Now they say I cannot deny the Media has a huge amount of control on me which is utter nonsense, any person can spend time experimenting with other people’s lives, to see if when they had a huge access to publicity, they could use it to determine what people thought about others and then use such an advantage to prevent their victims from keeping a job and career – we all know it entirely relies on the business of the proximity between them and their pleasurable narcissism of the offering thereof on one hand and the proximity between them and the fists of tehri victims whenever they felt like pushing the button. I however have been clear that I will not be doing any more of the warnings and avoidance of overt action beyond the end of 2019, as I have so much on my plate from 2020.

Their case is largely that it is never clear what I want but all I want is an end to the abusive show business, the other culture and society stupidities isn’t good either, so that is not moving into my right hand unless they want more trouble. They claim they are doing marketing naturally but we know that people do not have anything that remotely looks like normalcy, so the market they are doing has no foundation on which we can measure the life people have and the money people are spending thereof, it’s based on abusing people with a lifestyle they have gotten by building leverage and the normalcy is never existent going into the future because the profits they are making facilitates the abuses itself. The way it feeds into my career is quite incredible; not only are the idiots unable to see very conveniently, that when a product is a market item which is patented, it is no longer susceptible to industrial espionage, banging on and on until culture and society evil people who draw a link between causing others suffering and having money to make power with, got their imagination up my bum on account the issues I resolved to create the Books were back again on a more public stage while I was not being paid for the previous job I did not it but it is also noisy to such an extent, it’s impossible for people to get involved with a Bookshop for the purpose of simply reading some Books. So they asked what I wanted and this is it; it does not mean anything to me if show business itself is dead because of this position I have taken, I am simply not doing this beyond the end of 2019, I will be ripping their careers if it causes me any further distress from 2020.

They like to claim what happens to me is a matter of what my bad behaviour causes HM to say about me and it’s never really as they say it either; what the Queen says about my case is motivational and technically not their business, that said, the motivation comes because of short comings but I don’t see that Celebrities were appointed to enforce the will of HM either. It has gotten increasingly serious, this matter of involvement corruption, the corruption by which Men get involved with my concerns and show up at the other end inventing mini wars that will eventually add up to something big because they are constantly caught up with women that are literally given their hearts to me. They claim they hate my guts and need to show it, they also claim people do not like me at the Monarchy as much as I think they do; on the part where they hated me, I am not aware that I cared anyway but should I take it into account, I suppose the result will be that whilst I shut down Celebrity culture because it does not make business any other way save causing me immense suffering and ensured the culture and society trouble makers did not move into my right hand, it is their careers especially those of them at the Monarchy, that will be stuck in the middle where I got friendlier and nicer people to do their jobs, so that when they hated me, it will progress from my bottom hurting all the time without reason, to my bottom hurting all the time because I have got a closure – the part where people do not like me much at the Monarchy being an example of the facts that propel the decisions that I make as such; 7 years of utter vandalism and political instability, brought about by a need to make a case out of what benefits they could get, creature comforts secured from a process where I got off behaving in a way that agreed with the antics of Celebrities, then got myself into clothes and Fashion to look the part, which I do not want kept separate from the fact that I have had my satisfactory revenge for the destruction of my academic work at this stage and am now confident enough to try again, attending college and preparing for University, while writing Books at this Office which I want sold as soon as possible with none of their stupidities showing up all over it as well.

They have pointed out something of my work ending up in the hands of terrorists and being a threat to people at the armed services naturally but what really happens is that terrorists have consistently showed a need to handle my work in order to facilitate the paramilitary activities we see them engage in, so if there is a sense that such a line was completely blocked, we would end up with poor intelligence on what they were doing, if I needed to shut down anything, I would have also needed a process by which I got about doing so methodically – what these idiots do is pick it up and run off such a degree of cynicism around it, that it’s impossible for it to operate its deceptive function where the terrorist handle it irrespective of what I have said on my position concerning terrorism, expecting an outcome where while they are fighting for their lives, they had to decide if they needed their training more than they needed to screw with me, allowing the other side to shoot their brains or something and this is how service operatives get hurt by it, while their friends at the Monarchy claim my existence is so expensive for the Country on a National security level and I needed to be shown that I am not a relevant character. Even as I have explained it here, the bloody idiots will still be off for their disobedience and distracting attitude naturally, I suppose thereof making a statement that this nonsense was a form of racist activity. We know that without this abusive disobedience there would be none of the swear words I have used, which hurts them and propels this position they have adopted as people who enforce the will of the Queen in my case.

They do claim that I am unfit to show up anywhere at the Monarchy but so are we aware as I had pointed out earlier that their version of who I am on grounds of what they think I should look like to make Celebrities happy while their criminal and barely criminal creature comfort idiots got completely out of hand all over it claiming they were Royal fans, should now be kept separate from the fact that I have a job, I am engaged in my academic work again and I want the Books I write at this Office to begin getting sold as soon as possible and there is now a choice between this and the existence of show business altogether as it were – I don’t see how this will offend people at the Monarchy for my part either, especially when it is leading to the point of threats issued at me on their part, complaining more than I am of the consequences. The other story around the issue being that I am this Royalty who gets a job but the job I have gotten was never the problem, they were; their point is to hang around somewhere preparing to get married to Royal Family Members, I am an Arch Prince who must think about how best to run a Hermitage and get to it. We know what happens is that matters involving culture and society trouble makers are picked up whenever I do them at Public service; whilst I think it is an honour for my work to feed into the duties of others at the Monarchy, the result is fat cats getting involved with the Heir in order to control and handle me while their insulting cynicism have now reached a stage where the criminal and barely criminal culture and society trouble makers are confident about getting their imagination up my bum to such an extent they are trying to make a living from it; so this was a behaviour that was clean and tidy and successful, everything we expect to be a result worthy of people that are good enough to end up at the Monarchy as far as they were concerned.

They claim I could never pose a danger to them naturally but the more agreeable version of resolving this matter involves a case where I want the show business shut down and when there is no compliance then the fact it is showing up where I don’t want culture and society trouble makers moving into my right hand gets all over their Public life. I do get told I am suffering from some form of Celebrity phobia that is just like racism which is utter nonsense – what happens is that Male Celebrities invade my personal life and at some stage the destruction of my career was due to the fact they were always getting caught up with women that are loyal to me looking for sex and relationships, once my ability to establish a personal relationship with others was in the hands of their children, they became more forthcoming with the fact they thought there was consequences for such behaviour but did not think it would apply in my case because I am a bum. The Female Celebrities on the other hand pick up the best work I have done for my career and get around sharing it as a matter of their own personal generosity and leadership for those who wished they had more, at the end their children enjoyed homosexual sex on my Royal Public image and once tired of doing so it was my fault they were homosexual and they had to enjoy it where my career is located; then they got off with publicity for me that suggests first that there was nothing I could do because they now had the money to buy the best security in the world, not long after they were in a relationship with me that I did not have a choice how it operated or indeed when. We then find them show up somewhere very public to express something that looks like the sense they could do whatever they liked with me as though we were lovers. The entire time the crux of the problem was still their link with FBI and CIA, meaning that culture and society trouble makers were given a yardstick on which to decide that having access to my work and personal life meant that no item of career and profession was beyond the throes of career piracy, since then showed up here to run off obfuscates about my diet and churn my tummy with it while telling lies and stealing bits of my life and work 24/7, the threats that have come from the Celebrities since being a matter of the fact the bloody idiots were affected by this social behaviour in some way, talking nonsense around every consequence associated with wrecking people’s lives with their own problems, just so they might make statements that suggest there was an argument and they were right all along – the same way we see the other idiots who think I fantasise getting into a relationship with them, believe their status as business people meant they were a challenge for me, while they always avoid National service and wreck people’s lives to get rich, which means they ensured no question about their lives were answered and they were well fed enough to handle an enemy before they set off grabbing careers at the Monarchy once they thought people were scared of them.

Some people have said that it’s never really secure what I say about it and I think the reasons people think so is that they believe when I say show business is not good, I want certain aspects to remain and it is utter nonsense – I want it gone completely as there is no platform on which the marketing they claim they are engaged in is being worked since there is no normalcy here by which they are working it thereof, besides which if it is not gone completely, I will never have a platform here that is quiet enough for people to read what I have written. I am told I prefer to get into these struggles and make a terrible show of myself than set out my career properly which is not the case – it’s been a battle just to get into a Literary Empire Office and write some Books in peace on account Celebrities had spent a couple of years setting out that because I run a Hermitage on Equity, they had to provide a leadership that helped people share my market, allowing their socialist idiots to threaten me as an inferior character who thinks he can get into position of power on one hand, while grabbing my public image to make connections and mock me, on the other hand saying I am scared of socialist ideals while we clearly can see that according to Legal and Dictionary definition of theft, they fit the bill every time. Their friends at the Monarchy say that I am a disgrace who is now trying to patch things up and this is not true at all; what happens is a business of doing my duties when required and not setting matters out on a provisional basis, so that I am facilitated to get into arguments with the Boss, of which they say that mine is easier which is precisely the point, as they do appear to have such an issue with activities I engage in to ensure I am part of the team, such as not keeping too tidy because it’s what people look like when deployed at National service.

Now they say what has happened should be a lesson to me and its utter nonsense, there is no lesson to be learned here save the fact that when I say that I am not putting up with them beyond a certain period of time, it is taken seriously and not looked upon as a joke. We are talking about an instance where I am trying to run a Bookshop and this was my PR and for each time that it is there was something similar or worse the day before; it needs to be shut down whenever they can see it affects my Bookshop in their best judgement or I am going to get myself into the kind of conditions that allow me to put a stop to the way it slips away and does another one to enjoy its narcissism at my expense all the time, I should do what I can to sack and wreck their careers for it too. I have been asked if I know what the prognosis of this behaviour was and yes I do; it’s a matter of seeking creature comforts with your boss on the reasons you should get the £5,000 that provided you the party fix for this month and especially for Media idiots and Politicians, if tearing up my Books will help them make such money, it is worth it to place a label on me that says I am a bum, so that they might get public support as successful and important people if I had to take action on the matter – this whole business of when I say I am not tolerating it beyond a certain period of time people ought to know is a joke will not do; such nonsense comes on the back of the fact that they have just taken up a 6 years of my time to turn my Bookshop into a sales tool for companies in order to facilitate job opportunities for themselves and their children, as insultingly as possible, which happened after my Books helped them resolve some problems and they decided if I did resolve all the problems and ensured there was no problem to be seen in their lives ever again, then perhaps I might be important enough to be an author as they will decide and it was all facilitated by the business of getting about the backyards of industry and wealthy people and then ending up in this situation where they regularly get to make my decisions for me whenever I have business with other companies, decisions which apply in terms of knowing where my assets are located and how those who actually have the money to invest such property ought to take it from me in the world of men, claiming it’s a matter of having a thick skin when people play up practical jokes. So I have pointed out I will not be tolerating it in 2020, not because it’s a new year’s resolution – I rather had 2 weeks to resolve it as it did come up in a pressing manner and the end of the two weeks coincided with the end of 2019. It never works to think that the ultimate decision rests with those who will ultimately buy and read the Books, and this is what I will be dealing with from 2020 as well. They do love to make out I think I have enemies on all sides of life which is utter nonsense – young people do not pick other people’s lives on the streets to set about pleasing Celebrities in a bid to get rich and the Celebrities are a completely different group of scum as well, so the fact I took up a bad neighbourhood to look after matters concerning a hermitage had since become their most prized possession, complete with features on threats being issued at me because their bottom hurts while it is said that I fart in Public, knowing well the way to cure this is to take out that means by which these ageist idiots select poverty when younger and decided that those who appear to have the same characteristics as the millionaires of their generation among the younger people must be isolated and targeted until they got themselves a comfortable pension, specifically the part involving processes of stealing things, telling lies and imposing homosexuality on others, garnished with a need to get around to some tourism economies where they put the feet up to be served by some ethnic minorities and pass around harrowing insults that are so abusive and life changing a bird will carry around the world, it will not stop blabbing after it parks its car several times around my bedroom window and its Nan will not stop adjusting and changing window blinds once I had moved into the neighbourhood until it was all over me before she can live in her own house as it were, in order to facilitate this nonsense, it will never stop it and will never stop blabbing that I fart in public places like an education on ways people may take the law into the hands.

The other goons at Media and Market will say that their biggest problem was that my feelings about a bunch of goon who set about spending a few years of my time making my Intellectual Property Administration Bookshop into a sales tool, claiming it was the right thing to do because I needed money, being expressed in terms of the idea I thought they were stupid. Never mind the fact it then set about wrecking my Bookshop in order to ensure there was an existing argument through which it was realised eventually that they were correct and others were wrong, making a total mess of my Bookshop because they were real men, hanging around somewhere to make my decisions concerning on my company for me, through jobs it had gained from the consequences of its tribalism raids, would never say that this was the main reason behind the fact that unless it is stopped completely along with what their stupid Celebrities did with it, I will never have a Bookshop that is quiet enough for people to read, they will say I brought it on myself and what has happened taught me lessons with a big mouth. Then we hear them tell the Politicians the effects of their need to be seen working this nonsense by getting all over the backyards of wealthy and powerful people must be actualised because according to me, they would not be having a career at all but I have no idea why it would be such an issue for them when they have spent the last 15 years or so making a complete mess of other people’s family finance bases and now want an exit for the fact they should have spent it running the business that got to their heads to such an extent that it made them a bully. For my part it is said that I could have resolved the matter years before but didn’t because I didn’t know what to do at all, while reality is rather that it was an economic crisis the entire time and the way this nonsense plays out at Industry meant I had to handle it on a case by case basis, concerning which we are now on the all clear and I will not tolerate it beyond 2019.