They do say that I am one of the most annoying persons on the planet but I don’t think I am for my part either – picking up my wealth equity structures to make popular music and then developing a type of music that prevents those who use it in compliance with this purpose make because the trend it produces makes people feel safe and another trend should be the one to make all the money, such as problem and crime trend on account that they are famous and I needed to be shown that their stupidities were all the time is annoying. So is picking up my work to run a Career while making statements that I am no Royalty and need to stop suggesting that I am, when I had decided to stop suggesting that I am, I bump into all sorts of problems and end up at the other side with a wrecked career and finances to find out they were still making use of the same processes at this Office through which they needed me to stop suggesting I was more important than they are, which they required me to in order to massage their personality disorders. Annoying is that since they started following me around in 2002, I have dropped out of University and written a Book that they have now systematically covered with five year of insults to claim the relationship between me and my publishers was their own fame, then set about writing their own Books to absorb my income margins and show up on media and social media to address me worse than they would their prick children by 2012, by 2016 I got myself a security guard job and this was when the rhetoric of baby must protect Daddy or he will be homeless became a National phenomenon and attacks anything that employs since with communities of criminal and barely criminal idiots – never mind the fact the entire time Politicians and Media fools who are the worst of gits that set them out to build communities which run me down and get the imagination up my bum have been making sure I smell like what I ate every time I stepped outside of my door. It’s impossible to settle how they had come to the deduction that I am the annoying one but then again if their stupidities are annoyed, they do need to move on, keep off my Books and stop following me around. The idea it’s not a problem I can handle is utter rubbish; so far the Politicians who support it have now suffered the worst electoral results in 80 years, next stop will be the gits who select poverty and then target me on grounds that they are now old enough to retire without doing any work claiming they were fighting for my civil rights alongside every fool with an opinion on how standing up for myself on their case generally sets me out as one of the most annoying characters, which will also feed into a means that allows me handle the other scientific fools playing up some science versus religion gimmicks aimed at developed ways by which I can be made to be inferior to their stupidities, of which there is no law requiring them to be so insulting and inconsiderate idiots the entire time. I don’t think this matter is one that has an eventual conclusion either – everything I have said here can always be claimed as property which belongs to idiots that expect governments to cover their bums while they got rich and famous at public life, I know what it is and never likely to spend most of my time on it. That said, following their politicians suffering so much, a plan which handles the culture and society trouble makers that Politicians, Media and Celebrity idiots get into positions that allow them build communities which gets imagination up my bum being tackled until a fresh fight with famous idiots was the result looks like a good plan to me – this is the only reason these fools have more money than I do and to say the least, they need to shut down those stupid comments they make at my expense unless they were writing their career piracy books and criminal show business products were created on it as well. What has really happened apart from the insulting idiots constantly being seen at the Monarchy trying to show they can do better than me, that they have republican sentiments going for them and HM did not need to select a black kid from God knows where for a royal commission to get back at them, is that I had selected a very bad neighbourhood to ensure I was where the issues were in the course of looking after a Hermitage and the bad people in this bad neighbourhoods, developing a sense I am meant to wait somewhere for crimes they have invented to happen to me and those crimes were detailed and determined, have become the most important thing in the lives of famous idiots who call themselves Celebrities all over the world, this comes on the back of chasing money on my academic work until I dropped out of University and then spending my time since building up market that will work along the lines of this nonsense being their most important achievement – showing clearly that if their stupidities did not have that show business that allows them claim they were so important they are constantly getting a sense that I am the Arch Prince that was going to serve them and solve the long standing problem that plagues their stupid little minds as a matter of public life and career, they would not be engaged in these kinds of activities as well. I have only been pushing back since 2017 when picking up a security guarding job showed that with their need to have somebody important they can attack and abuse whenever they chase money, to make their foolish activties more profitable, I was never going to get a breathing space until I did. They claim the problem with people like me to be that we spend time thinking we are very important when we are not – this is utter nonsense naturally as the main problem is people ripping up my life and property to set out a statement that suggest I think I am important while I am not; the biggest single crucial aspect of this nonsense is Liberal USA with its FBI and CIA connections keeping an eye on me all the time, which feeds into Private security Industry, corrupts my State provided security and allows Industrial criminals express a need to plan some crime against me that I wait somewhere for it to happen until it does because they had an ability to damage my finances, looking for more of what their stupidities are complaining about, while there were regular plan to betray NATO and Common Wealth Secret service Operatives, talking nonsense about historic injustice of which the only part that concerns me is this nonsense I have to put up with because they are provoked about white people getting along with weedy slave kind of African that is normally used to serve important people with that big mouth, hanging around at Government buildings being disgracefully clueless and seeking to move into my right hand thereafter looking for more – so everything I do or say which in any way goes against this nonsense and a plan to get rich for it, is followed by some intensively abusive insult that churns my tummy and causes a smell – this is what the problem is and if the idiots are complaining, they do need to stop following me around, the destruction of my property because they are desperate for attention when they blab about me thinking I am important when I am not is something of a mixed blessing as far as I am concerned anyway. British Celebrities on the other hand will now have to explain why they rip up my Bookshop to facilitate roles as sales men for Industry trouble makers, we know no explanation for this nonsense will ever make sense as such but it is starting to grow into a form of abuse and daily vandalism that big brothers and big sister perform as a matter of the kind of sex they want to have, which will stop the way that I want.