I am now said to have lost everything, either way they could provide details of exactly what I had lost, we would still have to follow up this matter on the basis that they always claimed what they were doing was linked to a problem associated with people trying to take away their civil rights and not a greed based insulting distraction that is so intense victims did the unthinkable by losing career or career items – of which in my case it is not just a matter of ignoring their distractions anymore, it had since become physically painful, garnished with communities that got imagination up my bum to practice narcissism on me and berate me all day. Needless to say I am writing this on the 30/11/2021, which is essentially the end of the deadline I had set out for their Media and Celebrities to organise the stupid career another way or get a response from me as well: we know it is the same process of their stupidities running off gimmicks about having gained access to my earnings and then building an abusive crowd that wants to do the same, exactly the process that got me dropping out of University 13 years earlier continuing and being repetitively performed every day with an abusive civil disobedience their stupidities consider to be distracting and I am about to test how much of it is capable of saving them as well here.

They do also claim I am facing an uphill battle at Industry which is utter rubbish, what happens being that when their employers design and build products with equities brokered here, they build up abusive publicity to get the general populous responding to the product as a matter of the equities being a separate composite of the product, get off to short insulting videos they claimed added up to the way advertisement should be made and leave me with abdominal pain all day, while their fame idiots chased my earnings. The Americans like to think themselves real enemies as well and it is one of those that will bear towards what I did to ensure their stupid children dropped out of University because somebody was making decisions on the way their personality should be used, the way they have done me for 17 years so far, just to bring their stupidities back down to reality, before it gets to stop – either way my deadline has now expired and it is time to find out what happens when I have to tolerate one more instance of their stupidities replacing my Books at the Market place to get attention and more so secure the attention for their deviance.

The Politicians have suggested that I think I have done too much but have really not gone far enough but it depends on what I am doing – we know that there is no way I can befriend these gits of give them what they want from me while maintaining an Office where I got to do work on our general Public control problems but in terms of extreme measures, we know also that beating down the famous people was the best way to cater for Armed forces interests properly i.e. it is a matter of which one I am doing and the circumstances that push me towards the extreme. So I have made it simple enough, that one more instance of these idiots doing something to divert public attention from my Books towards any gimmicks they had in mind, will be the stage where they got to kick it off as well: my position is that they have made the most of a condition where I had not responded for years but from my point of view, it is a matter schedule, such that they had what they wanted and made a global stage phenomenon from it, my Bookshop needs to be in a good place and pay the bills for me before 2023, if I am to complete the University studies by 2028 (everybody wins or we chose chaos). It has so far taken 6 years of my time to perform the most vicious and violent of these practical jokes, involving hoodlums that show up to push me about all day and lie if I asked them about it, then it gets off on Public places deciding which careers I deserved i.e. the deadline which had now run out, thus the Celebrities and Media needed plan their stupid careers another way or I began mine as well.

Eventually we have heard them claim that I am afraid of everything that moves, which is as far as the stupid practical jokes and dreams of working it on me had since progressed – at the same time, it is their fear which is replacing my Books and stifling my Finances to get attention and to get attention from me. It had become rather clear that if all I have done is measured in terms of this nonsense running off on one hand while the public decided which career, I could have based on how brave I have been, I needed to ensure both sides were screwed over for it properly. I do get asked about what I am really up to as the lack of respect for me, and my career generally meant people ended up suggesting that what I said and what I thought were two separate things which they are really not. The main problem is that these people always had civil rights and then with it they made a campaign from everything that they claim added up to a form of injustice which affected them and then with it cling to my property, even personality and charisma, to run me down in a bid to steal something that cannot be legally substantiated. The outcome is that they have waited and waited for a really good opportunity to take advantage of me, which have not come along, so it had since become violent – the violence being a matter of claims I had earned myself a reputation for being a trouble maker while what is happening is that they had become a culture that was incredibly good at transferring their problems into people’s lives and building a campaign of blame, hence the reasons their injustices are always worked on areas of people’s lives that were going well – maybe the job, the finances or even academic pursuits and personal life. What I must do here also, involved a process of getting the ageist idiots with insults that cannot allow others a moments peace, blabbing about which careers I deserved based on how brave I have been, and running me down from the same process relentlessly all day, to make good of it with short insulting videos they claim was the way advertisement should be made. The other two were the gits who cooked up an abusive process that got me dropping out of University while they passed their exams, since which they had secured the best jobs and for those who worked at the supermarkets, there is now a sense that it was better for everybody if they were deeply involved with my concerns like their lives relied on it, while I was prevented from attending the shops and supermarkets, such that a compromise was reached and I was meant to shop online, as if their stupidities were going to pay for delivery or there was some super sensory means by which I can physically feel my products when I am buying it online, if I am buying food, their perverted interest in me since I dropped out of University which had continued and must now be stopped. Then the Celebrities who spend most of their time taking a swipe of everything I did to get these public order trouble makers under control, which outcome is that for everything I did and the celebrities swiped, there was a community that emerged to get imagination up my bum and everything here including my finances and love life had stagnated, such that I lived on government support and they were predisposed to work civil service narcissism on me. These three matters must be handled in such a way that by 2028, I will have completed my university studies like I allowed them to complete their own but before, my Bookshop will have paid my Bills, like I had respect for their silly careers as well, otherwise they will have to organise the career to steer clear of me as soon as possible. In effect, this is a problem that never should have existed and still does not exist as such and they do love to brag but all I want is to get back to a process where what I did to control public order trouble makers worked because there were no fame idiots picking it up – if I find it continue, the business of securing processes to control public order trouble makers and the need for Celebrities to pick up my public work for their gimmicks is what I will do for another decade and I will have a lot of fun at their expense for it, I will ensure they lived in hell. The diplomatic part of this problem that does not exist was the Americans building them up to make trouble for those who did not allow Americans pillage property to get rich fast and hit people hard with geopolitics gimmicks – not that the geopolitics was a problem as these idiots are regularly found at the work environment making life hell for everybody, especially those who are said to have had some form of disturbed history, looking for Royal treatment that was likely to be a product of employing people but we have this problem where it handles my property without legal permission and abuses me to such an extent if I did not explode my heart would. If I decided to apply the same things I did to control public order trouble makers, the part about the sense that for people to show up and bother me, they will have had to devise a way to tuck safely the life they had and there was no doubt I would get my hands on it thereof, to the Celebrities and the Media and the Government Office goons, I would still win but I have really had enough of this nonsense, no indications of it moving on either and plan to do much more than that.

They claim I have since adopted a reputation for doing the wrong thing and this had stuck to me, no such thing of which had happened, just people being confused about what I am doing, as they are not informed of facts concerning tens of thousands of pounds in debt to the student loans company and a destruction of my literary empire that was at valuation worth up to 20 Million pounds, if I worked the Equities with high finance. Now the Media and Celebrities at the Heart of it believe that I did not deserve to do what I am doing, whereas the new process of stifling my Bookshop and personal finances to control and handle me has over a 5 year period, had since become so vicious that they took photographs on my Public image to blow kisses at criminals and got people who did unusual things during unholy Hours to seek an obsessive involvement with my personal space, abusively, wrecked my social and love life as well, and we all know that it takes about half that time to complete a University degree for instance. They do boast now that they had taken a piece of my property and there was no way I could change the lifestyle they had which is an assumption that I did not know this to be the main problem – such that I am not aware if I picked up the social aspects of all they do to suggest they have had a piece of my property and I am no longer exceptional while they are, even in terms of those abusive activities that make me feel like I would either explode or my heart will and then I will die, to set about having sex with it, I would still win, of which the sex bits really works for the famous idiots who do it while they were chasing their fifth mortgage and could not account for the way they made money and others were living on foodbanks. I do not plan to do sex bits, I plan to pick it up and draw up social activity from it that reaches that of the goons who do unusual things during unholy times, linked up to their famous stupidities and then I am going to ask them to put money in a put and go out to do business by seeking my assets, to such an extent they get involved with those I do business with to access me and build a version of me they were more comfortable with for the purpose on media, only to hang about trashing my Bookshop to dream of a time I would grovel to them for money, I will ask them to do it again one more time. Mostly it is not really complicated, as they took advantage of me to make money, which apparently prevents the gangs and crime, now its my turn to take advantage of me to make money, it seems rather that they do not believe that it will end badly should I have to continue tolerating this nonsense.