I am told that I am being pushed into every deeper waters and that it was amusing but it is utter nonsense – the only thing happening here which appears to escalate every single day resulting in Complains at Parliament and everywhere else is the Daddies following me around to wreck my finance and academic work, telling lies to get their wickedness and history of ill feelings off their stupid chests on my Public life and Public image. So the Politicians that have been fostering and even spending tax payer funds on it have now completely lost faith in that stupid theory of their, that these are nice people whose only issues are that they needed money, while less has been said for my part since it’s a matter of how wealth equality means when they got involved with my concerns I became cash strapped like them because they are not reading what I am writing. I don’t think it is a crisis by any means, the matter is progressing to the part where the insults that are difficult to forget and the fun they get from it churning my tummy and complaining about my part in their lives more than I am complaining about the fact they follow me around to make a mess of mine, is now about to come to an end because I wish to begin a campaign for fighting the daddies as well. There is nothing to it and there has never been a thing to it beyond this, it simply is one of those issues whereby should you spend any amount of time telling alternative stories about it, you are set to regret the fact that you did at some time in future and this is where it is still difficult to understand exactly what was appealing to the Duke of Sussex about it, for the years of support they got from his Duchy. The blacks need to stop getting involved with my concerns in a way that shuts down my Bookshop, they have so far run out of lies to tell on how Obama has been the greatest campaign for their stupidities expressing what they hated about their Countries on others, thereby showing how important and desperate it is for them to have weaker opponents that their stupidities may screw around with – all involvement with my Books, the comments, insults and following me around now has to stop or I will sack their own as well. The rest of it is a matter of all problems being linked back to Celebrities making others work while they put their feet up and it is starting to develop into something of a sense that there has to be a link between their access to Media and Public appearances and a process where my employers business stays profitable, if I want to get paid; it goes without saying their stupidities and fat cat friends do not do the suicides and drug overdoses as it were, escalating this nonsense to strip me of my Office and get me into a fight with bad people because their stupidities were very important every day. I did warn them, I am not moving them into 2020 and beyond, it is about to stop the way that I want.

They claim I am fooling around with what is really a dangerous situation and its utter nonsense, the risk I would take to get hurt by them is much the same as the risk they take to handle my person and provoke me all the time; they end up in prison I don’t, while those who cannot beat up may stop hurting their stupid selves someday. Besides, I have no idea if it is to be said that when people get together to put money into a pot for business, it means somebody else ought to drop out of school and become a plaything for their culture and society idiots because the Family Finance base assets that he had set out to support himself through the process of developing a career simply had to be a part of it or we will be facing the end of the world – Its blabbing dangerous situation, doesn’t know me well enough yet as well.

I have been told most of it is a matter of being punished by HM and its utter nonsense – I don’t know why those who want to enforce HM will do not want to enforce all of it either; for instance I set about assessing how much of a threat Celebrities are and then I develop some Equities to broker for the purpose of securing vested business interests with Companies that want to operate with the interests of the Crown, should The Queen act in terms of my Books for instance, the original act will be to hamper sales of the Books, the effect is usually that since what I am doing is in the name of the Crown and therefore Crown property, people ought to make their own choices with respect to my literary work and whether or not they needed it but the sort of thing we get on Media making everything around here impossible to attain is that I am being punished for my attitude on account it suits them best to run it off like that on Media endlessly. It does not change much for my part anyway and I don’t think anything that may be said at this stage about the activities of Celebrities will change the course of action that I have recently taken up I.e. as such as they have enlisted the bad people in the bad neighbourhood I had taken up residence in to help me look after this Hermitage, in order to set me up in obscurity and grab my Public image for more show business money they cannot have enough of, bearing in mind the activities of their fans who build communities that set about demanding other peoples incomes be surrendered to them is becoming more violent as well, I intend to ensure a link is secured between their fame and the profitability of my Employers and Clients businesses, such that when it is in business interest for them to get to work on their fame, it will be possible for me to force them to do it every day as it well.

The other question people ask is that of what my intentions really are and it’s the same as it had always been i.e. to ensure these people no longer have access to Celebrity culture and popular culture especially if I am abreast with it and that the ageists continue to face the financial desperation of making less money regardless of how hard they work because they are always working on me instead of their jobs. So we see why they support they got from the Duke of Sussex never really made sense to me – just as I am aware that if their profits were getting better because I was being attacked, the way they drive by in their cars and get imagination up my bum all day, ganging up on me if I responded in anyway would not be happening but had decided the profits are not going anywhere, just as they are aware it is all entirely avoidable if they shut down media comments about my concerns, keep off my Books and stopped following me around and more so for all the wrong reasons.

I have been told I am at the heart of any crisis that is happening at the Royal Family which is also utter nonsense; the crisis is supposed to have been the Book I wrote to clear up the reality that HRH Prince of Wales should not make the priorities of fanatics who seek nothing but the good life without working for it at his expense, are allied to Celebrities for all the wrong reasons, including the business of getting those who have worked the life into the job in order to build a career, giving it all up to them and their ageists, into his own to such an extent that they get about bullying him for more and he sets about fighting his own battles bringing the business of the social, sexual and financial corruption that his people at the Military are very vulnerable to into the public sphere and making it a part of mainstream living for all the wrong reason and more so, such that it becomes more important than Crown business itself, which I set out as a propaganda that can therefore be ongoing whenever they made it so – the part where unless this place is quiet enough especially for the purpose of making sense of literature that is written about what goes on with culture and society trouble makers, I will continue to be cash strapped and those responsible will continue to complain about my actions over it too, until their interests becomes such a prime concern of mine, that it is possible for me to get through to the jobs that have gotten to their heads the entire time for my part as well. This is generally the crime I had committed, the reasons I had become responsible for the crisis in the Royal Family, the point behind the claim that HM allows me to do whatever I want; of which I got involved because I was constantly being dragged to a point where I dropped out of University again and again while those responsible were not paying the fees then and are not paying the daily bills incurred since the time I had dropped out as well.

They claim I am at the mercy of women, an old tale when spending all that energy associated with Men being called to get into a fight on their behalf on me when I am not a bad person, making a mess of Public matters in the sense that the above mentioned is always the problem if we lived in a world of men, while the same destruction of academic pursuits and career due to a need to get people fighting for stupid women would be the result if we lived in a world of women as well – another example of the decisions made at a highest level about my work and how people want to enforce HM will on me for their own causes but will not enforce all of it. They played their part at the University well enough as it were, the stupid white women making a mess of everything here and going overseas to get black boys that are involved with gangs and cults to show up and chase my bum until I dropped out, then constantly show up at Industry and City centre passing about incredible insults that are hard to forget for career advancement, talking nonsense about feminism; it hates me because I am not a bad person and therefore the constant need to get people attacking me risks people demanding anal sex from its stupidities and the behaviour does not get any better, it rather now thinks I am at the mercy of women, as stupidly as possible.

They claim they need direction for what is happening at the Monarchy but it has always been an old tale of the fact people at the Monarchy could never stop making a mess of my concerns to spend time berating me over the state of my finances. This is now producing results that meant they made the kind of friends who made it impossible for them to actually carry through the Royal Business, while I appear to be doing mine on the internet with ease, whereby it is now clear the stage on which the resolution to this matters is set i.e. that for each time I spend securing business interests in the name of the Crown, every interval in which I made people aware of my Books, should be earning me a certain amount of money and the only reason that is not happening is because of these goons making comments, handling me, issuing threats, churning me tummy to hang around somewhere blabbing how the smell is inexcusable fact that all my decisions are wrong and to boast that it was going to catch me eventually and make my decisions for me with a big mouth. About which I am now going to get about making sure it was clear I am in control of this situation and if nothing improves once I complete the process, I will progress towards the business of getting my hands on their wealth and social inequality problems and will be deploying it as a tool for my purposes. So it’s the Royal business where I built a trust with people from a particular income bracket and I should assume that the same way we see the trouble makers scout the world – Asia today, Eastern Europe the next, Middle East after and South America too, looking for areas where they might be free to enjoy tourism economy services while wrecking peoples lives to get rich, is the way it is obvious that people I am involved with are vulnerable to a process where people moved into their right hand and violently attacked them once they had given what was demanded of them, so when I speak of Natural environmental security, it becomes obvious, that I am talking about the kinds of situation where these conditions for existence can likely get more serious than the game idiots believe is worth playing. The story that if they cannot hurt me they will those associated with me until I am weak enough for them is all good but so do I want to breathe the free air without getting stuck to their stupidities as well, with their foolish Celebrities clinging to my Public image to make decisions using media, about which fight I should be getting involved with, setting out business with their Men and their Children, alongside Germanic Boys who spend time slapping Girls panties in the neighbourhoods, suggesting I will need to get around making the popularity and the fame my own randomly thereby becoming more beautiful than I already am.