I have been told my case with Celebrities is simply a matter of communication and this is not the case – the people I talk about are Industry manufactured goons set out to extract money from my Public image whenever they have been bought some venues and equipment to engage with the Public and do it by; what I say about their activities adds up to what they do and we know Celebrities will never do it, it’s impossible to get from starting a Public life based career campaigning against bullying to doing some of the things these gits spend their time on, especially when you have Children and for some Celebrities there are Grandchildren as well; worst case scenario will be the part whereby if they think they are provoked to a stage, they will draft somebody else in to do it. The other part of this story is that I knew what to do the entire time but allowed the bad things to happen and I didn’t not allow it, I ran it the way I did because Politicians are too fond of spending tax payer money on this nonsense, just so they can mock the way others respond to it while experiencing great distress from it and now they are the ones experiencing distress, we know there is likely to be less tax payer funds spent on it as a result – that said, the plan was to ensure they got money, in order to kill off every disputation from Politicians while the money was then spent on engaging in economic activity instead of bothering me to a stage where they want to spend it wrecking my life in order to control all the money in the world which is what their mentality looks like, it really will get me pulling out all the stops if I felt there was a risk of it and even so it should be noted, before this stage the Politicians will pull out their own stops and stop the little things I do to keep them out of my life until I dropped out of school, then pull out some more stops, to stop me while I try to get a job on account I have an idea how to go about handling the resulting problems, like the proper perverts who appear to forget what their names are. So eventually we find that they have a go at me all the time over some bias that claims boys never allow Girls concentrate at school, now with all these facts, they can no longer deny what the boys are doing – so there is no lack of communication with the Celebrities, these goons are Industry manufactured idiots, set out by the boys to wreck people’s lives and grab property and we know Girls are not allows a career because it’s one of their corner stone options in the world of making money. The other question people ask is the part where I became a threat myself and there is no probability of that; I am a published writer with a Bookshop that helps me manage a trust system which is controlled by a Royal Hermitage – the threat from me comes when some idiots have gone off making a mess of my market place, built up the problems to hurt their bottoms and then set about chasing mine to make me do something about it, placing it’s stupid self in a condition where it set to suffer the most when serious issues kick off around my concerns and wants connections with important people in order to run me down all the time.

The Politicians are usually a very simple story of republicans and conservatives being very sick people whose sickness is a matter of claims they are entitled to other people’s property, so we find that the primary premise of their involvement with Government business is always set to help them select somebody that will help them achieve it, the atmosphere around them all faint with madness, heading down that direction in an infantile habit that is garnished with a sense they were supported by some form of academic principle but it is the Liberal and Socialist that get them involved with your career because those too have their own sense of superiority that suggest they are the ones who have worked out their position to be best placed for the purposes of taking advantage of others. So they like to tell me I am gambling with war all the time which is utter nonsense, what will happen while they are blabbing is that I am going to get about crushing everything that is responsible for dragging my Books into that condition where they can take advantage of it, which seems to happen every day. I have issued enough warnings on this matter; I am not a fan of the fact they exist and if they do, I am not emotionally attached. The rest of the time, they say that people have conducted business by being quiet and I understand but it’s a resurgence of that nonsense whereby they followed me around to make a mess of academic work and career, then when I completed the Book all hell broke out with another stage set for them to move into my concerns, run it against my interest and sign themselves off the customer list to split up market and play practical jokes with my accounts bottom line, hence I decided it was time to get a bit noisy, which they claim makes them powerful but it’s not noisy, noisy as such, its noisy talk on their behalf when they finally get to keep the big mouths shut – each time I don’t do it this way, especially for their idiots on Media, it feels as if they had established a relationship with me that has an effect which is suggestive of me making a pact with the devil, moving into my right hand side or left hand side etc and doing me favours to run my life on a stupid disobedient Media, when I do it however, they need the depression pills as it were. Imagine Australians and Canadians finding out I build wealth equity structures that they made money from and set about beating me down with.

We hear those stories endlessly, that what I am doing about extremism is not enough – I do enjoy the fact it brings to light a reality whereby their foolish need to push around people who can do what they cannot is the biggest crisis we face for this Generation – it will hang around on Media, get increasingly forceful, increasingly abusive and increasingly violent, this behaviour will have been put up in the morning and would have wrecked my Bookshop by midday but we find nothing yet seems to suggest that they ought to keep their mouth shut and keep off my Public image space; This is what I say when I am getting around the facts, the reality is the big old case of Church guy who is caught up with idiots that have chased a certain lifestyle to such an extent they were stuck with it and needed some sacrificial lamb to continue from where they have ended up, so it’s not that I am doing nothing about extremism but what I am doing is not enough, bearing in mind they have not been paying me for the ones I did before. They do boast that I am fighting a losing battle naturally and it’s an old story about the fact none here wants to win any stupid battles with or against them – I am good with the society trouble makers, I am good with the culture trouble makers, I am even good with the Politicians, why the Media and its personalities enjoy making a mess for me on these three issues is never clear, we can see they are not at deaths door and therefore doing it for survival, so we can only imagine that it is an abusive behaviour set to continue until it ended very badly. So what happened with my Books is that as soon as they found it useful, they rounded me up like sheep financially over a five year period, to set about this nonsense topped off with insults on how what I do about extremism is the wrong one – we all know it’s the extremism that affects them and if they find what you do with the one that affects you to be useful, all hell breaks loose and it keeps suggesting I am a character they can handle and therefore want to handle all the time as well, so I don’t feel like thumbing them too as it were. The boasting all good but this matter has progressed to a stop hiding from who you really are stage; the only thing facilitating a process where I move people on for making a mess of my Bookshop producing outcomes whereby I am end up with a reputation on Media for wrecking peoples career and deserving punishment is that stupid Celebrity culture and I think I am going to wreck it. They do claim it’s impossible but we know what happens is this nonsense and those who protect them while they are at it getting up to all sorts, soon enough they look like their friends overseas who are always living in a war zone and when they realise they have done it to such an extent pick up my battles and fight my corner for me to create more insults and shove me around, should I take up certain aspects of my public responsibilities and round them up to run a campaign that helps me make a statement over it while I shove them as well, the outcome will usually have been that I killed people and got away with it – so it goes without saying I am fed up with the insults, their stupidities need to keep away from my Books and keep their mouth shut over my concerns, the situation still being that enough had not died yet as it were.

The way it began years before is not an emotive tale naturally – I could just walk down the streets and find every one of their interest in me had to do with my tummy, something of claim I am the type that is good for dying in order to save people but once I realised people had seen it, I will take steps to ensure they never got what they really should have gotten; the idiots have not stopped it and we see it show up all over me where I have done the best work for my career, while what I do concerning extremism is not the correct one with a stupid big mouth. We find them time and time again, claim that they were keeping an eye on me to ensure I did not become a Tyrant, with their hands firmly fixed on obfuscation that reveals where I keep secrets they can deploy for personal fame and to employ and care for the idiots around them, such that time and time every day I appear to have gotten cracked and they can have all the fun they want at my expense while there was nothing I could do about it – with respect to which the warning goes from the fact that I am not a fan of their existence and am not emotionally attached to the fact they exist either, to a matter of the fact I do feel like thumbing them all the time as well but currently, it is more important to ensure the Court system helps me run a Trust, than to ensure they were making sure the sex bits showed up on National Media every time that I did it. The deciding factor however continues i.e. wasting my earnings, leaving me with insulting comments on how it’s not clear why I am worried while I am producing it from within and am set to come up with more when I never expressed a feeling about the vandalism – the insulting comments after these activities growing steadily into something more serious all together in its own right.