I have been told my grand plan is to latch onto a woman who has money and get on with what is left of my sordid life – I do grasp that if I got into a relationship at this stage, when we set out responsibilities, it will be set out along this lines because I am broke but it does not mean it’s what I am looking forward to either, if I ought to get across the facts; what then happens is that their stupidities enjoy showing up to steal anything I had prepared for such an eventuality, to help themselves onto fame, then we find them exhibit all sorts of nonsense which suggest I am missing out on something important for not getting into a relationship with their pointless and directionless Celebrity insanity.

They do say that they are taking the Arch Prince’s Office away from me and its utter nonsense as there is nothing they can do about my position – dabbling into the matter is usually a situation where one exposes the self to something of a publicity that draws attention to their quite incredible flurry of insults they throw at others pointlessly every day. They claim I am disrespectful at the Monarchy as well which is utter rubbish as none knows who appointed them the enforcers of respect at the Royal Family anyway – eventually all coming down to the story that I am disrespectful of the Prince of Wales which is utter nonsense as what happens is that The Prince of Wales is doing what is the classic case of Crown Succession Politics where the Heir is usually the biggest threat since he behaves in a way that ensures Public problems come to light all the time. the exact way they think of what is happening between me and this particular matter is that I discipline The Prince of Wales, since getting involved with it on their part draws attention to the reasons one takes it so personally when disciplined by people it is intended that he should have learned something from – they always end up setting off criminals, hoodlums and gangs on the Public image, then return with the problems being that they made me sore all over which I will solve and yet should I take it seriously being disciplined by them, I will never learn a thing in my life – so it’s always the case that you feel like killing them when they do it naturally and to say I do the same with The Prince of Wales is quite incredible; what really happens being that he stirs up Public matters and this exposes the bottom, so once people were completely screwed he makes a mess of it and it’s not linked to how he runs his Office and another one begins immediately, should I protest this, we end up dealing with this sort of nonsense. Same story all round – it will discipline me until the process is counterproductive but once I wanted it to ensure this place was quiet enough for people to read Books I have written, it cannot even control the gits who get on people’s public image to please random crowds and make money that helps them to property which explains why HM lives in a Castle, who call themselves Celebrities, to make it happen. The Politicians on the other hand however are very busy with where they expect to stand with businesses in the Communities that is a location for their constituency Offices and then they show up to tell me once they were fed up chasing my personality for amusement, making a mess of everything around here like the Celebrities, that I play too much and it has no basis on reality as we know they spend time on such things but are never likely to get around chasing how the produces they see show up on the streets show up on the streets from around the world and those who have Official duty to chase it never chase it every day, they therefore engage in such activity claiming the majority that elects them should also serve as market which makes them money because they are flushing my life down the loo. They do say they must engage with businesses naturally and yes they must but understand it is Crown business; HM aides are always chasing the society trouble makers down one side and a collection of goons HM does not want to do business with are always chasing society trouble makers down another road and yes it is said I perform these duties as well which I do and what I did with it could have been so easily obvious if they read what I wrote, thus can see how stupid it is that they get involved obsessively without reading it. In the end it is said that I am intense and it invites trouble but I am not intense; at the end of the 15 year vandalism that has gone on here, we have seen that Celebrities are much the same as people we see campaign for Foodbanks and against Homelessness on the Streets, except that theirs is about gathering Crowds that will plan personal finances on the lives of Public service operatives and have been able to therefore decide what happens with my academic work and finances on grounds that I was seen engaging myself with religion – no twat who gets off telling me I have been allowed to get completely out of hand, especially when I say it will never stop while it is still talk time, has ever been seen doing a thing about this. It’s all meant to be incredible disrespectful but without spending time to talk about the kinds of respect we deserve, we can make out very clearly that I simply want the Celebrities to keep away from my Books and stop following me around. The part about deciding my academic work and finances because I was seen doing religion is not the only one – there are others like women engaged in National service while my actions and Office provided them with some support being responded to by these guys in terms of what they did to get themselves sexually assaulted by criminals and then turned up to set out a git on my public image to wear skimpy clothes on my earning margins while they got random crowds planning personal finances at my expense, should I say it will not stop while it is talk time, an idiot who has gotten accustomed to passing cynicism at me will claim I have gotten out of hand. In the end there is still the case with the characters I have described as Boys that don’t allow other study in academic environments having developed their own custom made girls to deploy Celebrity culture and make a mess of peoples careers where the best work was done for fame getting all over the place and what I have done has put them under some handle on the left and on the left but my daily concerns have not yet normalised because of Politicians and Media who clearly do not need such activity since they are not in a place where they are having to survive for their lives, hence completely unnecessary, looking for a response. I do get told that my trouble with Celebrities tends to linger and yes it does, it always will as the substitute for the business of the abusive behaviour happening on account that if push came to shove they would be better off, is now replaced by one of being stuck with me and not knowing how to get out of it with such outcomes as they will never get an exit from me for it.

So I have been told I am not in a position to make the statements I am seen making which is utter nonsense – the abuses and insults are simulated and I did not pick the terrible neighbourhood for their gimmicks either; it goes way back to the early days that show the lowest forms of scum in the whole world are likely to have worked on Media i.e. I pointed out the Court I had built was female only, they simulated their person involvement with it over a period of years and regularly told me if I asked tehri wives I would find out they always got what they wanted – then their bottom hurt thereafter and the threats, abuses and insults concerning the business of teaching me lessons for messing with the idea their stupidities were very important ensued, years down the line and they are now telling me they knew there were consequences associated with their corruption of involvement but did not think it would apply to them in my case because they were very important. The rest are pretty much the same but like the Celebrities all now hinges despite all I have done to avoid the situation on a business of either hanging around somewhere to say that a part of their stupidities was salvageable or being afraid of them. I am told it’s the sheer strain of the way I run my concerns and there is no strain – what happens is that the only thing I do which makes sense is that I am half supported by Government looking for employment and half engaged in study to get back to University, the rest is a collection of goons picking up hoodlums, criminals and gangs, to set off on my Public image claiming they have to deal with control issues while I have it all and then setting off those tales that suggest they think lies and truths are the same thing depending on how you feel, to suggest it’s all punishment for something wrong that I had done; outcome being they hang around somewhere telling me what to do in order to get imagination up my bum while Celebrities hang around my Public image doing exactly the same things, none of which is a problem save the way another group of fools wish to ensure their Media jobs was all about it for me every day – they claim they do it for power i.e. what they mean by power is that whole perception of a me that run around as created by them, making all kinds of trouble while the real me has to catch up, it helps to determine what my reputation was and this would ensure they could prevent me from getting a job, controlling my finances and having somebody they can oppress, we clearly see it is something which they can only do until I came up with a plan to make them shut it down as well, like it usually plays out whenever they claim to have been the perpetual victims. They claim my involvement with the Monarchy creates problems for everybody while we know that their Celebrity insanity and its gits shoving imagination up peoples bottoms while they helped crowds to plan personal finances at other people’s expense, in order to run show business, getting involved with the Monarchy, was the real problem here, right down to the influence the USA and Germany exerts in our academic systems in this Country.

They always say its talk on my part but I cannot handle these matters which is utter nonsense – I want them to tell me what to do as insultingly as possible so their idiots may get imagination up my bum and handle it while doing so by themselves; I mean these are a group of idiots who always tend to know of the violent things inside others before their subjects knew it was there, right before they ran off to the academic system to pass exams, become the brains behind the stupidities we see Celebrities exhibit while persecuting religious people with their own senselessly and mendacity, so if you are not yet dead and have not yet killed somebody it could have been worse, I have mine sorted before I was 17 and at 39  bunch of idiots are still chasing my finances over their own, so we find each time I look like I do not plan to sit around and wait for the lucky day in which security from racism and nepotism fell on my lap, I will end up with a reputation for picking up a job that was so important only their stupidities were fitting for it, while the other fools who spy on me all the time and get overexcited about my activities are the reasons I am sore all over and cannot concentrate on anything because of their own mediocrity; so I am still waiting for their stupidities to get it done not blab off at me all the time. It’s just the other social gits stuck with me without a prospect of getting an exit from me as well the last time I checked, I can handle all my matters comfortable however on the other hand. I have been told my fall out with Media has been quite spectacular but we never got along at all – it was always a case of making sure that each time they picked up my work to ascribe glory onto themselves and their guests, I got some peace of mind because they got the job associated with it done, it is quite the amusement when the whole thing fits into those scenarios in which they have to report major news and it’s as if they can say the smaller news with no ratings was their creation but the bigger ones is everybody’s cup of tea hence they are at each other’s throats while getting the job done each time they ascribed my work to themselves or their guests. It’s never true that I have sucked the sweetness from the Media either – it is a stage on which statements can be made, that Politicians and Society should not be acting in a way that tackles small people who have managed to get away from big bad people, so what happened was some of them turning up to tell me that I am the moral guy around here and perhaps I can help with their male colleagues always being seen doing things that ensure people got beaten up by those they fell in love with, so I had decided to build them over time with all kinds of persecution attached, including bosses telling them to choose between me and them whereby I had to sacrifice parts of my own career and wellbeing, a system that meant I was there in a way whenever things happened and this had come under attack from the Men ceaselessly every day, they are now saying it’s all ruined and gone to hell and I understand their point as well but we shall assess the theory anyway, presently it all feeds into Industry, appears to be some form of a perverted rise of the Client employees and Top Employees, with features with suggest that Company and Business owners outside of United Kingdom and American Interests have long held the belief my Assets are their property. It has become a matter of uttermost importance to keep a watch on the way that my work is said to have been derived from the achievement of Politicians over the years, this is something of a progress to breaking the consequences of their access to my earning margins, which contrary to popular belief is really a positive result.