I am told I have not yet worked out why people hate me so much and its utter nonsense; they don’t hate me it’s all stealing – the stealing that makes me ill and the illness that makes me inferior, the inferiority that sets me out as a weak link due to be attacked. It always leads down the same path i.e. that the Armed Forces have the right to get the imagination up peoples bottoms while they don’t, when the Armed Forces are doing a dangerous job and their stupidities are usually set to make it even more dangerous as their people at the Monarchy behave as though they have not had any at my expense to protect them from the armed forces jobs while they become Celebrities able bodied on my Public image. So we find that the older ones want to move into my right hand and settle there in a condition where I am beaten up so I never get to think of that part of my life ever again, while the younger ones want to be famous on my Public image via the same means – so when I don’t want to get on, it will be another result of those who can beat up getting all over the place while those who cannot hurt themselves and everybody will run out of time to get famous as it were, when I do want to get on, it will be the same case where their Political leaders will have to chose whether they want to bother me or allow bottom feeders bottom feed until they got themselves into trouble. They always say like they tell me I am a threat to their fame, while I am at this stage for reasons of being dragged down to that point where I drop out of school again and again, starting to question their right to be famous, that this matter is too big for me and it is not in anyway; what happens is that we think Internet Trolls are poor people in bad clothing playing with the Internet somewhere while what happens to me is wealth fashion designers picking up my Assets to design products for goons who hand it over to prostitutes to ensure my person and work was as common as available as possible, then the stealing that makes me ill and the illness that makes me inferior and the threats that get me giving everything I have to them will ensue – so far I had decided to set up on the Internet and that is now safe as Houses, when we get on the High Street since they do not want to stop interfering with interest people show in my Books, we may get to find out how far their big mouth stretches for it too. The tale of how people must eb famous is nothing unusual; I don’t care what they are, just that the business of their fame is now built around getting money to buy events and equipment that allow them pillage my family finance base and I am going to shut down everything which makes it possible – those who think they will show up here to ensure it is not shut down can do so if they believe their stupid selves to possess the fucking guts for it.

Its all about the Politicians apparently, these matters happen because these people are purely evil – all that bottom hurting abuses are a product of feeling a sense of calling towards the kinds of jobs that give people the right to take a life in the land and how the Monarchy is ever standing in a position where there is one fight after another for them to get involved with, such that they claim society is divided and they are getting a bad deal – the Politicians want their silliness to be part of mainstream living and ensure that they spent tax payer funds on the business of making it so; I am never going to be caught doing anything about it, just what I need to do to ensure this Book shop is providing the services that it needs to provide. They have said that what I am doing is very bad when I point out how they should be allowed to bottom feed until they got themselves into trouble not politicians and junkies stealing my property alongside Celebrities, while their society gits damage everything to do with people recognising that I write Books to make a living and then set about complaining to Politicians about my response which goes all the way to their stupid need to turn neighbourhoods on its head and plan their foolish lives on my wallet, about my attitude – it is bad alright and so will it be when as I warned before without result they follow me around to try and make a mess of my academic pursuits again, and then I will have to live up to the threat of building the Muslims and White Boys who have abusive mothers thing a powder keg that I will make them watch me light too, for all the times that it has happened. We know they justify it every time when their parents are not attacking me after putting a label on me that suggests I am a bum, while they sought to be successful and important on my Public image since last their Politicians spent tax payer funds on a gimmick which suggests there are rich and important people out there somewhere, waiting for them to pass exams in school and get involved, which really does not exist but have had some shady characters acquire government funds to hang around my Public image pretending it does, wrecking everything around here and making their stupid selves into the hell raisers that facilitates the neighbourhood riots when the time comes – it is something I am going to sack next to send a message as it were. I am said to be doing the bad thing, their insults and disobedience have gotten completely out of hand with respect to wrecking my property everyday and the Muslims have a Public reputation for me, bearing in mind that they were responsible for wrecking my academic pursuits the first time, which says that I wreck Muslim businesses, while the White Boys and their Mums have a Human right that is about owning my Public image, had it all worked out and they are now all friends of Germany. The Celebrities I could never make sense of any way, but it appears they want a response from me that they will get too, no idea why it is that they must be famous.

Eventually I am told that I build the idea these matters can be resolved which I don’t; I write Books to provide an Intellectual Property Administration service; there is always going to be a state of affairs here which speak of successful people, those who work at it all the time and the low lives grabbing opportunities and for every time I provided a service it will always be a case between me and the low lives grabbing opportunities – we have see time and again that it’s an entirely different ecosystem, we have seen time and again that some of them have found a way to make it profitable, we have seen time and again that Politicians enjoy throwing tax payer funds at it in order to mock me when while they complain of the bottom hurting, their main problem was that if I ran my Bookshop properly, I would end up with some sort of dignity before they got rich and famous on my Public image – the idiots who issue threats then being the ones hanging around looking for an outcome where those who can beat up will never stop praising themselves and those who cannot will never stop hurting themselves while every one of them ran out of time to get rich and famous. It has already progressed from prejudicial abuses that make me ill to threats that distract me from the best parts of my career especially, even when that means being able to sleep properly, all it has to show for it is a big mouth, where their bodies are some sort of weapon that helps them execute the destructive process of securing venues and equipment to wreck peoples finances for fame, telling random public to get involved and buy show business products because their stupidities were able to oppress important people – I mean we see what the excesses of their feeding Habits are like and we know that whilst its purpose is to ensure they were healthy enough to defeat any threat that wanted to defend itself, the other goons at the Monarchy are putting up a fight to ensure they were not called to National service and for these reasons they have freedom at all times to pretend they can drag my person into conditions where rules do not apply even if those rules existed and then do whatever they liked, which facilitates the abusive and insulting leadership we see them provide on Media every day, to get the gangs and criminals involved with my Bookshop. All of which are issues that the Monarchy already resolved on a standing basis, where the goons complain endlessly that they are expected to do military service to protect people who are older than they are but the bottom feeding getting up my bum, so that when they make a case of the clothes and items that have been seen on the person of Celebrities it might makes sense does not wane in anyway whatsoever – as I mentioned, I am said to be doing the bad thing now that it is getting after my academic pursuits again and I wish to build them a powder keg and make them watch me light it thing, goes without saying they were friends of Germany naturally but I don’t know why I am still a plaything for them when the complain about me is now a global phenomenon either.

The excuse is that I am at war with equality which is utter nonsense – we all know what they are after is the fact I am releasing funds from a Hermitage to pay off the invoices and they want to release those funds for themselves as well, as insultingly as their Politicians, Media and Industry trolls put them up to it – the question they now have a whole lifetime to work on is whether when people have something others don’t, their human rights are forfeit, while the wealthier ones have to explain how they got rich by being so stupid if they believe they should be making use of my work without paying for the one that they have used – all in the evils that permeate mainstream living because they will never be found getting a job for money if they can seek secret gatherings for these gimmicks instead and the low lives that make it possible becoming increasingly important enough to ensure they had started blabbing about general security issues. Its like they say I build instability because they do not wish to point out how much of a threat to world the USA is at this point; the one that is not happy with its distant violent insults but wants to decide what the expression on your face for each time it exhibits its stupidities at you were etc. It goes all the way back to the evils they claimed had become more important than I am and my academic work was being pursued in a way that is a threat to them – since then it has become undeniable that these gits chose poverty because these sorts of gimmicks that their Politicians and Media may put up for them, adds up to the means by which to enjoy success that does not come through a process of dealing with complications associated with being an illiterate; I have been doing the success by illiterate bits since last they decided it was my world that their stupidities wanted and it is the destruction of my property to achieve the same conditions that happened to them which will build up to an outcome where they have ended up with somebody that does not want to tolerate their popularity and the insanity they claim adds up to an idea that their stupidities were famous people – as I mentioned, it wants a response from me and will get it too, especially in terms of the fact that it has not yet explained to the wider world why it needs to be famous. This whole conversation started over an insult and we can see its either always one of those ones where it has a corner shop that Celebrity insults show up in as Magazines, wrecking everything that points towards my career while it complains about my attitude, getting involved with my concerns while Celebrities stole whatever was needed to make them famous, to look over my shoulders with all day long or they are blabbing at me on Media as if it bread wins for me as well, to makes its popularity stupidities ever more profitable on my Public work, while their silly Politicians undercut me where I have done the best work for my career.

They claim they have taught me a lesson naturally and its utter nonsense – what happens is that they are a part of society such that making people disorganised makes their stupidities disorganised as well but they can always put on some cheap makeup and walk around the streets being exempt from having to get organised. So, its all the characters Politicians wish to ensure exhibited certain stupidities that became part of mainstream living and so their stupidities are starting to run our lives overtly all together, I will do nothing about it save look after my own interests. They have said it’s a matter of the fact I never look my social class and I never will, since we know those who get along with Celebrities at the Monarchy cannot do it without destroying other people’s property – there has to be a way to organise my career without it – I have been getting away from this nonsense all my life, keeping off every place where mentally disturbed idiots are given impetus to get their imagination up my Bum and run the rest of their lives on a case where I did not put a stop to them familiarising with me thereof permanently but they kept following me around making my world smaller and smaller, looking for a response. Now they say that if I am so able, how then are they able to perform these activities but its utter nonsense as the only activities they have performed here is a history gained from the business of taking up residence in bad neighbourhoods, meaning society goons who wreck the suggestion I am a writer while they got to pillage my career because they needed everything associated with what I did with myself indoors and outdoors etc, could get their own back by making the devils in it show up all over my Public image and being able to claim I had lost my career – we have therefore seen the part these gits who said the Media jobs got to their heads because it was an opportunity of a lifetime, have been doing with it for the society trouble makers all together; hence the reasons I throw tolerance and kindness to the winds every time their big mouth says that their bottom hurts, they know where my Books are and I am going to get it, as if I wrote my Books to serve a tool through which their stupidities could contact me. I do get told that these are all the deeds of Men and its all the deeds of Men, I have not been denying that it and this is why I never respond to them because they have nothing to do with me, meaning that the criminal Feminists and their Celebrities who think that since fame means the destruction of my property, their insanity are always possible because of their access to my Public image and property which must be stopped completely, that when I do shut down such access they will open it up and we are looking as a group of idiots who do not listen when told people have had enough of them wanting to find out what would happen in a situation where I thought some things they did were done because they were mad enough to; for now it appears that being free from this nonsense relies on the immense work of shutting down all  prejudicial nonsense they channel at me, which they have gotten accustomed to and keeping an eye on new ones their stupidities may come up with. They do claim that should be getting into a fight not talking about it but we know if Community croons get their imagination up my Private parts, its just one of those matters where if we talked about women, these would be some of the stupidest, who make out such behaviour means that they got yo push you around and have been doing things that they do not usually get to do in order to feel good about being alive, regardless of how much it destroys your life and career - so I have not been acting to show their familiarity with me needs to end but they know I love them much as much as they do me as well and the complain of the way I handle the culture and society for it is now a Global Phenomenon. The Americans say what I know makes people smell and that has no link to reality whatsoever, which is rather that I cannot maintain a basic level of Hospitality here, once I mentioned such things their Media access will mean they deserved it more and the need to grab my Books and take it down somewhere the Celebrities may pretend their fame is now the relationship I have with my distributors will be the ageist result, as stupidly as possible.