I have been informed there was this issue black people had against me and it pertained to my views about racism – it does not in anyway whatsoever, it is a really a cluster of stupidities that people developed in a corner at their Homes then show up in public places to cling to my achievements and apply it on me, say that it facilitates a means to forcibly make me do their bidding since last it occurred to them that something could be done to prevent their finances falling through completely whenever they were short of cash but ideas have not yet been developed about what they planned to do about the fact that mine was falling through completely because of them. It has grown into an interest in my personal space which had since turned violent with a big mouth and every other fool shows up to cling to my earnings talking nonsense about problems my community creates, especially the Muslims who make me a thing that exists in their world of men, so not only is what I do with my Bookshop and opportunity to fulfil dreams of forcibly making me do their bidding, it has also become a tool by which to pick up all I did with my career and pass it off as the benefit of being a man while nursing a community that made the most of that thing they built up from a corner in their homes to finger my bum. So if they believed that they would not do very well with me picking up a social disposition of pursuing them on the basis of being a moral and religious person, I suggest that when their comments are not about me finishing my University pursuits which they have also complained I have been working on for so long it hurts their tummy as well and does not involve the success of my Bookshop, it needs to keep its mouth shut. For the blacks they complain all the time but most of this makes sense as per what they were saying is that they were now part of some of the most powerful countries in the world  after their parents sold them on from Africa because they were unruly enough for it, while the Muslims and Asians can only continue until I built up my own tit for tart attitude where I attacked finances if they attacked mine, same as career and same as gimmicks which take up my time and then I will be the one doing the discriminating activity and the Muslims will do Jihad by then. I can always take up the matter of every idiot turning up here to play up I am your daddy gimmicks where all I did with my career was taken up and pass off as their achievement to make sense of the life of men in this place but one thing keeps getting in the way and it involved the lack of air associated with stupid black women picking up my earning margins while getting backing from idiots bigger than I am. So they were clear I could not describe them as the stupid men they are, as they are now rather keen to decide what I said but it needs to stop threatening me as well, as chances are that it was likely bluffing and I am not.

It is also deluded to think that I cannot deal with all the ethnic factions by myself, as none knows the exact point where it made sense to their stupidities to collect my market and earning margins as a tool for improving profits in large companies where they thought that doing so would help them keep their stupid jobs, bearing in mind these companies were already doing well and were very large to show it - beyond that it had incredible taste and expectations because its penis was successful, needs to stay away from my academic pursuits and my Bookshop, always showing up here to make money and solve financial problems by insulting me, especially in terms of me being a character with a good career that was seen in a community their stupidities built as a thing that people used to make their own money too while their foolishness provided the leadership and got fingers up my bum with a big mouth. 

The singular problem here is one of a group of people alongside their famous idiots running me down and pushing me around over the idea they were in charge but did not have the intellectual capability to do anything with or about leadership and it has destroyed my finances enough, the threats will only serve me to ensure I stopped their stupidities showing up here to make a mess for me, very badly.

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They do suggest that I am heart broken because women at the Monarchy did not love me and it is utter nonsense as what happens is the way they made everything so incredibly complicated - the women had to marry money, then they found out later that they had their Royal duties escalated by the fact the men that the Royal women married knew nothing of Royal work, thereafter decide as a matter of privilege, they were going to tear down my career and finances saddling me with the responsibility deficit but at the same time go on to suggest the various people I met during my work, knowing some areas were incredibly messy, were people I wanted to get into a relationship with and it was therefore their duty to prevent it, not long after making a mess of my personal life at a crucial stage, they are found suggesting that the Queen, Head of the Church, wants me to Homosexual.

I am informed that the manner in which people channelled vile behaviour towards me was astonishing but it is not to me as such, except when I had adopted a mindset that it was a once in a while activity that is. It is a cluster of behaviour built up over a period of time by an immoral society that had decided the moral one was weak and therefore should be dominated and used by them as a tool because they considered themselves fittest. Its primary interest in me is usually instances when I faced a challenging situation and there were things I did by the way side to cope, it will pick those up and build society based privileges from it, then call it Scottish Independence for instance among other things they do with such things in Northern Ireland, a little in England and Wales. It is not unusual as back in the 1980s, they would usually be found in warehouses that belonged to companies that made a deal with Government to employ those who changed their ways and they will be seen as people who had a certain mindset, nothing changed much but they have realised doing as they were told was more acceptable.

The logistical challenges was one that concerned the fact that people in Authority always should discriminate against those that were able bodied, not necessarily because they were able to work for money but because they would have already taken something they should not have as a matter of probability, hence supplying them will supply them twice as much as they needed. Socialists and Liberals never listen on this matter, it is the throes of pleasurable antisemitism for them all the time, so they area always placing the blame on victims, until when they are no longer winning elections, then they start lying, claiming victims were aggressors. It never stopped running my life with social systems criminals built but complains about the bottom chasing more than I did hence it really works but this business where it is said the better way was the jobs market and not celebrity culture, so they did both and continued to pillage my finances over what they claim is my attitude, generally means that I am set to do all three i.e. celebrity culture, revenge and jobs markets, once done well enough to show Clients that my finances looked the way it did because of my history but my equities were viable, I think my writing career would be respected.

The question was the idea I suggested these matters do not put any stress on me which is not the case, my point is that it does not. They claim I speak of discrimination against able bodied but I find it unpleasurable if it happened to me, which is utter nonsense as it does all the time, as a matter of the idea I was able to handle society gits and some prepubescent characters were not, we know they are now running me down on social media to grab my earnings with stupid German influence behind them issuing sickening coward threats all the time while their father characters had gone on to rip up everything I did about the violet orthodoxy of community croons, running me down well enough for them to build this abusive atmosphere where any who wanted to grab peoples careers could hit the ground running, then gone off to get rapped by some criminals and turned up at Parliament to demand my career – we know what Politicians do with it to such an extent we faced the threat of civil instability, even war, talking nonsense about careers I deserved because people fought my battles – my one had come full circle and it is an example of self-resolving issues that had not business with Politicians save the part where the Government Office gits got involved because they thought they found somebody they would trod on pleasurably, never achieved it once but shows up like that every day to make a mess of my finances living up the dream.

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