I am now said to be incapable of tolerating a processes of being teased while I really love to tease others and I could never understand how indeed my career became a subject for such nonsense anyway, I know however that these idiots have men in their lives to spend their insults on if I do not find it tasty. We have been talking for some time now, about the sense of sitting at Government concerns to think of their stupidities as something which is at some stage salvageable but none has yet construed this to be a position of compromise which sets out a stage that will get me putting up a deadline for myself on the matter of moving them on. I mean Celebrity culture is technically not supposed to have been a social problem but now it is because it’s all about Boys who cannot allow Girls study at school, securing their own custom made girls for the purpose of shoving me in order to help people out with financial leadership on my personal life and public image, talking nonsense about being famous, passing abuses and insults at me that will get me wrapped around their little finger over the last decade – their fame started when I was 23 and now they are more important than I am, hence therefore superior, privileged and can do whatever they like with me, looking for more of what their stupidities are complaining about – fair to say I am about to take my own steps as to ensure that foolish Celebrity culture was unrecognisable too. The rest will be the fools who work processes of corrupting my State Provided security and cannot stop getting off somewhere to make claims of ownership associated with what I do and say while their stupidities were not sharing the salary that got to their heads the entire time; they do all claim it’s a matter of seeing me get involved with a fight because of what they dream my body type could do and so have I warned the fucking idiots about the fact I am not a fan of their existence and do not feel emotionally attached to it happening whether I wanted it or not – I would fancy they took what I do for a living seriously before I got to lunch my own practical jokes based abuses of their earning margins as well.

The other part of their story naturally is that most of my problems are created by Muslims and it’s nothing unusual – we all know it never stops blabbing nonsense at me, looking for a response it is unlikely to forget, like the above idiots get dangerous when I do nothing about it, it’s not that I am not doing a thing about their foolishness either; what happens with it is that they claim the mess they make of my person and writing career while they complained to Politicians concerning the way I responded to it, was a matter of getting me to fight racism and extremists because they were more important people with Cars and Houses to their names, about which it’s a matter to stealing the Public image and the Bookshop Equities to assume I have something left to fight the extremism and racism with once their stupidities were done, that is if I were happy to get off the need to build publicity for their criminal behaviour over it, to fight for their stupid rights because I was keen. The point is that I very well aware of what the idiots are doing naturally and it’s an old story along with their black friends of playing foolish, hurtful and abusive practical jokes on me because their stupidities were having fun – it extended to the time I did a security guard job which is where some of their most recent big problems began because then they wouldn’t let me do it, so I left it for them, which added to a state of affairs I have with their foolish women and Celebrities, that says their stupidities will only likely spend more time on me than they do with their families and we all know what it means, much the same as their children are so stuck with me that they have no time left to get famous, so I have got something for everybody except these Muslim idiots corrupting my State provided security and we can see it will end very well too. The goons who like to blab about how they are working a war on me have got it all figured out naturally – the war only operates in terms of when I am not walking down the streets getting them off the daily concerns for a fight that I am unlikely to take part in, the war makes sense when their stupidities are not so busy, makes sense when it suits them; I can only say they need keep playing with me, all the way to the Monarchy, as every indication is that their stupidities will end very well thereof.

I do get told its false hope for people to think I can handle any of these matters if it really kicks off and its utter nonsense too – all of these matters are very well settled, the only problem is a two group of idiots getting all over it i.e. society fools with a need to threaten me while telling me what to do, so they might get their stupid imagination up my bum and the foolish Celebrities who do the same with Publicity to extract money from my Public image providing financial leadership for other fools who are as socially corrupt as they are, spending my time on matters that get people sleeping around, never mind the fact I feel like masturbating for each involvement their stupidities conducted with my concerns because every fibre of their person is unbearably annoying, while they claim they are aware their behaviour ought to attract consequences but their stupidities believed it will not apply because they were very important with a big mouth. It needs to stay out of my Royal Hermitage and all the concerns therein and keep its stupid self away from me, if it wishes to stop complaining to the Politicians seeking action while it leaves out these very important details in all that blabbing. The part where all I do at the Monarchy is a mess will be utter rubbish too; what happens is that I am a writer and these idiots are not readers, so we find that when I think matters looked like something that HM Aides have gotten involved with in the past, I will tag it to Crown service but the problem with their stupidities requiring answers is that they never read whenever they get involved.

Speaking of external influences, we know at this stage it’s usually the influence of Germans – where they say I need Brexit but love to claim I don’t support it which I don’t because I am not as compromised as the people who needed Brexit were, as equally as we know that Majority of people in the Country voted for Brexit; so it’s an old story where Germans will support the Irish and break up the UK, after that it was Gaddafi buying weapons for the provisional IRA, now what Germans are doing with dissidents in the UK is largely a matter of an idea that they run and probably own all of Europe. The American one will be the part where I had written a Book they found useful, so they decided to deploy it for all sorts without paying for their own copy to deploy for all sorts, claiming it’s as much as their stupidities need, then hang around somewhere progressing from a bunch of fools blabbing about an American version of me that Americans can be proud of like the British are of me, to something about idiots who get imagination up peoples bums being immune to reprisals because they are being used to run businesses, while they employed the criminals in the neighbourhoods, classic case of stupid yanks as usual. The rest will be the Asian market idiots and the first time it became a problem was that gimmicks they played off with Media fools that they gave a religious license to do anything made a real mess for me, this time I just appear to have had a reputation for controlling everybody while they know where my Books and earning margins are, much as their African friends they collaborate with on such nonsense, now as I walk down the streets my Public image and personality gets stolen by those who need it and there is nothing I can do, whatever concerns I may have been paying attention to being completely irrelevant – such that we can see that I did leave the security guard job for the goons that are always playing stupid games with me, the women now know they may just end up spending their time with me instead of their families and the children now know they can only get stuck with me until it was impossible to be famous but I do not have a set way that these particular group of gits feel about me yet and the fact I have not got one so far shows up on Media all the time – we then find Black British trouble makers pick it up as well, an old story about wrecking people’s lives and property to draw attention to male and female world issues, the idea being that when their stupidities had done that enough times, I will drop to obscurity while they became famous people, save the problem in my case is that it is taking too long.

We find them claim I get endless attention while they got nothing as such, just like me and my wife picking on you until you smell never pay attention to the fact a lot of the times they get into a violent situation, their stupidities were responsible for it; what really happens being that I am a writer and when they get involved without reading what I write or buying a copy of the Books, it is not stupid, in fact if I said they were idiots it will get me into a violent situation with a big mouth. There is an ideology behind this nonsense which is the reason it is so strong naturally and it’s called socialism – waiting for government to take taxes off rich people in order to solve their problems does not work anymore, rounding up people like sheep in order to gather up their ideas for the common good is the new way – the gits do not have a history of controlling the extremism and the racism that comes with it naturally and are not scared that such a fact exists, they are just very educated in gambling. Their Politicians say I am a waste of space and should be replaced but the reason we are where we are is that I run this place on the premise of a sensibility that money is created to make big business feel more comfortable but just as I decided to take a few action to boost my income margin, the years of rounding me up like sheep paid off to the tune of a premise for more practical jokes at my expense; it goes without saying the part where they kept away from my Books and stopped following me around is still the one that works for everybody as it were. The idea I cannot handle any part of it is utter nonsense naturally; what I am doing now is a matter of the fact that we have been punished for decades for supporting young people with their careers especially when it fed into popular culture – they say I started the business of letting people make songs that tease criminals for the bad activities and encumber their mobility in the process and I now feel as if retirement age for me was a luxury while I am sore all over for writing Books their stupidities found useful, inundated with gangs, criminals and hoodlums and my wealth equality structures broken and used to beat me down too; so I am going to experiment on how well their stupid famous does with the gangs criminals and hoodlums as well and I think it’s one of those situations where it was quite clear enough had not yet died as it were, especially considering they are now regularly gathering crowds to plan finances on my life, while making use they manipulate me into a situation they can control in the process making a mess to match what their foolishness had set out as show business success perks, vanity and ruthlessness – the blabbing is all very good, but staying away from my Books, stopping all processes of handling or following me around works for everybody and is better than finding out how many people will die for what I am getting up to at this stage, once finished which it will probably be a process of setting out some equities that will set a stage between me and the silly society next.

I have been informed there is a sense I have taken to social media as a tool that helps me hide in a safe distance to pick on Celebrities and its utter nonsense – people need to touch my work and my profiles if they are willing to read what I have written there or buy my Books, those who are asking questions would find that when they had traced back a couple of years and matched it with the activities of Celebrities it will become quite clear what the fame idiots are doing with my property unauthorised and how they are using social media that actually belongs to them the last time we checked, to do it; they have already hijacked a social system and made it into a business platform, what they do with people they have paid to help run that business platform is one face, what they make of themselves on the social side is the most toxic abusive nonsense you could ever imagine. They do claim I brought it on myself by antagonising their stupidities which is utter nonsense – I mean in five year since I wrote my Books they have done nothing with me save build publicity that turns off interest and delays other people’s involvement until such people as delayed turn themselves off it all together, then set about building me a history of insults that gets me stuck between democrats and republicans and leave me to grapple every day with abuses and violence from feminist twats who set out that they don’t think I am making trouble for women since I cannot but I would serve better as a punching bag for their stupidities and it’s not the only mess they have made here because my Books were useful to them – blabbing about teaching me lessons is always sweet, I am sure it was quite clear at this point that unless they had stopped running their show business ventures where my Publishers were selling my Books, I will burn it for them as far as my part in this matter is concerned. It has always been this way – the fat cats will tell you that they are entitled to make money with your property and you ought to know if you did start a fight their money will not run out before you were burned out, this is just Celebrity version of the same nonsense, complete with features such as me dropping out of University and a global stage media salvation campaign to set out their stupidities as people who are more important than an Arch Prince, which the Muslims friends that contributed to wrecking my academic work had long become a part of and are regularly showing up here for more of the same things with respect to where they had their successes. The insults and abuses that suggest they have got me and my company wrapped round their little finger only seeks the worst possible response from me; I can only say that they are the ones with jobs that require them to appear before large crowds and I will not be standing in a Law Court over their foolish need to breach my patents all the time when we can do it socially and get it over with, the rest of what has become the brainchild of idiots hanging around their nefarious and problematic way of running their show business, clearly can run around Town like mad people to seek out equity if they want to run advertisement business for their famous stars, I am fed up with smelling like what I ate every time I sit down which gets worse with the more of a history that ends up being built for me over time, such that I cannot even stand without it happening, on account famous idiots are gathering up random crowds who plan personal finances on my property with their help in order to sell show business products, they need to get a real job. It’s already difficult enough to get around gathering what they have made a mess of in order to build my Client some confidence, while grappling with their stupidities building me a reputation for doing something wrong and deserving of punishment each time I tell them off for the destruction of my property and set off other society twerps to show up here and churn my tummy every time I am trying to work at this Office, to get me missing deadlines or unable to come up with projects, which will have improved their prospects of being the ones that wrote my Books, as stupidly as possible and then we find them claim it’s my Publishers doing it, while the Publishers are not part of the Hermitage, not part of the Trust system either, just the people who do the Books their stupidities were buying the last time that we checked.

They do say that everything that has happened to me has been done by the Labour Party to teach me lessons, while ignoring the fact that everything that people are complaining about is all due to the business which exists between myself and the Labour Party – they are good at complaining but before then the same nonsense we see now, followed me about at a Higher institution, wrecked the academic work, left me £30,000 in debt and showed up to handle me for the purpose of running street shops that are not going anywhere, so they might look over my shoulders with what is not even enough to employ me. They are free to choose the option of issuing those stupid threats endlessly on an assumption that the reasons they complain of me so often was not due to the fact I have had enough of them too; all I can say is that I am writing Books here and their good old fashioned British Public control issues that wants to fool around with me and fool around with my career and finances has got a very strong community that works the civil disobedience behind it and will never listen to anything I had said and done to tell them off, as long as they will not be complaining about my response too. It’s an old story whereby we never discuss the matter because of where it leads i.e. if you hurt peoples parents they will say you harm very big things and if you hurt the kids you harmed things that were so brave they were dealing with problems you were too much of a coward to face up to but this nonsense started about 13 year ago, from a need to play practical jokes on me, to a need they had to make use of my personality for popular culture, soon it became a matter of black people never being able to show up in Public without making statements about being superior to me, then it developed into a story where each time I said I am not homosexual it is never enough and now when it blows up in my face it does like the reasons they are complaining more frequently as it stands i.e. just when I thought I needed to do something to boost my earnings at this Hermitage, I am faced with years of planning to ensure I became a kid that was taken advantage of by ageists, who then hung around at popular culture telling stories of his life, while the bloody idiots already express a hatred of a Book I have written in autobiographical form, which has become a global phenomenon – it blows up in my face like so, a case of how they have assisted some very stupid young people who hang around playing with obscurity and looking for an opportunity to get onto criminal activity access to my Public image via the insults of their Media fools and Celebrities and a reason has not been offered for it if they wished to blow off their big mouth, so what we see right down to their foolish Politicians is the assumption all this tolerance has created a character their stupidities may handle and step on at will. All these fools have in their reputation is a need to play up Men’s world and Women’s world issues at other people’s expense, blowing off that big mouth all the time and we know the most basic stage for Men’s world issues to operate is a talk of Penis, while that of women’s world is a talk of vagina; this nonsense is always their strong suit, never the potholes on the roads or the expensive Public transportation – I have seen Gambling Companies fill in potholes and paint their logo on it as advertisement in the USA, they gave their reasons as something they did to advertise their trade because the Government is not taking any responsibility for what they should, we can see what we have here developing into something that meant this would be done by pornographers in their case; we hear that big mouth subliminally, that this matters can be resolved if we all subscribed to socialism and I still cannot tell exactly what it is that their stupidities can do if we didn’t. The point is that I am very well aware that the daily destruction of my Bookshop is wrought by the Labour Party and its leadership, we have everything that is bad in that party, including racism, antisemitism and ageism but I don’t need to be reminded like this either, there is really nothing their stupidities can do about me, save sitting down at the Job centre to tell me what to do in whenever they need a boost for their self-confidence and its greed.

This is not the end of the world either, it’s just the outcome of spending five years of my time tidying up to get the academic work done, only to be blockaded by idiots who have always wanted to make use of my personality because they have been working a plan to get it anyway and the outcome was the business of getting young people that hang around playing with obscurity, looking for criminal opportunities to my public image, we are talking about it because the idiots cannot keep their mouth shut, we are talking about it because they are always issuing those threats at me, knowing their stupid children they have set up to this nonsense will likely get the imagination up my bum and get a response from me that produces trends thereof; it is an old story about a certain group of narcissism idiots thinking what they do is a matter of the power they have while it is a matter of what people refuse to respond to – we know that no normal human being plays these practical jokes on others to such an extent that their victims are unable to tell how household bills will be paid and their stupidities were unable to tell how the victims will pay those bills as well; such that somewhere at the 7th to the 10th month of that happening during a year, we do not find the fucking idiots at any stage express something which suggests it is unusual for people to endure such behaviour for that length of time and then months run into years etc. the wars are the wars we know but when we have to kill, it is usually a personal experience, more so with benefit of hindsight there will be no wars, the bloody idiots making out those stories on Media about the fear I deal with all the time, while I simply want them and their foolish Family Members with  a trading to piss about with, to give me my space and stop showing up near my Bookshop, bearing in mind it does make it more difficult to control the other twats who are corrupting my state provided security all together. It started getting serious around 2016, when I got a security guard job and they spent my entire time abusing and insulting and playing practical jokes on me while I was at it, left the job for them I did and signed myself off the security Industry and they have done nothing with their idiot’s time save escalating the problems their foolish children create to feel special in my direction, I have no idea why the twats are always behaving as if this is likely to last for the next five years or so either, it’s just a phase – the result of the stupidities they planned behind me which blew up in my face once I was done clearing out the previous ones in order to chase my academic work. So what we see is how it is supposed to operate i.e. these idiots will either get rich with another person’s property or the victims of their greed gimmicks will have to kill them – so if you have not yet killed anybody or are not yet dead, it could have been worse; I was able to control this before I got past my teens, to show up here dealing with a foolish mother that was a part of that stupid party helping their idiocy to churn my tummy in the process, now they have got the tummy churning bits like they used to do in small measures back in Africa and are off to a lives dream with a big mouth, except it’s the consequences of spending tax payer funds on these fools which gives a sense that these were very special and important people and we had to hold our tummy each time we thought they were idiots that constitutes the biggest problem their Political career faces to date. They would say I know a thing of two that I needed to share on wealth equality naturally when I speak like that but before then the global phenomenon was that religious people stole ideas from socialist Politicians and had to be stopped – my point being that I have no idea why they behave as if it is the end of the world, when it is just a response to facing the stupidities they have planned behind my back to make use of my work and person which makes more of a mess for me after I had tidied up to prepare for academic pursuit they had wrecked the first time round a decade earlier – so the bloody idiots are clearly out of their depth as we speak and we know tax payer funds to be spent on these greedy civil rights fools is not their money, so I am guessing the next funds that these idiots will get from them will be private and then there will be a real need not to get stuck at the Job centre if I could plan my life on their stupid wallets instead.

It was the same story I faced the first time at University – in about 2 weeks of attending, they had seen one and travelled overseas to bring them in, get their Fees through the system for those who needed money and set them on me to chase my bum, soon I had dropped out and ended up in debt as a result and everything about me set the stage for them to be the brains behind the stupidities we see their Celebrities exhibit as disobediently as possible at show business, talking nonsense about being able to blackmail me with threats of war. Now I am getting ready for the academic pursuits and the bloody idiots had started again as it were, always so important, yet so stupid and my health pays the price due to their disobedience and that foolish imagination getting up my bum and then my finances pay the price for their stupid civil rights thereafter – I am faced with it again and this time I am really going to handle it in a way that ensures it was quite clear this occasion was intended to be the finale as it were. They love those claims so much that it’s impossible to locate how a University drop out like me would have a position that influences Government and this was very well understood naturally, what we are talking about being a drop out based on a business of continuously underestimating what people who want to deploy whole Parliaments and Tax payer systems and Cabinets to wreck the academic work and finances may get up to, their case being superior to me on the other hand was the part where what they want to do to others all the time is what somebody did to them once and the once made them into racists and gangs, yet their stupidities were always in charge. So there is no part of society trouble makers telling me what to do to get imagination up my bum or Celebrities doing the same which has an effect or happens within mainstream living without their involvement with my concerns or those stupid well off neighbourhood insults being thrown at me – it has always been as simple as this, as far back as I remembered it. The other part of their story being that I set myself out as victim while I am not but I am simply responding to the fact we are here again because I am dealing with their self-assuming important and superior to me insults once again as it were – the first time that they became victims was due to the University saga and how for their white friends it was okay to wait at the Jobs Market for revenge, while for them it was a matter of those insults producing an outcome where I was not an Arch Prince at all, setting a stage for more gimmicks that meant each time Companies got involved with me, they got to follow it up with a sense I invited myself into areas of Industry where the families of those who own and run it should be making some money by the way side, in order to please myself and the wrecking and pillaging followed, dragging me down a rabbit hole to spit me out at the backyard of Industry where I found them doing my stuff and so the money they lost as a result of my response could have made me popular if I wanted it to. It’s not unusual – we know Royal Court hates them so much because they must have everything they see and it feeds into my activities set out to fend them off my concerns as well; the outcome is that their white friends want to tell me what to do and spend everything they see here thereof all the time, which is supposed to feed into their stupid social corruption that leaves me feeling as if the retirement age was a luxury for me, kicking off at popular culture, politics and Media all day, which result ought to be that I sacked their Celebrity culture for it as well. They believe they are making sense when they say it could all be more respectful, more respectful of them I suppose then while respect is what it was always about – this is London and we know you may walk your dog and the Mayor may run by on his morning exercise and you cannot go home to wear a suit in order to meet the Mayor, so it’s impossible to tell who exactly is sitting or standing beside you on the streets, therefore important to bear in mind that you don’t deploy people’s lives and property to get your issues fixed. It has now reached a stage where those stupid games with me are developing into something serious – I must show them financial credentials before I may get into my Office and get on with my concerns and it has now reached a stage where I am being compared to their stupidities by their equally foolish Public transport gits who want to play with me all the time as per I could not be an Arch Prince when tramps have more money than I do and this business of fooling with me has already led to a result they don’t fancy since last they got their kids from fooling around with obscurity, seeking criminal activity they can be part of, to making money on my public image with intend on confiscating it using a big mouth only I guess – it will not stop playing with me like that when it’s all abusive, hurtful and narcissistic, until it gets a response that it will really fall in a love with over a long period of time. the claim that I use these issues to hide my financial failure being utter rubbish naturally – we know if the Government spends money on a failing Company, the Government cannot monitor if that company is employing people, even though the Company knows that in order to be profitable it has to do so, we see such matters sit firmly at the heart of a habit people have of discussing money and though money itself was their business, while it was the business of the National banking leadership – then there are the abusive and threatening idiots who label themselves Celebrities doing it to such an extent they have no energy left to work for it and show up here to shove me and get random crowds planning personal finances at my expense to blackmail me with threats of war like they have seen me show a willingness to fool around with their stupidities in the past, only to tell me what I have done to control what their stupidities do around my concerns so far was luck. The fact at the end of the day is that I run the financial matters at this Hermitage as something which is closely linked to National Economy and Banking Policy – I don’t make money if I think it will affect certain equity that set out to show Money is printed by National Banking leadership to make big businesses more comfortable, so half the time I ignore this nonsense because it does not make any sense the amount of things I will do away with if I must address those who perform these stupidities as equals and ignoring it tended to mean their stupidities may go on for an eternity. The Politicians have always said there is more to this and I needed to allow people hear it; an old story of the Liability of National Currency being part of the property of this Hermitage, hence if the Pound affects the world in anyway, I am likely to know about it and therefore do not need to make money if I had no wish to do so, more so as it is not another person’s business if I did. The whole matter feeds into a case of several US Policy that have been made to damage the British Economy as well and it’s an old story of not responding to some of these American decisions but pick them out and go with a few that you think you can – if it affects the value of the currency, then the Banking Leadership does not have to worry about Policy so much as Americans like to do several jobs at the same time but if it becomes overtly destructive such matters as the existence of Crypto currency hanging around British backyard making mess becomes a real issue for concern as a start. It’s much the same as the manner in which Americans use cheap tax havens in the Middle East to wreck the UK Economy, pointing out certain stupidities associated with repression of ethnic minorities while looking like people are making them a deal not to provoke them over creature comforts until they murdered somebody at Government work – it’s the reason we have to deal with so much insults and abuses from Muslims and when I table the fact I had dropped out of University the first time that they showed up here to chase money at my expense, we find that it simply makes their stupidities worse looking for a response.