I am told that I am on course to get into trouble with the Labour Party which I am not; it’s the old question of whether I can be trusted not to attack them if I took from them all that allows them to become such a handful of bullies at my expense – something I will never understand after they had spent a decade to rebuild the reasons they feel it is okay to bully me all the time spending Government time and tax payer time and the entire future of the Parliament to do it, they still believe this nonsense is good to go, same story about the narcissism of the question of what I must do to them to stop them running off stupidities around culture and society trouble makers who have gotten under my skin, giving them a premise to ensure where I had done the best work for my career was mired in practical jokes that helped to promote their own and destroy it, it’s the same questions about taking from them everything that allows them to become such a hand full of bullies and not wanting to be in a position where you must answer the question of if you can be trusted not to attack them first, the stupidities always goes on endlessly with an assumption that it deserves to be tolerated and yet when the parents do not have access to money which brings it on or the children access to Celebrity culture which brings it on, there is really not much that they can actually do. The big picture for this is still the old case of middle sized guy dreams of attacking small people because he cannot beat up big people until a war breaks out and he ensures that happens by clinging to financial matters and finding it cannot keep the big mouth shut. I do get told I never talk about it  in terms of giving myself a respite but it is pointless as we know it’s now a battle for survival on grounds of whether I am important or not which is incredibly stupid but carries on taking up my time – they do also claim I get after them because they are the most liberal and democratic party in parliament while the truth is that they get criminals hanging around somewhere and then reasons we clash all the time is that they set those criminals on me to find a way of taking advantage of what I do or attacking my person to improve their finances on being close to retirement age and yet nothing gets done in this Country if people had refused to acknowledge that their stupidities were important people, so we see where it is heading the entire time, just like we can see that their children are not close to retirement age even though they are able to take advantage of me in the same way as well, hang around at the civil service telling me what to do once they had wrecked the finances with their involvement based dunce behaviour in order to deplete the self-confidence and look like they have an eternal ability to drive me into taking the Law into my own hands – it goes without saying they need to stop following me around now, especially in terms of the access my mum has to my career and academic work through their stupid party. Some people have suggested it is likely my version of the story is wildly different from what the Labour Party says provokes them but I am sure it is simple enough to see they are getting older and realising the prospect of handling me to make riches and fame as vanishing, so the abuses have become more intense but the origin is still that none gets to peddle my faith, personal life or public image and they have already wrecked the academic work by spending time to explain it as something that culture and society trouble makers should deploy to exact punishment on others in a way that is counterproductive, for the practical jokes that facilitates everything they can build from the abuses and violence which is possible when others would lose something important and they wouldn’t thereby allowing them to become the eternal bullies, who never get their due, meaning also there is me and the choice to be homosexual as though the matters that have ended them up where they are in their silly lives were born out of my own personal decisions – so unless people have found a real reason I may have provoked them to warrant this, the questions are pointless – we all know it has wrecked the academic work and built some sense of power and public dominance from doing so but is still hanging around to pick up the bits for industrial purposes, as stupidly as possible.

It is now said that I am on course to get into trouble with Celebrities and its utter nonsense – I will never get into trouble with any famous idiots in this life or the next as they have not got it; what really happens here is the usual business of seeing them get around developing all sorts of misogynistic nonsense that will help foster segregation in Public living, so as to allow rich people certain privileges that ensure they got rewarded by helping people to money that people did not work for and in the way they rally crowds to make it happen, Industry trouble makers reward them for it and hope to get back the money given to them from other areas of the economy. If I wanted to get my whole life stuck in this sort of rot, I would have left family, work and career to get about sleeping with them, the reasons they complain about me so much is that I am so inferior and they are in such dire need of exhibiting this nonsense at my expense that they have worked out a way to bring it into my home. These famous idiots I see engaged in activities that I only used to see my parents perform when they have spent years working and putting together some money which eventually leads down to that big party where money is not an object – whispering in this ear or that ear how their stupidities think I should be used to create new ways by which other people can get rich, how they have already faced problems that are bigger than everybody else’s and if they don’t have me that way this problems will affect them again which is not fair while I am a low life and it goes on and on, whisper, whisper to Politicians, whisper – whisper to photographers, whisper – whisper to producers and I cannot get a moments peace because their stupidities are so important; I have had quite enough of it and want it shut down as well for my part and I am certain that as much as their stupidities need to be considered with a certain degree of fear since it leads people to take the law into their hands, which is why I do chose not to respond to it very often and they have made a global phenomenon out of the fact they have no wish to get involved with the Military and do some fighting whereby the way I stop them being more important than I am on my Public image predisposes their stupidities to it and makes me a hate figure, it gets people to commit crimes and get into trouble with the Police which actually does not solve any of the problems and having enough of it was never the crime in the first place. These famous fools had realised since 2009, that the business of setting out methods of discrimination that worked for those who had money to spend on their stupidities being used to oppress me never worked and had resorted from then to the destruction of my personal life, career and livelihood based property, which question now is whether we see them share their own with the frugal as to handle mine in such ways as though they knew what it took or it belonged to their stupidities thereof, no such thing as getting into trouble with them and I do want those insults, abuses and vandalism shut down or I will burn their Celebrity culture as well. The crux of the issue here is that it’s the middle of December and I want to ensure that their foolishness no longer showed up anywhere near my concerns whether or not their stupid hearts will be broken if it didn’t from next year, since I am setting the stage for the Bookshop to begin trading fully then. They do say that first I invited them into my life and now I think I can dispose of them when I want which is utter nonsense and secondly that I have made a mess of the romance that existed between me and Celebrities because I don’t care about others which is not based on reality as well; for the first one, we know what has happened started out with claims I sleep with peoples wives or finding young people my age to sleep with because I refuse to allow them peddle my faith personal life and public image, I am now as such getting all over social media to ensure those I actually invited into my life knew where I was located which is really hard work with their stupidities getting in the way to offer up social barriers such as abusive homosexuality like a secret people share with the devil and the fact other people smell has now become a phenomenon their stupidities cannot do without. For the second, there was never a romance, only abusive processes associated with the idea that if they had money they stopped bothering people but since last they got the money from Industry idiots who benefit from the discriminative processes they create for those who have money to throw at them, then finding out they were unable to oppress me with it, I have been stuck in this rotten 6 years of nauseating financial complications because the idiots were suspending my Book sales with Publicity based abuses that were so violent and intense they turned off the audience tap and now their foolish threats tended to suggest that I did not have the right to make it clear to them that I had endured enough of it – we can see it is not the sort of thing that people do with other persons with whom they have any sort of relationship, good or bad, its therefore never true there was one with me.

They do say that the problem with them can be resolved amicably and yes I agree but I don’t see that the idiots want amicable anyway – if people set about inventing stupidities that are set to have such damaging consequences at your livelihood as ensures that the customer taps were turned off and you had decided to act on it, the reality was rather clear that the process of acting on it will become very rudimentary and especially if like I am running a Bookshop, somebody was writing academic Books, it will become academic and rudimentary of which there is nothing left to the imagination as per who will be on their way to homosexuality already thereof and having found this to be the consequence of their behaviour, the idiots have saddled me with another problem that involves enlisting society idiots, probably with mental illness to fool around with, who will get to chase me around on the streets and in my home and get their imagination up my bum, then hang around somewhere blowing off those big mouth threats like people make their own look like that regularly all the time. They do claim the threat I pose to them is the prospect of loss in terms of Clients, Audiences and Sponsorship and yes it is, since it is a matter of the Arch Prince having access to the world and a need to ensure that an access to the world was what everybody on the planet had in order to counter discrimination and elitism. It has now developed into a matter of the contents of the access to the world and whether they can take it from me, with respect to which having failed to, they could always start getting back to their show business in 24 hours but I do not believe they had the stomach for that either, so I win again. I mean current situation now is that I am not actually spending time on my access to the world thing as I am spending it tackling Industrial crimes, their involvement shows them off as Industrial criminals which is an activity that exists at the heart of the evil that is Celebrity, so their way out of this is to ensure that the Police were flustered tackling street crimes, so they might never be up to the game when tackling Industrial crimes as such and I have only just annoyed them a little since last I expressed feelings about seeing their stupidities take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my public image, to make the pictures that are used on glossy magazines which are sold at corner shops, blabbing of a war that will happen when I want them to tidy it up with a big mouth.

It’s much the same as when they are found running off the statement constantly, that I am a small Man who likes to think that I am quite something whereby it’s irrelevant if I am when such opinions are other people’s own and hence they ought to bear the full responsibility for having it and stop threatening me – there is therefore no doubt the next time the stage is set again for me to believe I am in danger because there are bigger Men out there and women want such men to attack me and get me giving up what I have and have worked for to the women who want to feel comfortable with it as a matter of their civil rights, the business of running around the world gathering up other peoples like them to show up at University and get my whole life inundated with local hoodlums until I smelled and dropped out, so they might become the brains behind the stupidities we now see celebrities exhibit all the time will come to bear on a plan to rip up everything that allows them play up their freedom gimmicks with either Media or Government permanently as well. I do get asked if I know exactly what the prognosis of their behaviour is but I don’t, all I know is that it is plain nasty bullying – they are not my relatives but their civil rights is run off in such a way that the fact we are from the same race means that they played family politics on my financial bottom lines where I have done the best work for my career and such abusive and threatening talk as mentioned above will be a matter of instances where they cannot keep their mouth shut and then there is my party piece where the sense is that I am not dealing with the society evils around me but each time I do I find myself in that situation where I had been taken advantage of by Media and Politicians and now it’s the turn of society trouble makers who will do some lasting damage, because they cannot stop spending time to ensure my career and finances ends up in those conditions where civil rights trouble makers may express their sense of freedom on it, right down to the part where they are so familiar with me it’s impossible for them to see that when a Book is written and bound and placed in the market as a product, it is no longer susceptible to career piracy unless they were causing me some form of physical harm doing damage to my earnings to add to the fact they are always making a mess of the Royal Public image to set the stage of a case where it’s an Arch Prince that wasn’t and therefore ended up with a personality people want to get rich and famous with, so they organised themselves into communities that got the imagination up my bum to send me nasty little messages on how I should stop being selfish over it. They do claim I don’t think Celebrities are successful or important and it’s not a matter of an opinion either; it’s a matter of being busy with what I am doing and not taking notice of it – the reality of the matter is still that if I wanted to get all interested in a bunch of people that are worth a lot of money which is given to them by industry trouble makers that benefit from the sense of discrimination they create towards the rest of the population with respect to people being rich and others people poor, I would have made my feelings about it quite clear and since I am not interested I have not done so. It’s much the same as the need to tell Politicians that I have developed a leverage against them constantly while we know that if they were not placed in a position where they realised I also wanted to sell their culture and society for a living, we can all easily put the imagination to what the business of communities getting imagination up my bum because of how my personality should be used to make celebrity fame and fortune would have become at this stage – we are talking about the wrecking my academic work bits happening in 2007 while we are living in 2019 at this stage, seeing them complain to the Politicians all the time but the following me around bits have not stopped while that was still the simplest way to avoid all problems. So they point to others at the Monarchy who are putting them up to it because I am planning to get rid of allies, which is a matter of the endless cynicism that facilitates the bedrock on which they get their imagination up my bum all the time and I have never actually solicited for others to pick up parts of my Public work at the Monarchy either, hence appears its better they didn’t anymore – so it’s something I will have to qualify and clear up properly as such. All these matters are easily avoidable if people patent bits of my life to their names, pay for and read Books I have written to see where I am located as well, instead of attack me later because I have existed in a way which clashes with the bits of my life they had patented to their names for the years I have spent developing ways to pay my bills and plan my pension, it’s all easily avoidable like culture and society trouble makers putting a stop to following me around and making a mess of my career instead of spending time complaining to politicians about how I responded to it. They do say that I have omitted the main reasons I am always being targeted and yes I have – it’s the part where everything that has developed from 1% of the population stabbing and shooting me so the remaining 99% may peddle personal life and public image to make fame and fortune popular culture, giving way to a group of people that are now past it in terms of the career, with such features added as not having the stomach to attend school if they wanted is the main reason I get targeted all the time. It’s like the story of Celebrities making out if I had failed to get into a relationship with them I had lost something important, while reality is that the culture and society trouble makers are things about which a wife says you needed to listen to what she was saying as she has got a feet up on the issues and the kids say they are usually stuck somewhere trying to work out which innocent person to take their crimes out on while young people studied at school but they are rather characters Celebrities got involved with to take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on your public image, which is used to make glossy magazines that are sold in corner shops, later on used as a tool by Celebrities to bend you to their will – no sense of direction whatsoever, get into a relationship with one of those to get out of bed every day feeling full of energy if you may and I am fed up with it, think the next time they issue those silly threats like so, I will very likely commit myself to a deadline as well. It does nothing but, the business of times I struggle with my thoughts and development being a matter of people hanging around somewhere spreading violent lasciviousness that was meant to handle me because I thought other people’s personal space was a landing and at the same time chasing their own purposes with the public image and personality, to add to the fact whenever they engaged with the public it affected my financial bottom lines directly but once I had begun to see some success with my work, the bullying changes to statements of doing your stuff, doing my stuff, doing stuff nonsense that we see characterises their celebrity based civil rights and I am fed up with it too, starting to take a closer look at those stupid threats alongside. They have said that I talk of these things but never get the opportunity to do them which is largely a matter of the decisions The Prince of Wales makes, to get off the Celebrities issues that had killed the Mother of his Children and lend support to the concerns about Industrial criminals which bothers an Arch Prince, while his bits were directly linked to the matters he need to get his hands around in order to support The Queen and prepare for his Role as Heir – so the whole thing feeds into a case of the adopted Arch Prince and the birth mother whose links with culture and society trouble makers feeding into the career and academic work, being the most toxic thing in the whole world, tends to say more than I would want to expose about what I am really like; the importance of getting rid of anything that has gotten involved with mine but cannot stop the endless cynicism. Eventually we find the mess they have made feed into the global stage where they say I needed to respond to some very important matters while it’s as simple as taking a China that set itself out as a Communist trading block and pushing them into the global power play thing, train their military and arm them some more, while hanging around somewhere saying it would be nice if I fried, the entire time of which the only reasons tyrants who steal public funds and put investments up somewhere to look over the shoulders of the democratic world, shows up in the UK which they think is bad news at all times instead of the US where things are constantly done the way they wanted is because of the economic crisis and they can have it back any time. I am said to be constantly in the mood for expressing bad feelings and beating people down and its utter nonsense – would be nice to have to stand up only for people with whom I can establish a relationship, as it is clear when things are done properly, the improprieties are eliminated, not people hanging around somewhere to offer me sex until the sex industry picks up on the rhetoric while another group cannot find anything they may do with my person except that which is indiscrete expressing it stupidities all over my public image to claim its fashion and art, the rest making a mess of the Royal Public image to an extent where people cannot tell what they read when they got involved with my dossiers, at the same time which each time they engage with the public through their own public image which is still intact, other people’s financial bottom lines including mine are badly affected. It all adds to the business of being told I talk complexly all the time while this is a simple matter of when I struggle with my thoughts I don’t need to look behind or the corner of my eye to see them heap it on and point fingers, once I started to experience success, it becomes a matter of whose own I deployed to get it done which culminates in threats because I am a little man who thinks he is quite something, hence worth bearing in mind that be this the case, a measure of how much of their stupidities I have to tolerate has been set out here.

I am annoying, a little man who thinks he is quite something and will be taught a lesson but these are a brief list of the stupidities with a reason that helps them boost the personality which facilitates the stupid corruption that got them where they presently are in the first place, which I have to put up with, garnished by Private security industry scum with CCTV and sexual corruption to fool around with, who never give it a rest as per what my private parts can be used for and the society fools who want to make profit from the insults – it needs to stop threatening me if it is complaining.