I am told that Washington wants to detach me from the British Government and teach me lessons but I could never tell anyway – they are not really a threat, the original cause of the abusive practical jokes starting from gimmicks associated with the way the USA was more powerful than the UK and I ought to be slave to their famous idiots, to the present day of a need to breach my patents and pass insults at me where my financial matters were being handled, the original cause in question being the need that Americans had to display public hatred for your career if they wanted it until it became their own and they got to threaten you with a large military after picking it up. Where we are presently was more a matter of my work market profile that involved a 12 year history of employer after employer that happened to have been part of a system of stupid men hunting me down to make me serve them and building employment structures that were set up to do harm to people – it is completely damaged at this stage and I am now being accused of running around looking for free things, which is utter rubbish too, likely to mean the business of attacking their friends all the way to the Monarchy became a paramount point of concern. It needs to find itself a real toy as I am losing time and money to its stupidities; otherwise the main project will be the insults of its famous idiots, its need to spend time running my life with the social lives of the criminals and to spend money on it while its stupid women picked up my Bookshop service process to create me a profile that made me a version that their stupidities would be able to live with, nobody knows why the blame falls on other peoples doorstep that the USA is not the biggest Country in the world and that I am such a big project when they spend their time on me in these ways, they had little time and resources left to tackle the criminals but continue with the behaviour never the less.

It does get about claiming it was a matter of being unable to live with the fact others were stronger, while the main problem here really is I suppose, that I was only being helpful; in the US the party donors practically ran the place but since I devised a way to control gits that want to run their lives with public investment funds, it was my University studies and writing career which set the main stage for Washington to show up and make a mess, drop the ball on me all the time and build me systematically over time, what has become the current 20 year career mess, before they decided they wanted to detach me from the British Government and teach me lessons. I mean the purpose of the action I have taken tended to show everybody cared that the tyrants in South America and Africa were a main problem for the US Government, as it generally meant that when people had become so obsessed with a business of running their lives on public investment funds, clearly their stupid children could do as they pleased with the finances of an arch prince, using criminal popularity backyard, show up around British Government matters to influence the authority of the day, save I thought that I needed their money and would devise a way to acquire it, just as much as I thought they did not have a role in the British Government. Where the Americans have come into the matter went beyond their stupid children having a right to play with my finances as well and thereby showing up to make a total mess of my market place and my social media, so if I shut it down I would forfeit my career, the same way it happens when I get and lose a job from the stupid structures their parents set up to hurt people by at the market place and if I stayed I lived in hell. Their Role involved a process where the British Government was struggling with a public profile that was a result of concerns being managed according to the social life of criminals which Americans spent money to facilitate, I mean before they decided they wanted to detach me from the British government and teach me lessons, considering it has never once taken anything seriously in its stupid life.

Eventually we need to live in a world where Americans got to show a lot of respect for other people’s careers just as much as they got a lot of respect for their own and then the abusive activities which build up to these kinds of confusion could be avoided going into the future. We know people are aware that these abusive activities had been occurring on the internet long before the complain about Russian cyber aggression began – of which besides grooming people to be attacked by Russians, the general sensibility is that it never takes its job seriously at the secret services and then eventually settles on the idea that its safety will be guaranteed by how messily it got the job done. I will build a series of equity that produced a destructive results which served a deterrence for people who worked the dark web and various other trolls, my aim was to develop it into something that made the internet safer for younger people but it will show up and when it opens its mouth I cannot step outside of my door for reasons of popularity idiots making the most of insults channelled by famous idiots, then there will be trolls and spam main and dark web goons experimenting with my concerns until they could tell when they were likely to produce an effect and set about dominating it etc. Then I get told these were the people who were worse off due to actions I had taken to prevent them making the most of public investment funds, of which we were aware that this was a correct governmental administrative result as there is no such thing as a break from them since school, once people got into Government buildings and we should not be living in a world where their complains about communism was the way that we viewed the rest of the world.

They do claim it is never clear why I lose my temper whenever people think I should be getting into a fight for others, the reasons are clearly that I should not be doing it, while a group of idiots had decided that their stupid civil rights took that form and they were meant to have fantasies about and cling to my income. I mean the complicated aspects of getting into a fight for others is that you were expected to do something that helped to support public enforcement officers, these were people who worked for the state to put the public in order, by the time legislation had been delegated down to them, it had been watered down to such an extent they were putting themselves at risk and making the rules for public control by themselves – so if I were caught fighting for others and this factored in or I fought for others, so the effect was that there were causalities, then the problem will be bigger than what the idiots whose civil rights had taken the form could make sense of but the one I like to exploit the most involved the part where there was nobody telling some git who wants to recruit younger people to do violent things for him, about some Royal Hermit whose battles he loved to win all the time, so I could draw up more publicity for it, he will then get off from there with more time on his hands to recruit younger people and build up to riots that will burn the pride and joy of the insolent civil rights twats, then there will be break for a while, before more media blabbing about whom they thought was a fault etc.

I have been told people thought it was an impossible task but it isn’t here, the main problem is the insolence of Celebrities who continued to build public appearances where statements were made about what I am supposed to do to serve them, meaning that their immoral society gits loved to see me without my clothes on for incredible forms of abusive behaviour – we are talking about idiots that were so corrupted that a Police Officer would put somebody in line, 3 weeks later the same Officer is wondering how the individual was making money from the fact he caused another person a lot of suffering. So currently the insults of the Celebrities are not getting any better soon and it seems that the darker side of my personality is set to come to light; the one where I could only have a public image as a Libra star sign, when others were not allowed to be famous, usually it does whenever they had chosen to be bullies instead of human beings. Some people have said that the entertainment made by affiliating with me are not really bad things but we are talking about building up a series of statements, to say that somebody was for instance selling class A drugs and whether or not it is illegal was his business with Law enforcement, the other part of it being that another had the right to attend school without somebody fingering his bum, so there will be this series of statements made to such an extent that women which they tolerated more than they did the male population, could investigate, interview them and find out facts about the reasons for their chosen career paths and lifestyles, which helped to control the harm; so somebody makes entertainment from that and children were able to learn what they really should be learning and to grow up properly, except it tended to provoke the famous, who gutted it to get rich fast and set about a campaign of revenge for the badly treated criminals, hence the problem is that it continues to provoke me either by showing up to pick up my assets for its career or picking up my service processes to secure my attention and build it up to ideas about what I should be doing to serve its stupidities. It does point out the part where it got to take part in the equities built up from my Office which caused it to create products that it now had to sell even though it hated something so cowardly, of which is clearly not my problem.

I do get told my work is not financially viable and yes it is not in terms of that which is currently what it takes to look after a writing career in the UK as a matter of what other people did with my writing career all together. They have actually trashed the public image and built me a profile for being a character who pathetically got about doing business in the company of people bigger than I am and thus lost everything to stronger people while their foolish women involved themselves with my concerns to covert equity and get rich fast, which generally implies that anything that is not what I am really doing was a financial matter, about which the consequences will be settled by their big boyfriends or I will settle it for them because I was too afraid to act, which part I lost everything became what people expected, having built themselves one for taking revenge on me on what I had done to secure my career from Industry gits that they would love to befriend on Media and the idea they were the idiots who usually picked up their career and finances where they left off after – the latter reputation being mainly the one that I wish to put to the test or it could accept the exit where it avoided interfering with my public image and client interests at the Bookshop especially during working hours. Eventually it becomes a matter of saying that when people attacked me somebody awarded them some money and if I faced the public about the fact the way the sequences played out meant that the best way to resolve financial matters was to do it via the jobs market, they would always face that question on whether what they were doing was actually more profitable and so it is the business of items they buy and lifestyles they can afford distracting people first of all and then becoming the means by which they destroyed peoples finances thereafter. I know I am distracted by it because they have built a profile on Media to say that it factored into my desire to work my Bookshop and make it successful but I am not distracted enough for it to do the damage that it is currently doing. They do claim I simply fail to recognise that other people were better than me in everyway but they are not – those that are usually do not have a need to attack me because I am currently dealing with a rough patch, they simply felt pity but when they find out I have the assets I have, they withdrew their pity all together; we are talking about an environment where professionals mainly concerned themselves with the career and finances, hoping to complete a process of getting set up before they got to respond to the antics of culture and society goons, at the end once they bought homes, cars and families were comfortable, there was no need to, so we were talking about people who did it by themselves and did not have to make money running off tribalism raids into peoples companies and getting involved with other peoples careers unprofessionally. These gits on the other hand are blabbing about fighting my wars and controlling cultures and societies that will decide how I existed, they were the scum who had a reputation for taking out a nice comfortable retirement when finished with this nonsense and I will put that theory to the test or they will take the exit of avoiding all that interferes with my public image and client interests at my Bookshop, run it off all the way to public transport twats that perform actions that suggest my career was separate from me every time I stepped outside of my door and performing gimmicks that suggest they can fool around with both as much as they liked, which played a major role in wrecking my University studies a decade before, take the exit and get out of a thing is making them shoot off their big mouth on Media.