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They do suggest I am only out for mindless vandalism which I am not; in 12 years of daily misery due to Celebrities saying I am published somewhere and they were going to get involved with it, I have had many false prognosis come through as per what they were doing with my Books and finances, about which we have since settled up on the real one i.e. they are destroying it, to add to this other abusive process where involvement with me was a fix that they were addicted to and I am twerp chasing things that are too important for me, about which I am going to burn the stupid Celebrity culture as well but am happy to drop it if they stopped getting involved, stopped picking me up and stopped picking up my concerns on seeing what it does to my finances when the effect is that I did something for governmental service and they picked it up, so it became something a Media fool or Famous idiot did, which was preferable to the life they have created alongside their precious criminals.

I really hate it when the story eventually boils down to claims I underestimate racism in the country while we know that we were only ever able to get along when their gimmicks which usually resulted in personality disorders that allowed them hang about neighbourhoods talking Politics with everybody whenever Politicians were campaigning for Office, thereafter showing up on peoples concerns to explore and exploit the many incentives for criminal activity that it can find, which does not imply really, that when Politicians got on with them, they were a cup of tea for everybody as such. I mean there was racism and then they thought it was best to add tribalism and nepotism to it, then I could never move on from this stupid vibe that if I were offered as gift to racists, they would have something to sink their teeth into and the stupidities here will be able to enjoy from freedom from racist violence for a while until they discovered another victim, bearing down on that equally stupid history they share with their Celebrities where racism had been reduced, so they decided to develop their own version of what racists did, setting off the silly idea that racists had the correct idea but applied it incorrectly, showing up here to cling to my earnings with a big mouth. In the end if all that ethnic minorities wanted me to do were complied with like they were my gods, we know that if somebody wanted to tackle me on the racist front, he would do exactly what their stupidities performed relentlessly every day. They have always done this but never really presented a front which issued threats until we had arrived at the current social state of affairs where if somebody said I was a bum, it would have made a little bit of sense, with a big mouth. It loves those threats because it believes that it can fool around with me and my concerns to any extent and loves to perform them with a sense that I am expected to be indecisive when I do my part to build up processes which facilitate state ceremony and they do their part to show up here and provocatively make a mess, seeking popularity convenience personalities that will be free of all problems, fair to say the threats are good but there is also a good probability they were bluffing and I am not. Then there is the Politics of it where Americans were the gods of geopolitics and never gave it a rest once but we had gotten the geopolitics under control for years, from public attitudes towards female communities, to action taken at Government buildings while Americans made everybody’s life a misery chasing the latest wind of greed around the world; in my case, this matter is not really a crisis as such, just a case of Politicians having to deal with their support for Celebrities when it turns out that it now spends most of its time working the filthy abusive geopolitics while telling lies to cling to peoples incomes – my business being solely to find out what they didn’t like about my Book and why they were always destroying it but I guess the Politicians are now completely fed up with the insult, geopolitics and lies of the famous idiots as much as I am, leaving me to wonder about the time I dropped out of University, these clowns issuing threats at me as though somebody here is fooling around with them or they were paying the fees. We have since now reached that stage where we need to show the Public that the jobs market was better than Celebrity culture and I too want them to vacate my wealth equity and my public place brokered property assets and get rich quick somewhere else. Apparently I have attracted their attention because women handle areas of my concerns where good with money hated my guts and they made something important from it, I am therefore targeted because they were real Men – when we investigate it we hear that it was a plan associated with a prospect that there will soon be a male head of State and complains will follow that women were making the most of having a female one: we know it is an example of the way they put themselves in charge and just expect that the livelihood and source of survival that other people had, should come to a dead stop, every time they want to make sense of the fact they did not know what to do and have chosen me insultingly for it, looking for more of what they were complaining about – besides which in the open world, should women make the most of having a female head of state and know that they would have to suck up to you at the work place, then it was better to get a job, whilst in Government whether or not women spent 99% of their time making the most of having a female head of state, it did not apply.

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