I have been told that I deny they get the better of me all the time but there is nothing to deny about how ripping up my academic work to pass their exams and then spend time making sure their engagement with members of the public affects my financial bottom lines through a business of organising people under their leadership for the purpose of unimaginable and very intensely abusive insults. I mean, I don’t actually in appearance look like a character that encourages people to get the imagination up my bum for instance but they do it very consistently and relentlessly, so it must be that this is very vile behaviour that they have never once explained or it’s a pitfall of existence itself; we have done the routine when it comes to explaining it as the pitfall of existence itself without results, so I think that issuing the warnings first before they get a response for that stupid leadership, the Celebrity madness from it and the imagination up my bum gimmicks is the right thing to do here. I mean my leadership from a Hermits office does not affect them in such ways and if I dared to compare my position as a Hermit to the fact they are Political or Industry leaders of any kind, the abuses will get worse and I will smell and they will explain the fact my religious leadership had such an effect on them over an assumption their stupidities does not affect me the same way and its never clear why every process of engaging with the Public is always so intensely hurtful for others and getting the better of me on the other hand being something they had achieved without being aware of the facts. So it has not yet developed into a case of hanging around cultivating a hatred for them in order to manage this issue all together, I am chasing the smaller issues for the time being i.e. they need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around – these matters are the consequences of their media gimmicks beating me down all day while responses such as these are an attempt to beat them down before bed time when I get home as well, it is going to likely continue until they got to find out exactly what I thought about the Celebrity madness too.

Others say that I live disgracefully and that this needed to change which is utter nonsense but should I want to please them, it is clearly impossible to carry on and engage with the Public in my own right while media idiots are sharing my Public image with me for all the wrong reasons. The case of accepting I live disgracefully on the other hand being the nonsense I have mentioned, as its created by a bunch of trouble makers who like to think I had better not antagonised them while I don’t believe they are worth attention from me as well i.e. they spend their time picking up barely criminal goons who are not committing crimes because the incentive isn’t big enough and take them to Buckingham Palace to help facilitate bottom chasing gimmicks, claiming such characters were brave while I was a coward and the exit now that these goons have turned on them appears to have been that it would have been considered my fault that they did so. The entire time, they have made new friends in the form of famous Public transport operatives on one hand, while on the other they have dedicated a lot of time to the above processes where their engagement with the public for the purpose of leadership in any form of kind is always an incredibly abusive experience for me, ripping up the academic work, the finances and the Bookshop, planning never to stop if it did not get a response I guess.

The rest of the time, they say my Books have created huge problems for the Monarchy while it has not – the people making trouble with my Books have never read it in their lives and do not have a copy of it while claiming it creates those problems as such, they believe their stupidities to have had me in such a condition that it was possible to censor and shut down my books as a matter of people power helping them oppress Royalty. So the idea being I should answer this question properly while there is nothing to answer if it is all made up, garnished by stupid Liberal America swoon, who had always been a constant problem since last I got published, especially so because I got published online. The other part of the story naturally is that I have become the biggest trouble maker in the land while I have not; its impossible to make sense of the amount of insults people would need to shut down my whole life for 6 years during which time they got to talk to their producers and bosses at the Media studio about the bonuses that are facilitated by the damage their stupidities do here – so there was a red button they pushed to begin this nonsense and I want their stupidities to push it again, this time in order to shut it down; the abuses and insults destroys my abilities as a writer and this is the first line of explanation they will need to produce when this matter ends the way that I want it to (it happens all the time but they have become more pervasive than ever, more abusive than ever, more superior and more entitled than they have ever been - the pattern however remains the same i.e. Industrial criminals working with Celebrities who work with culture and society trouble makers on the streets and they must have and own everything they see, while their abusive behaviour is the road to the idea you can buy anything if you had money kind of lifestyle).

Now they say I am afraid of Communist and Socialist ideology and it is utter nonsense, what really happens is that they are a bunch of idiots who always need to get into arguments with other people while having a backup plan which ensured they did not lose the argument and the backup plan is usually one develop around the support of entire communities. This means that they enjoy nothing better than the destruction of peoples lives and family finance bases and spend so much of their time working on other spiritual aspects such as flesh men who were too weak to protect what they earned, turning up at religious organisations that make them even weaker, so they might be able to pick on women, alongside endless complaining and campaigning on wealth inequality because they no longer have the energy or will to work for their own money – I suppose it is what they mean by a fear of them, since it also involves a need to gather around public spaces expecting certain people to come round and have their clothes taken off so people may get imagination up the private parts.

They claim people like me spend time working on Capitalism because we think it is incredibly special but there is no person who spends their time thinking of Capitalism really – what happens to make their stupidities draw this conclusion is that people assess situations where they would be able to provide services for a living and they may decide a certain people lived in an area where they had to travel miles to find their nearest grocery shop and that if a shop was set up in that area it would make them a lot of money, sometimes the case is that a single person cannot supply the money needed to start such a venture, so he would get involved with friends and they will put money in a pot and start it – years later we find somebody is a multimillionaire but cannot turn off the system now that he has all the money he needs, because others are making a living with it; so each time we decided we needed to get as many people as possible involved with these wealth creation systems, the socialist and communist idiots will spend the days of our lives of practical jokes, completely destroying it to maintain communities of frustrated useless people who ensure their stupidities never lost an argument – again I suppose this is another example of how afraid I am, since it does not in any way constitute a question of how long one can keep avoiding this business of coming up with a plan to rip up their lives and family finances bases as well, knowing the only thing in history to control them is reprisals, where damage to career means they got damage to their career as well and property destruction meant their families were well informed about their behaviour. For now the result looks good for the future even so i.e. the rest of us have a bad health because criminals are running wild and the system is punishing them, the socialists and communists have a good enough health to keep up with the Millionaires while they had no money of their own and it serves an example of the reasons they think I am afraid of them while the outcome really was a question they now need to answer as champions of wealth equality.

They claim the main problem I face is the kind of Books I have written and it is utter nonsense as we know the problem with my Books is a need they have to get rich at my expense and how a patented and copyrighted item does not allow them to do so in a legitimate way and I am left suffering it like human beings are normally that stupid. So the main problem then plays out in terms of Celebrities who have the one dream to hang around somewhere making friends with consumers in order to push Royalty around whenever we got involved with economy – they have done it over an assumption that as long as they had money and media they could do whatever they liked with the safety, security and wellbeing of other people, have gained some civil service friends, some Law enforcement friends and some Media and Political friends, these are people who are happy to spend their money on making stupid people rich but we have now reached a stage where the money has run out and its not clear exactly where the bloody idiots had concluded that this outcome had a lot to do with my Books either, so it had gotten serious since as well (they love to claim their case to be that everybody else had gotten ahead of me in a general living and existence as a whole and I do wonder what they have gotten ahead of me doing all together; we all know that no other group does this gimmick of forcing themselves on people, then violently attacking their victims after they had gotten what they wanted, save business idiots blabbing about civil rights with ideas about what others should be forced to do and talking nonsense of Police brutality, will not keep its big mouth off my case looking for more. But on a more conventional sense, the Celebrities got civil servants, Media and Politcians to spend money making stupid people rich because I was being abused and insulted for it and now that people no longer have money to spend on it, the question their stupidities now has to answer is what indeed it does have to do with my Books).