damage and rely on me not to do a thing about it my bottom lines were affected right away, thus if it applies a little threat and violence it will have what its idiocy had always dreamed of. It does need to stop though otherwise I will assume that is what their Media establishments were paying them for, thus making it impossible for Celebrities and Media operators to be so slippery each time they handled me, so I might snipe some careers for the sort of fun that I want to have as well. The story is that this is what rebellion looks like but as I mentioned before, they don’t see me take out the effects of sleeping around on them as well, so it does need to get shut down asap, if their stupidities were complaining about the effects.

I do get told I am unaware they don’t like me at all and yes, I am but people are also unaware of my feelings about this because there are no feelings that may be channelled towards their nepotism which actually makes sense. The Muslims especially cannot hide this nepotism and its their ideas about whom they were superior to, while as a whole speaking of all the races and ethnic groups, the Politicians happen to be the only group of people that believe them to be clever human beings. I have now begun the process of making their Media and Celebrity jobs less slippery for me to handle and I think I am on course to destroy a few Careers that will never stop making a mess of mine – it might be theory that they need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around but it is a theory that works for them, works for me and works for everybody.

I am then told here that despite saying so, I do not support US invasion in the Middle East and I don’t – what is happening in the Middle East is counterproductive in every way, people need to understand the nature of Tyranny Politics i.e. they don’t care about their people, they simply think of them as tools, some meant for the slaughter that ensures overseas powers had dared not provoke them and so there is a sense that it is sustainable Policy when it plays into the fact most overseas powers who care about the consequences of their wicked deeds are Democratic, therefore do not have the range for overseas interventions. So what invasion does is give them means to really dig into those talents that would have moved away from their Country to help enrich our Country instead and if we were going to invade, it should have been a matter of setting out clearly what causes the friction between Democratic Countries and Middle East Countries to be the way that Middle East Countries are incapable of handling the criminals that get around their backyard then attack those who have stood up to those criminals for moving into other peoples backyard, which the criminals are very well aware of, so they always plan for the Terrorism contingency at all times, this will then have ensured that Communist influences were sufficiently pushed back as well – here they say I need to intimate people as per where these backyards are and its always been the fact that the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, share the same backyard as a whole and it does appear unusual to say so but the truth of it is that most are pretty similar Countries, the UK being the different one of the four, while what sets the US apart from the rest is that the US does not have any links with the British Monarchy. The story about Private security Industry abuses on the other hand being a matter of those claims what I do to defend myself from their Celebrities so far is lucky until there was a Celebrity that paid them for it and then it will become clear that I had set myself out as a contract that does not actually pay off.