Today the talk is one of people beating me down, taming and controlling me, which is utter nonsense, what has happened is a need to handle my Bookshop and make a mess of it, such that each time I try to find out why indeed they want to control my finances as the prospect is always one of damaging it and with Media exposure, running off all sorts of work avoiding convenience nonsense that means my own opportunities passed to them for all the wrong reasons as well, it turns out they would like to get a feel of power and to oppress somebody who was important because the poor and destitute were overrated. They do always claim there is nothing I can do about it which is quite so as long as the idea continues to fester that I tended to flinch when it came to attacking Celebrities for the destruction of my property and this hope that it will all work this way is very badly misplaced. Generally, making a public statement that their stupidities have nothing to do with me would have resolved the problem but the threats issued by their security idiots and other fools working the sexually abusive industrial espionage that puts their stupidities in charge have now developed beyond mere intense distraction. So the plan still works in terms of the fact that I fool around with serious public matters all the time while the reality is that in order for these idiots to drive their cars on the roads running my down for walking down the pavements to chase my own daily concerns, they need to build communities where they decide in secret how others should be treated to avail themselves to more opportunities and business publicity, it runs me down all the time save the times when I make it feel as though it wants to abandon making use of the insulting saloon cars all together. It is generally still the old business of the poor with a label that has been placed on me which calls me Mr Problem solver to facilitate the abuses that causes so much outrange and the rich working their haves and have nots practical jokes that allow them to get about practically stealing whatever they want by presuming only they have the right to produce and while others get to market to hand money over, when they want to consume as well, they simply take what they like – the abusive American Political idiots at the helm of it love to insult and churn the tummy for them and those insulting threats their liberal stupidities show off all the time but we all know they complain all the time about the public matters I handle at this Office hurting their bottoms, since the last time that the ageists developed from wrecking my academic work to chasing me about at the jobs market and now settled up on getting into league with culture and society idiots to build obfuscation about my diet and a Community with imagination that gets up my Bum, I have to deal with those insults all the time while the fucking idiots have done nothing to stop the school shooting in their Countries for example. What I have here as well is my Books which they need to buy in order to handle unless their stupidities happen to have written it alongside me all together. I have never really thought the matter to be a crisis as a whole, what has happened is that these goons will never get famous on my Public image; they now have their whole life times to think about it and hence I expect to deal with these sorts of nonsense all of them time but that said, the other idiots that complain about the hurting bottom all the time, need stop making a mess of it and give me my space; I have had it set out a part for everybody – the younger ones with their abusive insults instigated by parents and Politicians will continue to hate since I intend to decide exactly what their stupidities did with their entire lives too, the middle goons were the ones that allowed the Celebrities turn neighbourhoods on its head to plan a life on people’s wallet while showing up to attack me endlessly because I did not get into a fight in the course of doing a security guarding job some time earlier and I shall soon find them work of a life time in the security Industry concerning the Celebrities as well, the older ones will be the reason the Hermit has a sore bottom on account they had to live in such an immoral society, talking nonsense about a lack of respect for their stupid achievements on my part all day long. In view of all these facts which their stupidities are a long way away from beat down, tame and control we hear their big mouth blabbing about, the theory being that I am the trouble maker if the Politicians are to take action on any of these issues, while reality is that for each time they tackle me and build those stupid communities that send them out to run me down and I did pick up civil duties and completed them, to ensure they looked like characters that should be taken off to Boot Camp, instead of conduct social experiments on myself and become a Homosexual, it does tend to make perfect sense – feeds into stories about colonialism and the white persons domination of the world which does not allow ethnic minorities develop their own societies, talking nonsense about how such development the dream I see dreamt of me on their foolish streets, where I conducted social experiment on myself until I became homosexual to foster modernity with a big mouth – we all know they can attack violently and hope I will hang around something doing so if I survived and so is the myth I am unable to handle Royal Office quelled by the fact if I handled their own they will be off to National service doing my stuff again as it were. The rest of the time it’s largely a matter of the stupid good for nothing sell out loser low lives who know how to inflict their homosexuality on others chasing my anus all the time and telling stupid lies – so as I said before, the one that gets to my head as well is the one I spend my time on, unless their stupidities writes my work, they need to pay for it in order to get involved; none peddles the faith, personal life and or Public image, they have achieved much while their parents who appear to be the one thing I need to handle in order to ensure this matter is not such a problem anymore, have grabbed my career and gone off to fool around with City centre operatives who took their careers from them, now returned to work society and insulting public transport in a way that ensures I was the character that had to deal with young people that get imagination up peoples bottoms, once done with the insults talking nonsense about my attitude which becomes so ridiculous as their stupidities have paid other people’s Bills, we find the idiots are no longer able to do a thing about the attitude of their equally stupid Children, then get into league with those and work against the rest of us for other personally profitable gimmicks, talking nonsense about beating down and taming their mates. The female of the lot will be the ones fundamentally responsible for the perversion of my equity broker business into something that Fashion industry gits, Celebrities, Media and Industry idiots may take advantage of to better their careers, leaving me with an Equity business where I work so hard to control usage, talking nonsense about control while one of the ways to ensure I was completely free of their stupidities was to hit the parents really hard, as it will mean they got their children involved and contradicted their profitable insults all the time.

They have broken my Bookshop to bits naturally, spent five years building me a global stage reputation that says I have civil rights problems, the insults showing up where I have done the best work for my career everyday because they know where problems are and will get rich off having done so with the stupid lifestyle, there are racists shouting above our heads all over it hence we cannot hear what we are saying to each other at Government buildings, the women have turned my Equity Broker business into something that needs protection because Fashion idiots, Celebrities and Media are grabbing whatever they like from it, so as to get me fighting for bottom feeder women and tends to remind us all the reasons that the USA must be considered a menace much the same as we do Russia.