They now say that the US Government is unable to defend US Citizens when it comes to the UK and we know it is utter nonsense, as what really happens is that their idea of living in the land of the free is 100% a matter of the financial opportunism that can be gained from tackling Royal British and each time they have like in my case rounded someone up, played their games and settled up on the business of having detached me from any stages at which I may be handled according to a set of rules, it goes hay wire and invites its fellow idiots from developing economies to take part – so it usually a tight rope to walk and the main case then settled up on their need to play a game where I was scared of having my finances taken from me while I was pushed into a clash with gangs and criminals because women wanted it and women wanted what I had and was doing with the big mouth they need shut generally. It does become such a question that I needed to answer, as per what had to be done to ensure their stupidities did not get to address me and more of rather often. We see their NFL gits and NBA idiots have already grabbed a Royal Hermitage and its Global stage public effects at this point and Industry people are unable to get on, so money will buy everything, but they are not that much of a threat, just one of many, like the other goons with their American dream neighbourhoods, wrecking everything they get their hands on here to find a means by which they will build a lifestyle based on sagas at my expense for their ego – we find the stage gets set for a need to push people into violent deeds while grabbing what they want but they were the bigger people in size and the onus was on them to do violent things that kept other people safe. Just like they claim I am more interested in impressing poor people who are poor due to laziness and it can easily lead to the kind of Politics where the reasons people were being lazy had to be eliminated as it were: I suppose they were so lose, so disobedient, so disconnected that they did not experience any condition where they had to support their parents who were beating the self-up to attend to the daily concerns.

Now I am said to be at logger heads with Media and it’s so serious that it is developing into Public crisis but there is no such thing – what really happens is that the Media is manned by a collection of people who are so stupid that they spend their time on nothing else save the claim that they can do and undo with criminals and the culture and society trouble makers that run rings around their activities – it then translates into the idea that they are so successful and have such an amount of money and fine possessions including cars and a home, that it is possible for them to complain about culture and society trouble makers all day while at the same time being able to tell the same people what to do. Usually we are left thinking they were very lucky then but in my case it’s been 12 years of vandalism at a Bookshop leaving me with financial crisis over the same issue; Media and Celebrities are complaining about culture and society trouble makers while telling them what to do at my expense in order to get away with it because their stupidities were incredibly important; their friends at the Monarchy then set about building a custom made one for me to follow up that big mouth about sorting out those who turn out to take back careers that had already been taken from them and that leaves the whole public crisis on hate for women while some well of villains were having a sense of security built for them and careers were being grabbed. They do claim I boast about doing it while I have done nothing while the reality is that when I defend myself it progresses from those motorist insults to spending what I have done on themselves and showing up later with organised societies that will run me down for more and they are never satisfied, adding to the business of the claim we are afraid of culture and society trouble makers while reality is that it’s a bunch of goons who always negate doing the right things or doing what they need to do because they know how to invent all sorts of nefarious plans later, that will get others doing it for them, which then leaves them out as a job for the Police but time and again we find that when the target of media misogyny steps outside of the door, there is Publicity waiting there to extricate losses associated with the fact such persons claimed to have done something about them but did nothing while anything done is self-defence is being spent on idiots with publicity prerogatives claiming they were very important. I have made their disposition worse naturally as making it so while making sure they never got an exit from me was the best way to show that they are not important and should have been the end of the story save their ego being tolerated by me to a fault. So there is really no issues with the Media and more so such as will not go away; it needs to keep its stupid comments off my Book and Public image and pay more attention to the part of the job that is actually paying the money that gets to its head. They claim I am always untidy and always unprofessional and that this was always the main issue but it has – I am currently in an accommodated rented from a white person, so I am expected pubescent twats keeping an eye on me to corrupt any existing state provided security while getting imagination up my bum all day including bed time, to blow off the big mouth alongside Celebrities and media to develop into something as serious as doing my stuff at Buckingham Palace again like the blacks before them – they have done those abusive insults, vandalism and business of how I need to keep my mouth shut until it made a bad smell while they got off to improve their stupid lives on everything they heard me say until they wrecked this Bookshop from the first day I arrived at the location and I have been there for four years now, goes without saying that it does speak for itself.