Matters of trump administration and reasons my position must change is being peddled by the Media all the time and I cannot say they are completely unaware of my feelings about the insults all together. I really do not understand what their problem with Mr Trump actually is, so I have to go by the fact that they want my position altered because they have spent the last 6 years of my time on practical jokes they think makes their narcissism more enjoyable to a life that is a product of handling me as a full time job while keeping the one that got to their head for the stupidities we see them engage in every day, to the idea that what the US President does has made them uncomfortable and an Arch Prince needs to change his position because of it. The reality we face on the ground being that those who have careers where their behaviour is likely to have far reaching consequences especially in terms of how other human beings should be handled, are completely devoid of any sense of how to be fair to other people, so their sense of fairness has now been narrowed down to the protecting those who are vulnerable to violence, while what we find in the Law Courts is that Mr B was subjected to violence by Mr A after a decade of Mr A dealing with lobotomy because Mr B wanted to make money while avoiding work and thought other people’s lives revolved around his stupidities; I have never been a part of either side and yet I am on a matter of basic sense of living, able to live with the idea of being fair to people on both sides, it’s difficult to understand why a group of really stupid individuals who think they are very important because they are financially comfortable, find it so convoluted so achieve such a thing with the way that they live as well. They claim what happens instead is that I am now on a course to rectify the damage that I had done which has no basis on reality as their problem is that their job gets to their heads, so they want to handle an Arch Prince and cannot settle up on the fact it is a two job scenario all together; the Industry gits are always blabbing about the reasons I get the stick as insultingly as possible looking for a response, while their stupid Politicians blab about handling me especially in the US, while we know that in the US, there would have been no welfare state to say there is an alternative way, so they would find me on the door step wanting to plan a life on that stupid savings within a very short period of time as well. The problem seems to be about the Trump Administration these days – shifted away from these insults where every fool on the street who wants to deal with the fact that I am not necessarily a victim in this matter, as the reality is that they are desperate with no way out of how their personal decisions had played out for them and the need to follow me around to make a mess of mine in order to make use of my personality and public image, means the younger people are now completely past the ability to get famous on my Public image, the older people are now past the means of bullying me to build market on the way I live and the Politicians are past securing self-improvements from stopping me defending myself against the same people they complain make a mess of their personal lives, health and jobs at Parliament, until I dropped out of University, then show up to threaten me all the time claiming they will force me to do something about them as well, which really does get on my nerves as it were – hence setting the stage for the way that the business of targeting me becomes increasingly vicious, such that when it makes the Journalists who cannot keep away from taking advantage of it to pass insults at me uncomfortable, the idiots then decide that they were so important my position needed to change because of the Trump Administration. We have always lived like this; ageists running around with the way their personal decisions had affected them, a life full of regrets they claim was a price for freedom, seeking people whose lives they may wreck to make their own comfortable and in my case talking nonsense about baby protecting them or he will be homeless, looking for more of what their stupidities are complaining about – while the silly children they had pumped out run around getting their imagination up peoples bottoms; now I am being told that I must move out of the neighbourhood I had taken up to look into matters at this Hermitage more clearly because their involvement with it to make a mess on my Public image has backfired, as insultingly as possible while we know that every neighbourhood has a measure of the same things but some just have more of it than others – another example of how the problem is with the Trump Administration and not their need to express most of their stupidities, seeking female society privileges at my expense, all over my finances, led my stupid Americans. So let us assess this business of the Trump Administration then as such – what we find when we do then, is that Mr Trump claimed Immigrants were a problem and South Americans were an issue but whilst this may have been probably correct, we know that everything that has gone bad since, has been a product of the Democrats running down his Administration every day. Hand on heart, do I think the Trump Administration makes me comfortable? Of course not – it’s not a leadership which causes comfort because it gets into the business of the way we have made the backyard of culture and society so messy that those who spend their time on crime or on thinking about it live incredibly difficult lives, a leadership that was necessary because the democrat need to spend the finances of those who are rather very skilled at it and seek those insulting self-improvements and conveniences on media had become a global stage threat, so a sense of justice needed to be re-established and they needed to live in the real world, where it applies to me being that they shut down the insulting media comments and review my Books or make stupid comments on it when they had purchased a copy of their own. So, do I think that immigrants at a problem and South Americans are an issue? It’s not a mainstream Political issue the way the campaign was run and with hindsight perhaps they would have thought about running it differently; this does not change the fact that the South Americans had spent most of their time conducting a violent campaign against women that involved rape and murder during the rise of developing economies stories we heard and we know the Police had statistics on this, whilst the main weapon of choice in the arsenal of corrupt CEOs, especially those who conduct their tribalism raids on people’s careers to get to the top end of Industry and then abandon their post at any sign of trouble are immigrants and Socialist states, bearing in mind that this is a Capitalist Economy which fundamentally relies on the decision that the person who is the main decision makers at every Family finance base makes, which is why we are in so much trouble Today on account Mr Obama gave it all away, thus difficult to understand why people had found it impossible to see where Mr Trump was coming from. Leaving only the deduction that the Democrats must have found themselves a scapegoat and the need to handle me all the time suggest my empire was one such scapegoat – the ideas being that this will be a simple thing to accomplish like we have seen the Obama leadership set the stage for fracture in American society where other ethnic groups want to push people into the White House and cannot refrain from their insults on the roads, knowing it is the primary stage by which people attend to daily concerns; the truth of what will happen being that I am yet again going to take up the case of their stupidities and that of their Celebrities damaging my property because every other way of oppressing me with my own finances because they cannot wait to get to the stage where they got to oppress everything that is not their mates to a whole new stage; complete with features such as the consideration of how their need to get along with the Laws of the land means that their exit from the way their foolish personal decisions have affected them is always my personal life, public image and finances and fundamentally involves getting me into a fight with gangs and criminals and then blowing off that big mouth all the time, that the gangs and criminals needed show mercy because I am too weak to do it, in order to save their stupid selves, once they got under my skin and started blabbing about being able to do and undo with me if their stupidities had not yet gotten a response for the insults, the other small percentage of those stupid personal decisions will involve the tale of community ownership and their stupidities meaning their whole lives have run campaigns against the laws of the land, that they are no longer able to run a campaign that says that they were wrong, so I am now consigned to hell and obscurity because idiots with media jobs want to get involved with it at my expense.

I have been told I avoid the finer points of my successes like I have been told I never say a thing to absolve my position – so for the former, the finer points of my successes will be the same case, that Government and Celebrity seldom go hand in hand, we find that The Queen provides Public leadership on this all the time but there are issues surrounding the matter, like each time it happens American Liberals get all over it to make a mess which is associated with their need to assess how people are likely to respond to others planning a life on their wallets in order to take counter measures, which gets them complaining about Trump all the time since his leadership is one that is more interested in the things we do to ensure the backyard of culture and society is so messy that those who engage in criminal activity or spend their time thinking of it are likely to face an incredibly difficult existence, bearing in mind it means the frequency of bad things happening to good people increases, the business of keeping people safe becomes the primary premise of Government work – we find that when other Royals spend their time making public statements that allow Celebrities show up here to patent bits of my life to their names, people do nothing about it at the Monarchy if they were more interested in chasing the prerogatives of female community and claiming HM had lost control of the Royal Family, then spend most of their time tackling me, bearing in mind they all think the gangs and criminals I complain about all the time are my main problem while the Celebrities who have just completed the process of spending 6 years of my time completely wrecking my finances in order to get me into a fight with gangs and criminals over privileges they believe that they and their stupid children deserve, really were, hence the constant clash with the biggest player in it of all times i.e. The Prince of Wales. The German part in the matter has always been this sense that everything we believe to be unreliable is what Germans think is the way that Public matters should be handled – like the time I had a security guard job and every day was spent dealing with abuses and insults from CCTV operatives which fed into Industrial espionage later and provided prerogatives for Politicians and Celebrities, claiming that these were some of the privileges that those who work security to look into matters of what we consider to be the way people end up with property that is not their own and they were not given permission to handle by its owners come about but of course British society fundamentally thinks that the characters that turn on us all at the later date when we speak of such things look exactly like this. So we find the matter feed into NATO frictions all the time, started by the Obama Administration that spent its time talking of nothing else save the fact if the British failed to co-operate with the needs of black America Germany will replace the UK at the special relationship – now the case of American being criticised all the time for always being seen engaging in one form of war after another over bottom chasing issues and the fact the Germans fundamentally rely on it to extricate influences that build such societies as means the very way you drive your car into the garage helps you decide the kind of neighbourhood you lived in for your privileges and poor people were not allowed to save up money and build something similar are resolving each other in NATO. For our part here in the UK, whenever HM had provided leadership which made it quite clear Government and Celebrity do not go hand in hand and the result is that we settled up on our Global stage Financial services competence Economy, we find that these goons on either side set about running off all sorts of toxic and abusive nonsense that will get the British explaining their National interest as per whether they deserve it and so on – about which I have earned quite the reputation for making them incredibly uncomfortable because they really do not enjoy targeting me as it were.

Every person faces the same problem when they hold government Office i.e. a certain group of white people who want to avoid going all the way on matters of the moral fabric of society because it allows them to adopt solidarity with the winning side at all times; those periods come round when we have ensured they are unable to tell where the winning side is but their desperation wins over the Politicians every single time, so everything we had done gets dismantled, then we get threatened because Politicians realised that the primary premise of wanting to be on the winning side at all times was financial. I do get told that I have an unyielding attitude as well which I understand but its utter nonsense; what has happened is the way it really should be i.e. wrecking the academic work does not make it easier for people to do what Politicians want, it makes it difficult.

So we find that the Prince of Wales does have a Habit of seeking out and being a part of everything that sets out a bad deal for younger people in society, which gives the trouble makers that work such things a premise by which to plan a future where they got on any of the winning side whatever the Royal Politics are the Monarchy became, then progress from suggesting HM had done the same thing as a younger person to satisfaction and then decided at a later date that those who were victims could get a reprieve later long with ideas on how the younger generation could not be allowed to do the same, to claims that HM encourages young people like me to be disrespectful at the highest levels possible – the reality of what he fooling around with, complete with features like stupid and insulting Celebrities who are very clear on what those that deserve basic respect should look like, being that if we assessed every Confederation in the world, that degenerated into violence and civil war, it is because of this same stupid fantasy on the trappings of Federated societies successfully getting rid of systems that ensure Government decisions were reached so quickly that it was possible for those who would normally have been denied justice to attain some sort of redress over time and then when they became Federations to avoid a repeat of bloodshed, the Government had completely lost an ability to engage with the Grassroots – how HRH plans to run a Monarchy by doing this beats the imagination and I want it to stop making a mess of my work by claiming its corruption is due to a behaviour that I had exhibited as there is no such thing.

Besides which all is going well in terms of what The Queen says about me being motivational and not a matter of questions regarding my position as their hate have peddled endlessly so far and I am happy with the fact the Boss regularly considers my abilities and devises tasks for me according to a sense of what I can accomplish; it may look like hell as they have peddled on Media but the most important thing is that I do not wish to be distracted, where those who complain about the smell perhaps need to spend their practical jokes somewhere else. It becomes so obvious then, that without Members of the Royal Family befriending fools who chase female society prerogatives at other peoples expense and making comments which allow Celebrities show up to patent bits of my life to their names, matters of my finances, personal life, Family life and Academic work would have been resolved in less than a Week, while the consequences are that I am a 39 year old single Royal who is also broke due to the destruction of my Bookshop, which I must now temper with a tit for tart attitude in order to deter the idiots engaged in it, especially when famous.