I am said to seem unworthy for my position which I am not. It’s the gimmicks of a handful of goons who had a history of causing a lot of trouble if they were remotely asked to chase their children’s nappies, blabbing self-care at me violently and abusively, to decide how I was used, claiming it’s a matter of the fact I was living on Government support which situation they caused and that they were paying for it – so it is all first blood as it were. I mean self-care for me was a matter of the way that culture and society gits took it upon themselves to perform activities that brought about the resurgence of social ills whenever they were sorted but nothing I did about it was effective save I spent the public image of celebrities to resolve any damage it caused, due to the part they play in it – so the self-care story has been running off abusively at my expense for long enough as well, to say the least.

People are inclined to think that the consequences of their inconsiderate behaviour is best not inflicted on anybody but when it is noted that they devised a way to get themselves into such a position and worked on themselves to develop a mental state of entitlement, it is okay to say that although I have given them the exit enough times, to purchase and read my Books instead of decide how I should be used, they ought to face prospects of sucking it up to churn their tummy as well as they are not entitled to my career.

The reasoning being that if I carried on like so, I would not make good friends which is not really applicable as I get along well with Company CEOs who run businesses that are so large they were the local land mark - their case is mostly about showing up somewhere near my career, to draw up a road that leads to the City centre, getting on that road applies profits to tribalism and they reach the City centre to secure jobs, the jobs through which they ensure that each time I broker equities with companies, they intercepted the work and deployed it for their own purposes. 

All working into the same processes of being the people next to me from hell as a form of existence, making sure my career did not mean anything to anybody no matter what I did with it on account their stupidities had needs, when that fails, set about attacking any person that is affiliated to me in a bid to ensure they secured their stupid future at my expense by making me stand aside for others because the difficulties people faced was my fault and the interest in me never reduces yet regardless of how much suffering I have inflicted so far, on claims they were bigger than I am or probably that their insanity was more famous.

It is then said that this was likely the greatest challenge I have faced, and it is utter nonsense too, no challenge whatsoever, just a 9 year wait to find out if a bunch of idiots with a need to earn my income instead of work for their own might move on without getting a response from me that their stupidities would never forget. It seems that they do not plan to move on without getting a response as well, so we are starting to speak of the fact their careers and mine do not meet at any point, implying I will need to get into an Office where I set out plans, deadlines and targets with respect to the fact their stupidities had money and I was broke which was the source of all problems as it were. Its not really that complicated I imagine for people to stay away from a Book they did not write, show some professional curtsey and make their comments about their own careers, it is not as if we had progressed to the point where I had a personal issue with their annual holidays which made the best statements if I wanted to make my own contribution to the stupid wealth and social inequality issues they complained about endlessly – since it is the best stage to show how half of them want to get rich without learning how to speak to people first, showing up here to get imagination up my bum and the other half cannot stay away from the Media, about which they make those stupid social Media statements everyday for the purpose of some narcissism they believe they want to practice on me with a big mouth. They do claim it is due to the way that I push them into conflict and yes, it is as their need to put up money somewhere and get people trading as if I had lost something important is quite immeasurable, hence they were doing very well on the wars too. The idea that it will go very bad for me if they decided to take drastic action is something I could really do without naturally – those stupidities blabbing when it is not yet a comprehensive process where their gimmicks meant they were entitled to my careers, looking for side kicks that will play the part of neighbours from hell where I lived, shooting off the dirty mouth on Media – needs ensure each involvement with my concerns were followed up with Book purchases if their stupidities were keeping a salary. It is a crime apparently and the effect speaks for itself, I simply need to ensure this stupid crime of handling my Books without permission stopped stagnating everything in this place. So we can see the curiosity with respect to their behaviour show up more publicly, the curiosity whereby at school when they needed to pass those exams, it was more a matter of their need to say they were able to hang about somewhere with a sense that other people existed to be abused and berated all day, giving way to something of a process where they got into a safe distance from which they spent most of their stupid time pushing me into trouble with the Police – it is usually less complicated than they said it was in every respect, right down to story of embarrassing things people did about which the need to forfeit a career had to be enforced, always less complicated than what they say it was even if such victims walked into the City Centre without their clothes on. What we have since seen is those stupidities progressing to a stage where they teach their silly children the Office space insults that can be channelled at me, as a matter of the version of me that is running around with them on Media to make a mess of my finances – the idiots had since spilled it on the streets and ended up fucking themselves, to show up here having a go at me endlessly over smell problems with a big mouth. The version of me running around their media which says that I did not run my finances in a way that allowed me deal with intellectual property administration on a grass roots level before they wrecked it completely and got me on Government support where some of their stupid Politicians could say they were funding my projects, helping them suggest my finances looked like it did because I am a failure – the version of me running around with them on Media to make a mess of my finances where neighbours from hell were a determining factor as to how brave I am and which careers I deserved based on the bravery – the version of me that had fallen victim to their ageism and will be trapped in gimmicks they set out to claim they were doing business once they got away with wasting years of my time, which will allow them put the abusive labels on. Needs get a Book when it shows up here and keep its stupid comments where its own career is located.


They do love to boast that they have harmed people for saying less and my case was a matter of where I said what I said which is utter nonsense as they do love to look like when it came to the 7 deadly sins issues, they were the best but it is not yet a mystery the reasons civilised people engaged in a fist fight, hopefully not until I took an interest in the relationship they had with colleagues and employers, which outcome will likely be a process of dragging them down a street corner where I blindfold and attack them so they could not tell the Police over it. Its like an absolute choice – Celebrities or a career you have been working on, when asked what I wanted to do with Celebrities if I chose Celebrities, I did not know. In the end private interest economic recovery had already decided, it wanted to make the most of my Public image, devise items that are developed from my personality and the public image, display them for a self-improvement purpose to sell them, blow kisses at criminals while doing so to develop a lifestyle publicity that can be sold as well, which effects run all the way down to neighbours from hell because the deciding factor for which careers I deserved as a matter of how brave I have been – now we compare it to public interest economic recovery and ask what the prospect of these scumbags being a real threat to me if their stupidities had convinced them so absolutely that they were not to keep from my Books and restrict their comments to their careers, really was. The story behind it is a two part case where one was that I mentioned it and they will turn it on me, about which I do not wish to hang about attacking women at the market to be a certified low life but pushing will never develop into something of a process where I found a suitable alternative - the other being that they will employ security guards to tackle me, whereby the history with such nonsense was a handful of society gits ripping up my career to ensure I met fate on its terms, which disposition operated provisionally to allow them secure security contracts from the Celebrities detaching me from and working my wealth equity as a matter of their own civil rights thereby a celebrity culture that is incredibly profitable, no doubt that it will develop into something of clarity about the fact there was not a security guard that can protect famous idiots from me and then I will get away with it too.

It feed onto stories they tell of Cats and Dogs and some genetic hatred which then set the stage for more of their gimmicks while it was rather clear to all that Cats did not get along with Dogs because Dogs talked about the enemy that is coming back again, Cats preferred people behaved in a way that avoided contact with the enemy – so a meeting between Cats and Dogs is likely to progress quickly to the fact Dogs had enmity stink all over them and needed to tidy up, while the Dog state of mind that speaks of coming enemies all the time meant that Cats were likely to be twice as angry which right up to the point of fighting is counterproductive all the way. Then we get past that, we get past the part where Politicians always think that getting idiots who see the world kinaesthetically into my personal space and the way I responded was amusing, we entered the stage where they had to handle National service and the more they did it was the more trouble we got into threatening an all out conflict which tended to make security itself useless, then giving way to a process of trashing peoples careers to build crowds that helped develop a public state of affairs where only those that can fight could get jobs and Industrial contracts. Here it is no longer possible for Politicians to say it was amusing, at the same time the salaries of Politicians are not enough to share with Cat person victim and the idiots will never get jobs if they had access to my personal space, whereby I think that it will likely develop into something of their need to show up here and count pennies until they made millions because Politicians would have liked to, reaching a point where entire Political systems relied on it, at which stage I could easily decide they will never have it because I wanted to see them live in the real world like everybody else. The boasting is always that I am pained to see that they were bigger and it is the same story we have all round; always bigger and had no respect for people’s personal spaces, the Celebrities decided I am a thing that was not treated well by my Publishers while their producers got up to all sorts and none was interfering with their products for it, then it will grow into something of showing up in a building they should not have, when I happen to take up my favourite spot, unable to walk on and I have to claw some eyes kind of thing, which develops into something of dog errands and dog gimmicks, showing up where the boss did some fighting to establish authority, which was none of their business, doing their own stupid fighting at my expense while complaining to Politicians about my attitude with a big mouth. I am then told that my hate for them was clear but it is never a matter of hatred as it is a matter of the fact they will destroy everything here is Politicians continued to tie my hands behind my back over it – its not just a matter of showing up for it because they made decisions to join in with gangs and criminals at a time that working for money did not appeal, it was a case of superiority that involved a process where they spent time making incredibly bad personal decisions, at some stage which the stupidities of Politicians with respect to the peace of mind in the lives of Cat people, produced an outcome where their obsession with it was a matter of punishment for wrecking the lives of cat people was less than the consequences of their personal decisions and therefore preferable, so it is not something that will go away unless somebody got brutally killed. What I am trying to do involved a process where we came to an understanding that the idiots were going home with a salary, that I was not going home with one because their practical jokes showed up all over my Books, their producers could do any side gimmick needed, what mine got up to was racist and they were in charge of my security etc, which I intend to conclude with a lot of hatred and wrath as will ensure that the consequences of their personal decisions were preferred again – the question being when I intend to while reality was more a matter of an Arch Prince’s reputation being enough to regain what I had supposedly lost in a time of 6 years or less, therefore it seems that the warnings and waiting for the scumbags to move on something they started 9 years ago around 2012, achieved a form of public interest service. It is entirely usual – always does this and then I will have decided that claims of civil rights issues and lack of wealth issues were valid, once they get the money the narcissism begins on the basis that there was nothing, I could do about them while complaining to Politicians about my attitude if I wanted access to their society for it as well. It is becoming an absolute choice, especially when people say that even now my response is very feeble, a need to create conditions which meant that I only concerned myself with Politicians and the Public, such that the process involved economy and market, while all to do with Celebrities was eliminated or placed in a condition that meant anything they got up to could be ignored completely, leave them with a world of private interest that wrecks peoples career to hang about building public state of affairs which suggest only those that can do fighting in a heart beat were entitled to jobs, trash my Bookshop and build communities that get imagination up my bum so if somebody else offered the job I could not do it etc, about which their famous stupidities have ever offered an explanation save the need to build up the sense that although I do not want their money let alone that of their society twats, the fact it allows them to get off their career and wreck mine for practical jokes meant that I needed to make a public display of a personal problem I have with the fact that their stupidities owned it.


It is always a fun joke right up to the part where it claims there were bad cat people as well but then sets about attacking or killing the one that does the Political society thing, to show up here seeking to handle my personal space some more because new problems had emerged the last time it betrayed somebody at the secret services, while having completely failed to figure out what was happening between racists and ethnic minorities and I am now seeking a process where its interest in my concerns end the way that I find comfortable too. They do claim that I am a womaniser and I probably am but it seems that the distinct issue appears to have been one in which when the problem is done then the support is finished where women were concerned but where they are concerned, there is no respect and it is never finished, so it seems that it was preferable to be a womaniser as such if I were one. It is an example of the comments that are so stupid that I am unable to sell Books at this Shop. It beat my imagination when I was a Child and still beats my imagination – that they had a lifestyle in which they wanted to gather in an open place and pass judgement on people who owned what they did not have because they had penises and were accustomed to working misogyny on women, the judgement will then work on the person it is passed on as if it was the Law of the land while the victim got to look like they had no clothes on. Especially when we see it bear into the claim that these are the sort of things I do before they grabbed my career which has never really happened as what happens with the abusive society people is that I make them pay for every insult and every abuse but the mystery behind the process where I never take it to such an extent I had to solve a problem is that I use it for other purposes, such as making sure they listened to me when I wanted to and if they were wondering why they had to listen to little shit, it will have become clear that their perverted interest in me was coming round full circle. What has been having is a process where some stupid white big brother character and his foolish real men Muslim twats alongside his black gits, got into a habit or making sure such actions were nullified by insults and abuses and that Celebrities made the most of what I did with it while I was so distracted that I was unable to continue, so the society gits showed up to secure new history where if they hit me and I hit back, it turns out according to history they did hit me more than I hit them – it is for this reason that I want to completely trash Celebrity culture as well and I have given them the exit of leaving me to the work that I do here, their fans and media keeping the stupid comments away from my Books, overall which the Politicians were complaining about them more than I did which is sufficient with respect to the lukewarm behaviour I had on the matter because I wanted the politicians to cease telling lies about the attacks and that it was all about ideas on how I should be used to make their stupid selves financially comfortable. It is a shambles in Government as some people will say but it is not that messy more so, the Monarchy had since become the safest Place for the Political system to go and for Politicians, this has been the consequence of never listening to what they are told, right up to the point where it pains people that little shit me had so much power and control, which was my fault, never mind the fact that the insults were the Bees fucking knees. We have done a good job however, the power and control is ranged right through to the economy, but the moral of the story still stands while they deny they were not given foresight or hindsight on the matter, as we know that it had since been an endemic problem, a process where people who accidentally stumbled on a career that should rightfully belong to Politicians failed to hand it over because Politicians were not rich, so it became a problem that had to be solved. They do this all the time and the stupidities of their media gits is so messy I cannot sell Books here and my finances were a mess, will not acknowledge that stupid community it builds up to support its gimmicks was the biggest problem that I faced while at it and will not make its comments about its own career – where their own stops showing up on peoples lives to fight and fight and wreck and wreck, once finished off on Media to run of scandal and abuse after another and another and another as confident that others could not run and ruin their lives for them in the same way, then declare some great victory while we hear them blab about grabbing my career over something I said or did with a big mouth. These matters are not a collection of never ending problems as such in any case, they are simply narcissism – the point at which these people decided that it should apply to my career and finances if they were not getting a response from me, after all those years of complaints about civil rights, is that which I could never understand but here we are and it appears the resolution would involve getting out of bed to develop my own narcissism for Media, Celebrities, society gits and Political goons. The effrontery to work it like that and say that if I smelled I would get attacked by their own hands, a case where it would make sense to assess the relationship they had with their employers and attack them violently over it, to practice one of the 7 deadly sins as well. It is mostly amusing that I am a Christian, raised accordingly, so this temperament I had was something they wanted to handle like a dream they had where their children got to listen to them at home and so it runs and runs and I am used and used until the part where they get to threaten me as if I am one of their Children as well, which is simply amusing until I suppose when it is not anymore. Some people say Celebrities say things and do not mean it which is precisely why I want to keep it away from my Bookshop; I mean I don’t need all the Office space insults that suggest they had a lower level colleague whose incompetence they had to tolerate to such an extent they were helping to feed the families of such a colleague, they need it, their entire career relies on a business of talking to people like that and if I got rid of it, I had no idea what I had created, classic case of the guy from City underbelly for some strange reason getting into business with the guy from high rise building and then things degenerate to a point where somebody walked into a high rise building in rags to reasons with others in suits about his money without which drive by Moped shooting will occur. What has happened specifically is that I picked out a bad neighbourhood to help me write Books and they turned it on me, so I suppose they would not have been able to run the well off neighbourhoods they lived in on me as well – whereby some people had suggested that going into those bad neighbourhoods adds up to a process of looking for trouble but not for me as such: it can start an interest in me for instance, to say that it attended to a job and was more important and was entitled to run me down, if it gets imagination up my bum it must have started the process and need finish it by showing the rest of the world its loo or I will have to do something that completes what has begun in that way – my favourite is similar to the issue with their entitled Celebrities where they trashed my career and I end up being the person doing the domination, which effect goes beyond a process where fame and popularity idiots need keep their upbringing of office space insults and demagogues that help them protect their career away from mine and their fingers away from my bum for their stupid needs as well, into something of a process where getting imagination up my bum indicated I was hungry all the time and their stupidities were financially better off, which is the stage at which Politicians are affected too.

I am informed that I have the wrong idea about Celebrities, which I don’t; the systems at the Trust were set out to ensure that the network was able to reach agreement with other businesses in good time – the Courts, the Covens and so on, also it helped people to identify harmful businesses on time, just as I also wanted to avoid ageist abuses. There is no link between this system and the destruction of my studies to make money or the follow on process of tackling my Bookshop but 9 years of my time has been wasted on it so far, whilst attacking famous idiots seems to be so messy that I had to first separate the people I got along with as I watch them blab of things they would do to ensure if they did not have my Trust none including myself will not have it, those I got along with will not find it profitable – hence the challenge had since begun and when I make statements about publicity raised without my express consent, they tackle people to handle my work and public life in way that is true that I did not have to chase them about or get anything done i.e. those who think I have the wrong idea about Celebrities are wrong. I am then said to be a home wrecker and as such informed that Men do not fancy home wreckers. It is utter nonsense, as I only wreck relationships that are a threat to my safety and wellbeing, so the part where people claim its that other routine where I move into their right hand and make gestures that gets to them the most, brings the issues to bear i.e. its about narcissism and they believe they were better at it than I am, it goes without saying I have had enough of them and need ensure when they show up here they did to read a Book as such, I still have not had an explanation for the reasons they progressed from complains about civil rights to this narcissism worked on me every day applying to my career and finances, which creates this outcome where I am cut off at my basic instincts and feel suffocated if I did nothing to harm them seriously as well. The part that has recently developed on the fact they knew where my Office was and will spend my Royal status on themselves until it is destroyed was ground zero, I suppose they claim I am a home wrecker because they want a conversation about it which will never happen by consent. Originally it has been a matter that I have driven into a condition where I can make money from working narcissism on the effects of those abusive stupidities that helped them express all over me, their need to insult and abuse women, whereby they do not believe if my wife and children complained about them as well, it will be the last straw as it were – the details were a need to target me again and again and again, then when City centre people thought I had something in common and either needed to be protected lest through me people harmed their interest or if I had a contribution to make should be given an opportunity to do so, came to bear during my University studies and hell broke lose over claims I was developing myself into something that stole their City centre jobs, which ran into practical jokes their stupid Politicians wanted to engage at my expense as well until I dropped out, of which we never saw them pay the fees then and we have not seen their stupidities pay the bills now, what we see is more narcissisms on account they had a stupid celebrity culture to play with and ideas about how I should be used were in continuance. The idea it will end badly or that I believed I could get away with anything is a fantasy, giving me more ultimatums is simply going to make me worse, nothing is actually ever going to end badly in this place unless I allowed it – what is going to happen instead is a process where handling the stupid culture and society in a way I can use to make money as well, develops into one of those processes where they are always fighting peoples battles, making a mess and escalating problems for people in the armed services to such an extent that there was a phenomenon that existed because they clashed with armed forces operatives, produced a result where as applicable to me, I wanted to find out and explore what it is exactly bruisers for the Queen did for a living, as we know they usually claim that they did these things for the Queen. Nothing is set to end badly but I hope that I do not stop their stupid fun by saying so either - it is never going to end badly if it is said to progress in such a direction because I am a home wrecker and I got off wrecking enough homes to ensure that it did: I mean the complain about me is a global stage phenomenon at this point, there is nothing to fear from them and it needs to stop expressing its stupidities around my career. The question on peoples lips mostly is one of how we ended up in this situation but it is an old story – after the University fiasco, I tried a couple of opportunities, during which time I should have been able to study at home or part time by the way, eventually it culminated in 3 year of hell working in private security industry, after I left the job for them, the abuses got even worse, I worked on a Bookshop over three years, caught up with Client expectations and continued to be separated from clients through threats, abuses, insults and media comments, alarm bell rang and I started as well. They do claim it meant they had dragged me into their sordid existence as well which is utter nonsense; their civil rights always decided that others are supposed to be caught up in one form of fighting or another, even the silly women expect people to abandon careers and do fighting like men while they saved their boyfriends and lovers but in my case it was inescapable and they are beginning to secure appropriate responses as well. They even refer to the Armed Forces type, which really does not get people dealing with obscurity because the tummy could not handle it and largely involved a process where Government representatives had little respect for themselves and or they were worried a Government operatives may think badly of them for some of the things they had done during the armed services work. 


The claim that I have been bent to other peoples will is never really far behind but such a thing has never actually happened – just one of those stories where Muslims are not engaging in some form of Jihad, if I worked Intellectual property administration with some Companies, only to end up dealing with my own intellectual property administration problem after 13 years of a perverted interest in me, never mind the fact that the more I find out about how market worked, was the more I find out the amount of damage that had been done to my concerns because they will not find other ways of making money apart from an obsession with my personality. It is not a mystery if we take a careful look at what the middle East looks like, just a mystery when we hang about wondering if we were able to solve a problem that was a product of their stupidities having all the rights that existed while Women had none and since this was the world they were raised and grew up in, those abuses and stupidities that detach the public completely from a sense of what I do for a living, to set me out as a character people attacked to suck up to rich people and Celebrities, gives way to am ability to progress from stealing my property to stealing my time every single second, once it was finished with the spying and industrial espionage gimmicks that is. So it is never clear if this statement about bending me to their will is designed to get a real reaction from me as such but usually its stupidities would want me to discuss the activities of its white friends that show up to do beauty contest every time that they had carried out a terrorist attack, blabbing philosophy and the reasons we will not be cowed by violence and cowardice which both go hand in hand as far as they were concerned, while the terrorist attacks murdered completely innocent people just having a meal or basically going out for a drink with family etc. I mean these white friends are pushing their gimmicks to a stage where their interest in my finances along with their black friends, is set to produce a reciprocate interest in the exact job that a bruiser for the Queen is meant to have done for a living, making a mess of peoples career and finances to fight peoples battles all over the City, although they believe they were bigger than I am and I was set to face fate on its terms. They are the ones doing all the fighting and destruction, once finished get on media to run off scandals on what they have done here as well, hence the scandal itself prevents me from running a successful Bookshop, not a process where the idiots did bend me to their will. The question on this is usually one of the reasons I would say so many people wanted to see me suffer but it is an old story about narcissism – they were very important for it and we know exactly how many millions of people died for the first and second world war the last time we checked, so it turns out I am better than they are at the narcissism – state of affairs is that I work through a bunch of ageist idiots blocking my career and finances because they made some money due to the fact they were older and got employed before I did, thus wanted to handle my personality to build enough wealth for retirement instead of read my Books, once finished with that I am caught up with self-seeking popularity twat with a big mouth who want to get rich and famous on the relationship I had with my parents talking rubbish at me to chase that aim all the time, then we find that the Media had built up a bubble for it and it is that bubble which makes the problem so flexible, slippery and versatile – I don’t therefore believe they want to see me suffer as much as I want to see them burn. It is really not a problem on the whole as these abuses usually secure a response from me such that their need to handle my personality for money, substituting the benefits of reading my Books and wrecking my finances, provided me with mobility direction – what we then have as a problem from here is the abusive Politicians stopping me, so when they push me and I push back, they want to push twice while I pushed once and get in touch with Politicians who have had a history of stopping me, hence the abuses have become a National and international stage phenomenon while it is suggested that I was responsible. It’s the same we see at the Monarchy HRH Prince of Wales looking the part, he can predict what they were likely to do because they were doing it to me and when I am completely wasted or look like it, we see signs that the resources which facilitate the world armed forces operatives were doing will become the one thing that provokes them even more than people who dared to own something they have never tried and then HRH will want to build and army and make war, the Politicians will decide he is not in charge and he will have to abdicate – as such it is assumed when I say each time he turns my concerns on its head to give them the initiative, I intend to ensure the Popularity kicks off at his place as well, it was a big joke.

They claim I rely on history to work my own battles which is utter nonsense, I am just pointing out the last known global stage life changing effect of their need to split peoples personality and use their position to make sense of the way women think of sex in a binary manner while men did in an odd manner, making a mess of mental health, finances and person, blowing off the filthy mouth every chance they get when somebody had not decided to take the relationship they had with their employers seriously enough for these kinds of reasons. It eventually gets to a stage where stepping out of my door left me showered with it to such an extent the public only saw those insults and forgot what I did for a living, hence I am unable to engage, while a bid to tell them off making a mess of my person and the career attached, especially the women who had an insatiable desire to abuse Christians, had since developed into something of c conversation with Politicians about my attitude while it continues to a stage where they tell people they have been able to bend me to their will, as stupidly as possible. I mean as we speak I had developed the abuses into a stage that will facilitate publicity for my Books and they had a choice to stay away or engage with the Bookshop but that will not suffice, the consequences of getting involved with my Bookshop for other purposes yields a result of attacking me directly in terms of making sense of the number of millionaires that were Muslim, white or came from their tribe, while Politicians think it is amusing to stop me when they are not complaining. There is no reliance on history as such, its just a reference point. It has always been about the way their financial matters relied on other people, for those who want to make sense of the motivation behind it that is - I watched somebody interview the CEO of google as at year 2021 a few weeks back, and the entire 3 Hour interview was spent racking my personal life and public image, running me down because he hailed from India, so each time I learn more about how market worked, I discovered new stages of utter carnage wrought on my property. We see the same with these goons especially the Muslims with a need to make sense of Crude Oil money. I do get asked about whether or not I am in more trouble than I am letting on but I am not: what happens goes beyond a really hurtful need to pick up my service processes and build publicity for it to devise a version of me that their stupidities were more comfortable with - it grows into such matters as a process where I built wealth equity which was profitable should they engage but they perferred to say that wealth equity was just another way of hiding the fact if people handled my personality they would become rich. So it is all just narcissism and I am better at it than they are hence we find them line up to see me suffer. I am vulnerable to it because my Estate is extremely relevant to Government concerns at this point and I needed to ensure it was understood I had no questions or reservations on the matter - we can see what the idiots want from me if these were the way they wanted to make money, what it meant when they showered me with insults. I do not think it a crisis as such, I was warned before hand i.e. informed that I may think that the Trust system was the best thing I have ever done but ought to watch what happens when that story there is money to be made off my Office and Hermitage saturated the public sphere.

I am sorely informed that the need to run off publicity which expressed a desire people had to see me suffer had not abated. It had not naturally because it is being aimed at a version of me that is built up on Media while they clung to my Bookshop to make the real men into the version built up on Media, I have asked them to shut it down and they seem to behave in a manner which suggests they are finding a process of doing so difficult – last we checked, they were asking if I were at risk of becoming an extremist when black people had a filthy habit of working this nonsense on my finances, while the white counterparts that got involved set a stage to make sense of the way Celebrities always want to earn my income but none can tell why it is that fighting them was incredibly good for my health and yet I kept postponing it. The theory is that I am harmless naturally but I am sure none wants to be given an ultimatum to get married to their relatives lest I put them in A and E, the big mouth issuing those threats of what will happen when I expose myself to the world all the time – it needs to make its comments about its career and keep its fucking imagination hands off my bum, it is stupid but not to stupid and being completely incapable of making sense of the danger this might bring. As for the part where I am harmless, I am sure they were big enough and did not need to build up a version of me on Media if they wanted to handle me – whilst they have, will not acknowledge that stupid community of theirs having failed to grab my career and settled for inflicting distant violence on me to curb my social standing and thereby help them to get ahead of the whether at my expense by feeling more important, the assumption being that what they owned being abandoned to perform such nonsense on me will mean that I allowed them to continue enjoying their lives without performing the violence that I can sell or set a stage by which I can seek their earnings instead of work for mine as well. We all know that if I did pick up a business of this nonsense not being representative of all black people on National Media, to attack them over the effect of their popularity gimmicks feeling as if they hang about street corners preventing me from pursuing my daily concerns to smoke weed as early as, the extremists will copy it. Its interest in my Books are never explained and the threats was the part where they never keep their mouths under control.


There is this talk about listening to or being orientated with matters associated with being an introvert which makes me feel stressed – it is not the case however, I am stressed mostly due to a process of having gone along with something others wanted me to do in the past which result is that I am now facing exactly the same situation and have to make decisions for a DeJa’Vu. It is not a problem as such, the main reasons I get along with what others want me to do is that it helps me develop my own version of narcissism as well, however an introvert who has experienced and overwhelming amount of this kind of situation where they got along with what others wanted to face a DeJa’Vu in future will need a lot of clinical assistance. We can see that without this business of having pushed for awareness as to the reasons people rushed to pass exams in school and build up their income to a stage where they could say that they were high profile consumers who had enough money to go behind the backs of business owners they did not like to make a mess of careers and finances, people would still have found it difficult to understand why they always draw that line to say women are simply annoying by their very existence and the fundamental way of getting around in a world where women existed was to rape them. It really does come together where the culture and society issues are involved because culture and society was soon enough a tool for them to expect that others were to do what they wanted as if that was what the law stipulated, doing something to say that it is not what the law stipulated tended to show irreverence for those who had lost their lives, since loss of lives tended to show their culture and society stupidities were never things others were meant to go along with and did not have a force of Law. The question then being how I am rooted well in the culture and society whilst I had such a view of it but culture and society have their own purposes; society is always raising the point about there being people many times your size who do not make trouble at all, if you are always losing your temper, while culture tended to draw up a question of how far a person went either way of doing the right or the wrong thing – what we have instead is a handful of gits that had a problem with any connection others had with nature, making a mess and they have not figured out the racism issues yet. They do claim that I believed my introverted nature to be superior which is utter nonsense; we are usually split into three groups at school; the A grade students, the party animals and people like me who run rings around the culture and society without breaking a sweat, I do have issues that make me wish I was one of the A grades which is largely the domain of extroverts, it does not mean that I am not set for A grades but I am predisposed to entitled teachers who had ideas about my temperament making sense of their conflict and crime mentality, whilst they were being paid to teach. The primary source of perdition is usually to ensure that I chased its stupidities around to attack it for the damage it enjoys doing here but because my primary civil vulnerability was to ageism while they have been taught to run off office space insults by their parents, I will have attacked them but ageism will have caught up with racism, so it is bound to continue until I did something to break the shakles that civil living had on me, set about making sure it ended badly and did not care what extremists used my actions for.

Here it becomes rather obvious how little vulnerability there was to them in my case but it is an old story that if their Politicians help them to government directives and funds for the purpose of building success and they spend time trashing the results of the hard work that others achieved by themselves, then their very existence went against everything which suggested that a Country needed to be successful. I am not vulnerable to them, I am doing this because people needed information on the way things work, if I attacked them I am certain racists would copy my actions. They do claim that when they attack me racists would copy their actions as well but I am understand they would, only it leads down the path where the Politicians stop me handling their culture and society stupidities, then turn out at Government buildings to complain about hurting bottoms and push me for me to get into a fight that will be counterproductive, always in complicity with racism in everything it did because it needed money, thereby loved to cling to my social life and public image telling lies. They do claim they would like to handle me properly but it is mostly fantasy – I would fancy starting it for them if I said the next time they made public appearances to build their own stupid profiles and the outcome was a business of making statements about being superior to me, their parents will hear all about and then what they wanted to do would occur if their stupidities were mad enough thereafter. I do get told that I never let on with respect to the reasons it happens but the reasons are simple greed – something about the bunch of idiots that would be ready to pay them for being popular if they got me brawling on the streets like a certified low life, is what it means by handling me and what I mean as well by taking away the incentives to beat up its stupidities intensely too – the part where it claims it is big and strong enough to take me down, will be the one where I think they ought to stay away from the Books and keep the filthy mouths shut. In any case which I could launch an attack on its need to wreck peoples studies, pass exams and get jobs to build up finances that allow it to become a consuming prick that goes behind peoples backs to make a mess of the livelihoods of those who have failed to co-operate with its foolish needs. In my case we should not be doing this but we are over its need to get hoodlums and criminals involved with my personal space, in a hope an idiot who spends money making trouble will pay it for being popular, if it got me to brawl on the streets, it can only handle anything as far as its big mouth stretches. They do claim that there were two issues, I did not want to make use of anything but interested only in making a mess, which I suppose is the cliché of the arsehole as such but I believe it applied to them a lot more – the primary sensibility is that I want to spend my time dropping out of school, getting around with what happens at Hollywood and the Political scene, so that black people might handle me anyway they wanted and for any purpose they pleased, the reality is that the claim they were nice people and I am being discriminative no longer applies, I was so close to having everything if only the stupidities of those who made those claims did not show up at my Bookshop to make a mess of it for me as well – should be noted they are still making a mess of my income and social life, hence I too am getting worse. On the matter of the idea that I loved to do things that caused me harm however, a Court, a Coven and wealth equity structure does not imply that the way we sorted out our Interest in those systems were harmful to us but we know these idiots have been making money by getting involved with those systems to make money by doing harm to me through the systems; cars sold like my Book to absorb my earnings and leave me nothing, the more I find out how market works and the way products fit into the market, the more revelation I get of the damage they do here solely due to a twisted sense of reality that relied on me and a lot of disrespect – it will not stop save I built publicity for the systems, gathered up all who were really involved with it and went to war on the rest.

We even get to the stage where I became a topic for life coaching. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know however that claiming I steal beauty from women, I am flesh man, need to hand my career to women and find an activity that would make me a real man, which runs off to the destruction of University studies for which their stupidities were paying the fees and later a career vandalism of following me around to make a mess as per a need to run off gimmicks where the rich got richer and poor got poorer, would be provocative and that it can be stopped rather than get resolved through life coaching. I mean it’s a simple question of how their stupidities intend to resolve the clash between me and them, concerning which they were good at starting, too stupid to settle up an end for it, ripping up everything here to hang about somewhere seeking financial benefits from life coach lasciviousness, looking like something I want to kill, maintaining a stupid assumption that addressing me with insults even when backed up by big Companies grabbing my assets for industrial popularity, will go without consequences. I am an Arch Prince, the Monarchy decides this, they don’t and need to cease getting on my nerves. Some people have had a problem with the fact I let it run for sometime but I really don’t, the buck does not stop with me, I needed to ensure it moved towards the part where they paid the Queens taxes first but if we are living in an environment where doing so had not build a distance between me and them, especially black people, I believe I am being motivated to seek a sordid end for it. The question has been one of the motivations behind their actions but it’s a simple greed-based gimmick whereby each time they faced difficult situations, they wanted somebody through whom the entire country would suffer – shows up here to move into my right hand as if its family was the one doing the National service in this Country and hangs about running off abusive countermeasures to cling to my earnings. As I mentioned, just a bunch of idiots who had an issue with any connection others had to Nature, thinking that ageism will catch up with racism and create bigger problems if their victims made decisions about drastic action.

The story that I never keep away from peoples wives regardless of what has happened to me, is not an emotive one – something a handful of really stupid characters engaged themselves in; first was the part where it was possible to engage with journalists that picked up your public service concerns without knowing they had spouses, after that the spouse became the most important thing while the male pricks in suits told tales on their female colleagues, the purpose of the whole arrangement primarily being to ensure that band of brothers did not pay women less for doing the same jobs they did, the managers attacked it by asking the women to chose between me and the job, I took I backseat to allow the women continue their jobs, instead of concentrating on my studies for it I dropped out of University, so what we have at this stage is the same idiots responsible having their eyes fixed on whatever of my concerns these female journalists must have gotten their hands on. The history after I left University comes to play thereafter, where I got a job as a sales man to be abused by colleagues on the streets for sales, then I got a factory job which was even more abusive, then I got  a security guard job that took their stupidities to the diplomatic stage, should be noted the insults and the claim I never respond to punishment where it applies to the way I handled peoples wives refers to the what they needed to do to claim as their own any property of mine that the female journalists must have handled – hence I really do believe that save the respect for their families who gain from this when women pick up my work to make sense of the reasons the Head of State lived in a Castle, which helped them organise study and play and extra activities for their children in their own Households and of course the women who get into trouble all the time when they were certain the process that can put women in the so called friend zone with respect to relationship with the opposite sex was the reserve of those in leadership positions, I wonder what it is exactly they can do about what I have been doing with their wives. In any case, I am shutting down general public access to the Court and restricting it to people I had physical contact with; the reason is that these sorts of abusive stupidities making a mess of my career like it wants me to pick up my Church concerns and become friendlier with homosexuals when it does, playing into the stupid feminists that show up all over it to chase female lovers, picking up my work to share with the boys from the neighbourhoods, an alliance between those and popularity scum who need other peoples assets to make money at Industry, had now called into question my ability to run my personal life the way I had developed it since my teens, called into question whether the wife doing the finances will not burn the family instead of help it about which I cannot reverse the way I had prearranged it all together – this comes on the back of the fact I am not a servant, so for each of my Public engagements there is more exposure to the Public of matters around the Queens Authority, which a wife I had married or somebody I got into a relationship with, would have been able to cope with, if the relationship were to have existed at all, implying that while the female journalists picking up government concerns to educate the Public about what really happened can cope with this well, I am in a fucking relationship with them never the less.


The claim is then made that what I say, such as the gap between the prison services and the good jobs in the city really decided what my social status was. I wouldn’t know anyway but it is incredibly annoying, not least as none do ask them questions about these matters. It goes beyond contemplation on the way I might enforce some security around my property by exacting the distant violence on areas where they secure comforts and decadence, which will leave me behaving like the middle class and meant I am always changing classes, which might be easy the last time we checked but the hell toll will be unimaginable. What is happening here being a matter of the way I have organised my life and career with respect to the prison service and the jobs that are available being systematically destroyed and replaced with a process of a bunch of idiots clinging to a need to get paid for being popular at my expense while getting criminals and hoodlums involved with my personal space – last time we checked anybody did anything remotely like this, they became racist and gangs and criminals but now that they are none of those things, their interest in me had turned towards it. I don’t think that the matter is a crisis as such, I can account for the way my time has been spent i.e. 2004 to 2007 when I underestimated their gimmicks, I dropped out of University, since then to 2017, it had been hell at the jobs market for which they have my congratulations literally and after 2017, it turned towards a case of picking up my service processes to build me a version of me that their stupidities would like to see exist, as opposed to the real me and I have consistently been asking the scum with a media presence who run off that nonsense for them every day whilst complaining about me, to shut it down since. What we have seen develop instead is a case of some pliable partner in a relationship where I had done one thing and am expected to do another and another emerge as a matter of their friendship with Americans – never listens as I am not likely to view it as a fabulous idea that I could use myself as it were. The Celebrities leave out the part they play in this nonsense ripping up my finances before they decided some troublemakers at the Monarchy wanted to show them where the war was located and they needed access to my Books any time that people attacked them on the matter. They do claim that people usually think I am dead and buried but it is hardly the case when we are dealing with a handful of twats deciding that other peoples bodies were good for the purpose of street fighting that will create an atmosphere that facilitated media eccentricity and also build up a sense of community security for those who exhibited themselves in public, along with the way it plays into those stupidities where they want to use my Office as a tool that helped them to ensure the entire Country was made to feel the effects of the fact their stupidities were not yet as wealthy and they would love to be, all of this being a case of what they wanted and when they wanted it they set those wants in stone, which a government Office operative would expect naturally, however the abusiveness is rather meant to endear me to Lesbians and LGBTQ communities who tell lies about the gimmicks they exhibit to get others being subservient to them as it were. I believe the exit that they need keep away from my Books and make their comments about their careers was good enough on the matter, when they make assumptions that I am dead and buried literally, at the same time complaining of people at the Monarchy who want to avoid helping to facilitate civil living, the work that armed services do and various other compulsory activities, having ways by which to get away with it, which their stupidities were finding out about endlessly. They have never stopped making claims of ownership to my Public image while their parents showed up to perform devils wailing, doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff – the same public image attached to a personality they claimed wanted to get involved with them because he saw it as a means to do something that got the police coming to his assistance at some point, which does not make any sense, like I am certain they cannot show me a single problem they complain of, which they had not created for themselves – the process of hanging about on National Media to rain insults on others until their jobs were affected or building communities that got imagination up peoples private parts until they fucked themselves and blamed others. So we are looking at my personality being the way it is because I made sense of their conflict and crime sensibilities when I was a child and had soon realised it caused them to respect my space, therefore it was better to live that way – my Public image developing into something of an interest that emerged due to their interest in me, with respect to areas of their lives where they had developed the decadence which gets to their heads, being abandoned, so they might spend time on me and the whole process had built up into a health drive since, a health drive that operates as property equity which Hollywood producers handled to make entertainment, such that even if people could predict that they will, none could predict how they will. It needs to make its comments about its social life and its career and stop handling mine, I have had quite enough of it and we are not talking about the intrusive sickening bad habits which were preliminary, looking like things others would want to kill. They always claim that they would like to stop but keep getting the feeling I had done soemthing terribly bad, by that which I guess they mean the ex convicts and ageist idiots who make the most of their need to blow kisses at criminals on my public image, in return for popularity, making the most of any neighbourhours from hell that I encountered or making sure all my neighbours were neighbourhours from hell because they were involved with show business money. Never listens if the whole thing had not developed into a terribly bad result. They will rather claim the main problem to be the way people had fought and died on my account and nothing to do with their big brother characters making out I am still thriving on what their popularity stupidities will never have, thereby setting out to ensure that they had it here, right down to my diet and any applicable recovery medicine, which effects we can already guess with respect to a bunch of such entitled scum but for the time being I suppose there are no complains from big brothers yet. So far all we have on the matter is that I had a terrible past but it does not come to light unless pricked, so it gets pricked by Industry twats and fame idiots, which plays into Armed Forces work and gimmicks concerning what Celebrities want to be free from, producing such results as extremists being forced to seek financial success when they believed that it will lead them into bad activities while those who needed financial success to make their lives better were denied, as they picked up service processes of my Bookshop to build a version of me they would like to see and my Books were said to be disrespectful, expressed through you, me, employers and bottom chasing gimmicks wrecking peoples careers and social life to maintain their position of superiority.

I am informed that the mystery was a process where people thought I am a clever person but I am really not. I would not know anyway, I know that it does not make them clever people, if football people never stopped blabbing of how others ought to exist in order to avoid dabbling into matters of football society that was a reserved concerns of theirs by which they faced trouble and make money, only to trash my Empire when they buy expensive cars from Companies that had brokered property and Equity with me – we see the same with respect to the Media as well who say the same things about city centre trouble makers and Industry gits but if they did not trash my academic work and finances, they could never get on with it. The big one now is the Celebrities who have made their lives easier by selling their show business on my Books: they were the original public control crisis which typically none knows the stage at which they built a private army and went off to fight the Russians, to show up here and demand Government operatives suck up to Americans because they were trying to pay off their tenth mortgages but this now takes their stupidities, sexual context abuses and famous idiots insults to a whole new stage. The claim is that I faced trouble at home as well which I don’t, just a handful of gits with strange ideas about my position being the last straw with respect to all the Queen had done to provoke them by getting involved with ethnic minorities – so these fame idiots were meant to get paid for being popular at other peoples expense, funded by idiots who spend money making trouble for others but the Prince of Wales had since shown up around my concerns to give them the initiative about everything that occurred. First assumption being that HRH can tell what they are likely to do if it turned out they would consume and completely wreck everything I had and did first before they got to pay attention to him when they wanted to express the fact what annoyed them above all else was the resources that helped to fund National service operatives, second assumption is that HRH is able to predict what I am capable of as well, so we are starting to hear people speak of a lack of respect on my part while their stupidities have had this nonsense for long enough at my expense as it were. I therefore need to get into a position where handling me did not make any sense if they could at all, so that it might be possible for me to ensure they did not use my work and person to recover from the obscurity they build so fervently, that it might be possible to work my own wealth and social inequality gimmicks by which I believe they will keep away from my finances as well. The rest of it is the part where they claim I think that people are unaware of what I get up to but I don’t think anybody believed I cared who was aware of what I got up to if I thought that Europeans who would put chains on peoples feet to decide how people got along with Americans, needed to deal with the Russians, having been they were leading an abusive diplomacy alongside Africans and real Men muslims to make sense of how important they thought they were and this should be happening in American Cities for them as well. As I mentioned, I believe they have had this nonsense for long enough, need keep away from my finances and make their comments about their own bodies, social lives, careers and try to keep the imagination fingers off my bum. They do suggest that it is wickedness that makes me work the way I did for my part as well, which is not the case at all; what happens is that if we took a paricular spectrum for instance Media work, we find that Media jobs are done by people who are socially educated, articulated and qualified for such roles and we know that it is not easy to move from Industry into Media, as much as it easy to move from the Civil Service to Media, so most people who worked on Media were likely to get their first jobs at the Civil service - the reasons this is no longer the case is that the State had little control of Public finances and the neighbourhoods, while the fact I am always being violated a sexual context suggest the fucking idiots were incredibly important, the question of me being sore all over have never been answered save what has recently emerged as big brothers trying to ensure I did not feel superior to Celebrities by making sure Celebrities had all that I had, right down to my diet and this is just the half of it. 

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