Today the story is one of my most recent activity which is worthy of punishment. The case of me being punished we know never seems to go away – what really happens rather being that we will never stop dreaming of a time when US Democrats will stand up at Government buildings to tell lies and wreck the lives of young people in order to support something else but such behaviour as when I set out an Intellectual property administration equity business, I end up having to keep some gits off making out the Corporate Identity of my Client was their job, only to find after a few years, that the way I talk and act and get around my own life has become something they invented, which is creating new Industrial leadership for them to sit at the helm of, like a proper intellectual property administration problem on a personal basis. So I have been told there is an underlying issue they complain about and yes there is; the issue is that they are stuck with me, want an exit and will get on in hell – we are seeing the same behaviour that got them into the trouble they find themselves in now, the same practical jokes that are more important than life itself at other people’s expense, while relying on the victims to do nothing about it until they thought of using it as a financial repression tool, specifically with respect to me it’s a matter of making a mess of my Books, their Children following my social Media profile to try and make themselves into trouble ending up in a rot and a need they have to show up on Public places and wreck the reputation and the Library environment I have built for my Books, making stupid statements that refresh their ego in the most socially disturbing and abusive way imaginable, then the British ones will be about women and the children having ownership of the future which none tries to take from them but it is worth noting that the next time they wrecked my academic work showing up at the institutions to run off all kinds of nonsense on how I should be spending time on gangs in order to protect them, it is not going to end well for them as well, especially when they also enjoy having around in Public places to make stupid statements at me that builds up this idea they don’t have men in their lives to shower the insults on. The blacks enjoy nothing better than to blow off the big mouth that I will never recover my Public image while reality is more a matter of how indeed they suppose can take it from me as it were – we are here solely because their idiots who fool around with market systems, got off the me and my wife abusing and insulting you until you smell gimmicks to a stage where they got a response from me and make a stupid promise that I will never be able to sell anything in my life time with a big mouth. I do get told I act as if I am fooling around with these matters but am not in anyway; I need the reputation and I need the Library I have built for my Books and they need to keep their insults and comments somewhere else. We see them at it all the time with the Celebrities wrecking the Bookshop to get me stuck with the dirtiest parts of my careers where people chase their bottoms, something they can get if they had the money to get it from Royalty with a big mouth, while these idiots get employment through which they turn my Public image into a sales tool and leave a prevailing publicity sense that suggest their stupidities are unaware of what the effects are the entire time – so there is no part of their behaviour and its problems which has a thing to do with me except the one they have forced on me all together which is fast becoming a choice of doing something about it or doing nothing. They do claim the problems they create here have reached an advanced stage, if they are not complaining that the cycle they are stuck in for messing up my concerns is something I have no plan to give them an exit for even though we are both aware that could be a case of them living with it for decades until they passed away – it has not reached any silly advanced stage, what happens is still the same process of some money madness goons spending money on it to wreck careers and employ criminals in the neighbourhood while relying on the victims to do nothing about it and blabbing about the bottom chasing insults being the way that business is done while their own bottoms were the important ones as though playing their gimmicks with me would have come without consequences; it’s the same business of getting them to become really important people by spending money on these trouble makers to get us all out of it and having built the structures that achieved that, I was hoping the structures will run by themselves but now have to make money from it all together, just so I might be free of the tale that their insanity had become too wide spread to be curtailed. They are not a part of my life like they believe they are and those abusive insults and threats can easily eventually develop into an outcome where we have run out of what to say, for instance when they blabbed abuses about punishment that I should be getting – it can easily lead to outcomes in which the insults of their Community croons meant I wanted to be a part of their families and the road that leads from home to the stupid tribalism raids they conduct in the City centre, garnished with a  need to burn the stupid celebrity culture in the process, which is all completely avoidable if their stupidities kept from my Books and stopped making the idiotic comments while it is quite obvious they did not write the Books and are not sharing the salary that has gotten to their heads.

It’s as simple as not making a mess of what I am doing; I have to take time to build the reputation and Library environment for the Books and I am running a Business that now need to ensure the Celebrities and the stupidities that the Goons behind them exhibit stopped swooning on it – completely unnecessary, save in terms of how much they enjoy their practical jokes and the fact their stupidities are becoming more of a physical threat as well and then none has to get punished with their big mouth. Personally, as I mentioned, perhaps there will be a time when US Democrats spent time in Government buildings to tell lies that help to support something else save this nonsense. The idea is to make a living at my expense, blabbing during the first few years that I had something they didn’t and there needed to be equality, now it’s largely a blabbing that they are superior to me and we see it does not have another mode of operation save getting me stuck with the filthy consequences of Celebrity lifestyle, wrecking my Business so it might be able to beat me down with market and creating me a Public image that can be used to pressure me into dealing with serious and violent social problems and it is not more complicated than their stupidities showing up at a writer concerns if they wish to read a Book, rather than make the fact my Books mean something to them into this sort of trash i.e. I need my reputation, I need the readers environment and I am doing it on social Media, so their madness can no longer claim they were unaware of my challenges when they began their foolish practical jokes. The story they tell mostly is that I never do the wars as well which is clearly where this nonsense is heading next too as it were – then there is the part where they know things about women and if you play practical jokes on them in terms of private parts they may wet themselves, which the idiots then apply to other Men becoming a case where a line needs to be drawn on how far their stupidities may go but I like to say they think they are important and I am afraid of them while reality is that there is nothing good about their character save hanging around on the street corners talking nonsense about people doing their stuff, while spending money on shop managers – so what is about to catch up with them next is the stupid lower class insanity making trouble for me while blabbing off the decadence of getting whatever they wanted, it’s just another lifestyle that will as it were.

I do get told these matters are too big for me and I can understand that but I don’t think it escaped the faculty necessarily that the business of wrecking careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhood was a work towards a process of building some silent millionaires who keep an eye on me over an assumption they can get whatever they want – I am sore all over and the idiots are building me a Public image on the smell caused instead of stopping it, neither has then once been an explanation; when it comes up with the abusive practical jokes it is always one as stupid as obfuscation on what my diet looks like while wrecking my Public image to replace it with one where I promised to deal with gangs. It is supposed to be a result of Democrats coming up with those new ideas to work with the Middle East in a bid to control European Influences that oppress ethnic minorities in the USA, I have no idea why I am having to deal with the antics of silent low level millionaires all the time for it either. In terms of what I want being lost in translation, it has always been a simple matter of the fact there need to be a stop to Celebrities swooning on my income margins while they hung around making my Public image into a sales tool, otherwise the ideas I have on how to stop it is far from being as pleasant as a condition whereby they listened to what other people were saying to them as well. I am not a Celebrity and its certainly not my Job to kiss better the bottoms of those who are. They do say the part I don’t talk about is the way my lifestyle affects others too, which is utter nonsense – we all know when I cannot function without the women in my head, the fact that Industrial and criminal feminism exists does not affect others on my account never the less and those who want to make a case out of it now know they will go on and on, it will never be enough, until they were stuck with fellow cracked up out of my league in the City, they can offer me as a gift that serves a tool to whenever they got into a relationship with while the facts will never change that they have got their own problems and since they think others do not matter, the reasons they should not be showing up here to damage whatever they saw was that they needed to get cracking with their own issues.