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It is then said that I am scared out of my wits and whilst I am not the one raising such a conversation, I am meant to make compromises for their important careers if I respond, getting on nerves – reality being that it interfered with my sleeping patterns because it loved to handle my body and personality for survival as abusively as its stupidities can, claiming it contended with a tough job everyday, then after it keeps the earnings to become a bully, same as the famous idiots who never stopped showing up with support crowd to decide how my career can be used as a tool for making me do something they desired to see me do and we are talking about such nonsense as stories that I am good in bed and they wanted some, making a mess of everything here. I now have to respond by interfering with the sleeping patterns of stupid human beings who had tough jobs and were entitled to get involved with my privileged personal space and the Celebrities wish to stage another global level complaint about the way that their gimmicks provided me a license to act in complicity with the evils of society like they do here everyday stubbornly. What is outstanding is that they had a place to rest and an Office to work whilst they mixed mine up and every idiot with ideas about how I should be handled needed to keep the mouth shut and find a Book to read, if they wish to cease complaining about me too. We have heard the claims I am a Libra who steals items of personality from other star signs and that would be the part where Libras being pursued by the authorities that wanted to win battles against national level enemies did not exist, unless I stole bits of personality from sales army idiot who never ceased to do stupid things with other peoples lives and careers because they were making their own money; this would be the point where it is suggested that I thought attacking them as well was a bad thing which I don’t, as it is rather something that I should never stop doing once I had started, since it was a matter of their nature – for the time being it was all a bunch of fools whose only skill besides bullying the neighbourhoods with a sales army to boost business takings at the market, was to chase the big salaries in other peoples well built companies but now had a problem because they could not work intellectual property administration if they envied my career, the Celebrities were simply collateral damage. I need it to show some respect for a Bookshop here, so I can pay my way in the world too, the way its stupidities has been allowed to. It has always been the same idiots at work tracing it back to University and the reasons I was unable to finish my first degree, the mess that had been made for more than half a decade because whenever Celebrities that want to work crime control publicity showed up to get a job, their stupidities were entitled to get some too if not complaining it had provided me license to make it serve me and my cause - needs to fool around somewhere else (it has already picked up Asset development publicity as a tool for deploying my property equity to solve social issues backed by a popularity and media crowd, the degree of insults and abuses needed to achieve such nonsense considered, because its silly friends at Washington were convinced of an ability to run other peoples lives and changes the subject all the time).

They claim the Italians have taught me lessons which is utter nonsense – the moment Princess Beatrice of York was married, their interest in me should have ended and their attention spent on her and her happiness not my possessions, what we have seen is a sense they want some of mine and are set to find it too, for my part, if I went into a relationship with the Princess it would have been incestuous but if anybody raised it I would have asked them to find answers for the fact my lineage was not directly linked to the Royal family and if none raised it I would, so they could handle my wife. These gits think they control the situation they had created here and they apparently don’t, what we know they do instead is a sense that this was all a problem of lack of respect on my part towards the male population which reality I have brushed under the carpet to see what they have got, is that they are too lazy to read my Books, so have replaced their interested in me with heaps and heaps of publicly displayed insults that have developed to such an extent there was a physical effect they could manipulate in my personal space, so we are heading towards a result where one of us will have to backdown as it were – we see it all the time showing up like that to lip flap at the behest of its bad employer American twats, about the relationship between a wife and a husband, at the same time which fantasies did not have to be consensual because the Law could not track them; they would say such nonsense was not the reason behind my actions if it affected the way I worked my Office, such that each time clients were seen in possession of my Books, problems associated with their personal decisions and the way their careers and that of their famous fools were always tied to what the prison services did, came to bear. They do claim I do not control any of it either but clearly any economy that spends money of gits who make others unprofitable for fame that makes them lazy, is being spent by those who actually owned the money, it needs to keep away from my Books and income margins or I will acquire myself a license. 

They claim I had no control of the situation created for me either which I do not need; since the warnings have not taken effect because they think they are important, we are beginning to work a process where their need to pursue the big salaries, setting out my Office and any work I had done to support government when it worked with businesses on red tape issues, as the stage where I got showered with insults whilst they made money off my public image building equality with the public at my expense, which is incredibly stupid is going to develop into a platform that allowed an outcome in which that stupid capital that makes me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy will become a problem with had to solve together and their celebrities will need to decide what they wanted to do with insults about the way I had to get into a fight with people to prove myself to them in order to deserve my career (all happening to fast, days run into weeks and then months, unnecessarily, 6 years of my time wasted). They speak of impossible conditions for doing business but business was a simple matter of deciding that a product was relevant to people and to what extent it was, we know that partnerships do not last if the consumers earnings are not boosted by a transaction in the long or short run – a product might not be relevant to parents but it is relevant to children to such an extent that the parents did not have to hire a baby sitter, to which effect the person selling it had found a job? I am told this nonsense was the way they sacked peoples career publicity to divert public interest and sell their own products greedily somewhere else but I do not see why it needed to make such a mess of my finances and get in my face every day. Its like the other question about the reasons people got along with these activities whenever performed by Germans and Italians but I don’t know – I do knot it indicated their careers were built to be closely linked to what the prison services did, such that if they said they were clinging to my earnings and my behaviour was to decide if they were to be punished for it, the fact their careers were built that way would make sense, besides which it is now mainly just a matter of my own happiness sourced narcissism from family life, had been stopped by Politicians who have not found a way to stop their short insulting videos hey claim added up to advertisement, I do not need to control them, it is incredibly stupid and will place me on a platform for an exercise in destruction, needs to keep its mouth shut and read a Book. It is all a matter of narcissism derived happiness of which mine being based of family life, was stopped by Politicians who have not yet decided how to stop their, I am happy because my abuses boost my income and wreck yours short insulting videos they claim is the way advertisement should be made, hence a Boys and cookie jar situation, I have no need to control them (I should however confess that it is heading towards the sense that my career should be wired up to public awareness via what they find provocative about State provided security asking to see the battles they won to match the privileges they demand). 

In terms of what I would do if it were up to me, then the matter was more that of the idea that if the way it works is that people come up with thes abusive tricks to work wares at a market place, gather some money which is placed in a bank account and make their lives easier than it would have been, work private security industry with interests that went against Policing, lip flap about people who would be crushed supposi and liaise with roague landlords to get imagination up peoples bums in their rented spaces, they need to stop interfering with other peoples turn once they have had their own, need to make the comments about their own careers and cease handling me, we are not talking about important persons as such and I am still miffed as to when this nonsense became so relevant to public authorities all together. The part that is causing delusion is that the fooling around eventually resulted in botched academic pursuit for me which I blamed myself for but they were still here taking and taking, abusing and abusing everyday, hence I responded by making sure their children were past it too, the desperation has now fed into an inability of Politicians to stop their narcissism after stopping mine, contrary to the idea they were running this show.

I am said to have abandoned a Private security Industry job because I either did not wish to provide others with security or am a coward. I could never make sense of it myself, since the problem with being ashamed of a job is that I got paid for it, but then again there were more factors involved, which are to do for instance with the way my morally upstanding career publicity had been completely spent before the Media and Celebrities decided to show their true colour, in this case, to do with the way that nothing dared to get between them and what they wanted even if it belonged to somebody else and whenever they thought they could do something they would simply go ahead and handle the persons applicable in order to do it no matter what. I personally did not give up the security job because I no longer wished to do it, I gave it up because I had trigged an old injury, the injury itself has been the cause of my long running tummy issues that causes my body to shame itself in public all the time, robbing me of opportunities, so once I triggered it, I was able to make sense of what my main problem was but my well being had taken a downturn – I mean I have been told the injury has been seen and is really bad, as I am aware, I injured myself on one foot when I was nine, the way that exactly the same swelling on point of injury has also turned up on my other foot at 40 indicates that I may have hurt my artery or something that leads up to my heart, the pain which is unbearable especially in winter. On the matter of my time in private security being fraught with fear, panic and smell issues however; that was a matter of the way that the training was a specific thing, I was working in an accredited industry where rules applied, whilst some employers were interested in the same narcissism we see the Media and Celebrities exhibit, as I tried to control a crowd that was interested in sexual context abuses, in which condition I always had to negotiate leaving the job by ending up in hospital or leaving it voluntarily while I kept it daily. I have had it put to me on the matter of what I thought the core problem was i.e. the simple fact that Celebrities thought they were more deserving of entourages and body guarding security than those it was being given to and they enjoyed nothing better than the narcissism of clinging to the financial well being of people whom they claim ought to do something to show they were brave enough to keep the career, we know the insults having already developed into an outcome where their friends at society were working sexual context insults at them as well, they chose instead of stopping it, to run off threats on the idea they were incredibly important and would organise to have me physically attacked, if I failed to do something about it, which really brought to bear the way that they spend money to bail out criminals before I earned the accolade of doing something to prevent crime and we know those criminals evolve into market bullies that serve them, showing up here to pick up my career publicity for gimmicks. Then we hear the claim that they were able to handle the criminals whilst I could not, when all knew that if I organised my career publicity in such a manner, they would do everything they could to thwart anything I did to ensure I was successful at it, which indicated it was fake, not that I did not know about it as such, I am simply only willing to tolerate the fakery from people whom I allowed to play around with my public image for a while because it was clear they could never stand up for themselves unless they had made money to buy some security. This is the point where the story that I am said to have an ability to win battles tended to provoke them and we know what the gits had put themselves in charge of on Media where such matters were concerned, goes beyond the abusive call to fight their famous stupidities over a delusion that meant they were unable to see that I thought of them and society trouble makers as one and the same thing; that whilst society trouble makers pushed insults at me as though if I were twice their size and wanted them to pay for it therefore organised my career for such a purpose, they could and would like the results, the celebrity ‘if we can we do’ rhetoric working itself into a sense that would love a fight over a lasciviousness that was wrecking my Bookshop and when they kept their earnings forged a stage for them to become bullies for the money that rested in their own bank accounts, all together this aside, I would have been working with a platform in which the main response to me was a product of having failed to beat me down in every way – we are talking about a situation in which one group of people jeopardise themselves to provide public security and another group would take up work in the security systems to provide us a security that will lead us into trouble at a future date, I do try to educate them a little on the matter, as per it did appear they abused people all the time because it was the only thing they learned at school, just as much as I have warned that speaking like that often it likely to be an indication I am not on the run anymore and probably determined to teach them a lesson they will never forget. The story I have won great battles on the other hand being a matter of practical jokes I play on them as well i.e. the claim others have been fighting my wars never ceases, regardless of the way I had drawn out facts on the way I had not created such a problem as to warrant them fighting my battles and more so on a National stage, just as much as I had drawn their attention to the way that claims of fighting my battles made a mess of scenarios in which some characters tried to recruit younger people to violent deeds and claims that they had been fighting my battles were counterproductive to assist public security instead, when publicity had been drawn up for it but what we ended up with was a process where parents would send their children to school and keep the finances in the City centre, to which effect they would pick up military ambitions – I would then have supposed that they were not sharing my career with communists anymore then, no idea why they did if I did put up everything on a website for all to view. It is beginning to make sense that I drew up a list on the way I wanted to attack the Celebrities and the society gits, where the stress and financial damage cased by famous idiots picking up support crowds to change my career into something that will get me serving them or their causes, meant I ought to attack and trash everything associated with it, just as much as I did everything associated with the need for society gits to pick up my career publicity for other purposes but I did issue enough warnings to justify my position either way.

I am working in agreement with the idea that the history I have on Celebrities here have been mired in confusion and a lack of information. That said, an assumption of vandalism and harm caused by a supposed lack of information does not generally excuse the effects of Championing the needs of the destructive and abusive poor, while clinging to my Books without permission, through which processes my finances are wrecked, to make statements that facilitate exit from the destruction of a person’s own civil living or open invitation to Hoodlums and Criminals to take Part in the destruction of my civil living.





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