It loved to boast that I continued to deny how much power famous people had over me and how much damage they had done to my career and it is utter nonsense as I am Royalty and there is nothing they can do about me with respect to publicity, just as much as there is nothing they can do about me in terms of connections with the poor, it simply needs to cease stifling my finances and its insolent society need to fool around else where or I will take the steps I need to stop their stupidities badly too. I am not vulnerable to them in anyway, we know what happens is that when people bother poor persons, there is greater prospect they will end up taking up work at the security services to mitigate the problems they created and when people bother the wealthy, they will end up facing an attitude issue associated with the fact that money was lost whilst they wanted to get paid. They do suggest these were rules made without consulting them and it is utter nonsense as it is simply justice, that since none was likely to walk into their parents bedroom at 18 to ask about how bills were paid, they were unable to have it worked out by the time they were in their early thirties, late thirties, early forties, because the government could not protect them and if the government decided protection was enough and somebody else was the problem, naturally the person needed to provide protection, same as the wealthy where the government decided it had lost an amount of money and somebody wanted to get paid. They do lip flap like they spend everything I do to recover from their stupidities on their iron clad personalities that set them out as nice people, providing them a shroud behind which they could get on media to perform all sorts of nefarious nonsense, that I was suffering the same things whilst the greatest achievement of that stupid need to become business men whilst the feared the market and expected me to do the work was the fact I dropped out of University and they passed their own exams to become pests, playing my little entitled siblings backed by a more powerful idiot ripping my career and income margins with media insults to close my sales and make their own money - seems to have described the problems we faced all round when it shoots off that big mouth everywhere because a corrupt security service twat was running his gimmicks all over the place with a big mouth that suggested he or she would really love to see how deep the power gimmick rabbit hole went.

I mean, am told I never talk about these matters with respect to their true facts but this is because I continually receive the feedback that I overdid it and that I am the one doing the wrong thing, so I have considered I was better off getting my career in order and now I think I have done enough of that, perhaps it is time to let the authorities in on the fact they are always turning up, leaving their own birthdates to show up abusing the Scorpio, Libra, Virgo trio because it was the best way to take advantage of families and Households. Currently it is not that much of a crisis but because I had little resources to go around, I had to leave it to the justice process where they got involved with security services each time they bothered poor people and had to decide if they wanted to get paid each time they bothered the wealthy – the facts are that they always wanted to be business people but feared the market, so they needed people whose existence were not important and none cared if such persons had vanished, to go out there endure a lot of suffering and abuse, gather incentives and walk away from it, so they could become business idiots and investors, the second mode of operation was the insolent up and down, round and round, so my career means nothing to anybody no matter what I did with it, allowing them to get off destroying the natural environment for blackmail purposes, then there is my party piece where the fact they are employed as managers meant I had to wait and wait and wait for a day that they will cease practical jokes that targeted my business because they did not wish to show the same type of respect they showed people who owned their business in my direction on account I owned a business too. availability of resources would easily have meant that I wanted to find out which git had girlfriends that needed to decide the look of my career because they were taller and which idiots could not keep their imagination off my body part because they think I exist to fight for their civil rights as a weedy git that everybody could beat up with a big mouth, overall it is the usual story of the way it builds up a persona on Media that was unbreakable and suggested it was a nice person whilst I had to deal with its vile nonsense every moment and it was all publicly displayed on national media, should I do something unusual, I will end up with a history that only I can explain, names will be given to my actions such as an assassination as everybody will have forgotten that it has been strangling me for the best part of 15 years everyday. At this point I had decided there were better options to such drastic activity naturally, but having built a literary empire that was attached to a Royal commission and people who showed up at the trust were varied, some to spend their money in a way that made economic sense because none was offering them viable financial services or financial services they could trust, which is enough to get a Bookshop running but does not lead anywhere on account famous idiots were borrowing my public image to build themselves a profile on the basis of their addiction, whereby they created a problem and set about trashing and spending the careers and personal lives of those who found a solution, got criminals and thieves involved with personal spaces and maintained that problem as a matter of where they thought they were being the top of the food chain as they say. They are not at the top of the food chain at all, it is in the same social position as those who have suffered because of their gimmicks, like the pinnacle of this nonsense was the fact I had dropped out of University 15 years ago and ended up with a media based millstone on my legs preventing me from completing my academic pursuits, reading my birth sign to make the most of instances where it abused my privacy with rogue landlords, corrupt private security and an abusive civil rights society and have continued this nonsense since, looking for more of what it is complaining of – hence otherwise it would have been a simple matter of recovering by taking back my public image – it would do this and then work the show business in such a way that whilst it stifles your career and finances to cling to the public image, it was also able to build a profile where people were convinced that what it did was authentically its own, so there is no reason for it to cling to the public image but it was impossible to recover it like I mentioned when I murder it people will forget it was suffocating me for decades, they will have names for my action such as an assassination. We had to listen to that nonsense that they were the people who grew too big for the system to control which is not the case as they usually end up in the same social condition bearing in mind the way it needs to convince people that whilst it borrowed my public image what it did was authentically its own, the same people who have suffered due to their vandalism and then it will become a menace on the basis that it wanted status thereafter: thus the prevalent problem here being that I had failed to recognise that they were incredibly important, that they had arrived and it will maintain this nonsense until we met over it too I suppose. The details of ways it makes money off my public image being that it will nose around literally and find out markets where I had not closed the sale and its whole career will be about showing up all over my affairs to close a sale and make its own money – the nature of the problems we faced being that if I assessed Client needed to slow down, I would not naturally have closed a sale because I would destroy and lose the client I destroyed, they have never made a single decision about their careers in terms of where the prison service was located on the other hand, so that it might be easier for them to get on Media and manipulate people, needs to stop handling me or I will stop its famous stupidities badly.

I am told it was sad the way I turned out but there is nothing sad about contending with gimmicks where people built a bubble of lasciviousness around me, so that they may work crowd mentality at my expense, I know what to do about school children who take part, what you do about youth who take part and so on but the Media and Celebrities have suggested the role they played in it, was to do with the ways that I had stirred up German influence goons but cannot handle them – we know however that the so called German influence people lived a spoof, as in cash was king in Germany and they had none mainly because unlike the poor who genuinely had none, they think about it so intensely that they spent the energy thinking about it and had none left to work for it, thereafter took an interest in my personal space, allowed by Politicians and media and became menaces at my expense with insults I am meant to tolerate until their days in the work force were done, with a big mouth. So they speak of ways I did not have a chance endlessly along with their British friends, suffices to say what comes to mind is that I will string up their comfort zones and spend it to mitigate the abuses until my days in the work force were done, with an intent to see how brave they really were, the sort of stories they brew up before they got on to complain about obscurity issues. The sadness bit it supposed to have been the toll the rogue landlords, quasi criminal societies and corrupt private security gimmicks had taken on my person – the role of the media in the matter was a simple case of the ways that I am told that I looked upon the media and celebrities as people who should fight for my civil rights whilst it was not their job, but now we are seeing what the truth looked like when something got in the way of what their entitled stupidities wanted – it is meant to be a product of the fact they cannot stand up for themselves when they had not enough money to buy private security and when they do, spend a fraction of it attacking completely innocent and upstanding people, hence the part where it believed we thought the purpose of its job was to fight for civil rights. At this stage it would make sense to say that if somebody had a business premises and they showed up to pick up the PR, profiles and career publicity for other gimmicks that would help them feel superior and important, then such a person picking up publicity to clear up what their interest in his or her affairs were would have made sense but I am working on the internet, so I need to talk faster than they did, get ahead and consign their interest in me to a history of a brush with criminality that left me struggling with a sense that I ought to look more like somebody who should have his home broken into my criminals today than I was 24 hours ago, every day, the mother of all stress. Here I am told I nursed a good deal of hatred but I don’t – I mean for instance I am not in league with communists but it does not mean that communists were devils like they use my career publicity to get paid making out they were – we have seen their contingencies i.e. the claim I blamed their civil rights idiots for all my problems whilst the twats pervert my career and social life, to make me feel burned out so they could work sexual context harassment on me in public and keep my public life in the possession of famous idiots that were buying products from them expensively, we have seen the security services gits who have employed a bunch of freelance goons with no military ethics whatsoever, showing up here to claim I was in league with communists because they wanted to get rich quick in the USA and needed to do so by avoiding employment, we have seen what Celebrities have done with this nonsense to cling to my public image, my income streams and leave me to the home wreckers – I have done the part where I cleared up the fact I am not in league with communists and the gimmicks that are supposed to draw up that link because they wanted to get rich fast was something I was planning to pass onto the Police, we are now at a point where considering the way that the women brought something to the table when in a personal relationship with a man had much to do with showering me with so much insults I could not pay my way like everybody else, we were in a situation where it made sense that I started thinking about things I wanted to throttle. We have seen them suggest people have been fighting my wars at the security services which was the main reason that the way I had ended up was sad, whereas they were fighting wars on the way this nonsense had fed into their jobs and corrupted it so much they could not see what they were doing with it anymore, so what is outstanding was the fact that their blame culture had become more profitable than it has ever been and it is usually this way before we made the change in which they had to contend with police officers in riot gear on account somebody else did the blame culture gimmicks better than they could do it, personally it builds up to a sense that whilst I was aware of the personal life decisions that robbed them of everything everybody had naturally, I was willing to allow a Royal personal life get handled in such a way that I allowed them have their way with it, such as when they explained certain matters were running off around my career and social life which suggests I should be on their left hand side and that they had a society that would prove such a theory was correct, that should I let them have their way, I will have to explain it to the top authority in the land at some stage. In the end it would be said I am good with this chaos business but I am not, I work with what they contrive but should not shy away of making use of the fact they were afraid of everything and were mentally unstable, such that my decisions became part of the problem.

Eventually we consider the question of reasons they always needed to get into academic institutions to abuse peoples privacy, the way that I dropped out because it had become too toxic for me and the way they passed their exams to get some jobs that have allowed them continue the abusive processes where they have enjoyed the most successes for it, leaving me to do deal with their criminality in an environment where I am doing a lot of heavy lifting for my career – average government operative would have completed three degrees, I only needed my single degree because there was a lot of contingences that suggested I was being hunted for knowledge reasons, unless I had an incentive to learn more things, they ruined it for me and continued to show up here clinging to a Bookshop they made a mess of without a legal right to handle anything around here and an entitled need to be respected by me as well, having developed into gimmicks where it lip flaps what it knows nothing about blabbing ways that it would like to do something about me because its bottom hurts too, suffices to say then that when we meet over it, it will be their own bottoms on the line instead of mine, it needs to cease interfering with a Bookshop. They do claim I had no respect for the famous but it is not a matter of respect, I simply don’t care, as it has been a 20 year career mess here which started over gimmick where people got to dream that I hung about somewhere with ideas that others were getting rich and famous at my expense which is exactly what I am now doing to protect the Bookshop and I am doing it successfully – we see how this fit into a sense that they possessed enough money to get me out of the financial mess that the damaged bookshop was unable to fill, whilst I am still trying to recover my assets from the second corrupt and stupid show business onslaught at this estate but if we took it up at face value we would still have required answers for the fact I ran the finances on a low key to get the Trust in order and they damaged it so badly I ended up on social security, still there was no reason to damage the recovery process too, besides which the ageist gits I spent my youth fighting which drew their attention to me and encouraged them to trash everything in this place, said exactly the same things about reasons I ought to show them respect on grounds they possessed money to solve my problems from a safe distance, whilst I really want it solved now, exactly the same thing, all my work wasted. They do think themselves hard working people the famous, if I had my degree and it was all in order, I would have been just as hard working, rather than stuck with an area of society where the only thing people learned at school were insults, so if we do end up meeting with the famous over the gimmicks they pull off with my finances, this table will turn and it will be their twats on the line instead of mine this time around sort of scenario. Eventually they claim I am some pipsqueak who had adopted a position of power and got in their faces, so to clear this and ensure I no longer got in their faces, I would say I am working intellectual property administration, scenarios in which people trash other peoples careers and employ criminals in the neighbourhood to help them keep the jobs, where clients spend millions of assets on product development to have an idiot who had gotten accustomed to passing insults at others replicating the aesthetics for short insolent videos it claims was the way advertisement should be made, picking up my career publicity for its own gimmicks through social media, so now I am not in their faces anymore, since their big mouth tends to undo the fact that this work is displayed on a social media profile to engage people with a bookshop, the next time they lip flap at me considering I am not in their face anymore more so, we will end up with a wholly new story on the matter. They do claim that if Celebrities had it in for me I will be in a lot of trouble and likewise, the narrative here is that it had nothing to do with me, so distracting I cannot concentrate on the career, if I spent my energy on it I cannot concentrate on the career and then it gets abusive enough to brainwash me too, if they change this narrative successfully, I will be at war.

They do claim they wanted to talk about the idea I am a lazy person – it is utter nonsense naturally; we have only driven ourselves to a stage where we could make sense of what lazy people were saying to look like they were Police officers trying to communicate with criminals. It had nothing whatsoever to do with me, save the gimmicks about abusive ways that people get to share my personal space which I have warned about instances where any access was used on me whilst I am engaged with work. The sole reason my finances are in poor state is simply because my fans and their interest in my affairs had been hijacked by Celebrities who were borrowing and getting addicted to my public image, suppose I am saving it for last, something of the conditions that will cause me to secure myself a history which only I can explain. The details are that if Clients went along with what I was doing and created the products to settle their social matters, then the whole wealth sharing gimmicks and its vandalism would come to naught, so the Celebrities had ripped up my crime control publicity to take drugs and endear themselves at my expense, so they had a countermeasure whilst making money by suggesting I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy whenever I am doing my part for clients and brokers during business and economic cycles and I am keeping it to help me run a Bookshop, to ensure that I tied them down to market for clients, instead of suffer a loss. Never currently will the boasting about ways I got beaten down by Italians end whilst they complained that people had died, and I had issued enough of the warnings on my part too. no such thing has ever happened anyway, just the usual corrupt nonsense that draws sensibility around ways that their celebrities could as human beings be so twistedly wired, that Germans were fond of exploring peoples civic duties without permission, whilst Italians were fond of getting ahead of the victims to perform areas of security orientated activity which had been escalated, usually most of the times, escalated by them – it is naturally very nasty but is a given especially concerning Italians who are obsessed with offering other people commiserations of treachery, whilst they were incapable of controlling what the Mafia did in Italy for example, the disparity between what is their sociocultural nature and the irresponsibility that allows it to get completely out of hand. But it needs to stop following me around with it ripping and tearing, as we can see that if the point was not raised and I did not have to discuss it, the probability of acting and not being held accountable was rather healthy, same as the British gits with a need to take problems out on me disobediently which I would then go on to solve, clinging to my career publicity and bookshop for leverage.